The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 188


January 1st, 2021…

[NO.4212: Humanity's Tutorial Season has ended.]

[Humanity will now be part of the Space League - Bronze League.]

After 10 years, humanity was finally about to join the real game.

[The following changes have been made.]

Just like in a normal video game, there were a series of lengthy patch notes that explained every change in detail.

- When am I going to finish reading all this?

- Why are there so many changes?

- Just wait. Someone will summarize it, hehe.

People initially felt overwhelmed by the massive amounts of text, but it didn’t take long for experts to step in and organize the notes in a friendlier-to-read way—70% of the changes were in-game experience changes, and 30% affected the real world. Of course, people were most interested in how their day-to-day lives would change.

[Dungeon portals now appear more frequently.]

[Depending on their ranking, more countries will experience dungeon portals.]

[Maintain your rank in the League to avoid falling to a lower tier!]

Before the opening of the Space League, dungeon portals appeared in the lowest 10% of countries. Except for cases like North Korea, which had boycotted participation in Battle Net and collapsed due to penalties, the portals were localized, and the affected countries somehow survived.

Since the Tutorial Season was ending, though, more portals would be generated based on a country’s rank—there was a palpable sense of crisis.

On top of that…

[GP will no longer be fixed to the dollar. Exchange rate will fluctuate depending on the Space League ranking. If the species finds itself in the demotion zone, a stiff penalty will be placed on the exchange rate.]

- Woah, the price of GP skyrocketed, hahaha. I had a bad feeling about the Tutorial Season ending, so I bought GP in advance…!

- Where are the guys who said that GP would become worthless after the Tutorial Season?? Hahaha.

- Damn. I listened to them and exchanged all my GP… I wish I could go back to yesterday ㅠㅠ.

- How much is GP now?

- I.4 USD/GP, hahaha. It surged by about 40% as soon as the Tutorial Season ended.

- Why did it increase so much?

- Read the patch notes. You’ll die in real life if you die without enough GP in-game.

[If you die in Battle Net, GP will be deducted.]

[If you don't have sufficient GP, you will die in real life.]

Players would face real death instead of just in-game death if they died without having enough GP, which led to more players buying GP, which increased prices.

GP, which was 1.4 USD/GP when the changes were announced, surpassed 2 USD/GP in less than two hours.

- Wow, it's already serious from the first day…

- We have to win the opening match. That way, the price of GP will stabilize, and dungeon portals won't appear.

- Who's the opponent?

- Excluding us, all 20 other species in the Bronze League are marked as ??, just like in the rehearsal.

Thus, the human team would be starting the opening match without any information.

[The opening game starts in 3 hours.]


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


'What a headache…' The coach for Earth’s team, Davis, sighed. He was also the head coach of America First and had led the team to victory in the Champions League for three consecutive years since taking charge in 2018. 

He’d been happy when he was appointed the Earth team’s head coach because he felt like his achievements had been acknowledged, but…

"I didn't know there would be so much work…" Battle Net’s opening game required considerable preparation, in particular…

"Ban and priority cards. Who knew these would be added…?" The cards were introduced with the main game. Ban cards prevented key players from the opposing species from participating, while priority cards increased the chances of certain maps being chosen in each match.

It would take strategic use of the two types of cards to face stronger opponents or even prevent defeat against similar or weaker opponents.

'The cards give me many different options.' Davis urgently called every strategist he could for a meeting so they could discuss how to best use the cards in the opening game.

"We have too little information on our opponents."

"Wouldn't this be the most versatile ban card? The ban card they chose randomly prohibited three players of the enemy species from ranks 1-10. Since they didn’t know much about who they’d be facing, it was safest to ban as many of the enemy’s strongest players as they could.

When it came to the priority cards, they also saw that all of the Tutorial Season maps were available.

"It seems better to play on a map we’re good at."

"2,000 players were called, but we've never done such a large-scale battle."

"Wouldn't a map like South Gate be the most effective?"

"You have to consider that there are also flying species. In that case, wouldn’t siege maps be most effective?"

"There aren't many maps to pick from if you consider all the possibilities. South Gate is better than the train map."

"Okay. Let's prioritize South Gate. Doesn't the card only increase the chance of it appearing anyway?"

"Well, that's true."

While they were doing everything they could…

"Why is JiHan on the main list instead of in reserve?" Coach Davis frowned. He knew JiHan was talented, but the Space League’s games were open only to Diamond players or above—including him in the main list made no sense. "JiHan's in Platinum! He should be in reserve!"

