The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 189


= Wh-what's going on…?

= The opposing team decided not to use any ban or priority cards!

= Can a game proceed like this?

The commentators were puzzled by the choice, to say the least.

= Ah…! According to strategist analysis, it's possible to save your cards.

= If you save three ban cards in such a way, you can use more bans from game four onwards!

= It seems you can choose the map if you collect three priority cards!

Thanks to the Association, the commentators explained why the elf high priestess made such a choice.

= Moreover, if it goes to five games and you collect four cards… A special, potentially game-altering effect to change the options becomes available!

= Changing options? What does that mean?

= There was no further explanation, but giving up ban and priority cards for four games must mean many things can be changed with that, right?

= Wouldn't it be best to finish the game before going to round five? Using ban and priority cards every match seems to be most effective for winning quickly…

= That's a valid point. Is there any way to know if things would extend to five games? Saving cards might end up being a fool’s errand!

As the commentator said, not using cards in the earlier games and saving them for later was inefficient. If you lost the first three games after saving cards, they’d be wasted without being able to be used.

[3 players out of the ‘Top 10’ players of 'World Tree Elves - 71' will be banned.]

[Players ranked 1st, 3rd, and 5th are banned and cannot participate in the starting game.]

= Oh, ranked one, three, and five. Those seem like good bans!

= It's a good start!

[The map for game 1 has been decided.]

[Map 1: South Gate]

Humanity received the best possible outcome because the opponent didn't use any cards—the bans accurately targeted the elves’ top players, and they ended up on the familiar ‘South Gate’ map.

= Oh! It's South Gate!

= We know this map. Since the opponents didn’t use a priority card, there was a 70% chance of it being our map or a 30% chance for a random one…

= This is the best outcome for us! I hope the first game goes well!

South Gate required 100 participants, and players were called among the 2,000 according to who’d already been selected in case the map came up.

"I'll be back, brother-in-law." Sae-jin, the top Warrior, was the first to get up.

"If it's South Gate, then I'm also participating. It’s too bad JiHan can’t join us.” Ha YeonJu, one of Korea's top Archers, also made it to the ‘Top 100’ and was slated to participate in the opening game.

"Please, do my part as well," someone cheered her on.

"We'll win and come back!"

Thus two Koreans were included in the 100-player line-up for the first game. Meanwhile, the others chatted in small groups and stole glances at JiHan.

"It’s too bad JiHan can’t join…"

"It's a pity that he isn't a Diamond."

"Why is he on the 2,000-man roster if he can’t participate?"

"Right? There’s no need for him to be on the list if Diamonds are the only ones able to participate."

Everyone recognized his skills but couldn't understand why a Platinum, who couldn't even participate in the games, was in the line-up.

"Maybe he just wanted to be included on the historical first roster?"

"Is he the type to care about something like that?"

"If that’s the case, then he should have tried harder to get promoted to Diamond…"

Many negative comments started to circulate, but everyone focused on the first game of the opening match once it began.

= The game's starting!

Nothing was more important to them than the clash between humans and elves.

= Ah, the Sword King immediately overwhelmed enemy lines! The elf Warriors tried to block him, but they couldn't do anything!

= If they were going to collapse so easily, then why didn't they use a ban card? I don't understand!

The elf camp at the fortress took out their bows and summoned spirits, setting up the best defense they could, but the Sword King’s hundred-sword charge broke through their lines in an instant.

= Ah, these elves… Are they different from the ones JiHan faced? They don't seem to have the incredible regenerative abilities they did before!

= This seems manageable! 

= Elves seem to be weaker than anything we saw on the Battlefield of Chaos!

The elves' physical abilities weren't too different from humanity’s.

- What? There's nothing special to them.

- Why is it so easy?

- It's very relaxing to watch things while being on the same team as the Sword King. Did the Koreans keep this fun all to themselves?

- We haven't experienced the full thing yet. JiHan isn’t participating, after all.

- Ah, you’re right.

- Seriously. I can’t wait until they appear together.

The viewers, especially foreigners who’d only seen the Sword King as an enemy, enjoyed watching the match and couldn’t help but be amazed. They could only imagine how much more oppressive the match would’ve been if JiHan were there as well—it looked like they didn’t need to worry about the Space League.

[The first game has ended.]

[‘Humanity’ wins.]

['Yoon Sae-jin' has been selected as the MVP.]

Humanity easily won the opening match with the Sword King as the MVP. After their complete victory, the commentators relaxedly chatted with each other.

= Humanity won the first game of the opening match!

= In such matches, the first game is crucial! The World Tree elves didn't use their first card, so I'm curious about their next move.

= Won't it be better for them to use a card…? If we win the second and third games, then they would have saved their cards for nothing.

Contrary to the commentators’ predictions…

"We won't use any cards." The elf high priestess, with the same smile on her face as before, declared they wouldn't use any cards.

'To be so relaxed after using the first set like that… It's suspicious…' Earth's coach, Davis, gave the high priestess an uneasy look. 'We should still use cards.'

Just like in the first match, they randomly banned three of the ‘Top 10’ players and selected South Gate.

[3 players out of the ‘Top 10’ players of 'World Tree Elves - 71' will be banned.]

[Players ranked 1st, 2nd, and 4th are banned and cannot participate in the second game.]

[This specific ban card has been used repeatedly. This card cannot be used in the next game.]

