The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 195


"A curse…?"

Being able to hear her voice after clearing the dungeon was a big achievement, but what she said was completely unexpected.

'My sister wouldn’t say something like that…' Though she used to nag JiHan and order him around, she spoke in a kind and gentle way. He couldn’t imagine her cursing someone like that, and why had she specifically mentioned Sae-jin?

"Well, at least it seems like she’s still alive… That’s a relief." Sae-jin fiddled with the ring at the end of his necklace and faintly smiled. He’d started the dungeon explorations without much in the way of expectation, so he didn’t mind that she cursed him—it was enough for him to know she was alive.

"Maybe we’ll figure out more if we explore the other giant dungeons.”

"Christoph,” JiHan said, “could we do one more dungeon today?"

"Of course! Why do you two look so surprised, though?"

"She cursed my brother-in-law."

"Cursed…? Maybe she knows he went to Japan?"

"Hmm…" JiHan hummed. If she knew that he’d fallen for Shizuru, then shouldn’t she have also known that he had returned?

When he considered his sister’s personality, he thought it was more likely that she would be praising her husband and worrying about his eyes if she knew he’d been Enchanted and ruined his vision to free himself.

"We'll have to explore more to figure things out," JiHan said.

"Okay. Let's keep going," Christoph agreed.

"I think we should call Sae-ah as well."


"The dungeons aren't too dangerous, and Sae-ah can sense the power of the void," JiHan explained. He and the Sword King had easily swept away everything in the giant dungeon portal, so it was probably safe to bring her. Of course, the other dungeons could be more dangerous.

'We have to focus on whatever clues we can get.'

JiHan called her as soon as they left the dungeon. "Sae-ah, come join us in the dungeons."

[Huh? Really? I can go?]

"Yes. It wasn't as dangerous as I thought. Bring Akari with you. I also need your help with something."

[What? Did something happen?]

Sae-ah was shocked by what JiHan told her. [Woah… Mom said that to Dad? I can't imagine her doing that.]

"Either way, Sae-jin seems happy to know she’s probably alive.”

[Hmm… I see. She's probably cursing because she knows something, right? Ugh. I'm curious. I need to hurry. Akari! Let's get ready!]

"I'll send a car from here, so hurry up." After he finished the call, he spoke to the rest of the exploration team. "Let’s head to the next dungeon.”

Thus, they began heading toward the next giant dungeon portal, an hour away by car. Sofia rode in the same car as JiHan and stared intently at his face.

"Sofia, stop staring at him,” Christoph said. “You'll make him uncomfortable."

"Why? I like looking at him. JiHan, do you feel uncomfortable?"

"Well, I'm used to your stare by now."

"Haa…” Christoph sighed. “Mr. Sung already has a significant other!"

"Chris, she's just looking at me. Why the fuss?"

Christoph shook his head and changed the subject. "JiHan, is this entire exploration thing related to Saintess Ji-ah?”

"Yes, that's right."

"Aah… No wonder. I was curious as to why the Sword King was so interested in exploring the North Korean dungeons.”

"Only two people have had the Saintess class,” Sofia said. “Me, and Ji-ah. I was sad when she disappeared. I still don't understand what it means to use Divine Power on a deeper level… That's the first thing I wanted to ask her, among other things." Compared to the usual Support, the Saintess class had better buff effects and could use Divine Power in a special wayl.

JiHan thought of his previous life. Even then, Sofia hadn't been able to find her answer.

- JiHan, did you hear anything from Ji-ah regarding Divine Power usage?

She’d always asked him if he remembered anything from his sister, and Sofia had never been able to take full advantage of the class.

"Why don't you ask my sister after we find her?" JiHan asked.

"Yes. We’ll find her!"

"Ah, Christoph, here’s the item I promised you." JiHan handed over the Akashic page he'd confiscated from Shizuru.

"Ah…! You’re giving it to me already?"

"Let's get it over with and finish this up with your Exploration Gift at S-rank."

"Ah… As expected, you're generous. I won't refuse and am more than grateful to accept…!" Thanks to JiHan, he'd hit the jackpot at the beginning of the year, and now he would be able to enhance his Gift as well.

Christoph happily took the Akashic page and used it on his Gift. "Oh… Exploration S…! I can't believe how easy that was!"

"Good. Let’s use it to finish the North Korea issue while you’re here," JiHan said.

"Let's conquer the abyss as well!" Christoph, who'd become the top Exploration Gift holder thanks to the Akashic page, was full of vigor.

"Brother,” Sofia said to him, “if anyone heard you, they would think you were the one doing all the work."

"Hey! This is a very important mission!"

The Christoph siblings playfully bickered, and JiHan chuckled at their antics. It was an entirely different relationship than the one he had with his sister.

'Ji-ah just agreed to everything I did…' She was 10 years older than JiHan and had given up on college to take charge of the family after their parents passed away.

Looking back, it must have been a huge shock for her, who was only 20 years old at the time, but she'd never shown him any signs of weakness.

'Just like Sae-jin said, learning that she’s alive is more than enough…'

Whether she cursed Sae-jin or not, what mattered was that she was alive.


Their van stopped as they arrived at the second giant dungeon.

