The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 79


The bridge was big enough for dozens of people to walk side by side, and over a thousand monster corpses lay in the middle of the bridge. The Gatekeeper’s doing.

- Haa… The Gatekeeper's strong.

- He gave up on looks and gained power, hahaha.

- At least he obtained power. Many people gave up on looks but obtained nothing, hahaha.

- Why are you attacking me? Do you wanna fight?

- I wasn't talking about you. I'm sorry if I offended you, hahaha.

The Gatekeeper looked at JiHan and frowned; then, he flicked his finger and said, "Hey, you! Throw the spear!"

JiHan ignored his annoyed looks and threw the Cloud Thunder Spear to the Gatekeeper.


The spear had returned to its original size and was quite heavy, but it wasn’t a big deal for JiHan and his considerable amount of Martial Power.

"Hmph!" The Gatekeeper caught the spear, and his expression turned serious. He planted the spear on the cloud bridge and said, "Cloud Thunderbolt Seven Forms, Heavenly Thunder Net."


Lightning shot from the sky and struck the spear, which lost its form and transformed into a giant ball of electricity before being absorbed into the bridge.

The Gatekeeper smirked at JiHan and gave him a warning. "Try to survive if you can."


An electric current wrapped around the cloud bridge's epicenter, and the entire bridge started to sparkle with a blue light.


Bursts of light exploded around the Gatekeeper. Before long, seven spears had formed on the bridge.

It was the best technique the Gatekeeper could use when fighting against a horde. The effect allowed him to dominate a certain area with lightning from the Heavenly Thunder Net.

Meanwhile, JiHan looked at it and made an annoyed expression.

'It seems like he can’t control his strength,’ he thought, ‘Or is he doing this on purpose?’

The Heavenly Thunder Net began spreading toward JiHan, and the electricity rose to attack him, even though they were allies. It seemed like the Gatekeeper had been waiting for the opportunity to get rid of him.

'Why does he seem to hate me more than before…?'

Normally, the Gatekeeper wouldn't have spread the Heavenly Thunder Net toward a player, but he was going too far.

Even if he disliked him, it was an over-the-top hostile attitude.

JiHan used a martial arts technique that matched the lightning.

Nameless Divine Arts Heavenly Lightning Technique: Thunderclap Lightning.


Sparks began shooting from his body, and the technique assimilated him with electricity. When the lightning from Heavenly Thunder Net engulfed his body…

[The lightning has been fortified.]

It ended up fortifying his power.

Ariel spoke up and said, [Master… this energy is my opposite. Summoning Eclipse in this state will be difficult.]

"Understood. I'll summon you at the entrance next time."

Although he couldn't control the shadows because they were the opposite of lightning, the energy from Heavenly Thunder Net was considerably huge and doubled his power.

The conditions were optimal for him to use the Heavenly Lightning Technique.

- Why did JiHan suddenly become Pikachu? Is he going to use Thunder?

- My eyes are hurting because of the flash.

- Hey guys, what's his Gift?

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As JiHan turned into an electric man, the viewers grew curious about his Gift. Meanwhile, the Gatekeeper looked at him with a more relaxed expression.

"Hmm… Seeing how well you can control lightning, you don't seem to be an enemy from the Wind Empire."

[The Gatekeeper trusts the player a bit more.]

‘So that's why he disliked me. Did he think I was a spy? I never got suspected of being a spy in my previous life…' JiHan couldn't help but find it strange.

[The first wave is starting.]


As the other side of the bridge darkened, he set his doubts aside. He had to focus on the enemies first.

'I've almost used up this relic.'

He’d bought an A-rank relic from another world to increase his stats, and although the relic was of a higher grade than the ones he'd used before, the absorption efficiency had gotten worse.

JiHan's stats had increased significantly since he last used a relic, after all.

[You've completely understood the faith from another world.]

[Your Divine Power has increased.]

[The rank of the relic has been decreased to F.]

The A-rank relic increased his Divine Power by one, and its rank dropped to F.

The average price of an A-rank relic was 2.5 million USD, and when you consider that he needed to earn three Divine Power for one Force to increase, he needed to spend at least 7.5 million.

It was a lot of money from a normal person’s perspective, but for JiHan, it was ridiculously cheap. 

He wanted to invest all of his earnings into buying more relics.

'They’ll probably ask me to buy higher-rank relics again after I earn more Divine Power…'

Battle Net wouldn't let him keep benefiting like that, so there was probably going to be another restriction.

That was why he always bought three relics at a time, and of the three relics he’d bought most recently, two of them could be absorbed if he just held onto them, but the last one was a different case.


Sung JiHan took out another A-rank relic.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


[Other World’s Relic - Toe Bone of the Divine Bird (A-rank)]

- On this planet that worships the Divine Bird as a god, fragments of its bones are treated as precious relics.

- Among them, the toe bone is one of the least valuable.

