The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 209


The walls within the Warrior-exclusive map of Valhalla were made of golden shields, and 50 Warriors from each team had to compete against each other in the grand hall.

= Ah, viewership has broken the record!

= We have more viewers than we did in the 2018 Champions League quarter-finals!

= It's the first team match since leaving the Tutorial Season, so a lot of people from abroad are also watching the game! 

= Vladimir’s transformation also contributed to the success!

= Yes. He’s shown us some quite amazing progress! Although he was banned in the second and third games, he’ll be playing in the fourth!

= Ah, so the 50% chance didn't work out!

Flash! Flash—!

The Russian Warriors were summoned to the western side, and Vladimir was summoned to the front, where everyone noticed the scars on his face.

- ?? Why is his face like that?

- He wasn't like that in the first game.

- He turned into a complete monster.

Vladimir, who had a clean face just a few hours prior, was completely covered in scars and glared at JiHan.

He stomped the ground and yelled, “Transfusion!”

Paf! Paf—!

The Russian Warriors behind him all exploded, just like in the first game, until all that remained was their blood, which flowed toward him and gathered around his face.

Squish. Squish—

The droplets clung to his scars as if trying to fill them.

'The pressure is stronger now,' JiHan thought. Though Vladimir’s team was only composed of half the players as in the first game, he’d amplified his energy more.

JiHan glanced at the Korean Warriors behind him, which were among the weakest in the East Asian League. ‘They’ll probably all die if I leave them alone.’ Rather than letting them become another source of power for his enemy, it would be better to get rid of them.

He pulled a sword from his inventory and stuck it into the ground, and a strange pattern appeared.

Nameless Divine Arts God-Killing Technique: Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.

The technique was a useful tool for disposing of his useless allies.

"Huh… Wait… I… I’m getting sucked in!” a Korean Warrior yelled.


It wasn’t long before JiHan and Vladimir were the only players left.

= Aah…!

= What's going on?!

= The game only just started, but only two players are left!

= JiHan probably did it because he feared his allies would fall victim to Vladimir's 'Transfusion'!

= Right. There’s no need to give the enemy free power!

Vladimir gave JiHan a look of disbelief and raised his hand, causing a shower of blood to rain down and block the viewers’ vision.

= Aah…!

= The view is covered in blood!

= What happened?!

= Blocking the screen… Is such a thing even possible…?!

Vladimir slowly began to speak. “I never imagined you’d use Dongfang’s duty in such a way. He’ll be annoyed when he sees it.”

"Dongfang’s duty?” JiHan asked. “Are you talking about the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal?" Of course, he wasn’t aware that it originated from Dongfang. "Duty… What do you mean by that?"

"How did you acquire them without even knowing about them…? Did you receive the master’s teachings?" Vladimir asked in disbelief. 

JiHan shrugged and lightly said, “I intuitively knew how to use them.” He couldn’t exactly tell his enemy about his regression.

"Ha!” Vladimir laughed. “You just knew it? You’re too arrogant for someone my master will soon crush."

"Hey, is the Iron Blood Cross your duty?” JiHan asked. “That was the easiest one to pull off."

"You bastard…! How dare you make light of my god-killing duty…! I won’t tolerate this!”


Vladimir’s intense pressure couldn’t be compared to the first game’s, and the raining blood gathered in one place as his blood-cross sword, Cranion, appeared again. He looked more like a monster than a human at that point.

Instead of being surprised, JiHan thought about what he’d just heard. 'So the Iron Blood Cross falls under the duty of god slaying? Oh…' After being drawn by blood and steel, the cross usually worked to instantly kill someone when he impaled a spear through whoever stood over it. 

He’d modified the technique to be used for defense, but… ‘It looks like the utilization of the spear was the foundation of the technique.’ Thanks to the Wandering Martial God’s servant, he was able to understand the Iron Blood Cross on a fundamental level.

"I won't let you die easily!" Vladimir charged forward.



They exchanged dozens of blows in seconds, and the bloody sword didn’t explode outward like it had in the first game.

= Ah…

= Vladimir, he's too strong!

= Sung JiHan is on the back foot…!

From what the commentators could see, it looked like JiHan was being pushed back. Vladimir’s sword was much more solid, and needle-like droplets of blood surged down from every direction on JiHan. It wasn’t hard to figure out that the Russian’s physical abilities had more than doubled since the first game.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


- Isn't that too unfair?

