The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 187


"Mom… is still alive? Really?" Sae-ah asked in disbelief. She still vividly remembered Ji-ah turning to stone after using Sacrifice and being consumed by darkness, which was why she hadn’t held much hope after she heard Sae-jin was going to North Korea to investigate.

"No, it's too early to be sure,” Sae-jin said. “The ring only reacted slightly."

"How did it react?" she asked.

"When we cleared the fourth dungeon, the ring vibrated strongly." Sae-jin removed the necklace the ring was hanging from. "It wasn't the usual vibration you feel when clearing a dungeon. Rather, it was movement from the ring itself."

"Ah… the color of the ring changed a bit," she observed.

"I’m blind, so I didn’t notice."

The Aegis Ring, which usually shone pure white, had a slight purple tinge.

"May I take a look at it?" JiHan asked.


JiHan grabbed the ring and closely examined it. The purple tinge felt similar to dark magic power, but something was different.

"Ariel, do you know anything about this energy?" he asked.

[I'm not sure… but it doesn’t seem shadow-related.]

"Hmm…" Maybe Ariel couldn’t tell much more than that because the power they were trying to examine within the ring was too scarce.

'It feels a bit different from the deathly authority I saw in the Battlefield of Chaos…' JiHan couldn’t determine the nature of the energy.

Sae-ah, who'd been closely watching, suddenly snatched the ring. "This… seems to be related to the void."

"The void?" JiHan asked.

"Yes. I'm a Void Archer, so I'm familiar with the void’s power." As if to prove it, she pulled her bow out and launched a Void Arrow. Purple light flickered around the arrow for a moment before it turned invisible.

"Hey, come out." She pulled on the bowstring, and the arrow reappeared.

"You're right,” JiHan confirmed—the energy from the arrow felt similar to the energy from the ring.


The light from the ring and the Void Arrow resonated, and a sound briefly leaked from the ring.

= Yoon…

It was brief, but they recognized the voice.

"Huh?! Was that… Mom?!"

"Yes… That was certainly her voice." Could it be that his sister was really in North Korea? He couldn’t stand idly by after hearing her voice. "Brother-in-law, I'll help clear the dungeons."

"No… It's okay for now. We need to clear the dungeons with the ring. Rather than needing more strength, we need other kinds of support.”

"Is that so?” JiHan asked, “Is there a lack of support from the Association?"

"The support itself is okay. The problem is the shortage of players with 'Exploration'. It turns out that searching for a dungeon's core isn't as easy as one might think."

The range of Exploration varied depending on the rank of the Gift, and most who’d joined him had their Exploration Gift somewhere between B and C-rank, so it took them longer than expected. As if that wasn’t enough, they also had to organize each dungeon’s data after clearing it and send it to the Association.

The Sword King might’ve been strong, but strength could only get him so far in such a situation.

"If it's about players with the Exploration Gift… Should I try to find someone?" HaYeon asked.

"This voice… Is it the Bloom Guild Master?"

"Yes." HaYeon was dressed up more than usual because it was Christmas and she had been silently listening to them. "I heard the Twin Star Guild previously secured many people with the Exploration Gift, but they ended up having little use for them. I'll try borrowing those people."

"Wasn’t Twin Star bothering you recently? I heard they were asking you to go back."

"It's fine, Mr. Sung. If they keep bothering me, I can just contact another major guild. Twin Star isn't the only guild that secured people with the Exploration Gift." HaYeon casually said.

There was a saying that the position makes the person. As if to provide evidence, HaYeon didn’t seem as worried after spending some time as the Bloom Guild Master.

"Then I'll leave it to you. Ah, if someone is outstanding, we'll scout them on our side. We can use as much GP as necessary."

"Yes, Mr. Sung, but the highest-ranked Exploration Gift rank in South Korea is B…"

"B's the highest? Didn't the rank of supporting Gifts increase due to the difficulty getting lowered?"

"Yes, that's why B is the highest. There might be more talented individuals abroad, so I'll try to scout someone with an A-rank Exploration Gift."

Since he’d heard his sister’s voice, JiHan decided not to rely solely on the Association's support and wanted to form his exploration team.

GP was piling up, and he had nowhere to use it. On top of that…

"Tell those with A-rank Gifts that we will support them with an Akashic page. That should pique their interest."

"A-an Akashic page…? Their prices have recently been skyrocketing…"

"I happen to have some," JiHan said as he thought of the pages he’d gotten from Shizuru. 

"Uncle,” Sae-ah spoke up, “if you're going to use an Akashic page, then could I ask someone I know?"


"Sofia's brother. I heard his Exploration Gift's rank was upgraded to A due to the difficulty decrease." She was talking about the commentator who often appeared during the team matches—Christoph.

Of course, they didn’t know if he would accept the offer. He already held a strong position in the Battle Net industry, after all.

"Yes, it wouldn’t hurt to ask him."

"If there's an Akashic page involved, he might be tempted."

"Thanks for your support…" Sae-jin said.

"It's only natural since it's about my sister,” JiHan replied, “but are you sure I don't need to go?"

"Yes. Clearing out the inside of a dungeon is easy."

"Understood. If you need help with anything, please. Contact me anytime."

Sae-jin nodded. "Of course. I just hope the opening match ends quickly."

