The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 185


"You want to clear the rehearsal with random matching…?" Sae-ah asked in surprise. "Uncle, you can defeat other species, but… humanity is holding you back."

"I've reached a point where that won’t be the case," JiHan explained.

‘With my Martial Soul at 200, I’m even stronger than I was before regression.’ He might’ve been ranked 7th back then, but he was also the world’s strongest. He’d been curious about when he’d be able to catch up, and the Battlefield of Chaos proved to be the perfect catalyst.

'Level 183… With this, clearing the Battlefield of Chaos won’t push me over to DIamond.' The official opening match of the Space League would be on January 1st, and he was determined to stay in Platinum until then. He could have gone up to Diamond and fought as Earth's representative, but…

'I won't be able to damage them significantly.' He recalled the shocking incident at the opening of the Space League and was more determined than ever to stay where he was.

"Well, I would feel bad for the people who’ve worked hard until now if I completed it through random matchmaking… They’ve trained a lot, after all.”

"You mean the players from other countries?" Sae-ah asked.

JiHan thought of the other team members—they were also probably angry at the People’s Association and worried they wouldn’t be able to clear the map.

'I should take care of them,' JiHan thought. They’d put forth a lot of time and effort, so he couldn't give the stat bonus to some random people in matchmaking instead.

"I’ll contact the team and tell them to be ready to join me independently if they want to come along," he decided.

"Is that possible?" Sae-ah asked.

"Yes. Player composition is up to me."

Sae-ah thought for a moment and said, "It’ll be the same team except for the People's Association?"

"It might change a bit if people decide not to join."

"There's no way they’d do that." Who would give up on seven stat points?

"Even though it'll be on Christmas Eve, I'm sure they will attend."

"Christmas Eve is that soon?" JiHan asked.

"Yes. It's in two days."

JiHan nodded. "Okay, then let's set it for then." He was planning to stay in Platinum throughout December anyway, so ending the rehearsal on the 24th didn’t sound too bad.


* * *  


Christmas Eve of 2020 was a turbulent time with the Space League approaching and issues related to the rehearsal game.

JiHan turned on his Battle Tube stream and said, "Everyone, it's been a while."

- Oh…

- He turned on the stream!

- It's the rehearsal waiting area.

- Did he finally reach an agreement with the Association?

They were, of course, curious about his decision.

"I haven't reached an agreement with the Association. Instead, I'm going to end the rehearsal with matchmaking."

- W-with matching…?

- The game always ends because your allies die, though.

- Is it possible with randoms?

The game usually ended at around six to seven thousand points since that’s when JiHan’s allies died.

"It's possible now. Ah, my other team members worked hard, so I plan to give them priority. Members of the People's Association will be excluded."

- If the team gets priority, then it won't be that bad.

- Right, they're mostly Warriors and Supports, after all.

- Does that mean the 60 People's Association spots will be open?

- If he clears the rehearsal today, those 60 people would be hitting the jackpot.

- It’ll be like a Christmas gift.

- Is there a level restriction?

"Your level and class don't matter. Anyone can join." JiHan declared, much to the shock of his viewers.

- Please, wait a bit! I'm turning my car around and canceling my Christmas date! Honey, I'm sorry, hehe.

- That’s right. Seven additional stats are much more important than a date, hahaha.

- There's no guarantee that he will clear the game today…

- There must be a reason behind his confidence.

Thus, team formation began a few moments later.

"I'm Dennis from Ireland; I was on your team before!"

"Okay, please wait," JiHan said. The people who'd participated in his previous team began joining as if they'd been waiting for the moment.

A few moments later…

"All 439 members of the team have joined; now I'm going to draw the remaining 60 slots at random."

- JiHan! I can’t believe you’re conducting the game like this…! The Association won't sit idly by!

- You’re excluding the People’s Association? Are you going to behave like this?

The World Battle Net Association and People's Association strongly protested through Battle Tube, but he ignored them and proceeded. It wasn’t long until some of them tried to rejoin.

"I'm surprised someone who committed suicide last time wants to join," JiHan said when he noticed one of them.

"I… I'm sorry about that, but could you give me one more chance…?"

"Leave," JiHan said as he kicked him out.

Another player tried joining shortly after. "Mr. Sung! It's me, Wang Lin! Please, give me a chance…!"

"I won't accept members of your guild. Please leave." JiHan also kicked him out and after a few more such attempts by the People’s Association…

"Everything's set." His team of 500 people was finally formed.

'The 60 new members… He accepted anyone, as long as they didn't belong to that guild. Will we be okay?'

Among the 60 random members were players who’d just reached Platinum and many people who wouldn’t be helpful for survival, such as Archers. Teamwork with the original expedition was hard enough, so being able to clear it with people like that seemed unlikely.

"Don’t even bother with defending," JiHan calmly said.

[All players have been recruited.]

[The ‘Rehearsal’ is starting.]

[You’ve been given the map 'Battlefield of Chaos'.]

As usual, as soon as the map opened, a waiting species attacked immediately.


It was green smoke from a giant snake with strong poisonous properties.

"Use Shield Binding…!" The team tried to mount a defense like before to survive, but…

"Don’t worry about it," JiHan said as he held Eclipse and took two other swords from his inventory before sticking them all into the ground.

Nameless Divine Arts God-Killing Technique: Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.

Back when he had a low Martial Soul stat, the pattern was hardly big enough to be visible, but now it was large enough for 10 people to stand on top of, and the swords didn’t break like they usually did.

JiHan looked at the expedition and smiled. "Just take a short break; it’ll be over soon.”




The Ten Thousand Ghost Seal began shining, and all of JiHan’s team members were soon sucked into it. 

'There's no reason why the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal can only be used for imprisoning souls.'

