The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 198


[The constellation 'Witch of the Void' has shown interest in you.]

[The ‘Witch of the Void’ would like to become your constellation. Will you accept?]

[Since she isn't a constellation officially registered through Battle Net, unexpected side effects could occur.]

Of course, Sae-ah already knew who it was thanks to the visions. "D-don't tell me… Mom…?"

"What happened?" JiHan asked.

"I… I received a sponsorship offer from a constellation! The Witch of the Void!"

"What?" Ji-ah was called the ‘Witch of the Void’ in the visions, but it was hard to believe she was a constellation. 

"Ah…" Sae-ah said. “I also received a weird warning at the end.”

‘Not an official constellation?’ JiHan frowned after she recited the warning and said, "That’s a bit unsettling."

"I still want to do it. My class is ‘Void Archer’, anyway. Even if the Witch of the Void isn't my mom, I think she’d be a great help."

"You’ll be too involved with the void at that rate,” Sae-jin said. “I don’t think anything good can come from associating too much with it.”

"Yes, Sae-ah,” JiHan affirmed. “Ji-ah will be fine. I can find her after I reach the Grandmaster League…"

Despite their attempts to persuade her, Sae-ah scratched her cheek and said, “Hehe… I already accepted.”


"It's okay. Also… How could we wait until you reach Grandmaster?" Purple smoke flowed out of her body as soon as she finished speaking.


[I've agreed to cooperate… Why show me such a vision? Don't mock me, Will of the Void…] As if confirming her choice was correct, Ji-ah’s voice reverberated through the smoke while she scolded the void in annoyance.

"Mom!” Sae-ah shouted. “Where are you? We came looking for you. Come out!"

[How dare you imitate my daughter…! Sae-ah's death was inevitable. Among the tens of thousands of possibilities, it remained an immutable fact. Void, you granted me such abilities, so what kind of sick joke is this?]

"What are you talking about? I'm alive and well! Why do you think your daughter is dead?"

[If you're going to keep making fun of me like this, then I won't fulfill my duty as the Witch of the Void. I'll close my eyes, stop listening, and not go forward with ending the world.] Ji-ah was completely ignoring Sae-ah and treating her like another vision.

"Excuse me, Mom? Could you please listen to your child?"

'Wasn't she the one who asked to be her constellation? Why's she behaving like that?' JiHan wondered. “Sister, didn’t you offer to be your daughter’s constellation?”

[Hmph…! I see you’re using a vision of JiHan as well. Void, this is why I don't believe you! You could’ve made up something more believable than this. There's no way JiHan would have returned to his senses if Sae-ah was still alive!]

"I can see what you think of me," JiHan said.

"Hehe. Uncle, remember how irresponsible you were?"

"JiHan, were you really like that?" Sofia asked.

Ji-ah only ever saw JiHan as her irresponsible and lazy younger brother, so seeing him there only made her more sure that it was fake.

[I can’t believe you’d go so far as to show the sister-in-law I gained in some of the futures… You’ve gone too far.]

"Eh? Really? Sofia?" Sae-ah asked.

"What did she say…?" Sofia had been studying Korean, so she could speak it to some extent, but she was unfamiliar with the term for 'sister-in-law'.

"It's a term you’d use to refer to your brother’s wife…"

"Huh?? Really??" Sofia's eyes shone. "Big sis!” she yelled toward Ji-ah’s smoky form. “How did that future unfold? How did I get JiHan? Please, tell me!" She even went so far as to grip the smoke and call Ji-ah her ‘big sis’.

The purple smoke wriggled.

"S-Sofia… Seriously… Behave yourself! How dare you meddle in someone else's family's affairs?!" Christoph berated.

"No! It could be my family affair, too!"

"Haa, seriously… JiHan, I'm sorry. I won't bring her next time." 

The voice from the smoke spoke in a disbelieving tone while the two siblings were bantering. [Strange… The Will of the Void wouldn’t create something this messy.]

