The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 214


'Boss Selection… Space - 4 is definitely different.'

The ‘Space’ designator allowed you to face humans and other species affiliated with the Space League. The difficulty was much higher since only the strongest individuals from each species were selected, but the experience and GP rewards were high enough to make it worth it.

‘I was in ‘Space - 12’ before regressing, and it already gave double the rewards… I wonder how much more ‘Space - 4’ will give.’ Though he was in Diamond, the extra rewards would help him continue to rapidly level.

[Boss Selection.]

[You've been selected as a miniboss in the ‘Hell’ dungeon.]

[Outperform the other 11 minibosses!]

[The player with the highest score will become this month's ‘Dungeon Boss’.]

[An NPC resembling the winning player will become the hidden boss in the Diamond dungeon map for 1 month.]

[The winner will receive GP and experience whenever their hidden boss defeats a player.]

'Ooh.' JiHan’s eyes shone as he read the game’s description. He was usually the attacker in dungeon maps, but it looked like he'd be the dungeon’s miniboss and face incoming players instead.

'GP is pretty useless for me now, but experience is a different story.' Gaining additional stats and levels was more important to him than ever, thanks to the investment required for the Void stat.

If he won the selection and an NPC resembling him became the hidden boss, he’d basically get a passive source of experience. He needed to win at all costs.

"I'll participate."

[The ‘Hell’ dungeon’s miniboss rooms are full. You must fight for an already occupied room.]

[Would you like to challenge the 11th miniboss?]

The rooms were probably already occupied because he hadn’t decided to participate until mid-February. Thankfully, Battle Net was a fair system and allowed him to fight for an already occupied slot.

He was about to accept it before he paused and asked, "Can I challenge the 1st miniboss?"

[You can only challenge the lowest-ranking miniboss.]

"Got it."

[Moving to the room of the 11th-ranked miniboss, 'Agnar'.]


The world suddenly shifted, and he met the 11th miniboss in a room full of fire—flames surged from every direction, and lava completely covered the floor. In the middle of that world, a fiery giant looked down at JiHan.

"Agnar?" JiHan asked.

“Are you the challenger?” the fiery giant asked in return.



Flames surged in every direction. “To think such a pathetic species would dare to challenge me… How unpleasant!” Agnar spread his huge palm; his presence was too strong for him to be called the weakest miniboss.

JiHan calmly raised his hand. "Hey, wait a minute."

“Hahaha! Are you about to beg for mercy after daring to challenge me?” the giant asked.

"No. I'm going to turn on Battle Tube."

“What…?!” The fiery giant paused in disbelief.

Sure enough, JiHan turned on his stream for the first time in a while. "Hello, everyone. I haven’t seen you all in quite some time.”

He gave his viewers a small bow. 


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


- No way! What's happening?!

- I thought I was seeing things when the notification popped up!

- It feels like it’s been a hundred years since you last streamed ㅠㅠ.

People poured in when they received the notification that he was streaming.

"Ah, my training took longer than I expected,” he explained. “That's why I haven’t streamed in a while."

- The training took that long…? Was it because of Vladimir?

- In a recent interview, Vladimir said he was so strong because a constellation had descended upon him.

- He might’ve been strong against us, but not against China, lol.

Vladimir’s strength after Longinus descended on him made him a spotlight for news outlets around the world. Though he still lost, he received tons of interview requests.

[I looked different against Korea because my sponsoring constellation possessed me.] During one of the interviews, he’d revealed that Longinus had taken control of his body, which piqued people's interest in constellations.

- Does JiHan have a constellation?

- He must have one. How could he beat a constellation without a constellation of his own?

“A constellation?” JiHan asked. “Yeah, I have one sponsoring me. It’s just that I don’t have a good relationship with him right now.” Of course, he was thinking of the Thunder God.

- What are we looking at? Where is this?

- It looks like hell.

- Is there even a map like this in Diamond?

"I was assigned to ‘Space - 4’, so it looked like I got a special map,” JiHan explained.

- ??

- Space - 4? OMG.

- I heard the Sword King was assigned to ‘Space - 15’…

- Isn't a '1' missing in front of the ‘4’?

It was mid-February. His viewers were somewhat familiar with the Space League’s different areas, but they were still surprised that he’d been assigned to ‘Space - 4’. They’d believed the Sword King to hold the record by being in ‘Space - 14’, so just how many areas had JiHan jumped past?

"Ah, as for why I was placed in ‘Space - 4’…" JiHan calmly began to explain.

“You bastard…!” the fiery giant roared in anger. “I'll crush you right now!”


The flames around the giant intensified, as if responding to the being’s rage.

- Who's that guy?

- The final boss from the start?

- He’s huge…

- It looks like 10 people could fit into his palm…

JiHan glanced at the giant and casually readied his Phoenix Flag. "Ah, hold on. I'll deal with this guy and be right back." Red lightning gathered at the end of the spear, and a spark of purple flame briefly flickered within.

