The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 212


A wall of lightning formed around JiHan as soon as he entered the Divine Throne, and a blue lion face appeared, greedily staring at the red lightning surging on the Phoenix Flag.

[Yes… That can become a new ‘concept’. Since the essence itself is lightning, I can also transform into it.]

JiHan’s Red Lightning Technique was the result of fusing his Heavenly Lightning Technique with the Void Flame. He hadn’t previously been able to fuse it due to the relative weakness of his fire abilities, which was why he’d been given the Hellfire stat he ended up not even using.

Still, such quick results were incredible. [You are a true genius… I never imagined you'd complete it so quickly.]

JiHan didn’t feel proud of the Thunder God’s high praise. The Void Flame he’d been after was at least as strong as, or maybe even stronger than, the Heavenly Lightning Technique.

If it weren’t for the ‘Extinction Code’, the Red Lightning Technique would have remained incomplete. If he had to describe it, he’d say he stumbled upon it as if he were an elephant accidentally stepping on a mouse it couldn’t see.

[With such talent… you will soon become one of the strongest constellations in the universe!]

"A constellation?” he asked. “I'm still a Diamond player."

[Diamond! If you're this strong in Diamond… Imagine how strong you’ll be as a constellation! Let’s continue our friendship after I become a red lion.]

"A red lion?"

[Yes. I’ve already thought of what I’ll do after I escape from this Thunder God form.]

JiHan looked beyond the wall of lightning and saw the 77,000 other thunder gods that made up the constellation giving them wary looks. The being he was talking to wanted to escape from that and live as a red lion?

[The Wandering Martial God will soon attack… These foolish gods think they can beat him with the combined ideal of the Thunder God, but they’ll realize how outmatched they are when they fight him.] The blue lion seemed convinced that it was impossible to fight the Wandering Martial God. It was a bit cowardly to see from the so-called ‘leader’ of thousands of gods.

‘Well, it’s probably the right choice since the Heavenly Lightning Technique is among the Nameless Divine Arts.’ JiHan could only conclude that the lightning-based technique was created by the Wandering Martial God after he defeated the Thunder God.

“How are you planning to escape?” JiHan asked.

[Can you increase the amount of red lightning? I'll merge with it right away.]

"You should fulfill the contract first and give me the EX-rank skill."

[Ah… Yes. My power will weaken once I switch, so I'll do it now.]


Intense lightning burst out from the blue lion and struck JiHan.

[The 'Thunder God's leader' has fulfilled the contract.]

[The 'Thunder God's leader' has given you the EX-rank skill 'Summon Divine Throne.']

"Summon Divine Throne?" That wasn’t enough for him to figure out what the skill did, so he tried to read its description, but…

[This skill can be used once the completed concept of 'red lightning' is imparted to the 'Thunder God's leader'.]

[I took some of the Divine Throne’s power and struggled to adjust it to EX-rank…]

"What does the skill do?"

[I will tell you after I join with the red lightning.]

"Okay."  JiHan intensified the lightning until it turned a darker red.

[Good…!] The blue lion jumped from the lightning wall and into the red lighting. It wasn’t long before its entire body was crackling with red electricity.


[Th-this power is tremendous. How could a mortal possess such a concept?] The lion continued to absorb the red lightning until all of the blue in its body was replaced with red, and it shrank in size.

[Player ‘Sung JiHan’ has fulfilled the contract.]

[The EX-rank skill 'Summon Divine Throne’ has been transferred.]

[The contract has ended.]

'I should check the skill first.' He wouldn’t be able to get any information from the former Thunder God while he was busy merging with the red lightning anyway, so he opened and checked the skill description.

[Summon Divine Throne]

Skill Rank: EX

- Summon a throne containing a portion of the Divine Throne’s authority.

- After a player sits on the throne, it restores their body to an optimal state and promotes growth beyond the limits of their species.

- Can be summoned once a month for 3 hours.

‘How vague…’ He tilted his head in confusion. Being able to heal and grow by just sitting on the throne sounded nice, but only being able to use it once a month for three hours was far too little.

‘Still, if it has an EX-rank… it must have an amazing effect.’ He wasn’t able to see what it did yet, but it seemed a bit lacking compared to the EX-rank ‘Completed Star Fragment’ that reduced a planet’s difficulty.

The lion, who’d absorbed about half of the red lightning, raised its head and said, [Now that the contract has been fulfilled… What do you think about the ‘Summon Divine Throne’ skill? Isn't it useful?]

"I'm not sure,” JiHan said. “Why is this EX-rank?"

[Ah, do you not know what it means to go beyond the limit of your species? Maybe it’s because you aren’t a constellation yet.]

"Will it significantly increase my stats?"

[No. It’ll expand your upward growth limit.]


Red lightning formed the number ‘777’ in front of the lion. [In order to become the master of a star, a constellation, you must first reach level 777. That’s not the end, though. Constellations have ranks as well, and you must transcend the limits of your species to grow from there.]

"The limits of my species?" JiHan asked.

[Yes. From what I’ve seen, your species seems quite pathetic. Even if you become a constellation, it’ll be hard for you to go any further. That’s where the throne comes in.]


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


“Is this the only way to go beyond the limits of a species?”

[Not necessarily, but it is the most effective. It might not seem like it’s worth being EX-rank now, but you’ll thank me one day,] the lion proudly said. 

