The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 204


In the end, humanity won group three’s division of the League Competition— composed of humans, elves, mechans, and urks—during the Diamond promotion match. They even won before the map changed. 

= Since the game was cleared before the map changed, humanity's 1st-place position is secured!

= The rewards are already out… Ah, this!

= 10% more players can be promoted!

= It applies to all League promotion matches! Though it only lasts a year, that’s an incredible figure!

- The chance increased? Wow. That's amazing.

- It was at 50%, so does that mean there’s a 60% chance of promotion for anyone entering a promotion match?

- Yes. My brother couldn't make it to Platinum until now, but he should be able to with this, hahaha.

- Won't this mass-produce weak Diamonds?

- Even if they're weak, having more Diamond players is better. That just means we’ll have more stronger players.

- JiHan did something great again.

The commentators discussed the impact of the reward for a while before showing the scoreboard for the League Competition.

= It looks like the other matches are still going. The species marked as ‘??’ keep going up and down on the scoreboard!

= I wish we could see the other matches as well. Ah, the elves we faced in the opening match are leading group one by an overwhelming amount.

= The World Tree elves are certainly strong. They seem to be weak against JiHan, but they keep sweeping everyone else away.

= I wonder if there are more of them among those ‘??’ species.

= There's no way, right?

The 1st-place species of groups two, four, and five were marked as ‘??’ and led their groups with an almost identical score.

- Every species in 1st place has a similar score.

- There's no way they're all World Tree elves, right?

- There's no way…

- Don't say things like that, even as a joke…'

While people were arguing about whether it was a coincidence or not, JiHan logged out, returned to the penthouse, and looked over his rewards.

[You've cleared the special achievement 'League Competition Victory'.]

[You've earned 500,000 achievement points.]

[You've cleared the special achievement 'League Competition MVP'.]

[You've earned 500,000 achievement points.]

[You've cleared the special achievement 'Giant Graveyard Breakthrough'.]

[You've earned 1,000,000 achievement points.]

[You've cleared the special achievement 'Offense over Defense'.]

[You've earned 1,000,000 achievement points.]

Thanks to having finished a game that was supposed to be ‘defense’ with an offensive strategy, he ended up earning three million achievement points.

[Your level has increased by 10.]

[You've earned 100 million GP.]

His level increased thanks to his MVP status, and he’d obtained much more GP than usual.

'Unfortunately, a hundred million feels like nothing after I rejected a quadrillion.' Compared to what Yggdrasil offered, it was like comparing the sun to a firefly—such an amount wasn’t enough to excite him.

[You've cleared the constellation quest.]

Instead, the last message caught his attention the most.

[The 'Dead Star' wants to summon you to the 'Void Swamp' to offer you the quest reward.]

[Will you accept his summon?]

The name was extremely suspicious.

[Things related to the 'Void' stat will be safely conducted under Battle Net’s supervision.]

"Okay." JiHan decided to accept when he saw the guarantee of safety. 


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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'So this is the Void Swamp.' JiHan looked around after responding to the summons. The world was dyed dark violet, faint light shone down from the sky, and a huge whirlpool slowly rotated in the mire of the swamp.

'There’s a tremendous amount of energy within that whirlpool.' Though it wasn’t trying to suck him in, it held an immeasurable amount of power. As he gazed into it…


"Head! So you came!" 

He heard a familiar voice behind him and turned, but his eyes widened in surprise when he saw something he wasn’t expecting. "So you aren't a skeleton this time."

"I had to come in person to grant you the Void stat." Kallein usually appeared as an undead, but he instead took on the appearance of a white-haired man in a black robe. His red eyes looked dull and lifeless, but his features were as flawless as an elf’s.

"Were you human?" JiHan asked.

"Human…? That weak species of yours? I was several steps above that. Hmm. Let's see. In your terms… A godly species? No, maybe you’d classify it as a ‘demi-god’ species."

"A demi-god species, huh?"

"Yes. I used to do quite well. Check this out." Kallein pointed to a few weird characters written along his jawline in what seemed to be an alien language.


The characters suddenly shone and were automatically translated.

[This is an artifact of the Sun King.]

[Only the Sun King may possess it.]

[Those who covet it shall have their next three generations destroyed.]

