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Ghost Story Club

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{ Trigger Warning: This chapter has depictions of [Lewd behavior from a teacher to a student]. Readers Please be Advised. }


Chapter 30. Sixth Ghost Story - CSAT Banned Songs (4)


Knock. Knock. Knock.


Someone was quietly knocking on our clubroom door. 




We had been laughing so hard, but we all stopped breathing in surprise. 




Knock. Knock. Knock.


Once again, the person knocked on our door. I slowly turned around. 

I looked at the small, blocked off window on the door. It was covered with a page from SunAh’s textbook. Because the light from the hallway could filter through the page, I was able to see the silhouette of a person through the paper. 

From the looks of the dark silhouette, it was a long-haired person. 


Knock. Knock. Knock.


We all tried to stay silent as we covered our mouths with our hands, but it was useless. 

We had been caught laughing out loud. 

With no other options, I slowly walked to our clubroom door. 


“Who is it?”

“I’m your teacher.”



It was a voice that I heard before.

SunAh quietly whispered to me. 


“Teacher HwaEun……”


Now that she mentioned it, this was in fact the voice of the advising teacher of the Ghost Story Club, Jang HwaEun. 


“And what’s the occasion for this visit?”


The silhouette seemed to put her face closer to the window. And then she whispered. 


“Will… me……?”

“What did you say?”


The voice was so small that I couldn’t hear it properly.

I put my ear closer to the window to try to hear her better. 


“Will you… open the door… for me…….? Huuu-”


At the teacher’s quiet but sensual whispering, my ears felt stimulated. 




Goosebumps rose over my entire body, but it felt surprisingly good. Did they call this ASMR? 

Although it seemed to come out of the blue, I had almost momentarily lost all strength in my legs. 

I once again resolutely asked the silhouette outside the door. 


“Why? Is it dangerous outside?”


It could be that teacher HwaEun had also lost her mind due to the music, so we could not simply open the door for her. We had to thoroughly check her out. 


“… er… er.”



Teacher HwaEun started to whisper again. Why was she talking so softly?

Although it was suspicious, with all of the insane people outside, being careful like this wasn’t too farfetched. 


“What did you say?”


When I cupped my ear, I could barely make out what she was saying. 


“Closer… even closer……”

“You want me to put my ear even closer?”


As I put my ears right against the paper against the glass…




Suddenly, the teacher blew a bit of breath at the window. 




My arms and legs lost all strength, but a feeling of ecstasy started to spread throughout my body. 

Although the air didn’t actually enter my ear, just the sound of it was enough to stimulate my senses. 



The club members, who had no idea what was happening, looked at me curiously as I suddenly lost all of the strength in my limbs. 

I grew conscious of the club member’s looks and straightened my posture. Then I spoke back. 


“What is happening outside? Why are you trying to come in here?”

“Come… put your ears here……”


The teacher slowly whispered. 

I had mixed feelings about having to discover whether the teacher was sound of mind, while also partially enjoying what was happening. Thus, I put my ear against the window again. 




There was a brief moment of silence, and then.





Again, I felt that shocking sensation. It was an ecstatic feeling that made me want to curl my entire body up. 

I tried to hide my growing smile as I asked.


“Uh, teacher. Are you, umm… alright? You know, mentally……?”


The members probably didn’t hear what the teacher had said so far. They only had expressions of worry and concern on their faces. 


“Of course… I’m fine… will you quickly… open the door… for me…?”


The teacher began to speak in a very quiet, slow, sensuous voice. I could feel my breathing get slightly rougher as I asked her once again. 


“How will you prove it? The fact that you’re normal?”


And then, the teacher once again began to whisper something. 

With a bit of anticipation, I put my ear completely against the paper and window again. I could feel the cold sensation of the glass through the ripped page of SunAh’s textbook. 

I could also hear the teacher’s silent murmuring. 


“If you let me in… I will blow into your ears… alright?”


It was a very tempting voice. 


“Here… Huuuuu~”



A slight laughter of ecstasy seeped out from my inner self. 


“Here… Huuuuuu~ Now, the other ear… put the other ear… I’ll make it feel… good……”


I was taking note of the other member’s faces as I turned around. 


“Ah- I can’t hear what the teacher is saying. I should try using my other ear……?”

“Here, Huuuuu~”

“Eeeek, heeek!”

“It feels… good… Right? Huuuuu~”


After realizing that SunAh was looking at me funny, my heart dropped and I wiped the slight smile from my face.


“Uh… teacher. I can’t hear you… Can you say that again……”

“Ohuhu… If you open the door, I will do it for you again… I can even… sing for you… close to your ears……”


It was a very soothing voice, as she were singing a lullaby to get a baby to sleep.

I quite enjoyed this soothing voice.


“So… will you… open… the door for me? Please?”


