The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 196


Sae-ah remained calm at the sudden voice and slowly turned around to see a huge man wearing a hat and black mask looking down at her with his arms crossed.

Since he’d been able to enter the room without a sound, he must’ve been a player.

"Why do I have to die...?" she asked.

The man extended his hand toward her to reveal a yellow talisman in his palm. "You're a brave child. Curse your Gift."

"What...? My Gift?"

"The young lady says she can't make it to Gold unless you’re dead," the man explained.

"What are you talking about?"

"You don't have to worry about it."


He attached the talisman to her forehead and muttered, "Zombification."

Her pupils relaxed, and her life functions ceased.

"Arise, my servant." Her body abruptly rose from the bed and trudged toward the window.


As soon as she opened the window and threw herself out, the masked man clicked his tongue and erased evidence that he’d been there. "I succeeded," he said to himself. “I still can’t believe the lady resorted to committing murder for not being able to reach Gold despite all the help…”

Then, the man vanished, and a few moments later…

"Sae-ah. Huh... Where's Sae-ah?" The vision ended with JiHan returning from his phone call and looking around the hospital room in confusion.

"Huh..." The others on the team looked over at Sae-ah in surprise as the vision ended.

The most dumbfounded one was Sae-ah herself. "What? Why did I see myself dying?" she asked. "Why was I even in a hospital? Also, Uncle, why had you taken out a loan?"

"Even I saw the vision,” the Sword King said, “and I’m supposedly blind. The man using the zombification technique... Who was he? We need to eliminate him." Though it’d only been an vision, he’d been shocked to see his daughter murdered and trembled with a barely suppressed rage, clenching his fist.

Sae-ah thought hard and then recalled what the murderer said… He’d mentioned his lady couldn’t reach Gold and told her to curse her Gift. Was it related to Xin YouHua, whom JiHan had already killed?

"Ah, Uncle!” Sae-ah spoke up. “About what the murderer said...!"

JiHan hurriedly sent her a telepathic message to stop her from saying more. [Enough. It's related to Late Bloomer, but it isn't something that should be discussed here.]

She trailed off with, "What do you think we should do...?"

'That vision… seemed to have been a scene from my pre-regression life.' JiHan bit his lip. If he'd known she’d been murdered and didn't commit suicide, then he would’ve killed YouHua back then.

He regretted making her death so comfortable. ‘How does my sister know all of this, though? Is it really my sister?’ His doubts were starting to grow, especially after he saw the scene from his previous life.

"There are still more giant dungeons left... so let's investigate them all. Christoph, can we go right away?" JiHan asked.

"Yes! Of course. You even gave me an Akashic page, so I’m all yours!"

"Alright, let’s go."

It wasn’t long until they arrived at the third giant dungeon, which JiHan and the Sword King swiftly conquered.

"It's here!" Christoph exclaimed as he quickly found the first dungeon core. At that point, the other team members were nothing more than spectators.

"Woah... That was fast," one of them muttered. 

"Was conquering a giant dungeon always this easy?"

"Things are easy when the world's best Warriors and an S-rank Exploration player join forces."

"Moving between dungeons is what takes the most amount of time."

"Aren't we too useless?"

The rest of the exploration team couldn’t help but watch with a mix of admiration and depression for being so useless, but they also couldn’t help but wonder something…

"Why are we rushing like this?"

"Maybe they need to find something related to the dungeon cores."

"Perhaps the Sword King wants to finish this up quickly and return home."

"Ah, the League is about to start again, so they may let him return sooner based on his achievements.”

"South Korea's going to reach the Champions League."

They were unaware of the issue with JiHan’s sister and ended up assuming that he was speeding things up for the upcoming new season.

Away from the others, JiHan and his close party found the third dungeon’s second core.

"Okay, Sae-ah,” JiHan said. “Let's start."

"Got it. Void Arrow."


Just like before, there was a burst of purple energy, and the party saw another vision.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


Within the purple fog…

Tap, tap—

The Sword King, Sae-jin, entered with a head impaled on either of his swords. It was hard to identify whose heads they were, but JiHan was able to make a rough guess.

'Shizuru... and Akari? Is this from when he went missing...?' Back then, Sae-jin was the strongest Warrior and only ever continued to grow—after the high elf beat him with her bare fists, he returned later and forced her to use her sword.

Of course, the sword also dispelled the Enchantment on him and sent him into a panic afterward. The scene JiHan was witnessing seemed to be from the day after that.

"So you were alive..." The Sword King was wearing the Aegis Ring around his neck and looking at something within the purple smoke.

A dark shadow emerged.

"Ji-ah..." As soon as he saw the figure, the past Sae-jin was sure that it was his wife, Ji-ah.

[Why did you come here?] the shadow asked.

"Why did I come?! I found out you were alive, so I had to get you out of here...!"

[Really? Then, come here.]


The shadow grew, and an ominous energy surged from it. The area looked dangerous, but…

"Okay..." The past Sae-jin bit his lips and entered, and the heads on his sword fell. Akari’s head burned away, and Shizuru’s began to turn pitch black.

