The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 210


At first glance, Longinus’s God-killing Spear looked like a simple stab—blood gathered at the tip of the spear and soon sank into the spear itself. Shining with a bloody light, the weapon slowly stretched toward JiHan’s Iron Blood Cross.

Compared to how Longinus was moving before, it almost seemed like he was taking things easy, and just when JiHan was wondering if it was truly the so-called ‘God-killing Technique’…

"Ugh…!" Vladimir’s body began to melt from his toes. “So this is my limit in this form?” Longinus muttered before turning to blood and being absorbed by the spear.

[All players of the opposing team have died.]

[The game is ending…]

'What? It's over? Are they joking?’ JiHan felt wronged. He’d hoped to see Longinus’s technique, but he never thought it would fall apart in front of him.

'Huh… the spear is still moving.' Though Longinus was gone and the game was ending, the bloody spear continued to slowly float toward him. No matter how he looked at it, it didn’t look like it could kill a god.

‘Well, at least I can test it out.’ He decided to step closer to the spear before the game ended, but… 'My body…' He discovered he couldn’t move. Something else was strange as well…

'Even the system stopped…' The message saying he was being logged out should’ve appeared already, but the system hadn’t proceeded any further—it was like the world had paused.

Longinus's spear continued to leisurely float toward him.

‘Time has stopped…? Is this related to the technique?’ JiHan began looking through his abilities to see if he could overcome the situation. There were all sorts of powers, including Martial Soul and the Void stat, within his body, but he found that he had no control over them.

‘It’s like nothing is responding…’ He could at least slightly manipulate Void and Martial Soul and did his best to mount a defense. Unfortunately, the bloody spear was already closing in on him.


Then, the spear’s tip pierced against his cross, and blood-colored smoke sizzled from the point of impact. Purple letters of a strange origin appeared in the rising smoke.

‘Huh… Why can I read it?’ He was able to read what the letters said, though they weren’t in any language he knew of.

[Target condition: partially matched.]

[Extinction Code has manifested.]

The letters vanished, and the center of the Iron Blood Cross burst open as the bloody spear continued through the hole and into JiHan’s body.


Power flowed through the spear and began to erase him. His Martial Soul tried to suppress it while he instinctively felt something…

'This power… opposes Martial Soul. On the other hand… It's trying to use Void.' Sure enough, the spear tried to eliminate Martial Soul and make use of Void, which he initially had full control over.

'I need to see how this works.' He decided to wait and see how the spear would utilize the void’s power. After a moment, the spear took control of Void and began to move strangely.

'Oh…' JiHan continued to analyze what the spear was doing, even though it was already halfway through his body—it was eating Martial Soul in a way he’d never seen before while maintaining consistent movement.

'Is this related to the Extinction Code?' He remembered the strange characters he’d been able to read after the spear pierced his Iron Blood Cross and came to the conclusion that the peculiar flow of power from the spear was trying to suppress Martial Soul while merging with Void. Somehow, it was all related to ‘Extinction Code’.

'Good.' Even though his body was being erased, he continued to deeply engross himself in watching the God-killing Spear do its work when…

[You'll now be logged out.]

The bloody spear’s time-stop effect ended, and he felt things moving normally again.

'What a pity.' It would have been great if he had more time to analyze it. Though his torso had a gaping hole in it and only his head and limbs were left intact, he regretted not being able to fully understand the ‘Extinction Code’.

'At least I learned a few things…' Despite how ruined his body was, his eyes were clearer than ever…

It had definitely been worth it to take the God-killing Spear head-on.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


Meanwhile, on Korea's Channel 0…

= Ah, the two players seem to be talking about something… Too bad we can’t hear them through the broadcast.

= Vladimir created a spear in his hand! Blood is gathering at the end… It seems that he's preparing for a big technique!

= Sung JiHan! He's just staring at it!

Though viewers couldn’t hear their conversation, they still saw the confrontation.

- There have been all sorts of glitches today.

- Vladimir's quietly gathering blood at one point. He’s clearly about to use an ultimate move, so why is JiHan just standing there?

- Isn't it a rule of thumb to let your opponent finish their technique in times like this? Hahaha.

- We're clearly losing. Isn't this the perfect chance to counterattack? 

Of course, since they couldn’t hear what Longinus and JiHan were talking about, they couldn’t understand why JiHan was standing still. Their worries vanished after Vladimir was absorbed by the spear, though.

- Huh??

