I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God



I Became the Youngest Disciple of the Martial God

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Chapter 52

It was rare for all the members of the Council of Elders to gather in one place.

They were all busy and had their own responsibilities to fulfill.

Of course, a grand event like the Blessing Ceremony was enough for them to gather together, but afterward, most of them returned to their original duties.

It was for this reason that only five members of the Council of Elders were in the Trial Room right now.

Agenor Bednicker, the one who had called for this meeting today, spoke first.

“Luan Bednicker won.”

“It wasn’t a simple victory. It was an overwhelming victory.”

“A surprising outcome for sure, but Hector wasn’t able to exhibit his true strength.”

“Even so, that holds no bearing on Luan’s victory.”

“Still, the way Luan fought wasn’t to my liking.”

To the one who had said that, Agenor asked, “What do you mean?”

“...He intentionally goaded Hector. After that, he focused only on defense while saying words to disturb Hector’s composure. It was far from a fair fight.”

“Fair and square...” Agenor smiled. “You know, Zenon.”


“Are we the Goodsprings?”

The middle-aged man named Zenon hardened his expression.

“Only victory is required in a fight. Of course, poisoning the opponent, giving them a rusty sword, and other such nonsense should be condemned. However, that was a simple disturbance of the mind that he utilized by focusing on his defense before crushing his opponent’s composure. It was a well-executed strategy.”


“I know how highly you think of Hector, but this is the Bednicker Council of Elders. Maintain equality.”

“...My apologies.”

Zenon Anatos, the family head of House Anatos, one of the main supporting houses of House Bednicker—and Hector’s maternal grandfather—lowered his head.

Although the members of the Council of Elders had equal relationships with each other, a single person—Agenor Bednicker—was different.

This man was directly related to the family head two generations prior, and he could be seen as the chairperson of the Council of Elders.

As a result, all the members of the Council held some respect for Agenor.

Except for the honorary member Asad.

“Even so, isn’t it true that the duel was unsatisfying to watch?” a sharp voice interjected.

It was the youngest among the Council of Elders, Philis.

“At the start of the year, Luan Bednicker’s level was below average. In contrast, everyone here should know of Hector’s skills and genius.”

Zenon gave a big nod.

“I know Luan’s personality very well. He wasn’t someone to goad his opponent into fighting a battle of wits or brutally crush someone who had already given up.”

“I agree.”

“That was my thought as well.”

Agenor looked around, taking note of the faces of those who agreed.

“What is it that you want to say?”

“Do you remember the incident in the Gem Mountains?”

“The one reported by Luan Bednicker?”

“Yes. Luan said that the assassins sent by the cult were disguised as knights of the Fang Knight Order and that he nearly died.”

“Are you doubting those words? Didn’t the family head reveal that Luan’s confession was the truth?”

“Yes, he did. However, we only know that the words he revealed to us were the truth. There is no way for us to know anything he hid from us.”

Agenor finally understood what Philis was trying to say.

“So you suspect that Luan might be a lackey of the cult?”

“It’s just a hypothesis, but I say that the possibility cannot be ignored. You know this as well, Chairman: the cult has sorcery that can allow the transfer of souls.”


“One year is not a short time, but Luan’s changes are too extreme even so. This suspicion is not unwarranted.”

“I understand what you wish to say, but there are a few details that seem forced,” Agenor said as he shook his head. “If what you’re saying is right, then Luan Bednicker killed his own subordinates from the cult who had successfully infiltrated us... just so he could infiltrate us instead? I feel that is too extreme, even for the cult.”

“They might not have been his subordinates. Everyone here should know that the cult contains many different sects. They don’t hesitate to kill other members of the cult from different sects. Although they can work together, they can also have antagonistic relationships with each other.”

Agenor couldn’t refute Philis’ words.

Philis was an expert on the cult, more so than anyone else here.

At that, one of the elders who had remained quiet this whole time carefully spoke up.

“If we could request that the family head look into the truth of this one more time...”

“That would be a difficult task. And if he has been cursed by a god of disaster, then the Blessing of Truth might not work perfectly.”


Agenor thought for a moment without showing his emotions.

Including himself, there were a total of five members attending the meeting today.

Among them, three openly opposed Luan, while Agenor and the last were neutral.

Decisions by the Council of Elders were made by majority vote, so their opinion would have more strength under normal circumstances...


But Agenor felt that something was off.

A lackey...

Agenor was well aware that there was a rat inside Bednicker.

However, even Agenor, who had lived for over 200 years, wasn’t certain of their identity.

There were only two people he was completely sure were innocent: the Lord of Blood and Iron himself and the Archmage Asad.


The members of the Council in front of him had not escaped his suspicions.


Their demands were suspicious but also reasonable.

If the traitor had taken all this into consideration before making their move, then they were beyond a mere rat.

Agenor concluded his contemplations as he opened his eyes.

“I understand why you speak of this. However, Luan has already proven himself. We do not have any standing to pressure him again.”

“What if we don’t outwardly reveal any plans against him? Make him think that he is no longer a target of our scrutiny.”

“And then?”

“We will continue to observe him and indirectly apply pressure. We will also make him attend the educational process of the main house that is starting tomorrow.”

By “the educational process,” he meant the Six Weeks of Despair.

“The grand masters will heed our request.”

Agenor nodded.

“...They will.”

They had come to a consensus.

Although Agenor felt slightly sorry for the young Bednicker, it was only for a brief moment.

Luan would have to endure great difficulty during the educational process, but it could be an opportunity for him as well... and as a child of Bednicker, he naturally needed to take it.

* * * * *


[Translator –  Jreaming]

[Proofreader – Gorm]

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* * * * *

After completely destroying Hector Bednicker in the duel, I left the training grounds, which lacked any cheers or applause, and rested for the entire day.

