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Chapter 31. Sixth Ghost Story - CSAT Banned Songs (5)


Like we had originally discussed, we tried our hardest to try to learn something from the teacher’s condition, but no communication was possible with the teacher as she just continued to sing. 


“Teacher, please focus. Why are you continuing to sing that song?”

“Tom! Atom!”

“Does that song continue to play out in your head? How do you feel about it?”

“O.E.O. U~ Eish Ei~”

“Damn it.”


Communication was impossible. 

The teacher continued to flap her arms and wave her hips in a weird dance. 


“Every. Body. Four! In! Ce! Ss!”

“This is getting too embarrassing to continue watching.”


GyeongWon let out a sigh. 


“What should we do, Prez? Do we really have to beat up a teacher?”

“Morally, it’s questionable…”

“With the situation as is, we have to try something.”


“Oh Yeah~ Oh Yeah~”


Leaving the white eyed teacher engrossed in her moves, I unwillingly asked the club members. 


“Who wants to slap the teacher across the face? Maybe that will get her to come to her senses—”


Before I could even finish my words, HaYoon just calmly walked up to the teacher, grabbed her by the collar and began slapping her with all her power. 


Slap-! Slap-!




The teacher started to scream. 

HaYoon didn’t even flinch and let out a breath onto her beautiful palms before smacking the teacher across the cheek another time. 


Slap-! Slap-!




The teacher was forced over to the floor. It seemed that, despite her slender body, HaYoon’s hands were quite heavy. 

JinHee also looked at her with wide eyes, the expression seeming to say, ‘not bad!’. 

The teacher squirmed around on the floor for a bit, almost as if she were swimming. 





[Your club member has exerted great wit and instead repelled the Ghost Possessed Person!]


[You have earned 25 Ghost Story Points.]


[You receive 10% Bonus Points for each Club Member who contributed.]


[Contributing Club Members (6): Ahn GyeongWon, Oh DukHun, Yoon SunAh, Lee JinHee, In HaYoon, Jang HwaEun.] 


[The 60% Bonus Points of 15 will be added in addition to the 25 Ghost Story Points gained.]


[Current Ghost Story Points: 12 + 25 + 15]


Bam badam~♪


[Current Ghost Story Points: 52]




To think we inadvertently repelled a random ghost story. 


Does that mean that the check point is now saved to this moment?


Although I had been momentarily stunned, it was something for me to check later on. 


“Kyaah! Wh-where am I?”


The teacher, who had been rolling around on the floor, finally came to her senses and got up while clutching her face. 

HaYoon replied in a matter-of-fact way. 


“The clubroom, Teacher HwaEun.”

“C-clubroom? Why am I here…? and why do my cheeks hurt so much……?”


We began to tell her the story from beginning to end. 


“I see. What in the world is happening?! My gosh!”


The teacher began to speak in a loud way. 


“Now I’m starting to remember a bit. The teachers managed to unlock the broadcast room door and subdue the evildoing student, right? But that time, there seemed to be chaos in the teacher’s lounge!”


Her words were especially charged with high tension. 

That was the norm for Teacher Jang HwaEun. 


“From the headmaster to the head of staff, they were all naked and walking around doing handstands! The student body president was flipping the desks around as he sang as well……”


It seemed that, as she ran away, she was infected somewhere and ended up in front of the clubroom. 

This clubroom was on the fifth floor, which usually had very low foot traffic among the students. To add to that, it was at the very end of the hallway in a very iffy location. 

Finding the clubroom would be difficult unless you’d already been there before. 

That was why we were safe there during the chaotic mess that occurred, and other than the one student that came by because he saw the lights were on, only Teacher Jang HwaEun could find this place. 


“What do you think we should do from now on?”



The teacher seemed a bit flustered at my question. However, if she was a teacher, she had the duty to lead the lost students and find the way. I had tossed over my responsibilities to lead the club members as the club president over to the higher authority of the teacher. 


“D-do I have to decide that?”

“You are the teacher.”


I responded as if it were obvious that she should be leading us. 

The club members also slowly began to nod in agreement. 


“I-I see. Of course. I’m an adult……”


Although the teacher was flustered, it seemed like she agreed. 




She scrunched up her brows as she considered her options, her face pretty with her makeup on. 


“Just wait a moment.”

“Yes, of course.”

“Let’s see now… Hmmm……”



The fact that I didn’t have to be in that position was a relief, and I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. 

That was it!

Life should be like that!

Being in a position of responsibility was really burdensome and annoying!

The look of the club members waiting for my decision…

The overwhelming expectations they had, thinking that the club president must have a good idea…

Not to mention, like with GyeongWon before, I had to continuously show the people I was leading that I was worthy of being in charge. 

Once I tossed that heavy burden to the higher power of the teacher, it felt as if I'd let go of my baggage—as if I’d been set free. 