"Ah, the opening match…! I forgot about it,” Sae-ah said. “What kind of matches will there be? Ariel, do you know anything?"

Despite being restricted due to the Tutorial Season limitations, the dark elf still provided as much information as possible. [The opening match? That's for you to decide. Just think of it as the usual game of fighting and killing. That's the essence of Battle Net, but…]


[You’ll be able to truly die.]

"Dying for good…? From playing a game?" Sae-ah's face stiffened at Ariel's words.

"Is it like when Mr. Sung did the promotion match?” HaYeon asked. “Could the penalty really be death?"

[Yes. The most assured way to drop the opponent's race below yours is to kill their key players.]

"That's true, but…"

"Dying inside a game… I can't believe it."

They were in complete disbelief because they’d only thought of it as a game for the past 10 years. Everyone except for JiHan, that is.

'Many players did die during the opening game…'

Though people couldn’t believe it at first, JiHan recalled how the Space League’s opening match showed them the hard truth. In his life before regression, the World Tree Alliance waited for humanity with traps from the first game and set them back from the start.

'That won’t be the case this time.'

He’d purposely kept himself in Platinum just for the upcoming opening game.

His eyes looked cold and distant as he thought of his revenge.


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[Sword King joins the Bloom Guild!]

[The Bloom Guild is seeking people with the Exploration Gift. Basic salary: 5-10 times their existing one. Akashic pages will be given to those with A-rank Gifts?]

After the Christmas meeting, the Bloom Guild immediately started looking for people with the Exploration Gift, and they had players flocking to them in no time.

- Wow, the conditions are insane…

- They're offering an Akashic page? I heard they cost more than 500 million these days.

- Yes. Nurturing Gifts are gaining attention, and each guild is said to be creating a secondary guild, so I heard their pay is whatever they ask for.

- Giving that to someone with the Exploration Gift… Is there a big reward if you clear a dungeon?

- There must be a reason… The Sword King has been doing dungeon explorations, right? Such investment was done after that, so…

People were curious about what the dungeon exploration team had encountered to justify their expenses.

- Rather than that, did you guys see the opening game entry??

- There were 2000 people listed.

-  2,000 people have to be chosen…? What kind of game are they going to play?

- I can't wait for next year.

As expected, the biggest topic of discussion was the upcoming Space League opening. Earth would finally be joining the main game after its long 10-year Tutorial Season, and humanity was more optimistic than ever as they eagerly awaited the match.

“JiHan, I heard the news from Sae-ah!” 

JiHan was on a call with Sofia. "Ah, are you talking about the dungeon exploration?"

“Yes! My brother said he would never do Exploration tasks, but he showed interest after your offer of an Akashic page! Brother, come here!”

“Player Sung, nice to meet you. I'm Christoph.” Christoph appeared in the video call as if he'd been waiting and gave JiHan an eager look. “As a fan, I'm honored to have met you! I'm grateful you kept my secret despite my loose-lipped sister talking about my Exploration Gift.”

“Loose-lipped? Sofia asked. “That's harsh. It's okay to tell to JiHan! We're going to become family, after all.”

“Player Sung already has a girlfriend… My little sister is young and thoughtless. I'm sorry.”

“No, that's…! Ah, I can't say that.”

“Anyway, Mr. Sung, I heard from Sofia but will ask you again since I can't believe it: do you intend to support me with an Akashic page?”

"Yes." JiHan nodded. "It isn't for resale purposes. It must be used to enhance your ability."

“Of course! My Exploration Gift… It looked dangerous, so I had no intention of using it. Since the Sword King will be there, it should be okay, though. I'll have to take a break from commentating.”

Despite having an established position as a commentator in the Battle Net Industry, Christoph showed a proactive attitude, not wanting to waste his Gift.

"Will you come right away?" JiHan asked.

“Ah… I still want to comment on this opening match. It's something I've always wanted to do. Since the Sword King is going to participate as well, it should fit the schedule if I leave after the match ends, right?”

"Yes, there's enough time."

“What a pity,” Christoph said. “You could have participated in all the matches if you’d reached Diamond…!”

With the Space League’s opening match approaching, the system was discussing information bit by bit, and the most notable condition was the requirement for matches one through five.

[Only Diamond players and above can participate in the Space League.]

Many people couldn't hide their disappointment after the condition was revealed.

- Ah, they should have included Platinum players.

- So Sung JiHan won't be able to go!

- He couldn't level up due to Shizuru. I never thought it’d come back to bite him like this.

- What about the delay in leveling up due to the People's Association?

- They are of no help, hahaha.

“100 Platinum players can be placed on reserve,” Sofia said. “Maybe you'll still have a chance.”

JiHan smiled slightly. "I have a good feeling."

“A good feeling…?”

"Yes. I think I'll get MVP for the opening match."

What was he talking about? He couldn't participate in the game. Christoph seemed bewildered.

"If you come to Korea,” JiHan confidently said. “I'll give you a gift. Bet on me for MVP."

“You have to participate to be MVP…!”  Could he trust JiHan and go to South Korea? Christoph was suddenly anxious about his decision.

A few days later, on Channel 0…

= Everyone! The day has finally arrived…! 

It was time for humanity to participate in the Space League.


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