Although I hadn’t strained myself too much during the duel, I had been cut a little by the Shadow Sword.

Of course, thanks to the Strongest Fire Technique, it would take me less than a day to recover from bleeding of this level.

Unexpectedly, the Council of Elders remained quiet.

I had expected them to create a fuss again, so it felt even weirder that they were staying silent.

Maybe they had finally acknowledged me?

Or had the Lord of Blood and Iron intervened again?

I couldn’t know for sure right now.

In any case, after destroying Hector, my life in the main house started to see some changes as well.

When I went down the hallways, the servants greeted me politely.

When I walked past the training grounds, the knights saluted me.

The cooks of the main house even prepared the tasty parts of the meat for me.

That was my favorite change.

“It’s been quite overwhelming recently.”

Maybe that wasn’t the case for my mother?

“What has?”

“It’s just, seeing the people of the mansion instantly reverse their behavior is a bit...”

“Shallow?” I laughed. “It’s not their fault. It’s the culture of House Bednicker, to be so driven by power.”

“You’re not wrong...” Lucia let out a sigh as she looked at me. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I won’t get bullied by anyone anymore. You saw it yesterday as well, Mother.”

“Yes. It seems you have received an incredible blessing.”

Mother thought that my blessing was the reason I had suddenly become so strong.

Most people probably thought that.

The kid who had been known as the useless son of House Bednicker at the start of the year had ended up defeating the genius Hector.

But I didn’t need to fix that misunderstanding right now.

“I was wondering if you had a reason to continue staying here.”

I did have a reason.

I still had things I needed to talk to the Lord of Blood and Iron about.

Of course, although I wouldn’t have any collectors coming after me even if I went back to the other mansion, I had a new goal now: to obtain information about the forgotten age and the Demon Lords.

There should be a lot of information in the main house.

“Well... stay safe, Luan.”

I nodded to my mother before I turned to look at Arzan standing next to her.

Arzan was tasked with safely sending my mother back to the mansion.

She would return to the main house afterward and would look after me... but that was a little too much to say aloud.

I didn’t particularly need a servant right now.

Of course, since Arzan was so helpful, there were many benefits to having her by my side...

In any case, since she wouldn’t be going through the mountain range, it would take a little longer for her to return.

I decided to postpone my thoughts on the matter until then.

...Talking about the mountain range, I was reminded of someone else.


What happened to him?

Of course, his opponent had been a high priest, and he’d been quite tired after the battle against the gem beast, so objectively speaking, there wasn’t a high chance Calzark had survived.

However, he was still a grand master.

I didn’t think someone recognized by the Lord of Blood and Iron would die so easily.

“I will be back soon, young master.”


In any case, after I saw Arzan and my mother off, only Kayan was left beside me.

“...Hm. You worked hard as well, Sir Kayan.”

It was a bit awkward when it was just the two of us.

Maybe because he was the one who had cut the tendons in my arm in my previous life.

I wasn’t one to hide my emotions too much, so I spoke honestly.

“Honestly, this situation is a bit much for me.”

“In what ways?”

“The fact that you’re now standing next to me.”

And the fact that he was now retired, and had been helping my mother while I wasn’t here...

I had wanted to ask about that beforehand, but this was the first time I’d had the opportunity.

“What kind of change of heart did you have?”

“I didn’t have any particular change of heart.”

I quietly waited for him to continue, and he did.

“People talk about me as the Collector of Blood and Iron and how perfect I am. Even though I receive such overblown praise, I am not that impressive of a human being. I wasn’t a collector for such a long time for some grand reason; it was just because I didn’t have anything else to do.”

I was a little surprised at Kayan’s sudden confession.

“So the reason you retired from being a collector is because you found something else to do?”

“Something along that line.”

“What is it?”

As I asked that, I saw this upstanding old man hesitate for the first time in my life.

“...When you complete the White Sun Form in the future...”


“Could you meet my daughter once?”


He’d said something totally unexpected.

“You have a daughter?”

“An adopted daughter.”


Collectors usually didn’t go and make families because of how much resentment they gathered.

The existence of Kayan’s daughter was probably a secret.

I was flustered at hearing such an unexpected secret, but it caught my interest as well.

“Who is it?”

“Her name is Kayla. You may have heard of her.”


Only one person came to mind when I heard that name.

I blinked twice as I asked, “...Are you talking about the Mercenary Queen Kayla?”

Kayan seemed a little surprised by my question.

“How did you know? It hasn’t been long since she started being called that. You wouldn’t know her if you weren’t interested in mercenary work...”


It seemed to be around that time right now.

But there was no way I wouldn’t know of her.

That name had been hammered into my ears in my past life when I’d been kicked out of the house and had to live as a mercenary.

The Mercenary Queen Kayla.

The one called “queen” in that dirty, vast, and severe industry.

Although she wasn’t there yet, her name would sneak up into the ranks of the strongest in The Empire whenever people discussed the topic.

That was why, in some ways, she was a monster on par with the Lord of Blood and Iron.

“What do you want me to do upon meeting that daughter of yours?”

“I hope you can spar with her and, if possible, defeat her.”


“Yes. I have seen many geniuses in House Bednicker. But none of them made me think they could defeat her.”

“There’s the family head.”

“I am talking about those who are still proving themselves.”

“Then you mean...”

I dragged out the sentence on purpose, and Kayan nodded as if he’d been waiting for it.

“Yes. When I saw your White Sun Form, I thought you have what it takes to defeat her.”

“...I don’t get it. Isn’t it good for your daughter to be doing well? Why do you want her to lose?”

“I made a promise with her birth father.”


Although this was a clear signal saying “Don’t ask any further,” I felt like I wouldn’t ever have an opportunity to ask if I let it pass now.

“What promise?”



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