Teacher, please handle things from now on. Muhahaha!


So that was why they sometimes said that being an employee was more comfortable than being an executive.

After thinking things over for a long time, the teacher let out a sigh and asked a question. 


“Then, should we start out by getting something to eat?”



The club members shouted in surprise. 


“Well, we need to eat to live, kids.”


* * *


Reaper Scans

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* * *


We didn’t know it, but on the fourth floor there was a blocked hallway that led to the cafeteria. 

The school was divided into three parts: the main building, the cafeteria, and the gymnasium that doubled as an auditorium. The three buildings were shaped in a ‘ㄷ’ formation, and in the middle was the courtyard. 

In the cafeteria, the freshmen were on the first floor, the second years were on the second floor, and the third years used the third floor. It was a very simple set up that was also used in the main building, and each floor had a hallway that connected that floor to its corresponding floor in the cafeteria. 

As a result, the freshmen would take classes on the first floor, and once it was lunch time, would walk down that first floor hallway into the first floor of the cafeteria to eat.

Likewise, the second years would study on the second floor and walk down the second-floor hallway to the second floor of the cafeteria, and the same followed for the third years on the third floor. 

Using that method, there was no need for the different grades to intermingle and the hallways connecting the two spaces increased convenience drastically. 

As for the fourth floor……


“The fourth floor of the cafeteria is used by the cooks to cook food. When the school was being built, just like the other floors, the fourth floor of the cafeteria and the fourth floor of the main building were connected via a hallway. However, since the students shouldn’t use it, they just ended up blocking it off.”


The teacher calmly explained it to us. That was something that we newly admitted students would not know about, so it was a solution that could only be proposed by a teacher. 


“This is the fifth floor, at the end of the hall, and by chance we also happen to be in the direction of the cafeteria. We just have to take the staircase next to the clubroom down one floor and quickly open the door to the hallway. It’s a done deal. The path is short and safe.”

“… Are we really going there in order to eat food?”

“That’s one reason. The incident occurred before lunch time. Since the cafeteria should have been empty, it should be safer than in the main building.”

“But, if we use the fourth-floor hallway to move to the cafeteria, won’t we end up going to the fourth floor of the cafeteria where the food is cooked? The first, second, and third floors may not have students, but the lunch ladies would probably be there……”

“The school wide announcement can only be heard in the main building. That song should not have spread to the cafeteria.”



We understood what she was trying to say. Even if the lunch ladies were there, they would be unaffected, and there was a large chance that they had already run away. 


Let’s change locations to the cafeteria!


While the clubroom seemed safe because it was in an awkward location, it was still within the main building. 

We did not know when some crazy people would come up and try to force us to listen to the music. 

It would definitely be safer over there than here. 


And we get to eat while we’re at it.


Since the incident started at around eleven o’clock, the lunch ladies should have been in the middle of cooking some delicious food. 

Our appetites were acting up. 


“Isn’t this killing two birds with one stone~UwU, wheeze.”

“I’m hungry.”

“So, for now, we will head to a safe place and eat before deciding on a course of action. I think that is a good place to start, teacher.”

“Right? Sound’s good, right?”


It also just happened to be that the day’s menu was spicy stir-fried pork. As long as we got there safely, all of the nine hundred people’s worth of stir-fried pork was ours. 


“Is everyone ready?”


Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything we could use as weapons here. 

All we had within the clubroom were the table, chairs, and the whiteboard. Carrying those heavy things around quietly would be impossible. 

It would be preferable to sneak around quickly empty-handed. 


“Then, here we go kids. Just follow this teacher.”


The teacher quietly opened the clubroom door. As the door opened, the bright sunlight from the other side of the hallways poured into the clubroom. 

That a thirty-four-year-old adult was leading us was a surprisingly reassuring thought. 

I put my trust in the teacher and followed her out of the clubroom. For now, no one could be seen in the fifth-floor hallway. 


“This way.”


She quietly directed us and we followed the teacher down the stairs slowly. Before I went down myself, I peered down and it seemed quiet. 


“Let’s go down.”


We tried our best to silence the sound of our footsteps as we traveled, but someone’s slippers were making noises. 


Clap~ Clap~


SunAh’s old slippers were making noise whenever she took a step. 


“SunAh, take them off and carry them as we walk.”


SunAh’s face turned red in embarrassment as she took her slippers off and followed behind us in her socks, carrying her slippers. 

We got to the fourth floor. Teacher HwaEun was first to peek out from the stairwell corner. After taking a peek, she pulled her head back as if startled. She turned to us and put her finger to her lips and motioned for us to be quiet. 

After we waited tensely for a bit, the teacher stuck her head out again. Then she motioned to us to follow her. 