- Why was Vladimir absorbed by his spear?

- Hahaha, did his ultimate move fail?

- See? JiHan stood still because he knew that would happen.

- Why are there so many doubters? All we have to do is believe in JiHan.

The public believed it was the result of another one of JiHan’s ‘prophetic dreams’ when, in reality, he’d just wanted to analyze the technique.

= Th-the game's over.

= Korea… beat Russia three-to-one!

= The last fight was a bit anticlimactic…

= Who cares?! Winning is what's important!

The broadcast ended there, and people didn’t get to see JiHan being pierced by the bloody spear, which was probably why they could only mention JiHan’s prophetic dreams again.

"Woah. Mr. Sung, did you know that Vladimir would be absorbed by his weapon?"

"Your prophetic dreams are amazing… Did you have another premonition?"

Since they hadn’t seen it, nobody mentioned what happened afterward.

"I can't have prophetic dreams at will,” JiHan said. “We'll have to wait and see what happens in the future. Coach, I'm going to head home now."

"Right now?” The coach asked. “But you have the overall MVP interview…"

"Could you handle that for me? The fight with Vladimir helped me realize a certain way I can train."

"T-train?" The coach gave JiHan a weary look. ‘Is he some sort of training addict?’


There were many rumors of JiHan staying in seclusion in training, but couldn’t he at least spare some time for the MVP interview?

"Do you not like the interviewer?" No YeongJun asked.

"I don't even know who's supposed to be conducting it. I'll be going. Brother-in-law, see you later."

"What?” Sae-jin asked. “Let's go together."

"Eh, running is faster for me." As if to prove it, JiHan used his footwork techniques and vanished.

Coach No YeongJun stared at the empty air in disbelief and said, "Sae-jin… Can you do the interview instead?"

"Well, if it's for JiHan, I'll do it." Sae-jin nodded. He probably wouldn’t have done it for anyone else, but family matters were different.

"Thanks,” the coach said. “Seriously… I wonder what kind of training was so urgent." Of course, coaches believed their players becoming stronger was great, but a person needed time to rest as well.

Coach No YeongJun shook his head and prepared Sae-jin for the interview.


* * *


Meanwhile, in the Wandering Martial God’s ‘Fight Star’…

"So he resisted it…" Longinus smiled in disbelief. JiHan’s torso had almost entirely vanished, leaving only his neck and limbs. Such an attack would have resulted in instant death in real life, but the God-killing Spear should have vaporized his entire body the instant it touched him.

[So he didn’t vaporize at once?]

"Yes, Master… He was able to withstand the power of the God-killing Spear." Somehow, JiHan had managed to hold the majority of his body together until time flowed again.

[Not bad.] The Wandering Martial God didn’t usually express emotion when he spoke, but he sounded satisfied. [Just being able to resist isn't enough. He must progress even further.]


[Longinus, I'll allow you to use the spear against him again. Push him to his limits.]

"Thank you, my master…" It was quite unbelievable that the Wandering Martial God was allowing him free use of his spear against JiHan.

Longinus bowed and retreated. He walked with an empty look, as if his soul had left his body, until…

"Are you… Alright?" Dongfang Shuo asked, stroking his beard as usual.

"Dongfang Shuo, did you see what happened?"

"Yes. I also have to thoroughly test him, after all."

"Haa…" Longinus sighed. “How could a mere human block my God-killing Spear? I already wasn’t very enthusiastic about living, but now things are even worse.”

"You obliterated his torso. If you had more time, then the rest would have followed."

"He's a mere human. A single touch from the spear should have been enough to completely atomize him. You know that.”

"A human, huh…?" Dongfang asked in a meaningful tone. “Do you seriously believe that he’s ‘just a human’?

"What do you mean…?"


"Let's go inside and talk." Dongfang pulled out a gourd from his belt. The moment he pulled the cork off the top… 


Both he and Longinus were sucked into it.

"Who's going to hear us in the Fight Star? Why come here…?" Longinus complained.

Dongfang softly said, "Wouldn't the Wandering Martial God listen to us?"

"So he can't hear us here…?" Longinus asked in surprise.

"For a brief moment, yes."

Longinus looked around with curiosity and then asked, "Is there something our master shouldn’t hear about? It's just about whether Sung JiHan is a human or not, after all."

Dongfang Shuo glanced around and whispered, "Well… this is just my one-sided speculation… but I think that boy, Sung JiHan, is of the same species as the Wandering Martial God."


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