The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 190


= They have four of each card now…!

= They could’ve single-handedly chosen the fourth game’s bans and priorities if they wanted.

= If they win this game, they’ll be able to change the options in the fifth game…!

= Is this what they were after the entire time?

- They deliberately aimed for two wins and two losses?

- To control the outcome of every game like that… The elves would have to be overwhelmingly more skilled than us, right?

- They could’ve outright stomped us if they were that strong. Why go through such a hassle?

- Which option are they trying to change in the final game?

They were confused by what the elves were doing.

= It's okay! We just have to win the fourth game!

= Th-that's right! That's all we need to do. We have strong players, after all. We were just unlucky on the ‘Train’ map…!

The commentators were trying to be positive. If they could win the fourth game, it would still be a clean 3:1 victory. Then…

= Oh, the priority card was a success!

= Coach Davis picked the 'Colosseum' map!

= The 70% chance happened four times in a row!

It was a good start. Since the high priestess had shown such incredible power on a long-range map, Davis picked a close-range map next.

Of course, they didn't know if another unexpected variable was waiting for them, but they could only act on the information they had from the previous games.

= It's the Colosseum map!

= In the Space League, it becomes a 50-on-50 battle between each species’s Warriors.

= Other classes can be summoned, but close-range Warriors are likely the best option due to how cramped the map is!

= As you saw in the first two games, the elf Warriors were helpless against the Sword King…!

= Yes. I hope the Sword King wins this game and becomes the overall MVP!

= We absolutely cannot go to the fifth game. We need to end it here so that the opponent doesn’t get the chance to change the options!

[A higher species, 'High Elves,' is participating.]

[There is a significant difference between species. Adjusting…]

[The maximum participants of 'World Tree Elves - 71' has been adjusted to 31.]

"High Elves…"


"Species adjustments? Didn’t this happen on the Battlefield of Chaos?"

While each species was worth a different amount of points in the Battlefield of Chaos, they’d found that elves and humans were pitted against each other with no adjustments so far, so they’d assumed that the species difference was only taken into account during the rehearsal games.

Of course, that assumption was shattered by the balance adjustment in the fourth game. Instead of being thankful for it, they felt anxious. Just how strong was a single high elf if they were worth 20 humans?

Thus, the fourth game started, and the high elf, with long blonde hair interlaced with streaks of green at the front, appeared.

- Huh…

- Isn't she the elf from JiHan's channel?

- Yes. From the promotion match. She's the one who helped JiHan!

Of course, since all high elves looked the same, she looked exactly like the high elf JiHan had seen die at Kallein’s hands in the promotion match.

"The high elf… She looks exactly like the one who appeared in my promotion match. Do they all look like that?" JiHan asked.

[There's a difference. The green in her hair is more intense, right? That means she must be quite powerful…] Ariel explained.

"Powerful enough to count as 20 people?"

[She's worth more than 20. There's no need for us to watch the fourth game—the elves are going to win.]

Of course, JiHan already knew all of that. ‘In my life before regression, my brother-in-law was unable to even make the high elf draw their sword.

Though he’d been playing for Japan back then, the Sword King had entered the fourth game and carried humanity’s hopes for winning.

The high elf had uttered a single sentence: [Is this all?] before beating the Sword King into retirement. He’d been quite shocked by the loss and later grew strong enough to push high elves back.

[I don't want it to get dirty, but it can't be helped.] Even so, he’d still lost after the elf he was fighting drew their sword. Afterward, he’d even gone into panic and vanished.

'I wonder what happened to him after that.' JiHan watched the Sword King on the screen. The man was still blind after gouging out his own eyes and was playing for Korea, and he couldn’t necessarily be blamed for falling victim to Shizuru.

'He and Shizuru never appeared again after that, so maybe they committed suicide together.' If Shizuru had regained control over the Sword King, she would have sent him again as Japan's representative, but that never happened.

= Ah, the game's starting!

He watched the game progress as he thought of his pre-regression life.

Flash! Flash—!

Players from both sides were summoned into the Colosseum and faced each other.

"Is this… all?" The high elf at the forefront of the elves’ side looked down on humanity with disdain. "Inventory." She opened her inventory and put away the wooden sword she’d gone into the game with.

= That elf seems to be the high elf…

= She looked at us and put away her weapon. What is she thinking?


The high elf suddenly vanished, and human heads began exploding a moment later.

Paf! Paf—!

= Wh-what…?

= What's going on…?!

Paf! Paf! Paf—!

20 human Warriors died in the blink of an eye.

= What's going on…?! It hasn't even been 10 seconds!

= Is the game already over…?!

It looked like the game would end before humanity could even fight back.

"Pretty fast…" The Sword King’s weapons moved on their own to block the elf’s fist.


"At least you're better," the high elf said as a smile crept onto her face. "I'll have to use my feet." After she began kicking as well, she overwhelmed him, and the human Warriors around them died in the shockwaves of her attacks.