[Yoon Sae-jin... I saw everything from here.]

"You saw it all…?" he asked.

[Yes. I saw how you abandoned your daughter and went to Japan, how she was murdered… and how my little brother became *that* monster’s eternal servant.


[Since I was already dead... I was okay with you meeting a new woman. I was even okay with you finding a new love and leaving the country, but... What about our daughter? Was Sae-ah only my daughter? Wasn't she yours, too?]

Sae-jin fell to his knees. "I'm sorry... My sin is too great. That’s why I intended to set you free and accept my death..."

[Death? Death is a luxury for someone like you. You must suffer more.]


Like Shizuru's head, Sae-jin also began to be dyed in darkness.

[The Witch of the Void commands you… Yoon Sae-jin, become the Apostle of the Apocalypse, Asura.]


Sae-jin began to transform, and a monster's arm emerged from his torso. It didn’t take long until he was fully a monster with three heads and six arms. He looked at himself and lowered his head.

[Go to China and take revenge for your daughter. That's all you need to do.]

"Okay... If that's your wish."

[I don't even want to talk with you. Rage. Become a mindless monster.]

"AAAGGGHHH...!" Burning with hatred, Ji-ah robbed Sae-jin of his sanity until he was only a monster.

The vision ended.


 * * *


'So Sae-jin was Asura...'

During humanity's last moments, 20 Apostles of the Apocalypse were summoned in the remaining countries; Asura, a monster with three heads and six arms, had been summoned in China.

'China barely managed to defeat Asura after Heavenly Demon Wang Lin sacrificed himself.’

Just like how the Succubus Queen wiped LA off the map, Asura also devastated several major Chinese cities.

Among the countries the Apostles of the Apocalypse were summoned to, China suffered the most human casualties—even compared to the USA, which had nuked LA.

'The Witch of the Void... can create Apostles of the Apocalypse? To think it was my sister… Also, she mentioned an eternal servant of *that* monster... She was definitely talking about me.'

Had she been referring to the Wandering Martial God? The term ‘eternal servant’ made him remember what Dongfang said to him every time they met.

'I almost became a servant back then?'

After Sae-jin became Asura, JiHan received full support from the Wandering Martial God, but the word ‘servant’ had never been mentioned. Why had his sister drawn that conclusion?

'Does my sister have some kind of foresight ability...?'

"I deserved it..." Sae-jin collapsed in place and lowered his head. "I don't even want to imagine it, but if something like that were to happen to Sae-ah... I'd deserve that kind of treatment..."


"I should have thanked Ji-ah for giving me the strength to take revenge..." the Sword King said.


Sae-ah slapped his back and said, "Why are you saying things like that when I’m alive and well?"

"Ah, Sae-ah...

"Am I not right in front of you? Dad, it's not like we're facing the same bad ending!"

"That's true..."

"Let's get stronger and save Mom! What’s with the term ‘Witch of the Void’? Also, what was that stuff about Uncle JiHan being a monster’s servant?"

"JiHan, whose servant are you?" Sae-jin asked.

"I don't know what that was about," JiHan said. There was no need to mention the Wandering Martial God. He looked around at the others. "Do you all still have some energy left?"

"Yes. JiHan, are you tired?"

"Not at all. Let's go to the last dungeon."

JiHan wondered what they’d see in the last dungeon as he led the others there.


* * *  


Meanwhile, in the Wandering Martial God’s Fight Star…


"Emergency!" The ground shook, and a person in full armor emerged. Long, golden hair flowed beneath the person’s helmet, and their voice was distinctly feminine.

"Huh? Why are you awake?" Longinus asked.

"The fourth awakened before the third?” Dongfang muttered in surprise.

They were just preparing to descend to Earth before the woman awoke.

"Jeanne... Didn't you agree to awaken only when the world approached its end?" Dongfang asked.

"That name is too old. Nostradamus is the last one I used."

"That name's too long," Dongfang said.

"Then just call me Pythia. I hate the name ‘Jeanne’. Just like you hate the name ‘Jiang Shang’."

Dongfang stroked his beard and smiled. The fourth apostle was given the power of prophecy, though she seemed to dislike being called ‘Jeanne d'Arc’.

"Alright, Pythia... What made you wake up?"

"I saw a terrible prophecy!"

"What was it?"

"The girl who was supposed to become the Witch of the Void in my stead was released!"

"Why's that terrible?"

"If that happened, I would have to take her place and oversee the end of the world. I wouldn’t be able to work as the navigator of this star for a while."

"I still don't understand what you're saying." Longinus shook his head at the fuss she was making. She had the most unique position among the servants of the Wandering Martial God, so it was usually hard to understand what she was talking about.

"Anyway... Ah, this is perfect. You promised to tell me a prophecy before, right? Look at him." Longinus took out his phone and displayed JiHan’s image. "What do you think his future will be like? Will he be miserably defeated by the master as I expect?"

Pythia gave the image an intense stare and said, "I can't use the ability of prophecy on him... What's going on?"

She looked confused. “This is the first time this has happened since I saw our master…”


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