The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 313


[The final game is starting.]


JiHan stood on a giant leaf floating in the air with a soft green light illuminating the area. Ahead, in the near distance, the elf representative who’d been acting as the coach stood on a different leaf.

The elf smiled at him and said, "Fufu, the summoning was a success. Starting the experiment."


The green light illuminating the place gathered above the leaves and first shone over the elf.

[The Constellation Research Institute is scanning the summoned target.]

[The target is affiliated with the World Tree Alliance’s research team.]

[The player will be moved to a separate space.]

"Well then, good luck, test subject. I'm going to experiment on and execute you." The elf waved her hand at JiHan and disappeared.

The viewers were enraged.

- Is this map real?

- Shouldn't maps like this be prohibited in the first place?

- The top-ranked player was summoned, and the other one was sent to the research team? Hahaha. Are they kidding?

- JiHan…

The second scan started.


A light shone over JiHan.

[The Constellation Research Institute is scanning the summoned target.]

[The target belongs to one of the lowest-ranked species, 'Humanity'.]

[The target is a 'Constellation Candidate' and a High Priority Management Target. The Constellation Research Institute doesn't have the authority to proceed with the experiment.]

[The laboratory transfer has been put on hold…]

= Wh-what…?

= A ‘C-Constellation Candidate’? When did JiHan become a ‘Constellation Candidate’?

= So he won't be experimented on by the Constellation Research Institute?!

The commentators became excited.


A screen appeared before JiHan and displayed the elf representative. She looked surprised. “What…? Are you already a ‘Constellation Candidate’? Is that even possible?”

"Of course, it's possible," JiHan calmly answered. 'I didn't expect being a ‘Constellation Candidate’ to come in handy here.' 

The qualification he'd obtained after winning the Champions League and clearing a quest seemed useless until then. The only noticeable change was that he could enter the 'Official Members' forum of the Battle Net Community.

'I've been so busy that I couldn't check it.' He'd been busy analyzing the modified root and freeing the South Korean and American players who Gilgamesh had brainwashed. Thus, he hadn’t felt any particular benefit from his status as a ‘Constellation Candidate’.

"So, you're saying you can't experiment on me?" he asked.

“Ugh… experimenting on a High Priority Management Target is impossible. I never imagined all the effort it took to bring you here would be for nothing… You’re lucky, human.” Her previous smile was nowhere to be seen, and she bit her lips in frustration.


As the screen slowly faded, she said, “This time, we will be content with a victory.” If she couldn’t experiment on him, she wanted to at least win the match.

'What's the goal of this map?' JiHan wondered. All he’d seen happen so far was the scanning process. Did the elf merely have to claim victory to win or something?

[The game is starting.]

[You are a test subject.]

[Escape from the Constellation Research Institute.]

[The opposing player is affiliated with the research team.]

[If one of the researchers captures you, the game will end in their victory.]

He only had to escape, and the game would end in his loss if the elf captured him. Unfortunately, the condition was quite unfavorable for him.


- Not being experimented on is nice, but aren't these rules too biased?

- Even if the elf doesn't capture JiHan, if someone from the same organization does, is it still game over?

- We need to be content with JiHan not being banned…



The leaf supporting JiHan started to turn mushy, and his foot sank into it. 'It seems that even the leaves are on the researchers’ side.' JiHan tried to pull his foot out.


The suction power was stronger than he expected, and it looked like he’d have to exert more strength. 'This leaf also came from the World Tree… Should I absorb it?'

Combined Origin Divine Arts God-killing Technique: Celestial Tree's Descent.


Chains emerged from his body, pierced the leaf, and absorbed the Life Energy within until the leaf dried up and turned to dust.

'The amount of energy is quite decent.' JiHan connected Celestial Tree's Descent to the Eternal stat, and his absorbed Life Energy accumulated inside. It wasn’t enough to raise the stat, but it was still a good amount of energy. Just when he was about to withdraw his chains…

Clank, clank—!


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


Not satisfied with the leaf, the chains stretched out in every direction on their own. Though they went both upward and downward in their rampage, most headed downward.

'Is something down there?' JiHan followed the highest concentration of chains. As he descended, the green light started to fade, and he felt less Life Energy. Normally, the chains wouldn't have extended toward where there was less Life Energy.

Thud. Thud—!

Suddenly, the chains intensely attacked one spot.


[You, what are you doing?!] A screen appeared before JiHan's eyes, and he saw the elf representative looking panicked on the other end.