After following the teacher to the end of the fourth-floor hallway, we could see wooden planks roughly covering a door. 


So that’s the path that leads to the cafeteria.


Between the planks we could see a wooden door, but as the planks were roughly placed, it looked like we could just open the door and squeeze through. 

Even if that didn’t work out, the planks looked flimsy enough that we could break through them. 


“Follow me!”


Once again, Teacher HwaEun gave us direction and the six of us followed behind her. 

We could vaguely hear sounds of students from the floor below us mumbling some song. 

After standing in front of the wooden door, the teacher checked to see if all six of us were there before carefully opening the door. 





GyeongWon quietly pointed something out. 

At the far end of the fourth-floor hallway, a male student was standing there calmly, looking at the six of us. 

We had stopped, as we were opening the door. 

We waited for a moment, but when he didn’t show much sign of movement, the teacher began to open the door again. 


“Just ignore him and go in! This way!”


As we followed her directions and one-by-one began to enter the door, the male student began to quickly walk towards us. 




There was no issue with closing the door and running away, but the planks blocking the way were weak. If we just went to the cafeteria this way, he could easily break his way through the planks. If that happened, the other students would hear the noise and join in. 


“Damn it.”

I quickly stood in front of the other members.




SunAh called out in worry. 

I stood there facing the student coming towards us. 

Without a word, I slowly brought my arms up. 


Flap, flap. 


I started to move my body. I could feel my club members’ confused gazes on my back. 

I continued flapping my arms and slowly started to wave my hips along in a very weird groove. 

After seeing this, the student began to nod his head and started to walk back to where he had been. 



“H-he’s going!”



I let out a sigh of relief and walked back towards the club members. 


“I saw the weird moves that the crazy people addicted to the song tended to make. Just in case, I tried copying it and it seemed to work.”

“Prez, you’re the best!”


GyeongWon smiled and gave me a thumbs up. 

After sending that student away, I stepped in through the door and I could see the dusty hallway. 


“Cough, cough.”


One of the members began to cough. 

After going through the passageway towards the cafeteria, we came across another wooden door. 


Click, click. 


“No way, is it locked?”

SunAh began to mumble in concern. 


Click, click, click.


The teacher continued to wrestle with the doorknob. 

I silently took out a card from my wallet. 


“Teacher, use this.”



If the door was the same as the side we just entered through, it should also be secured in a similar manner. If that were the case, it could easily be opened by slipping the card into the crack and flipping the locking mechanism. 




“It opened!”


Teacher HwaEun looked at me with narrowed eyes. 


“You were also quite slick before. You seem to think quickly.”

“It’s my only strong point.”

“Ohoho. Now, let’s go in.”


After entering the fourth floor of the cafeteria, we locked the wooden door behind us. Afterwards, we also locked the steel door to the entrance of the kitchen area itself. 

Now, the area was a completely safe area, and no one else could get in. 

We were able to relax a bit, and we started to look around. 


“Mmm~ It smells delicious!”


Teacher HwaEun started to sniff around, looking for food.


“Luckily, no one else is here.”


On the counter, the fully prepared food was waiting for students in large food containers. The gas stove was off, and there were no signs of a mess. 

It seemed like all of the lunch ladies had watched the situation unfold and run away. 


“Here, this is it! Kids, the pork is over here! Oh my~ it smells so good~”


Teacher HwaEun opened one of the food containers and called out to us. We all grabbed trays and utensils and rushed over. The container, which could hold over five gallons of food, was filled to the brim with delicious smelling spicy stir-fried pork. 


“Wow~! This is amazing!”

“Fuck, this crazy, hehe.”

“It seems so tasty……”

“Wheeze~! Ohoho! Supah Lucky~ ✭Daze~ Nine hundred people’s worth of food, zenbu getto daze~~!”


We filled our trays with pork and side dishes, to the point that we could explode from eating all of the food. Some of us thought that it wasn’t enough and grabbed another tray just to fill with meat. 


“Kids, over here! It’s the nutritionist’s office. Let’s eat in here.”


The nutritionist’s office was in the cafeteria kitchen. In there, the song definitely wouldn’t be audible, as there were two layers of walls. It was a great place to enjoy the food safely. 

We all entered the office and locked the door before enjoying our food. 


“Wow! The fat to meat ratio on this pork is absolutely stunning……”

“Wheeze- eating rice together is great. Itadakimasu!”

“Oh my~! Someone go out and bring another tray full of meat! Ohoho”


It was a late lunch. We spent our time in the nutritionist’s office eating spicy stir-fried pork and finally getting to relax a bit. 





“I was wondering about the dance that Prez was dancing before—was that perhaps the moves for the Fourincess song?”

“Hmm. I also think that’s the case. Let’s check YouTube later for the video. Of course, after the sound is muted.”



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