JiHan considered it for a moment. 'A constellation… That's too far in the future.' He didn’t know when he’d have to face the Wandering Martial God, so a high-ranked item that allowed him to grow more after becoming a constellation didn’t have much immediate use.

[The fire within the red lightning… I can't absorb it perfectly. Can you tell me where it originates from?] The lion was only able to absorb about 70% of the red lightning before progress stopped, and it had to ask JiHan about it.

"It should be related to the void," JiHan casually said.

The lion jumped in shock. [Wh-what? The void?] Electricity flashed in its eyes. [Why… is the void part of the red lightning?]

JiHan shrugged. “I couldn’t find a more powerful fire effect.”

[D-amn…!] The lion angrily shouted, [How dare you deceive me?!]

"Deceive you?"

[A god cannot exist if the void is involved!]

"Is that so?"

[Yes! Involving the void will reset your age and limit you to your species’s natural lifespan!]

The Dead Star had said something similar. Of course, JiHan wasn’t sure if he’d been telling the truth back then, but the lion all but confirmed it—the void restricted the lifespan of whoever used it.

“I was too focused on completing the red lightning to think about something like that.”

[Damn…! This disrupts my plans…!] The lion panicked. [It’s okay for now if I can make it to the Divine Throne…! Ugh, get out of here!]

JiHan was expelled from the map.

[The special dungeon map, 'Divine Throne - Thunder God' that you previously had access to is now closed.]

On top of that…

[The Thunder God feels wronged and is upset by your recent actions.]

[The constellation threatens to withdraw their support.]

"Really? Do it." JiHan didn’t care—he’d already received an EX-rank skill.

[The Thunder God asks if you think he’s bluffing.]

"Do it. I've already received the EX-skill. There’s nothing else I need from you."

[The Thunder God cannot contain his anger.]

[The Thunder God is beginning to withdraw his sponsorship.]

It would be good news since it would give him an empty constellation slot. JiHan calmly waited.

[The Thunder God has canceled his sponsorship withdrawal.]

"What? Weren’t you going to revoke your sponsorship?"

[The Thunder God wants to know if you’ll leave the Red Lightning Technique as-is and claims it’s a breach of contract.]

"A breach of contract…? I did everything you asked for. How was I supposed to know that the void shortened one’s lifespan? You should have checked it properly first.”

[The Thunder God is further enraged.] Still, the constellation didn’t withdraw its sponsorship, which made JiHan quickly realize who had the upper hand.

"Hey, stop getting angry. Just withdraw your sponsorship—I need to free up the constellation slot."

[The Thunder God is upset that you’re treating him in such a way after he fulfilled his promise.]

"I’m acting like this exactly because of that—I already got what I wanted."

The Thunder God had, simply put, taken an L. There was no reason to accommodate his anger.

[The Thunder God is speechless at your response.] After that, the messages stopped. It seemed the constellation had realized his anger was doing nothing to help.

'I also have some complaints about what I was given.' The EX-rank Summon Divine Throne would only be useful to him in the far future and was not at all worth its current rank. 

Since he could only use it once a month anyway, he summoned it in the penthouse’s training room. “Summon Divine Throne.”

A bright light flashed in front of his eyes, and a white silhouette of radiance appeared.

Sae-ah, who’d been passing by, noticed the light and entered. "Uncle, did you finally finish your training? I haven't seen you for two weeks~" She rubbed her eyes in surprise, not quite believing what she was seeing. "What's that…? A massage chair?"


* * *


Though the summoned throne shone with a bright light, as Sae-ah said, it looked like a massage chair.

"That's supposed to be a ‘Divine Throne’…?" she asked.


"No matter how I look at it, it just looks like a massage chair…”

"It does." It was supposed to restore a player's body to its optimal state, so did that mean it had a relaxation function? He approached the throne and sat on it.

Flash! Flash—!

The chair sparkled with light, and he instantly felt relaxed. 

'It's good, but…' It was certainly better than any massage chair he’d ever used, but there was no way that’s all an EX-rank skill would do, right? He felt increasingly uneasy, though his body was more relaxed than ever.


[You are sitting on a Divine Throne recognized by Battle Net.]

[Your level limit has increased by 30.]

[Your Void stat limit has increased. You will be bound to the Will of the Void only after it reaches 105 points.]

He expected the max level increase, but the Void stat effect was unexpected. 

‘Does that mean I can invest more stat points in Void?’ He recalled how the Thunder God had rushed toward the Divine Throne a few moments ago and how he’d said something about things being okay if he made it there.

'I'll have to sit on it every month.' It wasn’t just a massage chair, after all, and he felt relieved to see a use for it.

[A total of 2 other players can enjoy the Divine Throne’s effects.]

'This means…' He looked at Sae-ah and asked, “Sae-ah, is Sae-jin home?”

"Yes. He just got here."

"Tell him to come here as quickly as he can."

"Why, because of the massage chair?" She smiled and pointed at the chair.

JiHan nodded.

"Okay. I'll go and get him~"

JiHan watched her leave the room and thought, ‘There’s a chance that the effect that restores a player’s body to its optimal state will work on his eyes.’ He hadn’t experienced it, but there could be a healing effect in addition to the relaxation effect.

"A massage chair…?” Sae-jin asked. “I'm okay."

"Dad, don't say that! Uncle seemed more relaxed than I’ve ever seen him when he used it. Try it!"

Sae-ah led her father to the Divine Throne and helped him sit down.


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