The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 206


[Sung JiHan and Yoon Sae-jin… the South Korean team now boasts the world's best Warrior duo.]

[People are betting on South Korea winning the 2021 Champions League! Ranked 4th in odds.]

[How will it be different now that the Tutorial Season is over?]

The East Asian League started on February 1, 2021. During the latter half of the previous year, South Korea had struggled to maintain a few victories, but they’d become the new favorites.

- JiHan became Diamond, and the Sword King returned. What a crazy lineup…

- It’s hard to believe our country had the weakest Warrior lineup after the Sword King left last year…

- Right? Do you think we’ll win the Champions League this year?!

- Will Korea become the third winner?!

Only two countries had won the Champions League since its inception in 2010—the USA, with seven victories; China, with three. Other countries had done well, of course, but none had been strong enough to overcome those two superpowers.

With JiHan’s sudden, comet-like appearance and the Sword King returning, though, Korea had a probable chance at victory. At least, that’s what the public largely believed, but some had their doubts.

- The introduction of the ban system is a bit worrying.

- I guess our true level will show if JiHan and the Sword King both get banned.

- Are you talking about when we used to be last in the East Asian League? Hahaha.

- We need more talent.

- It's time for Sae-ah to join the team!

↳ Ho, Sae-ah!

↳ Sae-ah, haha.

↳ Make sure to level up more first.

"Damn, how did they find out?" Sae-ah frowned when she read the replies to her comment. People were too harsh. She’d won a ‘Top 100’ promotion match as well, but nobody talked much about her potential on the team.

"Our country's Archers are the strongest,” JiHan said with a chuckle. “How could they let a newbie Diamond join?"

Sae-ah still couldn’t help but feel wronged. "I’m stronger, though! My Late Bloomer Gift upgraded, and Void Analyst helped me even more."

"Do you still only have the Void Arrow skill?" JiHan asked.

"Yes. I heard I'll get more once I fully analyze it."

"I have the Void stat, you know."

Sae-ah looked at him in surprise. "Huh? Uncle?"

"Yes. I cleared a constellation quest for it.”

"Woah… Uncle, you do have everything."

"Have you still not heard anything about the void from my sister?"

"No, not after upgrading my class." Sae-ah summoned her Void Arrow. Unlike before, three separate arrows appeared, which were significantly larger.

'She’s right, the skill got stronger.' The skill was already overpowered. With it being enhanced, she would be more than capable of playing a significant role as a Diamond.

Sae-ah fiddled with the arrows and looked dejected. "Even though I reached Diamond, I only have one skill. My mom's a constellation, so why won't she give me something good? How can I get the Void stat as well?"

"It isn't very good," JiHan said.


"It gives you a maximum lifespan of 70 years."

"What do you mean…?

He explained what he knew to her, and she tilted her head in confusion as she asked, "So… you won't live longer from Battle Net’s effects?”

"That's right. Well, that's what he said, so I'm not 100% certain."

"Uh… that’s a bit disappointing if it’s true. It's good to live a long life, especially if you can live longer by slowing the aging process through Battle Net."

"There are even cases of aging being reversed," JiHan said. Players who reached Diamond were almost superhuman; some of the middle-aged and elderly players even seemed to get younger as the years passed by. Accepting the Void stat meant giving up a long and healthy life?

"Ugh…" Sae-ah groaned. “Maybe I should just give up on it.”

"Yes. You should live a long life,” JiHan agreed. “I'm going to absorb your stat."

"What about you? Shouldn't you give up on it as well?" she asked.

"I need more power." He couldn't avoid a direct conflict with the Wandering Martial God. Rather than worrying about living past 70, he was more worried about making it through the next few years. On top of that…

'The Secret Shop and the training ground I gained through the Void stat are too good.' Time was slowed by 5.5 times in the training ground. 'It isn't just about the time difference—I can also adjust it however I want.'

By default, the training ground was a purple wasteland, but he could spend achievement points to make it look like any map he’d already played on. Thus, he’d devoted himself to his training while going through the maps he'd already been through.

'There isn't much left before I finish it.' He felt that the completion of a technique was imminent and couldn’t give up on such progress due to the lifespan concern.

"Hmm…” Sae-ah hummed in thought. “I'm also going to keep it for now. I have to join the Korean team for Late Bloomer to reach rank S, after all. I’ll hold onto Void Arrow at least until then.”


* * *

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She’d been conflicted after she heard what JiHan had to say, but she ended up holding onto her void abilities. Her Gift had become rank A after receiving a constellation’s sponsorship, so all she needed to do for rank S was join the Korean team.

"Joining the team is your upgrade condition now? What did it give after upgrading to rank A?” JiHan asked.

"My constellation bonus is supposed to be tripled, but I haven’t even received a bonus, so it hasn’t done anything yet.”

Was there some restriction in place? The Witch of the Void was mysteriously silent, save for the one piece of advice she’d given during the class advancement.