"Oh, Mr. Sung,” Christoph said. I can already feel the dungeon's core from the entrance!" Thanks to his upgraded S-rank Exploration Gift, he located it even faster. On top of that… "Ah… there's also something in the ground. Something I couldn't feel when my Gift was rank A."

"Where is it?" JiHan asked.

"H-here.” Christoph found another clue inside the giant dungeon and pointed to a half-transparent dungeon core hidden in the ground.

"I think… one of these might have been hidden in the previous dungeon as well."

"We'll have to go back and look for it," JiHan said.

"Yes, it would be troublesome if civilians entered the area and the dungeon became active again."

While he was busily locating the dungeon cores, the rest of the exploration team arrived and recognized him.

"Isn't that Commentator Christoph?"

"Ah… Could it be that he has the Exploration Gift? He seems to be looking for the dungeon core."

"Yeah, he found the core in the other giant dungeon as well. It seems that his ability is at least rank B."

"Wow… I can't believe that he’s also a player. This is huge news!"

"Hahaha,” Christoph laughed after he overheard them. “I guess there's no way to hide from fame! Yes, it's me, the world's best explorer!"

"Oh, so it's true!"

"Christoph, could you give me an autograph?"

"Of course! Come here!" He openly revealed himself to the other members of the team, seemingly resolved to take the opportunity to cement his role as an explorer.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


Sofia sighed. "Haa… JiHan, I'm sorry. My brother tends to crave attention."

"He has an S-rank Gift, so his excitement is understandable,” JiHan said. “He just needs to do his job well."

"Yes. I'll keep a close eye on him!" she said as she headed toward her brother.

Meanwhile, Sae-jin nodded in satisfaction at the dungeon cores Christoph had found. "’Exploration S’… what an incredible ability… It seems like this’ll be over soon. Should I break the dungeon cores immediately?"

"Sae-ah should arrive in about an hour,” JiHan said. “Why don't we wait for her? We might learn more if she can discern the void’s power."

"An hour… That sounds good. We need to secure the area in the meantime."

"Sounds good."

JiHan and Sae-jin wiped out any other monsters that spawned and stayed watchful for any unexpected variables until Sae-ah arrived with Akari.

"Uncle! Dad! I'm here! What did you want me to look at?"

"Wait a moment,” Sae-jin said. “Let me break the cores first."


Sae-jin made sure he had the Aegis Ring on his necklace and destroyed both dungeon cores.

[All of the giant dungeon’s cores have been destroyed.]

[Your level limit has increased by 1 due to your contribution.]

'Ooh…” JiHan thought. “So this is what you get for clearing a dungeon.' He’d allowed Sae-jin to break the cores because he had the necklace, but the system still recognized his contribution.

'I should spam dungeons after I hit the level limit later.'


Sae-jin's ring started vibrating again, and everyone focused on the Aegis Ring, which had turned completely purple.

"Sae-ah, do the Void Arrow thing."

"Okay!" She summoned her Void Arrow, which resonated with the ring.

The purple light intensified, and a strange scene began to appear before their eyes.


* * *   


'Is this… a vision?'

Everything in view was purple, and it didn’t take long for JiHan to realize it was a hallucination of some sort, almost as if he were possessing someone. He continued to watch as the subject whose point of view he was seeing moved on their own.

'Breaking the hallucination is easy, but…' He chose to maintain the possessed state so he could find clues about his sister, thinking he could just break it off if something felt strange.

'Anyway… Is this a hospital?' What he saw looked similar to a big hospital room.

'It feels strangely familiar.' It was almost like he’d been there before, then…

"Ugh…" A familiar voice left the possessed subject’s mouth, and someone’s face popped up from the side.

"Sae-ah, are you okay?"

'It's me…' He saw his face, but he looked leaner and had deep, dark circles under his eyes.

It was enough for him to realize what he was seeing. 'This is the hospital where Sae-ah committed suicide in my past life…' It was one of the memories that tormented him most before his regression.



"Could I ask for a mirror…?"

"Yes, sure…"

After his other self handed the mirror over, JiHan saw Sae-ah’s bandaged face reflected on the polished surface. "Can I… recover?" she asked.

"Don't worry. I'm actively looking for a Support to completely fix you.

"I feel like no one will want to heal me…"

"Money can solve that. Sae-ah, don't worry. Your uncle hit the jackpot."

"You always say that… hahaha…"


JiHan's phone rang, and he hurriedly left the room to answer it as he said. "Ah, Sae-ah, I'll be right back."

"Okay…" Sae-ah sighed as she watched him leave.

'Ah, could it be… Is this from that time…?' JiHan felt his heart drop. He'd hurriedly left to answer a lone call back then, which led to his biggest regret.

It was going to show him what happened from Sae-ah's perspective? Why would the void do that…?

"Ha… There's no way I'd die for something like this." Sae-ah took out the hand mirror again and clenched her teeth.

Even though she'd suffered an attack on her face, she seemed determined. "I'll succeed at all costs."

'What…? She isn't going to commit suicide here…?'

Of course, Sae-ah had strong willpower, so her determination was more in line with what he expected of her.

"You shouldn't do that," someone said in awkward Korean from behind her. "You must die here."


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