The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 215


Boom, Boom—

The first species to arrive were brown-skinned bipedal humanoids wearing red armor—they were twice the size of humans and had long, protruding fangs.

“Is no one here?” They looked around the room, trying to find JiHan. Then… “There! Down there!” One of them spotted JiHan and pointed at him.

The aliens talked amongst each other for a moment.

“Do all members of his species look like young children?”

“That doesn't look like a miniboss.”

“His face is covered by darkness… I can’t tell what he looks like.” JiHan’s detailed features were hidden from other species due to the ‘Hideout’ effect, but his general silhouette was at least visible. Thanks to that, the other species ended up underestimating him based on only his size.

“He's standing by himself… Could it be a trap?”

“Let's eliminate him and worry about it later.”

“Even if it’s a trap, the true miniboss should appear if we attack.”

“Kill him!”


Their skin turned red, and they bared their fangs as they charged at him. Though they’d considered the possibility of it being a trap, they didn’t hesitate to attack.

'They have a slightly different skin color but look almost like trolls,’ JiHan thought. Trolls had tough bodies and overwhelming regenerative abilities, and if he were to judge a book by its cover, he’d say the species charging at him looked very similar to the trolls in the middle-lower rankings of humanity’s division of the Space League.

Were trolls not confined to one planet?

'I wonder if their weaknesses are the same.'


He summoned Eclipse into his hands and drew a horizontal line through the air.

Nameless Divine Arts Three Talents Technique: Thousand-soldier Sweep.


The red trolls’ fangs split in half, and they all fell to the ground in the middle of their charge and started rolling around in pain.

“Ack…! M-my teeth…!” one of the trolls cried out.

'So the teeth are still their biggest weakness.’ Their teeth were also their source of power—when trolls lost their teeth, they also lost most of their strength. Their teeth were incredibly hard, though, so attacking that ‘weakness’ usually had no effect.

'Easy, just as I expected.'


He swung his sword again, and all 10 trolls’ heads went rolling from their bodies.

[You've defeated the invaders.]

[You've earned 100 boss points.]

Were they worth 10 points each? JiHan opened the scoreboard to check his ranking.

[1st | Artmu Legion (artmu) | 192,340 [Public]]

[2nd | ?? | 97,220]

[3rd | ?? | 72,770]

[4th | ?? | 40,410]

[11th | No name (Sung JiHan) | 100 [Public]]

'Why is 1st place so far ahead?' Maybe it was because he’d joined the map late, but the 1st-place miniboss had an unbelievable lead. ‘Everything from 2nd place onward is marked as ‘?’, but 1st place is public…

He looked at the scoreboard again and confirmed that the miniboss in 1st place was the only other boss besides himself who’d gone public.

[You can click on [Public] and view the competitor's boss room.]

[Would you like to view the competitor’s room now?]

Of course, he immediately selected the option to view the room, and a large screen appeared in front of him a moment later.

[The [Public] boss room of ‘Artmu Legion’ is being displayed.]

- What…?

- Dwarves?

- That’s who holds 1st place?

JiHan’s viewers also saw the Artmu Legion’s boss room through his channel and wondered how they were ranked 1st, and for good reason.

“Artmu Legion, get ready!” The ‘Artmu Legion’ was a very weak-looking dwarf tribe. The entire boss room was packed with the dwarves, who weren’t even half the size of humans, and a mountain of piled weapons towered behind them.

- The weapons look pretty good.

- Are they dwarves?

- Are they all blacksmiths or something?

The viewers looked over the 1st-place boss’s room and were just in time to see a wave of invaders attempt to clear it.


“The artmus’ treasures are here!”

“Ignore the legion! Just taking their weapons is already a good deal!” The invaders immediately made a beeline for the weapons instead of trying to kill the artmu.

“Advance!” The dwarf legion charged in unison to stop the invaders.

“Ugh, annoying!” The invaders fought back and blew away dozens of dwarves with each swing, but similar-looking dwarves just kept popping up from the ground to replace them.

“Just hold them back and focus on getting the weapons!” The invaders couldn’t deal with the endlessly respawning dwarves and tried to refocus on their objective.

“Agh… I was almost there…!”

“I… I got one. I put it in my inventory!”

Paf! Paf—!

Even as they were dying one by one, any intruders who managed to secure a weapon died with a smile on their faces.

- Look at the dwarves' horde strategy, hahaha.

- Are those weapons that good? The intruders look happy, even though they’re being killed.

- More just keep invading, woah.

- Hahaha, they’re luring others in with treasures.


The dwarves looked weak, but the treasures they were guarding seemed valuable. JiHan could understand why so many invaders were attracted there, but his eyes narrowed as he watched them fight.

'They look weak at first glance… but I’m sure they’re hiding their strength. There’s no way they could maintain 1st place if they were weak.’ The artmu would’ve simply been wiped out already if they were as weak as they made themselves look, and they definitely wouldn’t have had 190,000 points.

- The artmu are playing tricks again.

