The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 330


Octane was the giant octopus he’d met, and the being called himself a ‘legendary investor’ while referring to JiHan as a ‘blue chip’ and talking as if he were going to make a massive investment in him.

'Right… This guy withdrew his proposal and backed out as soon as he found out humanity had no growth limits.’ Octane had argued that Battle Net wouldn’t just let humanity be if they had no growth limit and vanished. JiHan didn’t think he’d appear again so soon…

'Well, I should accept anything I can get for now.' As soon as he accepted the donation…

[Long time, no see, Blue Chip. No, since your name is visible now, should I call you Sung JiHan?]

"Do as you please."

[Since you uploaded the old arena video, does that mean you’re finally becoming active?]

"Becoming active…? If it's about Battle Tube, well, you could say so," JiHan replied.

[Fufu, I already recognized your potential when you overpowered me at the North Wall... Although some obstacles prevented me from investing in you, if you participate in the arena, you'll probably generate the highest returns this season.]

He then added, [I like how you're a lowest-ranking species... I talked about you in several groups, but everyone wondered how I could invest in someone from such a  species. If you were a low-ranking species, you would have already surpassed a thousand subscribers. Not many are interested in a lowest-ranking species...]

"I wondered why I had over 100 subscribers without even being active, so was it your people?"

[No. There are about 50 from my species. I don't know who the rest are.]

"Hmm, is that so?" Who were the other 50? As soon as he tried to check, he saw that most of the accounts were private.

[This account is private.]

'Hmm, I see Kallein and some World Tree elves among the public accounts.’ Naturally, Kallein, who still wanted JiHan to become his ‘Head’, and the World Tree elves, who were somewhat hostile toward him, wanted to keep tabs on his channel. Aside from them and Octane’s acquaintances, he had virtually no subscribers.

'Well, I haven't done much, so it would be weird if I already had a lot of subscribers.' He'd hidden his identity and only promoted himself to human viewers until then, so there was no reason for aliens to even be aware of him. It was kind of surprising there were even some people who had no previous connections to him in his list.

Determined to gradually gather more subscribers, he asked Octane, "How can I get more people to follow me?"

[Why do you want to get more subscribers? If your fame increases, scrutiny will intensify as well. Being a member of a lowest-ranking species who doesn't attract much attention is actually an advantage. You can make a fortune through betting on yourself...]

"Right now, reputation is more important to me than GP."

[Is that so? Well, since your name appeared, then that means that you've chosen ‘Spotlight’ instead of ‘Hideout’.] Octane quickly grasped the situation.

"Yes. I just upgraded my membership. ‘Spotlight’ seemed more beneficial than ‘Hideout’ now."

[What? You upgraded your membership? Don't tell me you upgraded to VIP...]


[I can't believe it... Can you film it and show me? I'll donate 10 million GP.] Octane was interested in him having the VIP card for some reason.

JiHan's eyes sparkled. "You want me to livestream?"


"Okay. I'll start the stream right now." JiHan turned his Battle Tube on.


* * *


- Huh... but the game has already ended.

- Oh... this is the penthouse! Is it a stream?

- That's the living room! It’s where Mr. Sung did the first stream!


Viewers started to flood in.


- Sae-ah and HaYeon are here too.

- Why do their faces look like that? Lol.

- Especially HaYeon... So she was all makeup...


The viewers couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on how haggard the two women looked, and as the viewers increased, many more people piled on.

HaYeon frowned when she saw the chat. "I'm not all makeup, you know? I've been staying up almost every night recently."

"That's right. We've been using JiHan’s Battle Tube to watch alien videos. There are a lot of fun and interesting things," Sae-ah said.

"Wow... Even though we both stayed up all night, Sae-ah, you look fine... I guess that's why being a high-level player is great." HaYeon was amazed at how Sae-ah only appeared to be slightly tired, unlike her. It was like they were showing the world the difference between a supporting player and a regular one.

"Here." JiHan took the membership card from his inventory. "I turned on the stream for a simple reason… to prove that I have this membership card."

The VIP membership card shone with a rainbow color.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


- A membership card?

- The card does look pretty, lol.

- Is that card glowing on its own?

- What's so good about being a VIP?

Most viewers were simply curious about the card.

Meanwhile, Octane was astonished. [So you really have it... How did you manage to get a VIP membership card that even constellations for...?]

[Subscriber 'Lue Investment's Octane' has donated 10,000,000 GP.]


- ?? 10 million GP?

- Is it the giant octopus from back then?

- The space tycoon is on a whole other scale.


The viewers were surprised to see a huge donation come in from outer space.

[Delete this video, and don't upload it. If you promise to delete it, I'll donate a hundred million GP.] Octane went a step further and offered to donate a hundred million GP.

"No. I have to upload this." JiHan realized how much of an impact the VIP membership card had.