It was a voice that could make men act foolish. 

Now that I thought about it, the teacher had also used this voice last time in the restrooms. 

I heard that the teacher was from a shaman household, but she must be the type to easily be possessed by ghosts from ghost stories. 

And if she is being possessed by ghost stories, she must be… a bit touched in the head in a weird way. 

And while that thought popped up as I was feeling a bit ecstatic, suddenly. 




[Your understanding of Jang HwaEun has increased by 20.]


I was barely able to get my head on straight due to the message popping up. 


“Please leave, teacher. I don’t think you’re sane.”


I faked a serious voice, as if I had never been mesmerized, and I took my head off of the window. 

As I did, the page of SunAh’s textbook stuck onto my cheeks and came off of the door window. 




The club members suddenly looked shocked. 

I wondered what had happened and looked out the window, only to be surprised as well. 


“Will you… open the door? I also… want to enter……”



I asked in a faked calm manner. 


“Why is your back to the door?”



When the paper came off of the door window, we could see the upper body of the teacher through the window. She had her back to the door. 


Knock. Knock. Knock.


Jang HwaEun knocked on the door once again. 

With her back still to the door, she used the back of her hand to knock. 


Knock. Knock. Knock.



I could hear SunAh mumble as she trembled. 

It had sounded as if she was whispering as she had put her face close to the door, but now that was impossible. 

What had happened was a supernatural situation. I had to chase her away immediately. 

I tried to force myself to sound calm, and then spoke again to the teacher. 


“Please leave, teacher. Because it’s cramped in here, there’s no room for you.”

“It seems… spacious… let me in as well……”


Jang HwaEun mumbled with her back still to the door. 


“No, it's cramped in here. Please go.”

“It looks wider to me, especially compared to before……”

“And how would you know that if you are looking the other way? Teacher is definitely acting weird. Please leave.”

“It definitely… looks more spacious… than before… I think I can fit inside.”


I started to stutter, trying to hide the fact that the clubroom went through expansion from the club members. 


“I’m telling you it isn’t. It’s just like before. How does a room get larger? It’s not like we went through construction.”

“No… It definitely got larger… about twice as large……”

“Ah, fuck! I’m telling you it’s not!”


I started to shout whatever came to mind. 


“It’s really cramped in here! Find somewhere else to hide!

“It looks roomy… let me in… as well……”

“Teacher, you can’t come in because you are too fat!” 


When she heard that, Teacher HwaEun jolted and her body began to tremble. 


“What did you say?”



I swallowed. It seemed like she still reacted to the word fat, even though she was possessed. It could be expressed that Teacher HwaEun was a beautiful woman, full of adult charm. 

Amongst those of her age, she must be overwhelmingly popular. But in the eyes of someone in their teens, compared to the slender types like HaYoon or the small types like SunAh, she was definitely larger. 

If we twisted that to say that she was fat, it was definitely something that could hurt her feelings. 


[Your understanding of Jang HwaEun has increased by 10.]




Teacher went completely silent. After the moment of silence, she began to knock again. 


Knock. Knock. Knock. 


She was still knocking with her back to the door. 


Knock. Knock. Knock. 

Knock. Knock. Knock. 


“Ah~ I said there’s no room! No room! No room! No rooooooooom! Just go! Really, please, just go! Please!”


When I shouted out to the teacher as if annoyed, the teacher began to mumble again. 


“It looks wider than last time… Let this teacher in as well……”


Damn. If things continued, there would be no end to it. I steeled my heart and dared to say this again. 


“Teacher can’t come in because you’re too fat!”

“What did you say……!”


Teacher HwaEun began to tremble again. 


“There is… no way……”


I made another blunt attack on the teacher, who was mumbling due to shock. 


“It’s true! Look at HaYoon here! How slim she is! If you want to come into our clubroom, you have to at least be that slim!”


“Come back after you’ve lost some weight! Then I’ll open the door for you!”


Teacher HwaEun started to mumble that this was all bullshit before slowly leaving my sight. 


“How… could… this… be……”


[You have come across and survived the D-rank Ghost Story - Ghost Possessed Person.]

[You have earned 5 Ghost Story Points.]


I finally let out a sigh after I checked that the teacher was completely gone. 



“Ehu~ what is truly happening ~UwU……”


GyeongWon and DukHun seemed to have finally lost their tension, but the responses from the female club members were not as positive. 

JinHee was glaring at me with a scornful look, and SunAh also stared at me with narrowed eyes. 

Only HaYoon had an expression as if nothing was wrong. 




I tried my best to change the atmosphere, but it didn’t work out at all. 


“There was no other way.”

“Fucking bullshit.” 


JinHee retorted coldly. 


* * *


Reaper Scans

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* * *




It was already one o’clock, way past lunchtime. We were still silently sitting around in the clubroom. 