"Mom, I'm real, you know? Uncle became crazy strong~ He always finishes in 1st place and even joined the Korean team as a Gold and beat Dad!"

"Ehem… Sae-ah,” Sae-jin tried to correct her, “I technically didn't lose to him…"

"A-anyway!” Sae-ah continued. “After Dad came back to his senses, they got rid of the Japanese woman who’d brainwashed him and returned to Korea~ It isn't the bad ending you showed us!"

[Ha… There's no way that's true! My little brother was just a gambling addict before *that* monster chose him!]

Of course, that was enough to convince JiHan that it was truly his sister. It seemed that, while she could see the timeline of his pre-regression world, she couldn’t see the current timeline.

"Ji-ah—" Sae-jin tried to speak up.

[Sae-jin, don't you dare interfere with a pleasant vision.]

"O-okay…" He was immediately silenced.

JiHan frowned. At least his sister seemed to believe it was a ‘pleasant’ fake. “Okay, sister, let’s continue to assume it’s just a pleasant vision. Is there any way for you to escape?”

[Fufu…] Ji-ah chuckled and said, [Will of the Void, you know very well what you're asking. The Witch of the Void watches over the end. If humanity escapes from the brink of doom, then my power would also weaken…]

"But we're doing well in the rankings now," JiHan tried to argue.

[Humanity? There's no way… What a futile vision you’re showing me. Rankings are only evaluated in the mid-season. Fleeting victories don't help, in the end.]

It sounded like humanity would have to do well until mid-season to survive. Did that mean the Witch of the Void’s power would also weaken?

"Reaching the Grandmaster League sounds like it would be faster," JiHan said.

Sae-jin nodded. "Yes. I agree."

[Fufu… The Korean Peninsula could explode if you carelessly entered the abyss… What do you think pretending to not know something like that could accomplish, Will of the Void? You've created something quite sophisticated.]

"Ah… really?” JiHan asked. “Is there no other way?"

[If the fake Sae-ah, who has the void’s power, uses it properly, then it might be possible. It won’t be easy, though.] She kept treating them as an illusion but continued to play along.

Eventually, though, the purple smoke around Sa-ah began to dissipate.

[Ah… It’s ending now. This vision was enjoyable.] With that farewell, the smoke vanished.

JiHan and his companions looked at each other.

"She sure explained a lot for someone who believed us to just be a vision," Jihan commented.

"Maybe Mom knows this is real…” Sae-ah mumbled.

JiHan gave it some more thought. "If she's the Witch of the Void, then there's a chance she can't freely talk."

"That's possible,” Sae-jin said. “Ji-ah was always quick to notice such things."

"About the constellation sponsorship…” Sae-ah said. “Mom didn't seem to know about it, so who did it?"

"I'm not sure."

Ji-ah might’ve given them a lot of information, but it was clear that she didn’t know what the constellation thing was about.

Just who had done it?

JiHan tried to think, but he couldn’t come up with an answer. 'There isn't anyone I can think…'

"Let's go back for now,” he said. All he could do was keep an eye on whoever had initiated the connection between Ji-ah and his niece.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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It was all over the news shortly after.

[Dungeon Portals disappear en masse! Peace has returned to North Korean soil!]

[Hidden residents are being rescued one by one.]

[The abyss has closed. Entry is restricted to Grandmaster or higher.]

[The unsung hero of the North Korean exploration is Christoph. He’s the world's first S-rank Exploration Gift holder.]

[Battle Net Association acknowledges Yoon Sae-jin's contribution. He's allowed to participate in international matches.]

JiHan and the Sword King had undertaken the duty of removing dungeon portals in North Korea. Their original mission was to find traces of Ji-ah's whereabouts, but the public wasn’t aware of that and focused on the dungeons disappearing.

- Woah… So it was that easy?