- The newcomers always fall for it.

Even the alien viewers in JiHan’s channel backed up his belief—it seemed like the artmu were well-known for using tactics like that.

'Well, the strategy itself isn’t bad…' His eyes shone when he saw how the Artmu Legion’s boss room attracted constant invaders. Most knew it was bait, but they ran like moths to a flame anyway in the hopes of securing one of the weapons.

The artmu continued to stack points at an incredible rate.

'I should use that as my benchmark baseline.' He looked over the items in the miniboss system again.

“Here it is!” “There's no preparation at all!” “The boss species is nameless!” Some others tried to invade his boss room while he was thinking of how to get more points.

"Wait a moment; I'm busy." He cut them all in half with a single swing of his sword.

- He has the skills to become a miniboss.

- Yeah, he could be in the upper ranks.

The alien viewers changed their evaluation of him when he saw them defeat every invader in a single slash.

- But still, the limits of his species are clear. It should still be easier than the other routes.

- Let's unite. He can’t stop all of us.

- Agreed.

In the end, they all continued to underestimate JiHan and plotted a joint attack.

- Why are these guys openly plotting in someone else's chat room?

- Now even the aliens are coming here to talk shit, hahaha.

- Shouldn't the chat room be private? ㅠㅠ

- No. We need more alien viewers to come in and see what’s going on so JiHan can get more invaders and rise in rank.

The human viewers, who knew how strong JiHan really was, laughed at the ignorant aliens.

'Oh, so there was an option like this.' JiHan’s eyes shone as he looked at an option he hadn’t seen before.


* * *


"Okay, I'll decorate the room a bit," he said. A moment later, he organized his thoughts and began to buy a few customizations.

Tap, tap—

[You've spent 1,000,000 GP.]

[You've spent 1,000,000 GP.]

GP vanished by the millions, and brilliant gold bars began to stack up next to him; then, the dark miniboss room’s floor was replaced by brilliantly polished marble while gold covered the walls.

- Wow… The room suddenly became fancy.

- What's up with those gold bars?

- It turned into a treasure vault, hahaha.

The viewers watched the changes in amazement.

"Each of these gold bars is worth a million GP," JiHan said to his viewers as he piled the gold bars up behind him.

- Is he trying to imitate the artmu? It isn't like that's a lot of GP…

- Either way, he’ll get a lot of invaders because he looks easy to defeat.

- Good. Let's subdue him and get some free GP.

The alien viewers weren’t very enticed by the GP bars at first.

"Now, this diamond… can give whoever claims it stat points." JiHan placed a large diamond on top of the mountain of gold bars, which greatly shocked the alien viewers.

- What?

- That's a 5-stat diamond!

- Wh-what?! 

- What the hell…?! Is he insane?

The diamond JiHan summoned required the use of his own stats to create. Since stat points were the most valuable resource on Battle Net, the aliens watching his channel started to flip out.

- Fuck this; we don’t need an alliance!

- That diamond is ours!


The moment he placed the giant diamond atop the mound of gold, his boss room’s doors opened, and a horde of different alien species rushed toward him.

“Move!” They argued amongst each other as they charged forward. “We were here first!” “He summoned a stat diamond…!”

'This is attracting a lot of attention.' JiHan smiled and drew his sword.


Though there were all sorts of different species, he cut everyone in front of him in half with a single swing.

“H-he's strong!” The others behind the first wave hesitated for a moment. 

“It doesn’t matter; we can’t miss out on this!” 

“Warriors, get into defensive positions and advance!” 

“There's no need to subdue him. Just grab the diamond!” 

The diamond made them forget their fear, and they started charging forward again.

JiHan smiled at them. 'So the gold bars are less effective than the diamond. In that case…' He swept all of the approaching enemies away again in a single strike before changing his dungeon name in the admin options from ‘nameless’ to…

[11th | There are 10 diamonds (Sung JiHan) | 700 [Public]]

He’d joined late, so attracting attention was his top priority. What better way to attract attention than to put the most wanted item in the name of his dungeon?

- What an attention-grabbing name.

- He’ll permanently lose those stats if someone steals them, right?

- There’s no way he’d let them get stolen, lol.

- But if enough enemies gather…

The human viewers were amused by the name change at first…

- Is it here?

- 10 diamonds?

- It's real.

- There are 10 diamonds!

But as other viewers with star tags flooded into the chat…

- Isn't this dangerous…?

- Why are there so many aliens?

They started to get worried.


The doors to JiHan’s miniboss room swung open again, and an incomparably larger horde of aliens swarmed forward.

“Those are real stat diamonds!” “Charge!!”

JiHan smirked. “It’s working fantastically.”


He pulled out his Phoenix Flag as well and annihilated any and every enemy that got close.

“Wh-what…?” One of the aliens yelled. “What's up with this monster…?!” 

JiHan jumped to 7th place in mere moments. 

Then, his antics grabbed an unexpected being’s attention. "I can have 10 diamonds…? Pf. I'll have to go."


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