Hunter Academy's Battle God



Hunter Academy’s Battle God

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Chapter 125


After he finished speaking with the guests in Alkaid Hall, Kim SeokHan laughed out loud. "Hahaha! As expected, our SungHan married an amazing person. To think he'd bring someone as intelligent and pretty as you," he said to Kim YunHa.

As SeokHan laughed and praised her, YunHa lowered her head and tried to act humble. "I'm still lacking, yet you view me in such a positive light, so I'm thankful for that. Fufu. And he usually… treats me really well…"

Kim SeokHan nodded and looked at the empty place next to him. Kim EunAh's father, Kim SungHan, couldn't be there due to his busy schedule.

It was too bad. 

SeokHan put down his cup and spoke in a heavy voice. "I heard about EunAh… I understand your feelings, but I think you hurried things too much."

"I'm sorry." As YunHa lowered her head, SeokHan waved his hand.

"No! It's okay. I do understand your and SungHan's emotions. The world of hunters is too much for someone like EunAh…"

Although he was focusing on managing the Shinsung Group, SeokHan was a legend in the hunter world, and he was more aware of the dangers a hunter faced than anyone else in the Shinsung Group.

SeokHan took a sip of wine. "But still… I want to support that kid in every possible way."

SeokHan recalled his past. He had been more passionate about the hunter job than anyone else, and his thoughts only changed when he passed his mid-twenties.

What the world needed… wasn't just hunters.

SeokHan had accepted being the heir of the Shinsung Group and made the company what it was, and the Shinsung Group was famous worldwide.

Even so, SeokHan always regretted giving up on his dream of being a hunter, which was why he was more satisfied than anyone else when he’d seen EunAh’s work as a hunter.

"You're EunAh's mother, so I'll leave things to you. If it's you, I'm sure you'll be able to make the correct decision."

Still, SeokHan left the choice to YunHa. Although he was called ‘cold-blooded’, he was warm when it came to his family.

"Yes… Understood."

At YunHa's answer, SeokHan called Lee SuHyun. "Secretary Lee SuHyun, where's EunAh? Haha. Maybe it's because I'm old, but I cannot hold back my desire to see our cute EunAh," he said and laughed.

YunHa laughed in kind and covered her mouth. "Fufu, of course, father. Although she's my daughter, she's really lovely."

The atmosphere turned nice thanks to the topic of EunAh. 

SuHyun felt someone approaching them and quickly said, "The Miss is entering."

"Hahaha! I wonder how long it's been since I last saw her. Everyone, it seems like our EunAh is about to enter!" As President Kim SeokHan began talking, everyone else’s chatter stopped. 

"I heard she's done a great job in the hunter world."

"Not only that, but she looks like the CEO, so she's really beautiful…"

"Haha! I hope my sons also give me grandchildren. President, I'm envious!"

"I also started to insist on grandchildren when I saw EunAh."

All of the guests were flattering his family, and Kim SeokHan, who was starting to feel good, laughed brightly. "That isn't something that can happen just because you insist on it! Hahaha!"

Laughter filled the banquet hall, but their faces stiffened when they heard EunAh’s voice in the distance.

"YuSung~ I~ I'm sorry for bringing you by force, but still~ I'm going to give you a lot of delicious food!"

EunAh was stuck in YuSung's arms and was dragging him along.

"E… EunAh?" SeokHan seemed flustered.

'Why's she drunk?'

Secretary Lee SuHyun was dripping in a nervous sweat. YunHa had prohibited anyone from serving anything with alcohol to EunAh, but none of them knew that the tiramisu was the culprit.

"Grandfather~ Hi~ Here's my first…? First? First! Partner!"

EunAh presented YuSung and nodded. SeokHan's reaction was complex, and he had a benevolent expression on his face as he looked at EunAh.

"Grandfather~ YuSung is cute, right?"

That benevolent expression turned scary when he looked at YuSung.

'Th-this… This bastard!'

"EunAh, my cheeks…"

Still, EunAh was expressing her affection to YuSung as if she wanted SeokHan to look at them.

"Hehe… Soft."

Everyone else just stared at the two, laughing as they covered their mouths at EunAh’s sudden action and lightening the atmosphere. 

"EunAh~ You wanted to present student YuSung to grandfather, right?"

EunAh shook her head. "Hmm? Rather than that, I wanted him to taste the delicious food…"

EunAh grabbed a fork and gave some food on the table to YuSung.


'It's delicious…'

Despite all the people looking at him, YuSung still ate the food EunAh gave him. The foods on the table were of a different quality compared to what YuSung was used to.

Nothing was strongly flavored like delivery food, and it wasn’t that things had been affectionately cooked like Sumire’s food was.