"Ugh…" Eventually, the Sword King was the last human Warrior standing. He did all he could, but…



His swords shattered beneath the high elf’s power, and his head exploded.

= Ah…

= Th-the Sword King was defeated as well…!

[The fourth game has ended.]

['World Tree Elves - 71' wins.]

['High Elf 71' has been selected as the MVP.]


* * *

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The fourth game ended in less than 10 minutes.

"It looks like we’ll be going into the fifth game," the high priestess said with a smile on her face.

"Was she also not your top player…?" Coach Davis asked in dismay. The top-ranked elf player had been banned during the game, so he already knew the answer.

“That high elf? She's the best at fighting, but she isn’t our top-ranker."

"What does that mean…?"

"Rank and strength don't always correlate."

"Why drag the game on like this?" Coach Davis asked with a gloomy look on his face. "If you had such a strong player, you could have finished the game in three matches."

"That's obviously…"—the high priestess showed him all of her saved cards—"to use these cards."

"You wanted to change the options…?"


[Preparations for the fifth game have begun.]

[No ban or priority cards are given in the final selection.]

[You can use the cards you have left over from previous games.]

The high priestess put her cards on the table for the first time and said, "I'm going to use four ban cards to change the 'Defeat Penalty' game option."

"What…?!" Coach Davis exclaimed. They could change something like that?

"I’ll be adding the ‘Death’ penalty to the defeat option for players in the game."

"D-death…" Coach Davis muttered in surprise.

Meanwhile, the players in the waiting room were all shocked as well.

"What… death?"

"How's that possible?"

"How can you die from losing a game?!"

They’d been proud to be selected as the Earth’s first Space League players up until then.

"SHIT! This is nonsense!"

"Just because they gathered four cards…?!"

"I don't want to die… I struggled a lot to make it here…"

"Ah, I shouldn't have joined the team…!"

That pride turned to regret. Regardless of their confusion, the elf high priestess continued to set the options.

"Set the death rate to the maximum."

[The maximum penalty in the Bronze League is 1/10. Would you like to proceed?]


[The defeated team will be subjected to one in ten players randomly being executed.]

"So only one out of ten…"

"We won’t all die…

"Still, it's a one-in-ten chance…! If you're unlucky, that’s it!"

200 out of the 2,000 players facing execution still left them in despair. Unfortunately, the elf high priestess still had more cards to use as well.

"I'll use the priority cards to choose 'Elgacian Paradise' as the game map."

['Elgacian Paradise' contains special settings.]

[Would you like to load all settings?]

[You need 4 priority cards.]

"Yes," she said.

People watched with uneasy hearts, wondering why the map required four priority cards to select.

= Ah…!

= This map…! It doubles the defeat penalty…!

The commentators, who were the first to understand the map's characteristics, screamed as if they were in agony.

If the penalty was doubled, then 20% of the defeated team’s players would face execution, and that wasn’t the only strange setting on the map, either…

= Elgacia has a Word Tree sapling… Spirit power is greatly amplified…

= This… this is a map that's completely advantageous to elves!

Four cards were needed because it was a map that was completely advantageous for elves and elves alone.

"H-how could you be so malicious…? Are you planning to execute 20% of us?!"

"Well, I agree that it seems like we’re going a bit far against a species like humanity," the high priestess said as a slight smile appeared on her mouth. “This is just how we handle newcomers. Please, quietly accept your deaths.”

"Ugh…" Coach Davis fell into despair. He’d realized things wouldn’t be as easy as before with the Tutorial Season being over, but he never imagined 20% of their players could die in the opening match of the Space League.

That was how elves treated newcomers? He was horrified. Rather than a game, the Space League seemed to be closer to a war.

'All the settings are advantageous for the elves…' He frantically scrolled through the settings, and his eyes widened in shock when he saw the end of the list.

[Entry conditions for Elgacian Paradise:]

[Only Platinum Support players can participate.]

There was one person on the team, in particular, who fit that description

"What's this setting…?"

"Platinum Support?” the elf high priestess asked. “Some species aren't as weak as humans, so we set that up to prevent any unexpected occurrences.”

The ‘Elgacian Paradise’ map was designed to favor the elves, but there were many unpredictable and powerful species in the universe, so the elves limited the participating players to Platinum Supports.

"Well, we don’t need it against you guys… but it's standard operating procedure, so go ahead and bring out a Platinum Support.”

"Ha… Haha…" Coach Davis nervously laughed.

"Ah, you probably don't have one on your team, so I guess you’ll have one selected at random from your reserves.”

Coach Davis laughed as if he'd lost his mind. "Haha… Not… Not have one on the team…?"

"…" Why was he so confident? The high priestess felt a bit uneasy when she saw the change in Coach Davis’s attitude. 

'He must have gone crazy.' She didn't think much of it and proceeded with the game.

Thus, the game soon started, and…


The elf player immediately exploded at the hands of a familiar human wielding a spear and sword.

"I’ll kill you as many times as it takes, so resurrect quickly," JiHan said.


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