The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 193


After he heard the elf’s proposal, JiHan knew that persuading the coach would be impossible. Even he was tempted, and he knew just how evil the elves could be.

Of course, since GP prices were rapidly fluctuating, rejecting such a proposal would seem irrational.

'Even so, reducing the enemy's strength is more important than GP.'

The GP exchange rate would remain favorable as long as humanity did well in the Space League, so weakening one of their strongest enemies, the World Tree Alliance, was more important.

They’d have many more conflicts with the elves other than the official matches, after all, which meant that reducing their core strength was the best option for the future, and that’s why JiHan secretly sent Ariel to hide in Coach Davis’s shadow.

'Ariel did a good job.' Thanks to that, he was able to get what he wanted. 'They always try to plant a golden tree for some reason…' The elves had even installed one of the trees on earth before his regression for a 5% reduction in the executions.

'The golden tree’s exact function was never revealed until the end…'

Of course, there was no way the tree would benefit humanity if the elves offered to reduce the penalty in exchange for planting it. The elves were beyond cunning in trying to plant the tree as a ‘beneficial’ measure.

'I won’t let that happen on my watch.'


The screen switched from the coach's table, where the high priestess was throwing a tantrum, to an image of a desolate wasteland with 400 elves standing with blank expressions.


"Is that the execution ground?"

"Ah, it seems they're going to be executed."

"What did the coach do? This still doesn’t feel too bad."

Before the match, players joked about it being hard to fight such beautiful beings, but that perception completely changed after they saw just how ruthless the elves were in trying to kill them.

Appearances weren't important.

"If it wasn't for JiHan, then we might have been the ones standing there…"

"Just thinking about that is terrifying."

"Sung, we survived thanks to you."

"Yes. Come to New York. I'll treat you to dinner."

Foreign players approached JiHan and thanked him in a complete turnaround from how they’d treated him before the fifth game.

"Sure." JiHan casually replied as he focused on the execution.

Each of the 400 elves looked a bit different, but then…

[The execution is starting.]


Each of the 400 elves began to transform.


"They look the same way the high priestess did before she transformed."

"Didn't the high elf also look like that?"

"Mr. Sung! Didn't the elf in your game also have the same face?"

"Yes, that's right," JiHan confirmed.

Each of the 400 elves shifted to look the same, with blond hair and unparalleled beauty.

= What's going on…?

= The elves suddenly transformed. I don't think even twins look so alike!

= Right? It's as if they were all manufactured in the same factory!

= Ah, I can see the green-haired elf who played brilliantly in the fourth game among them.

= The Elf who defeated the Sword King with their bare hands, right? They were quite threatening… but humanity will do better without them!

Unfortunate enough to have been picked as one of the 20%, the high elf gave a defeated smile and said, "I didn't expect to die here."


The ground split open, and the elves burned one by one. Despite how agonizing it must have been, not a single one of them showed a change of expression.

- Woah. They aren’t reacting… It's as if they’re robots.

- They’re dying. Can they not experience pain or something?

- Right. Oh. Their bodies are regenerating.

- The elf who appeared on JiHan's stream also had incredible regenerative capabilities. It’s the same… doesn't this mean that it won't be possible to execute them?

The elves, known for their unique regenerative capabilities, resisted the flames.


When the flames devouring them turned darker, the elves’ regenerative abilities were no longer able to keep up and failed as they disintegrated. 

Eventually, the green-haired elf, the only survivor, looked up into the sky and said, "Humans, enjoy your brief victory. My sisters will avenge me…"


Then she punched herself and destroyed her head. It didn’t take long for the flames to take the rest of her headless torso.

[The special execution penalty is over.]


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


"I will never forget what happened today…" The high priestess glared at Coach Davis while grinding her teeth.

Coach Davis only then regained control of his body. 'Damn it, why did my hands move on their own…?' He was more worried about the aftermath than he was about the elf coach’s anger.

Two quadrillion GP… gone. The high priestess’s continued glare only ended up angering him.

"You're the ones who decided on such a penalty in the first place… You should’ve won if you wanted to avoid it. Losers should just shut up. I'm already annoyed that my hands moved on their own, so how dare you get angry?"

"Ha…!” The high priestess slammed the coach's table and shattered it, but the human side was unaffected. 

"Wh-what?” Davis asked. “Do you think you can scare me by destroying a table? You should be taking responsibility for the 20% that died instead of showing off your strength. Tsk, tsk."

[The overall MVP has been selected.]

[Human player, 'Sung JiHan,' is the overall MVP.]

"Oh, as expected!" Coach Davis exclaimed in admiration as his savior appeared on-screen.

The high priestess gave the MVP window a puzzled look. "Why does he…?"