Rather, the best chefs in the world had cooked everything with the best possible ingredients—each dish was like a work of art.

'This duck meat… The exterior is crunchy, and the interior is soft. What's this transparent thing inside the soup?'

They were all new flavors to YuSung.

SeokHan glared at him.

'Our EunAh isn't the type of person who would act like that…!'

EunAh had never acted like that toward a family member, but her tiramisu-fueled drunkenness was having her act in a cute manner. 

'Just what did YuSung do?'

SeokHan was burning with envy.

EunAh grabbed food for YuSung, a smile on her face.

"YuSung~ You're eating the food I'm giving you~ You look like a baby bird."

"EunAh, the food here is really delicious."

YuSung exclaimed in surprise at the food's flavor, and EunAh looked happy at his comment.

"Really? Then~ should I ask them to make more? Grandfather, is that okay?"


EunAh turned her head.

"O-okay. Ask for as much as you want." SeokHan nodded while making a serious expression, but he couldn't control it for long.

'That kid… Even though her father is here… Fufu.'

YunHa was laughing at EunAh.

'I heard from secretary Lee SuHyun that she got drunk off of the tiramisu… but this kid is really lacking.'

Whether it was friendship or love, EunAh was obsessive. Even her mother, YunHa, wasn't sure of EunAh's feelings toward YuSung, but it was clear to her that she placed great importance on him.

Instead of her usual, cold, businesswoman voice, YunHa called YuSung's name with a warm mother's voice. YuSung turned his head to her.

"I'm sorry for what happened last time. I did it because I was worried for EunAh as her parent, so I hope you haven't taken it personally."

EunAh forced herself into the conversation and nodded. "That's right. You were too mean. You locked me up… and pinched my lips…"

"M-miss?! Here! It's a new menu!" That time, it was SuHyun who stopped EunAh short.


[Stop complaining and eat… Tomorrow, I'll go with you to talk to your mother.]

SuHyun having pinched Kim EunAh's lip was a secret among secrets.

'Has she lost her mind?! Does she want me to die?!'

It would be the end of her if SeokHan and YunHa found out.

"Ah, an extra menu… YuSung said he was hungry. Put it in front of him!"

Thankfully, Kim EunAh tapped on the table. It seemed like she'd already forgotten what she wanted to say.

YunHa smiled softly at YuSung.

"I hope you take good care of our EunAh…"

As EunAh’s mother, it was like she was saying that she accepted YuSung as her daughter’s party member and that she would leave her safety in his hands.

"Yes. EunAh is my forever party member. That's why… I will take care of her as if her life is my own," YuSung replied in a serious manner while looking at EunAh.

It was a heartwarming scene.

"Ehem! Hmm…" SeokHan still seemed uncomfortable as he looked at YuSung. It was understandable.

To him, YuSung was the one who had robbed his granddaughter from him. Every time he saw EunAh being affectionate toward him, he felt his insides burning.

"Forever? You're using some grand words. Listen carefully. In life, there's nothing that's guaranteed." SeokHan's eyes were completely different from when he looked at EunAh.

"That's why I don't like people who use words like ‘forever’ or ‘a hundred percent’…"

"Hmm? Grandfather, but I'll be YuSung's party member forever~"

Once again, EunAh joined the conversation.

YunHa, Lee SuHyun, and the other guests were trying their best to hold in their laughter.

"Ha, haha… EunAh, what Grandfather wanted to say is that there's nothing guaranteed in life~ so you should take time to think about things~"

"Yes, but still… I… like people to say things directly. I'm happy when people are direct and honest…" EunAh once again smiled as she touched YuSung's cheeks.

"R-really? O-okay. EunAh, now that I think about it, as your grandfather… I seem to have been mistaken."

In the end, SeokHan surrendered to EunAh's smile. All the beliefs he'd cultivated throughout his life collapsed at his granddaughter's cute smile. 

'EunAh has complete control of the president…'

'To think he receives such trust from EunAh.'

'It seems like it will be worth building a connection with that student… I'll send someone.'

Thanks to that, all the important people that had gathered from around the world started to look at Shin YuSung, who was still a student, with great interest.

'I knew it… To think that someone from an unknown family would… dare to take our EunAh… Ugh.' SeokHan was suffering because someone had taken his granddaughter from him.

'Haa. I barely managed to stop her from saying it… I almost died today.' Lee SuHyun was feeling relieved.

"Fufu. Since everyone's finished their greetings… should we start the ceremony?" YunHa organized the situation with a smile.

With Shin YuSung and Kim EunAh participating, the Shinsung Group's banquet became more lively.


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Tap, tap.

Unlike the lively atmosphere of the banquet hall, his steps were calm.