It was described as a fragment of toe bone, but it was a big, blue bone as huge as the average adult’s body.

Considering the size of the toe bone, it was hard to even guess how big the Divine Bird was.

He’d wondered how to make use of it at first before deciding to use it as a weapon.

'If it doesn’t work after a couple of tries, I should buy another one,' he thought.

"What kind of toy is… Hmm?" The Gatekeeper raised his eyebrows at the sight of the blue bone. It seemed like he wanted to say something but then changed his opinion.

He shrugged indifferently and said, "Well, I guess it doesn't matter."

On the other hand, at the forefront of the Cloud Bridge, a group of elite troops, flawlessly marching in black armor, advanced in a tight formation.


Every time they stepped, the ground shook.

Bare skulls were seen behind their helmets, devoid of any flesh. It was the first wave of the Death Knight Army.

With them, semi-transparent gray ghosts flew in from the sides.

The first assault was by an undead army. Death knights would invade from the bridge, and ghosts would come in from the sides.

"Soldier, support me from the back," the Gatekeeper said as he glanced at the flying ghosts and prepared to leap toward the death knights.

JiHan took a step forward to stop him and said, "Please, wait."


* * *


"You fool. What are you doing?"

"Gatekeeper, please. Intercept the aerial enemies. I will take care of those at the front."

The Gatekeeper's expression turned red at JiHan's words. "Have you lost your mind?

[The Gatekeeper is now wary of the player.]

All of the points he'd earned after passing the tests seemed to have vanished, but JiHan had a reason for his action.

'It’s Gold, so he won't be able to defeat even the first wave of the invasion.'

In terms of sheer power, the death knight troops were stronger than the ghost legion, but the soldiers on the cliffs were so weak that they wouldn’t be able to stop even the ghosts.

Players were supposed to help, but a Gold was almost as weak as the regular soldiers, so they weren’t very effective.

'If the cliff is breached, the Gatekeeper will destroy the bridge.'

If things ended without him being able to stop the first wave, how was he supposed to complete the epic quest?

He decided it would be more effective for the Gatekeeper to deal with the aerial enemies while he handled the ground forces, but it was a question of whether he could defeat the death knight troops by himself.

'It should be easy,' JiHan confidently thought.

"Move aside immediately! How could you, a mere soldier, even think of stopping the death knights?!" The Gatekeeper shouted.

Instead of replying, JiHan answered with action.

Nameless Divine Arts Heavenly Lightning Technique: Thunderclap Lightning.

The power of the heavenly lightning surged through his blue bone, and JiHan took a deep breath…

Then he launched the bone into the sky.


The Thunderclap Lightning within the blue bone had gotten stronger thanks to the Heavenly Thunder Net, and a huge lightning bolt struck right in the center of the death knight troop.


The center of their formation began to fall apart after being struck by the sheer destructive power of the Thunderclap Lightning.

He'd been able to show the unparalleled strength of the Heavenly Lightning, and half of the death knight army was annihilated in one go without leaving even a trace of bone dust behind.


Smoke rose from the blue bone that had destroyed the center of the Death Knight troop.

He walked toward the bone.

'Heavenly Lightning Step.'


As if he'd teleported, he suddenly appeared at the center of the enemy formation, next to the bone.

Even though half of the death knights remained, JiHan pulled out the blue bone while making a relaxed expression.

"Gatekeeper, was that enough proof?" he asked.

"Wh-who the heck are you…?!"

"I'm not good at aerial combat, so…"


Death knights wielding swords rushed at JiHan before he could finish talking. The sword strikes rained down upon him without leaving any room to maneuver, which proved their strength, but…

JiHan's Force was the most effective in close combat.

Even before they entered his Absolute Domain, the slow strikes posed no threat to him. He swung the surging electric bone at the death knights’ heads.


An entire death knight disintegrated into bone dust in a single blow.


The empty armor clanked to the ground, but the death knights knew no fear and continued their assault. There were so many swarming around him that he could hardly be seen from a distance.


As the lightning struck once more, the encirclement broke.

The power of the Heavenly Lightning was the antithesis of the undead. Bone dust flew around like desert sand, and black armor piled up.

"I'll take care of the ground forces, okay?" JiHan asked as he stepped over the armor.

The Gatekeeper blinked, and his expression changed.

Until just a few moments ago, the only expression he'd shown JiHan was one of displeasure, but that had changed to an ear-to-ear grin.

"Heh! You are a bit useful!"


The Gatekeeper extended his hand toward the sky, and dozens of lightning bolts struck.


More than half of the ghost army disappeared in an instant.

The Gatekeeper, who'd shown a strength worthy of his title as Imperial Gatekeeper, snorted.

"Hmph." He crossed his arms and turned to JiHan. "Fine. Go ahead. Do as you wish."

[The Gatekeeper trusts the player a little bit more.]


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