Nameless Divine Arts Heavenly Lightning Phoenix Flames Technique: Red Lightning Cannon.

A single streak of red lightning shot out and pierced through the fire giant’s hand.

“Ha, to think you'd dare oppose me with fire…!” The giant mocked the red lightning at first when he sensed the fire it contained, but he felt something had gone horribly wrong after the lightning started to disperse through his body.


“What…?” the giant mumbled


Purple flames followed the red lightning and engulfed the giant’s body, incinerating him in mere moments.

- Is it over already…?

- Did he die in one hit?

- That fire giant looked incredible, but why was he so weak? Hahaha.

- JiHan's just too strong, hahaha.

- Did his red lightning get stronger?

[You've subdued the 11th-ranked miniboss, ‘Agnar’.]

[You've looted the miniboss room.]

[Player ‘Sung JiHan’ has become the 11th-ranked miniboss.]

The previously scorching and hell-like boss room transformed into an empty space with dark, moist dirt over the ground.

'Yeah… my perfected red lightning is certainly more powerful.' JiHan looked around at the miniboss room, which was vast enough to accommodate thousands of people. Agnar’s authority over fire had turned it into a sort of hell, but such a strong opponent had been burned to ashes in moments by the Void Flame within the red lightning.

'The Void Flame is on an entirely different level…' The result was already remarkable without having fully analyzed the Extinction Code. He smiled in satisfaction.

- Is the game over?

- It ended as soon as he turned it on…

- No way… It's been too long since you last streamed ㅠㅠ.

- Isn’t this a new record for how short the stream was?

The viewers, of course, didn’t want to say goodbye already.

"No,” JiHan said. “I think today's stream will be a long one. I'm going to be the miniboss now."

- Huh? The miniboss?

- JiHan is going to be a miniboss? Hahaha.

- Does a game like that exist?

"It’s a special map, remember?" JiHan calmed their concerns by giving them more details about the ‘Boss Selection’.

A few moments later…


[You've become the ‘Hell’ dungeon’s 11th-ranked miniboss.]

[Would you like to spend GP to summon monsters to guard the miniboss room?]

‘Is there even a need for me to do something like that?’ JiHan wondered. The room was quite large, but he would have no problem watching over it himself.

[Epic Quest]

- Turn Battle Tube ‘ON’ while guarding the room without system assistance and reach the top of the scoreboard.

[Reward: 10,000,000 achievement points / ‘Hell’ dungeon treasure chest]

He hadn’t received an epic quest for a while.


* * *


'This makes the decision easy.' He wasn’t too interested in summoning monsters to begin with, and the epic quest only reinforced that line of action. Regardless of whatever the treasure chest contained, the 10,000,000 achievement points was enough of a reward in itself.

"Turn Battle Tube ON’? Does it just want me to continue streaming?' JiHan tilted his head in confusion and thought about what it could mean.

[Would you like to turn ‘ON’ the function to reveal your miniboss room to other species on Battle Tube?]

[If activated, more invaders will enter.]

[Your fights will be revealed to everyone, and it’ll be easier for your opponents to strategize against you.]

'So this is it.' JiHan looked around. Unlike when Agnar was there, the space was empty, and only a faint light shone from the ceiling. It didn’t matter if others saw his miniboss room—there was nothing to strategize against.

'The miniboss window has all sorts of options, such as traps and environmental customizations. I could even make the area look like the same hell I saw before.’ He needed to clear the epic quest, and since it said to guard the room without system assistance, he couldn’t use any of the options anyway.

"Turn it on," he said without hesitation.

- Huh… What's this?

- An observation option appeared.

- Ah… It shows a top-down view of the miniboss room when I press it.

- Battle Tube has angles like this?

People watching JiHan’s channel were the first to notice the change, but then…

- Species… ‘Human'?

Users with stars instead of national flags in front of their IDs began to enter.

- What's that planet icon? It's different from a flag.

- Oh, that's interesting. Is it a new paid feature? How much is it?

- What paid feature? Hahaha. There's no such thing.

- Mr. Archon, how did you do it??

While the humans were marveling at the users with new icons…

- A ‘human’…? Their ranking is quite low, so how do they have someone in ‘Space - 4’?

- What an ignorant species! He’s revealing his miniboss room?

- Huh, his room isn’t set up at all. It’ll be super easy to conquer compared to the one before it.

- The miniboss… His appearance is hidden. Is it a ‘Hideout’ function?

The star-marked viewers quickly analyzed JiHan's miniboss room.

- He hasn't summoned any monsters. This species seems to be ignorant about this map.

- This is probably the easiest route…

- Coordinate transmission complete.

They began typing suspicious things, and not long later…


“Here it is!”

“The scouts were right!”

“There don’t seem to be any preparations at all!”

All sorts of guests began to appear.


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