= Oh…! 1st, 2nd, and 4th places! We did better than before!

= Coach Davis is getting lucky today!

= We can't use the card again in the next game… but we can still use other ban cards, right?

= Yes. There's also a ban card for five people from the ‘Top 20’. On a lucky day like today, it might be better to do a five-person ban!

[The map for game 2 has been decided.]

[Map 2: South Gate]


* * *

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Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


= Ah… the South Gate map again!

= We got the 70% chance twice!

Humanity started the second game in higher spirits than the previous game and received the same result.

[The second game has ended.]

[‘Humanity’ wins.]

['Oliver' has been selected as the MVP.]

That time, humanity was on the defensive side, and Oliver, America First’s guild master and the top-ranked player in the world, received MVP.

=Oliver! As expected, he showed us how strong the world’s top player is!

= How many magics did he use at the same time?!

= He's the pride of America!

The American commentator, of course, excitedly praised the man. Seeing how easily the elves collapsed made him think the match could end with a 3:0 victory.

= This could finish with humanity’s complete victory!

= Haha. I wonder who the overall MVP will be!

= Since the Sword King and Oliver each won an MVP, it will depend on who performs better in the third game, right?

Christoph thought back to something as he talked with the other commentator. 'Come to think of it, JiHan asked me to bet on him for MVP, right?'

It seemed like things were going to end with a 3:0 in humanity’s favor.

'He said it with such confidence that I bet $10,000 just in case… I guess it’ll go to waste.' Was JiHan just overly confident? 'Well, I'm going to get an Akashic page either way, so who cares.'

Ten thousand dollars was nothing compared to an Akashic page, so he decided he could just laugh it off as JiHan being quirky.

Before the third game, the consensus was that humanity would completely wipe the floor with the elves, but…

"We won't use any cards." The elf high priestess, once again, didn't use any cards.

[5 players out of the ‘Top 20’ players of 'World Tree Elves - 71' will be banned.]

[Players ranked 2nd, 5th, 11th, 12th, and 17th are banned and cannot participate in the third game.]

The elf’s smile deepened. "I wasn't banned this time," she said.

"What do you mean…?" Davis asked.

"1st place wasn’t banned. That means I can play now, right?" The high priestess pointed to herself.

Coach Davis realized who the previously banned top player was. "You’re the top ranker on your planet?"

"Fufu. So it's the 'Train' map. Everyone, see you in the game."


The high priestess disappeared in a flash of light, and Coach Davis's expression stiffened. 'This… feels ominous.'

Despite having faced two consecutive defeats, the elves still hadn’t used any cards. That, combined with the peculiar behavior of their top-ranked player and coach, gave Davis a sense of unease as he looked at the in-game screen.

"What…?!" He was soon struck with horror. 


* * *


Along with South Gate, ‘Train’ was one of the most frequently played maps by human countries in team matches. Until then, they'd chosen the South Gate mainly because they thought elves would be strong at long distances, but after playing the first two games, they were confident that humanity could dominate even at long distances, which was why they were okay with picking ‘Train’.

"Train… What an easy map." The top-ranked high elf priestess smiled and extended her hand. "Great Spiritization."


The nearby elves became transparent, and green energy began to gather above the high priestess's hand. After about 30 elves disappeared…

"It's complete." The green energy on her hand began to take shape.

= Those are trains… right?

= Yes. They look exactly like the two trains currently running parallel to each other…!

Several small lights moved on the image of what should’ve been humanity’s train.

"I'm looking forward to a more interesting map next time," she said as she flipped one of the trains over.


Humanity's far-away train flipped over in an instant.

"Wh-what…?!" someone yelled. "Why did the train suddenly…?!"

Hordes of zombies came pouring in toward the overturned train.


The elves’ train moved forward, as if mocking them, until it was so far ahead that the humans would never even be able to think about catching up.

= What happened…? Who would’ve thought she could flip the train…?

= Is the top-ranked elf that powerful…?

= The game will end soon at this rate…!

The players who'd survived tried to fight off the zombies and hang on, but it was futile without the train.

[The third game has ended.]

[‘World Tree Elves - 71’ has won.]

['High Priestess' has been selected as the MVP.]

She'd overturned the train with a small gesture, so of course she won MVP.

She returned to the coach’s table with a smile and said, "We will not use any cards."

The pressure Coach Davis felt was on an entirely different level. 'We must win the fourth game at all costs. If the elves use all the cards they've saved in the fifth round… I have a bad feeling.'

Coach Davis looked at the elf high priestess. She’d turned the game around by herself after the top player wasn’t banned. In that case…

"I'll change the ban card…" he said, deciding to use a different card.

[The top player of 'World Tree Elves - 71' is banned and cannot participate in the fourth game.]

- Cutting one instead of five feels bad…

- It was a good choice. Look back at the third game.

- Yeah. The high priestess was too strong. I can’t believe she flipped a train.

- Things might be easier if we ban her, just like in the first and second games.

"Fufu…" The high priestess laughed at Coach Davis's choice. "You fell for it; I'm not the top player."


"How naive. You can’t just believe what your enemy says."

"Why didn't you participate in the first and second games…?!" He thought she hadn't participated because the top player was banned.

Her next words completely went against Davis’s logic…

"Well, we have to go to the fifth game, after all."


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