Of course, she knew the winner of the fifth game was named MVP and wanted to identify him for revenge, but JiHan’s ‘Hideout’ function made it impossible for her to even see him in the MVP window.

'No wonder he even looked blurry during the game…!' Humanity was able to see him clearly, but the elves only saw a blurred image of him during the fifth game. "Could it be… ‘Hideout’? Does he have ‘Premium’?"

A ‘Premium’ membership was already rare, so it was hard to believe a human would have it.

'I have to figure out who that person is…' If she left him alone, she was worried he’d screw up all of their plans in the Space League later. 'Variables… should be eliminated.'

Her eyes were filled with killing intent.


* * *


After the opening match ended, the American commentators on Channel 0 met up with JiHan in the waiting room for an interview.

"Everyone! We will be interviewing today's hero, the overall MVP who allowed humanity to make a thrilling comeback… Mr. Sung JiHan!” 

"First, could you greet the viewers?"

"Hello,” JiHan said, “I'm Sung JiHan."

"You showed us an incredible performance today! 20% of the starting players were at risk of being executed, but you managed to turn the situation around!"

"Yes. It's true that I’m the only reason we won." Most people would’ve given a humble answer and credited their team, but JiHan simply stated the obvious while the other players enthusiastically whistled and cheered.

"That's right!"

"We survived thanks to JiHan!"

"I thought I was going to be executed!"

"I almost peed myself during that penalty earlier!"

The atmosphere was extremely festive in the waiting room, and the camera captured everyone’s sincere expressions.

- Pee? Lol.

- Well, they were almost executed, so that makes sense, lol.

- Sung JiHan saved 400 lives.

- His confidence is great.

"Wow, just what we’d expect from such a confident player!”

"There was a lot of talk about today’s game. People were concerned about your appearance on the roster since only Diamonds or above were allowed to play, but a crucial spot opened up for you at the last minute! Some people are wondering if you’re a prophet!” Commentator Christoph winked at JiHan.

Of course, Christoph was excited because he’d bet $10,000 on JiHan at his insistence and hit the jackpot.

"Ah, I do have some dreams that’ve been spot-on now and then,” JiHan said. “You could call them ‘prophetic’.”

"Prophetic dreams…?" Christoph asked.

"Yes." JiHan decided to stick to ‘prophetic dreams’ as his answer to any question regarding his foresight and nonchalantly shrugged. "I dreamt of a disastrous defeat in the fifth game that led to the deaths of many players, which is why I risked criticism and asked my brother-in-law to get me onto the roster.”

"Ah…! A prophetic dream… Is your amazing progress related to these dreams?"

"Yes, they've been of help." Anyone else would’ve been dismissed for saying such a thing, but it somewhat explained JiHan’s amazing feats.

- JiHan seems like the type of person who could have prophetic dreams. He's correctly guessed all sorts of things so far, lol.

- Yes, this explains it.

- Woah, he should know the lottery numbers.

- He’s already rich, so why would he care about the lottery? lol.

- Won't he always correctly guess the Battle Net bets since he can pretty much see the future?

- I'll always bet on JiHan from now on…

"It sounds like it’d be pointless to stand against you, Mr. Sung!”

"Yes. Following what I say usually leads to good outcomes."

"Haha, that's true!" The interview with JiHan ended in a warm and friendly manner, but things heated up when they brought Coach Davis up for his interview.

"Coach, what happened?" Christoph asked. “We were amazed by your negotiation skills when the elves agreed to pay two quadrillion GP, but we can’t help but wonder why you suddenly went ahead with the execution.”

"No, that's…” Davis said. “My hands… moved on their own… as if I was being controlled!"

"What kind of nonsensical statement is that? The elves made us endure some hardships, but we ended up throwing away a massive potential profit…"

- What kind of excuse is that? It’s like saying, “It wasn't me but the cat who did it” to a judge, lol.

- The two quadrillion GP is a waste…

- Maybe the coach secretly hoarded GP? Perhaps he was afraid that the two quadrillion would make the value plummet, lol.

- Yeah, it's kind of suspicious. Shouldn't someone check his account?

- That's the only explanation.

- Coach, I love you~ ^-^ I put all my fortune into GP. My heart races when I think about how the value was about to plummet~

While people were busy hounding the coach, JiHan secretly retrieved Ariel and left the waiting room.

'It's great that he’s getting cursed at instead of me.'

[The match has ended. Humanity's Space League ranking has increased.]

[You're tied for 1st place. Many dungeon portals will vanish.]

Then, society faced another change.

The Sword King, who was planning to go into North Korea again to explore more dungeons, approached JiHan.

"Brother-in-law, could you help me?"


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