"My sister hasn’t been a constellation for long,” JiHan said. “I’m sure she’ll give something to you later.”

A faint smile crept onto Sae-ah’s face. "It's okay if I don't receive any bonuses. Her being my constellation is more than enough."


JiHan's phone rang.

[Mr. Sung, we've arrived.] Manager Park Yoon-sik was there to pick him up for the team match.

"Yes. I'm coming down." Normally, he’d have already been at the Battle Net Center for training and coordination with the team, but he’d asked for special permission to focus on personal growth in his training ground.

- Personal training? Of course. Take your time. Just come to the center on the day of the match. I'll send a limo.

Coach No YeongJun responded positively to the request. He wouldn’t have allowed it of any other player, but JuHan had saved South Korea from finishing in last place the year prior and brought the Sword King back from Japan. He deserved some leeway.

"It looks like I'll have to watch the match at home today. Good luck, Uncle~"

"Thanks." He waved to his niece while heading for the elevator.


* * *


= The 2021 season’s East Asian League is finally starting!

= The opening match will be South Korea against Russia!

= The Space League has started, but the Regional Leagues will still be held, right?

= Yes, of course. Dungeon portals appear in the lowest-ranked countries still. That hasn't changed!

Some people believed the Regional Leagues were less important since there was an interplanetary Space League, but such talk vanished after humanity fell to the middle ranks and dungeon portals reappeared at a rapid pace. 

During the Tutorial Season, such portals appeared in the bottom 10% of countries, but the range increased to the bottom 12-13% since humanity wasn’t very high up in the Space League.

= If anything, performance in the Regional Leagues is even more important now. If our Space League rank falls again, the dungeons will appear in even more countries!

= That's right. Earth’s ranking has become a matter of national security, but South Koreans can rejoice that the Sword King has returned!

= He may have lost his way for a moment, but our hero is back! We also have JiHan, who shot up the ranks like a comet! The combination of the two is so powerful that people are thinking South Korea could even win the Champions League and is in 4th place on the betting sites!

= 4th…! Ah, we're after the USA, China, and India, who we’re almost tied with! Our odds could increase even more depending on how we do in the future!

A year prior, South Korea could never even think about competing with India’s huge population and strong player pool.

= Russia would have focused their ban cards on one player if we only had one carry, so we're fortunate.

= Exactly. The Regional Leagues have a ban system that’s a bit more restrictive than the Space League’s, right?

= Yes. Two players can be banned if they use the ‘Top 10’ players card, and four can be banned if they use the ‘Top 20’ card.

= And… it's possible to target one player specifically!

Each country’s coach would have to decide whether to ban random players from the top ranks or to focus their ban on one player.

- If we only had JiHan, he would have become the target of the bans.

- Yeah. Thankfully, we also have the Sword King.

- Russia's going to choose the one-player ban card, right? It would be catastrophic for them if they chose to ban two ‘Top 10’ players and both the Sword King and JiHan made it through.

- Who's going to get banned first?

- I guess it will probably be the Sword King.

- I think JiHan is a bit stronger now that he’s in Diamond.

- The Sword King has more experience. The last time they fought, JiHan was slightly pushed back.

- What do you mean by ‘pushed back’? He pretended to be pushed back so he could snap the Sword King out of Enchantment. JiHan has become stronger since then as well…!

- Why are you guys fighting? Hahaha. They're both on the same team.

- Yeah, that’s all that matters.

- Why are the fandoms fighting? The Russian coach will do what he thinks is best.

South Korea’s players were also very interested to see what would happen.

"Mr. Sung, who do you think they'll ban?" Ha YeonJu, the team’s Archer leader, asked while she gave him a playful smile.

"I'm not sure," he replied.

"Didn't you see it in your dreams?"

"We're going to win either way There's no need to prophesize things like this."

"If it were me, I'd ban my brother-in-law,” Sae-jin said. “Things might have been different in the past, but I don’t think I could beat him now.” He’d readily accepted that he was weaker than JiHan.

"If that’s what he thinks, then I will also say Russia should ban my brother-in-law."

"Cut the modesty. What do you really think?"

"Honestly speaking, I think I'm Earth's strongest player," JiHan coolly replied.

"Woah…! A straightforward answer! Impressive. Really."

"That's more like the brother-in-law I know," Sae-Jin said.

They watched the TV in the waiting room as Russia’s coach played his ban card.

= R-Russia's coach!

= He decided to ban Yoon Sae-jin!

"They banned me?" Sae-jin tilted his head and smirked. “Seriously… Why would they leave the strongest player on Earth as their opponent? It seems like my title as the Sword King still has some power.”

"Indeed. I’ll have to teach them a lesson." JiHan shrugged and stood up. It didn’t matter which of them were banned—Eastern Russia wasn’t that strong, so either one could carry a victory.

'To ban Sae-jin first… How rude.'

JiHan was going to make sure they knew just how dangerous he was.


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