"What do you mean? I'm following the mission," JiHan replied.

[That isn't the exit!]

"Ah, really?"


- She's really dragging out her words.

- He's 100% going to enter, lol.

- The elf is making such a fuss that he has to investigate.

- Seriously, did she think he wouldn't enter if she said it like that? That only makes one want to enter even more.

- It sounds like a treasure vault, lol.


Based on JiHan's tone, the viewers could already guess that he was going to investigate. Their guess was immediately confirmed.


The chains extended from JiHan's body and ripped open a spot of the map, revealing a massive wooden door.

"Oh… A door appeared. Since the enemy's asking me not to enter, then that means I definitely should," JiHan teased.

[Don't act rashly…! Even if you're a High Priority Management Target, if you cross a certain line, we will have reason to intervene!]

"Ah, is that so?"


The chains pierced the wooden door. "How come you guys even have Life Energy within a door?" JiHan’s Celestial Tree’s Descent fully absorbed the energy from the door, revealing the space behind it.


A giant, dark-green portal ominously flickered.

[I'm warning you… If you enter that area, you will clearly be crossing a line.]

"Is that so?"

[If you promise not to enter, I will show you the way to the exit. I'll give up the victory. Don't act so rashly.]

= She's going to show him the exit?

= Her attitude completely flipped!

= Just what could be in there? Why the sudden change of attitude?

= The safe choice here would be to accept their offer…

= I'd be surprised if JiHan did that!

"Why would you place such an important entrance here?" JiHan asked.


"Seeing you act like that makes me want to see what’s on the other side."


Ignoring the elf’s warnings, JiHan went through the portal.

[NOO!!] The elf’s scream echoed through the screen.

JiHan had already walked through the portal and disappeared. 


* * *


Though the world beyond the portal was still in the game, it was a vast space with a blue sky above.

- This is a secret place?

- There's even a sun.

- Maybe he took the wrong portal and escaped.

- Then, did he win? It seems that game five also ended quickly.



When JiHan appeared, clusters of light gathered in the air and revealed a giant made of light. Of course, JiHan had already seen such beings before.

'Is it a great spirit?' It was the same sort of spirit the elves had summoned by sacrificing themselves. Thus, many elf corpses were contained within that brilliant body.

= A great spirit… Is it the same creature the elves summoned during the Diamond promotion match?

= Although it's strong, it's an enemy JiHan has subdued before. JiHan is much stronger than he was back then, so I'm sure he's going to be able to deal with it easily.

Even after seeing the giant of light, the commentators were calm. There was no way JiHan would struggle against the giant he'd beat during the Diamond promotion match.

Flash! Flash—!

More lights flickered, and giants appeared one after the other.

= However… there are quite a few of them.

= I wonder when they will stop appearing…

The commentators started to get anxious as they saw more great spirits appearing. More than a hundred of them had been summoned already, and the area was filled with their light.


[Great Spirits! Grab him!] A large screen appeared in the air. The elf representative, looking angry, ordered the spirits to subdue JiHan.


All of the creatures turned to look at JiHan. There were so many of them that they blocked his view of the sky.

‘Will my Eternal stat increase if I absorb them all?” JiHan wondered as he looked at the giants. He’d defeated one while in Platinum, so not even a hundred thousand of them would be enough to stop him. 'First, let's start absorbing a few.'


The chains from Celestial Tree’s Descent emerged from his body again and connected with his Eternal stat. Thus, his preparations to increase the stat to three were complete.

“The World Tree's energy… Have you arrived, Managing Director?” a giant asked.


One by one, the giants started to kneel. Their overall attitude changed completely after he activated his Eternal stat.

'Does the Managing Director also have the Eternal stat?' JiHan wondered.

[Managing Director? What are you saying?! That man's an enemy! Kill him… Bind him!]  The elf went mad when she saw the change in attitude.

"Turn that off," JiHan ordered the giant.

“Understood.” A great spirit moved its hand and shut the screen off. The giants seemed to fully recognize JiHan as their superior.

"What's in this area?" JiHan asked.

“There's a constellation who was recently transferred here after being imprisoned.”

"A constellation? Who?"

“The Shadow Queen.”

"The Shadow Queen…? When did she get trapped?" JiHan's eyes widened in surprise.

[What? Th-the Queen? No, but I… I definitely received a message from her…] Ariel, still bound in his arm, was even more shocked.


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