[Then I'll donate a billion GP...]

“Forget about it,” JiHan said, remaining resolute even after Octane offered to increase his investment tenfold.


- A billion?

- The space tycoon is crazy.

- Is taking down the VIP card video worth that much?

- Right? Isn't it just a pretty card? Lol.


[Do you want reputation so much...?]

"Right now, that's more important to me than GP."

[If you promote yourself too much in the Space League, stronger beings will become wary of you, especially if it's an irregular like you. Many will even target you.]

"That's fine. I'm currently a ‘Constellation Candidate’, so I'm in the protection period." Once he became a constellation, the Wandering Martial God and his servants would become an even greater problem to him than others. It was like he was riding on a tiger’s back—he had to do anything he could to get stronger.

[Haa... I guess there isn't much I can do...] Octane, having tried to negotiate a deal for over a billion in vain, gave up when he realized JiHan wouldn't budge.

JiHan spotted the Shadow Queen, who'd been outside, entering the room. Unlike before, she remained in a corner. He went toward her. "What do you think about me announcing I'm a VIP card holder during the protection period?"

"I think that's a good strategy. Publicizing that you have a VIP card will be very effective." the Shadow Queen politely replied.

"Why are you suddenly talking like this...? It doesn't suit you," JiHan said.

"What are you talking about? I'm Ariel. I've always talked like this."

"Not even Ariel talked that way." 

"Is… is that so? M-Master... Could I go back again?" The Shadow Queen, who’d roamed freely with chains hanging around her, wanted to return.

A message from Octane arrived. [Sung JiHan, is that, by any chance, the Shadow Queen?]


[So that’s her... I heard the World Tree Alliance captured her, so I thought I had lost all my investment!] Octane was certain of it since JiHan didn’t immediately deny his suspicion. [Queen... It's truly fortunate that you're alive. Fufu, then, you can repay the investment, right?]

"Queen? You seem to have mistaken me for someone else. I'm just Ariel, one of the Queen's clones. On top of that, she lost everything, so there's no way she could repay you," the Shadow Queen replied.

[You can repay me with work. Work as a mercenary for Lue Investment. A thousand years should settle the debt.]

"Ah, right. I heard something from the Queen before. She pledged her planet as collateral. Just enforce that," the Queen said.

[How could I take a planet controlled by the World Tree Alliance?]

"That's up for you to figure out." Octane was pressing for debt repayment, and the Queen was trying to evade it by any means possible.


- So even alien species default on their debts and flee...

- Who's the bad one here?

- Isn't it obvious? The World Tree elves, obviously, lol.

- For real, lol.

- If you aren't sure, then just assume that the World Tree Alliance is in the wrong.

JiHan clapped. "Handle your issues later. I'm going to end the broadcast now."

[Sung JiHan... If you hand her over to me, I'll give you a trillion GP. If it's the Shadow Queen, she'll be useful as a mercenary. Yes, I'll even share the profits.]

JiHan turned his head towards the Shadow Queen. "What do you say? Do you want to go?"

"Master! Please! You know I'm not the Shadow Queen!"

[Please. Dear… Anywhere but there!] The Shadow Queen, who was acting as if she were Ariel, also sent pleading messages to him. It seemed that she really didn't want to belong to Lue Investment.

JiHan smirked and spoke to Octane. "I'm sorry, but she's my sword, so I won't hand her to you."

[Your sword? I can provide better equipment, so hand her over to me.]

"Unless it's an EX-rank weapon, I won't accept it."

[EX? You're too greedy... but I can exchange SSS-rank equipment for her, so think it over and let me know.] Octane backed off but left the door open.

"Well, then, everyone, see you next time," JiHan said.


The Shadow Queen sighed in relief. "Phew... That was a close call. I didn't expect him to show up. If you'd handed me over, I would have become a slave to them."

"Is it that tough to be affiliated with them?"

"Almost nobody they drag over survives for over a hundred years."

"A hundred years is a long time to live," JiHan argued.

"Are you serious...?" The Shadow Queen looked at him. "I was planning to help you by writing on the forums, but it won't work. If my name is revealed, people like Octane will come for debt collection."

"How much debt did you take out?"

"In order to reach Reign LV.8, I made some major investments… but it all turned to dust thanks to the World Tree Alliance."

The Shadow Queen gritted her teeth before suggesting, "Why don't you write on the official forum instead? Most people will think it's just an ad from a lowest-ranking species and not even click. Certifying your VIP card will still be of great help, though."

"Is it more effective if someone certified does it?"

"Definitely. It's even more effective if a constellation makes a post. A constellation mark appears next to a constellation’s ID, after all.”

"Hmm..." JiHan fell into thought. 'So something a constellation posts is already more helpful than anything I post myself, huh?’

Luckily, he had someone among his subscribers that would be perfect for the task.


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