"Ah, that's…" one of the other officials spoke, looking troubled. "During the rehearsal game, the Association promised to include him in the list no matter what."

"He cleared the rehearsal by himself, didn't he?” Davis asked. “Do they need to keep that promise?"

"Everyone from the Association’s list other than the People’s Association was included… Also, the Sword King is insisting on having JiHan."

"What? The Sword King?" Davis was dumbfounded. He obviously wanted to use a player like JiHan as a vanguard if possible, but you simply couldn’t participate if you weren’t Diamond, so why was JiHan so eager?

"Wouldn't it be okay to have just one of the 2,000 places set aside for him…?" the other official asked.

"Huh…?! What if one position decides winning or losing?!"

"The Sword King was so firm that… the Association decided to keep the promise. They didn't want the issue to get bigger."

“JiHan… I didn't think he was that kind of person… Alright, but next time, I won't bend so easily." He could do nothing about something the Association already decided on, but he was a bit disappointed in JiHan for using his brother-in-law to get onto a roster he didn’t qualify for.

'It seems we'll have to give up on a slot.' Davis prayed they wouldn’t get a map that required all 2,000 players as he finalized preparations.


* * * 


= Ladies and Gentlemen, finally, the day has come…!

= The Space League’s opening game starts now!

Channel 0’s broadcast received more attention than ever due to the opening game, and the importance of the Space League was evident. 

= All sorts of things were added after the Tutorial Season ended!

= We should pay particular attention to the ban and priority system!

As the screen flashed and a message appeared, they raised their voices.

[The opposing species has been decided.]

[The opponents are 'World Tree Elves - 71'.]

= Oh…!

= The ‘??’-marked team finally appeared…!

= World Tree Elves 71…?

= They have a number at the end of their name!

There was no species with such a name in the rehearsal games, so it was unique.


The screen flickered, and the World Tree elves gradually revealed themselves.

= Ooh… They're beautiful!

= They look just like the elves in stories!

= That's right. Weren't elves summoned to the Colosseum before? They look very similar!

Just like the beautiful elves in the Colosseum spectator seats, the elves who appeared as their opponents, both male and female, each possessed extreme beauty.

- Woah… my eyes have been blessed.

- They’re beautiful enough to put supermodels to shame.

- Stop using ‘elf’ as an adjective now… The real elves have appeared!

Initially, people admired them for their looks.

= If the opponents are elves, then it won't be easy. We have more information about them, after all!

= There's more information about elves, Christoph?

= Yes! They once appeared on JiHan's channel. Shall we go over the footage?

The replay of when JiHan obtained the World Tree leaf after he fought against an elf was shown, and the viewers returned to their senses and started worrying about the real challenges. 

- The elves… They have crazy regenerative abilities. Cockroaches can't even compare to them.

- Can we defeat them?

- I'm worried about the opening game ㅠㅠ.

JiHan was able to defeat them due to how overpowered he was, but would others be able to match up against them? The importance of a species's advantages became evident to them during the Battlefield of Chaos, so the elves, with their extraordinary regenerative abilities, were considered extremely dangerous opponents.

= The opening game is about to start.

= Each species’s coach will come out and use their cards, and the game will proceed.

= Humanity's coach, Davis, and…

= The World Tree elves’ coach… a high priestess, according to the translation, has appeared. 

The screen changed, illuminating a white table emerging from the darkness. Davis stood at one end, and the elven high priestess, wearing a white robe, stood at the other.

"Hello, humans," the elf said in a clear voice as she smiled.

- She’s amazing…

- Elves are the best…

- Her smile makes the charm complete, hahaha. Why do they look so good?

- How are we supposed to fight a species like that?

The viewers, charmed by the elf coach's greeting, praised her.

[Put the ban and priority cards for the opening game on the table.]

"Here they are." Humanity's coach, Davis, regained his composure and placed his pre-selected cards on the table.

- Which cards will the elves choose?

- They probably lack information, just like us.

- Please, let it be a familiar map…!

The starting match was always crucial in a best-of-five, three-win format.

As everyone focused on the elf coach, a deeper smile appeared on the high priestess's lips.

"We won’t be using any cards.'


* * *


Meanwhile, 2,000 players were waiting in humanity's player waiting room.


"Why did she make such a choice?"

‘So it started.’ They were confused at the elf’s choice, but JiHan, who couldn’t participate yet, solemnly stared at the high priestess’s smiling face.

'Smile all you want. Today's game… won't go as you expect.'


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