- I thought another dungeon break might happen, but things ended peacefully.

- Things would’ve never gone wrong in the first place if we knew it was so easy.

- We didn't know about the Exploration Gift back then.

- Christoph’s Gift is S-rank? Is that for real??

- He's going to quit commenting, hahaha.

The team’s achievements were quite significant, and analysts were able to construct a vast database of dungeon information thanks to their efforts. Even the biggest dungeons proved conquerable with an S-rank Exploration Gift, so maybe that’s why the World Battle Net Association called them all to New York for a grand commendation ceremony.

On top of that, they lifted the penalty on the Sword King and even gave him a significant reward.

"Uncle, aren't you regretting not going?" Sae-ah asked as they watched the television and saw the Sword King receiving the reward.

"You’re talking about the reward?"

"Yes. You were also invited, right?"

"New York is too far. I don't want to go."

"Still, it would have been a memorable event…"

"They should have come to Korea. How dare they call me all the way there? Brother-in-law wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for them lifting the penalty."

"Well, that's true," Sae-ah agreed. Sae-jin had been diligently playing games again to reach the Grandmaster League, and Gangnam Area 1 Diamond players all trembled in fear at his monstrous zeal.

- Sae-jin joined the Bloom Guild.

- Well, the Sword King doesn't need the stat bonus. Growth is what matters.

- I heard many rankers are knocking on the Bloom Guild's doors as well.

- Veterans have started growing again thanks to the level expansion. 

Of course, with new Leagues came more level expansion, so many established rankers wanted to join and even offered extra money to do so. If things continued like that, the Bloom Guild would become a ground for top-rankers instead of a place to nurture promising players.

"Uncle…” Sae-ah said. “You aren't going to kick me out in place of a ranker, right?"

"It depends on what you do. Do your best and become a ranker as well."

"I've been putting in a lot of effort lately. I might not be able to join the promotion games in January, but I'll catch up next month!"

"Okay,” JiHan said. “Hey, have you heard anything else from my sister?"

"She's been quiet since then… Except for just one time when she pointed something out to me."

"What did she say?"

"It was when I was about to advance my class…" Since she’d reached Platinum, she’d been able to advance her special ‘Void Archer’ class and seen two options: ‘Void Shooter’—which was a direct upgrade to her existing class—and ‘Void Analyst’.

"Void Shooter seemed to have a better effect. Void Analyst’s description just vaguely said, ‘Further analyzes the void’s abilities’. Of course, with a description like that, I was going to select ‘Void Shooter’, but…” Sae-ah trailed off. 


"I suddenly heard Mom's voice."

[My daughter wasn't this foolish. She was always a top student. As expected of a fake, her cleverness hasn't been properly recreated…] Ji-ah had suddenly spoken up.

"Huh? What's the problem, Mom? Void Shooter seems better."

[Haa… Are you dumb? Look! Ah, my power…] Ji-ah’s voice suddenly faded right when she was about to explain herself. In the end, ‘Void Analyst’ shone with an intense purple color in the selection window, making it clear that her mother thought she should choose it.

"What did you do?" JiHan asked.

"I followed Mom's advice and chose the Void Analyst. Haa… Void Shooter seemed better."

"There must be a deeper meaning. If she's the Witch of the Void, then she must know a lot about it."

"Right…? Apart from that advice, she hasn't given me much support. I heard other constellations even give you stats. Uncle, you've received a lot from your constellation, right?"

"Not really. I have to complete something to receive the reward." The Thunder God, his constellation, had promised an EX-rank reward upon completion of the conditions, but there were still several things he needed to do for it.

'I have an empty constellation slot… but due to ‘Hideout’, I'm not attracting much attention.' Should he just be happy to accept the Shadow Queen? Just when he was thinking that…

[The constellation ‘Dead Star' says he's finally found you and has shown interest in you.]

[The ‘Dead Star’ would like to become your constellation. Will you accept?]


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