- How did he get so much stronger?

- Vladimir should have used this in the Space League instead.

- Yeah. He could have beaten the high elf.

Vladimir’s pressure was so intense that the viewers were surprised that JiHan could even endure as long as he had.

'This bastard…!' Longinus still wasn’t satisfied. There was a definitive gap between their physical capabilities—even if JiHan used his void buff, he couldn’t keep up.

That being the case, how had he still not hit him once? ‘It looks like Martial Soul chose him for a reason…’ Longinus thought. He intended to absorb all of JiHan’s blood if he could just scratch him, but he couldn’t help but admire his opponent’s defensive capabilities.

"Regardless!” he yelled. “It's over now…!" They’d reached the corner of the map, and Vladimir’s bloody sword grew even larger as he attempted to smash it down on JiHan, who had nowhere else to retreat to.

Nameless Divine Arts God-Killing Technique: Iron Blood Cross.

At the last moment, a pure-white cross with a hole in the middle appeared in front of JiHan, who poured Life Energy into the center and received a protective green shield around his body in return—it was his modified Iron Blood Cross.

"Y-you…!" Longinus froze. Of course, he knew JiHan had modified the technique, but that didn’t mean he’d seen it. He’d imagined being outraged upon seeing someone other than his master modify his technique, but instead, he felt as if cold water were being poured over his head.

"…" His anger subsided, and rationality returned. Why had JiHan changed the technique in such a way? "Why did you change the already-perfect Iron Blood Cross?"

"Perfect? That?" JiHan dismissively laughed. “You call piercing a cross with a spear ‘perfect’? If you’re going to stab someone, just stab them. I wanted a defensive technique, so that’s what I changed it to. You’re much too rigid.”


"Yes." Longinus’s eyes shook. Someone dared to call his master’s perfected technique ‘rigid’? He never would’ve imagined such a thing.

"Hey,” JiHan said, “don't you have anything besides drawing crosses and stabbing?"

"What…?" Longinus asked in shock.

"If you have anything else, use it now so I can reference it later."

Thump. Thump—

JiHan tapped his Iron Blood Cross a few times.

Longinus laughed in disbelief. "You’re hoping to extract the essence of ‘god killing’…?"

"Yes,” JiHan admitted. “What’s the big deal?"

Modifying the Wandering Martial God’s techniques for his own use… ‘Is he ignorant or something?’ Longinus wondered. It was just too unbelievable.

"Haa…" Longinus sighed, and the blood around him scattered, revealing his scarred face. He looked utterly lost.

"I…" The bloody sword in his hands wriggled and changed shape a few times to become a single-edged blade, a hammer, and a club. No matter how many times it transformed, though, it never took the form of a spear.

"I, Longinus… can’t do it…" he muttered as he gave his transforming weapon a forlorn look.


* * *


'Longinus?' Though he wasn’t religious, JiHan knew Longinus was a biblical figure who stabbed Jesus with a spear. Longinus’s Holy Spear was quite a famous mythological weapon, after all.

'He can’t use a spear…?' JiHan wondered. Was it related to the Wandering Martial God? If that was the case, why was Longinus known for stabbing Jesus with a spear? All sorts of questions went through his mind.

Meanwhile, Longinus’s eyes widened. "Wh-what…?" he muttered.

[Longinus.] He'd heard the voice of the Wandering Martial God. [Use your spear.]

"Master… are you giving it back to me?"



His weapon, which was still flickering between transformations, instantly transformed into a spear.

"Ah…" Longinus clicked his tongue in disbelief. It was so easy, but he hadn’t been able to do it without permission.

"It looks like you can use a spear after all," JiHan observed.

"My master… permitted it."

"You need permission for something as mundane as using a spear?"

"Yes. That's the fate of a servant." Longinus looked at his bloody spear. ‘The master has rarely allowed me to make use of it.’ He’d only been granted permission against powerful constellations or gods—that’s how stingy the Wandering Martial God was with his restrictions.

Despite those restrictions, he’d allowed its use in a Battle Net game against JiHan? ‘Does he WANT JiHan to modify his techniques?’ No matter what the case was, Longinus had to follow his master’s will.


He tightened his grip around his spear. “JiHan, didn’t you say you wanted to see me using the spear so you could reference it later?”


"In that case, I’ll show you…” All of the surrounding blood condensed into the tip of his spear as he pointed it at JiHan’s white cross.

"The God-Killing Spear."


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