“How long do we have to stay here~(๑•̀д•́๑)”


DukHun let out a complaint as he grabbed his stomach.

However, there was nothing we could do. From the window of the clubroom, we could see the schoolyard. It was filled with students that fainted from the violence they suffered, or lunatics affected by the song that were looking for more victims. 

We could even hear occasional screams from the floor below resounding throughout the hallway. 

When the situation first started, we could see police cars and ambulances pass by with their sirens blaring. Now, however, all of that had gone and there was only silence in the streets. 

When we checked the internet on our phones, the only news was that violence had occurred throughout the city, and they were asking us to stay hidden in a safe place. 

Social media and community forums were full of posts that typed out random lyrics from the song, usually full of errors. 


“Everyone is crazy.”


I couldn’t help but let out a sigh. 


“Yes, mom. I’m hidden very well. Yes……”

I could see GyeongWon carefully contacting his parents to make sure they were safe. 

I had contacted Mom and Dad, but they did not pick up their phones. 


Knock, knock, knock.


Once again, when we heard the knocking noises, we could see that the teacher was right outside the door. 


“I came back after losing some weight……”


She was still mumbling as usual, her back to the door. 

I let out a comment with a voice mixed with annoyance. 


“What kind of B.S. is that?! How do you lose weight within an hour?!”

“I, uh… didn’t eat lunch……”


Everyone looked around at each other with awkward expressions. 


“What should we do?”

“I feel so sorry for the teacher……”


SunAh spoke with a voice full of worry, but GyeongWon replied in opposition. 


“But it’s dangerous to let her in. What will happen if she causes a scene or starts singing like the people from before?”


I took a moment to consider the situation before speaking out. 


“Let’s let her in.”


The club members looked at me in surprise.

I started to explain carefully. 


“Before, I thought that this chaos wouldn’t last very long. Now that I’ve looked on the internet, this situation is a national crisis. Not only here, but all of Seoul… No, all of Korea was affected by the song and is in a state of paralysis.”

“We get it.”


GyeongWon nodded. Everyone in the clubroom had already checked their smartphones and could confirm that much easily. 


“This situation will only get worse from here on out. If people from within the government somehow get infected, no matter where we stay hidden, they can start playing that song through emergency broadcasts to spread it even further. At that point, we won’t know if we can maintain our sanity.”

“Uh huh.”


Everyone had serious expressions. 


“Even if we wait here longer, there is nothing we can do. So, let’s let the teacher in.”

“So why does that lead to us letting her in……?”

“She’s infected by the song. Whether we question her or beat her up, we should try to get some information out of this situation. That’s what I’m saying.”



If we were to compare the song to a virus, the situation could not be solved by just avoiding the virus. 

We had to study the patients infected with the virus in order to discover a cure, or to find some other method of solving this situation. 

And the cause of the situation was definitely a ghost story. 

As for the patients, or the people addicted to this song, we did not need a professional background to properly study them. We could probably glean something from studying what was happening with the teacher. 


“Did that make sense?”


The members seemed to consent to the idea, as they slowly began to nod. 


“If the teacher starts to act out, I’ll leave it to you, JinHee.”


“Yeah. I think you’re the best at fighting here.”



Although she laughed, her expression suggested that she understood. 


“Everyone agrees, right? Then I’ll open the door.”

“Wheeze, doki doki.”


I slowly walked up to the door to our clubroom. 


“Teacher, we will let you in. No singing, alright?”

“But I’m… good at singing……”

“Ah, you’re being noisy.”




I undid the lock and opened the door for her. With her still facing away, she walked backwards into the clubroom. 

Once she came in, we could finally see her beautiful face again, but her eyes were all white. 




I once again locked the door to the clubroom, and once the teacher was in the middle of the room, she suddenly began to sing. 


“Oh… Oh Yeah… O.E.O. U~ Eish……”

“Fuck, I said not to. Really…”


Within the clubroom, with the lights turned off. In the middle of some students, the beautiful English teacher in her thirties, Jang HwaEun, was dancing some weird dance while singing a song. 


“Tom~ Atom~ Oh Yeah~~”


Just like I requested, JinHee began to crack her knuckles to get ready to pin down the teacher, when she coldly stated something. 


“Teach, you’re tone deaf.”




The members started to laugh. 

Whether or not we were listening, Teacher HwaEun continued to flap her arms and sway her hips, even adding a couple of slick steps as she continued her sad song. 


♬Every. Body. Four! In! Ce! Ss! O. E. O. U. Eish. Ei~ Oh Yeah~♬


As he saw the teacher wiggle her body around, GyeongWon couldn’t help but laugh even more.


“It’s great that the teacher is tone deaf. I can’t tell what the melody is at all!”



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