Just like how he'd used the Iron-blood Cross as a shield, he could modify the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal for use against allies who were in his way.

'If my Martial Soul hadn't grown, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.' 150 Martial Soul had barely been enough for him to activate the technique, after all.

The Ten Thousand Ghost Seal, which was originally used for sealing or even erasing the soul, just quietly trapped the players—the 50-point difference in Martial Soul was immense.


He successfully pulled them all into the seal before the poison reached them and was free of their burden.

[What…?] the weird snake asked. [Is it an internal conflict? The species this time is strange.]

JiHan gripped his Phoenix Flag and looked at the snake species. "Give me your points."

The giant snakes were shocked at how JiHan, a creature less than a tenth of their size, stood against them.

[He's crazy.]

[Let's deal with him quickly and move on.]

[Got it.]

The snakes prepared to launch their poison smoke attack when JiHan suddenly vanished, and red lightning wrapped around one of the snakes.


The snake instantly disintegrated without even having time to scream.

[Wh-what…?] The other snakes shook in confusion.

"So you guys give 25 points each, huh?" JiHan appeared in front of them and thrust his spear again.

Nameless Divine Arts Heavenly Lightning Phoenix Flames Technique: Red Lightning Cannon.


Red lightning spread out from his spear and covered all 19 of the giant snakes.

[Ugh… This power…!]

[It seems that we lost this time…]

[NO. 4212…! I'll remember you…]

It looked like many species didn’t know anything about humanity due to their long absence. After he killed them all, JiHan looked back at the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.

"Stay here and rest. I will finish this quickly," he said before dashing off.


[You bastard! So you were still here…]

[What?! He became stronger!]

[W-we can't even escape. How is he so fast…?!]

Soon enough, screams echoed over the landscape.


* * *

Reaper Scans

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Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


The Battlefield of Chaos contained all sorts of different species, and each was collectively worth 500 points. Unfortunately for them, that day’s game was completely different from usual.

[This guy… Is he a boss monster…?]

[No! He's part of species NO.4212!]

[Maybe he's worth 500 points!]

[Humanity… Is that a new type of divine species?]

JiHan easily swept everything away after he sealed his team, and other species mistook him for a divine being thanks to how strong he was.

- Woah… Was this map always so easy?

- He's dealing with the enemies faster than before…

- Doesn’t it seem like JiHan is stronger?

- Yes. Now he's able to unleash the red lightning in bursts.

While it was clear he’d gotten stronger, they also knew he hadn’t been playing other games since they last saw him, so where was that strength coming from?

'The Battlefield of Chaos… I'm grateful for this map.'


The ground shook, and a Fissure of Chaos appeared. He gave it a fond look. There was a destroyed star fragment within the fissure, which was how he’d developed Martial Soul. He’d liked to have stayed and mined more fragments, but the limit made that impossible.

‘It’s time to move on.’ The Space League's opening game was coming up, so he also needed to prepare for that.

1st place | NO.4212: Humanity | Points: 9,994

He needed six more points to complete the map. He wandered around, looking for prey. It wasn’t long until he ran into the mantis species he’d previously slaughtered.


[It's him!]

They turned and tried to run as soon as they saw him, but…

"How many points did you guys give?" he asked.

[Wh-what? How…!]

There was no way Platinums could escape from him.

"Fine, don't answer. Six of you, come here. I'll let the rest live."

[Wh-what nonsense is this…?!] one of the aliens asked.

[W-we give two points each! You just need to take three of us!] a different one replied.

[Hey! What are you talking about?!]

[Would you rather we all die?! This is only a game, anyway. Surviving is priority!]

[You bastard…!]


JiHan exploded the ranting mantis and checked the scoreboard. "It really is two points."


"Two more of you, come here."

[I… I'll go…!] the mantis who was being the most realistic volunteered.

"Again?" JiHan asked after none of the others offered themselves. He looked around and exploded the most injured mantis.


"Let's do it like this. Isn't it better for you guys if we complete the map?"

[Y-yes. That's right. Let's do it!] the realistic mantis said.

"You guys have a good friend." JiHan smirked and moved toward the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal, where he then pulled Eclipse from the ground.


A dense smoke covered the area.

"Ah…!" a player exclaimed as they suddenly appeared.

"Wh-what?" another player asked.

"We’re free…"

They looked at each other in confusion.

"Everyone," JiHan said, "you've all worked hard. Here's your Christmas present."


The volunteer mantis exploded, and a message appeared in front of all the humans participating.

[You've reached 10,000 points.]

[You've conquered the Battlefield of Chaos.]

[You've cleared the special mission.]

[A 5-year growth bonus will be given to your entire species.]

[All players who participated in the game will receive seven stat points.]

"Huh…" one of them mumbled.

"Y-you cleared it? When?" 

Their confusion only lasted for a brief moment.

"Woah, this is crazy!!" someone exclaimed.

"Seven points…! They really came in!"

"Wow!! I tried random matchmaking for the first time and hit the jackpot!"

Players who received the additional points went crazy. All they’d had to do was sit and wait within JiHan’s seal, so what kind of nonsensical reward was that?

- Woah, that was exceptionally good, hahaha.

- At least the team members went through some hardships. What about those guys?!

- What crazy luck, hahaha.

- Didn’t the guys from the People's Association say it would be hard without their items? Hahaha.

- He just cleared it in a day~

Similar reward messages popped up for JiHan, but he also received an additional line.

[You've been selected as the species MVP. Additional rewards will be given!]

'MVP rewards…'

He'd already gained a lot on the map, but they were going to give him even more? He smiled.


* * *


Meanwhile, in the Wandering Martial God’s Fight Star…

[Hmm…] The master of the star looked at JiHan’s altered Ten Thousand Ghost Seal in satisfaction. [He's still useful…]


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