"What's this?" JiHan asked.

"The Sun King liked me a lot and put a stigma on me, hahaha."

"You're a constellation. Can't you erase it?"

"Well, it isn't that simple… If you join me, though, I think everything will be solved!" Kallein stretched his arms out to JiHan, and the surface above his wrists was revealed as his sleeves slid up.

Unlike his face or hands, Kallein's arms were just bones. 'So he's all bones underneath the neck.' His body seemed to have mixed undead and demi-god attributes, meaning he wasn’t just a skeleton.

'Well, that's none of my business.' He was only there to acquire the Void stat, and he dismissively waved Kallein away. "Just give me the Void stat."

"Aw, okay. I'll give you the Void stat… but don't delve too deep into it, okay?"

"Why's that?"

"You won’t live long if you get too entangled with the void, and I won't be able to use you as a head."

"Why won't I live long…?" JiHan asked. He was already feeling uncomfortable with Sae-ah being involved with the void, so he couldn’t help but worry after a constellation warned him against it.

"The void makes it impossible for you to live longer than a natural life.”

"What do you mean?"

"You said you were a human, right? How long does your species live?"

"Hmm… On average, about 70 years?"

"What? Is that all?" Kallein shrugged and placed his palm on the floor, causing purple energy to rise from the whirlpool.

"You can easily surpass that with your abilities. In fact, you could probably live for a few hundred years. If you add Battle Net’s effects to that, it could even be for more than a thousand.”

"I don’t intend to live that long. I’ll still be able to reach at least 70, right?”

"Yes. You can still enjoy the lifespan given to your kind, but not more than that."

"That's fine," JiHan stated.

"Fufu… Everyone says that, but their minds change when death rears its ugly head. As someone with deathly authority, I guarantee that you’ll want to live longer once you hit 70.”

JiHan pondered his words. He was in his 20s and in the prime of his life, so he didn’t care much about living a thousand years. Of course, he understood that his opinions could change if he managed to live a long life. No one wanted to die, after all, and that was doubly so for someone like himself, who transcended his species.

There was no way he’d welcome death. "What about you?” he asked. “Don't you have void-related abilities as well? Based on what you're saying, the void and death don’t seem to mix well."

"That's why I haven't delved too far into it. After all, I must kill all the kings across the universe." Kallein pointed to the ‘Sun King’s Artifact’ on his cheek and grinned. 

Then, he extended his palm. "That's why my Void stat is at 10."

"10?” JiHan asked. “Is that all?"

"Yes. If you take some, I'll only have five."


"Do you still want it?"

"Yes, give it to me." Despite Kallein's warning, JiHan took it without much hesitation. 'What's the point of potentially being able to live for a thousand years in a world where I'm not sure if I'll even survive for ten?'

Since he was competing with the Wandering Martial God for Martial Soul, he needed everything he could get his hands on, and he especially needed to use the void to find his sister.

"Alright. I'll give it to you, but don't put stats into it. You'll regret it if you do."

"Just give it to me quickly," JiHan said.

"100. 100 is the limit. Never reach that. Seriously. Head, we need to last a long time together!"

JiHan smirked and gestured toward the worried constellation. "Just give it to me."

"Alright. Here you go…"


The whirlpool on the ground halted and began to move counterclockwise from its previously clockwise rotation.

[The 'Dead Star' has granted you the 'Void' stat.]

[Will you accept?]

JiHan pressed 'Yes' without much hesitation.

[You've obtained the unranked 'Void' stat.]

[The Void stat isn't affected by titles or stat+ effects.]

[The more stat points you invest in it, the higher the chance is that you’ll be bound to the Will of the Void.]

‘Unranked, huh?’ It was completely different from Martial Soul, a star stat.

JiHan opened his status window and looked at the bottom.

[Void: 5]

All by itself, it was listed with a pitiful value of five.

'I had nowhere to invest my extra stat points anyway, so this is great.' Martial Soul only increased based on his development of martial arts, so he had quite a few stat points. Void didn’t have such a restriction, which meant he could invest as many points as he wanted into it.

Of course, he couldn't help but be a bit concerned when he remembered Kallein’s warning. 'Living for a thousand years? Pf.' He’d seen Earth’s destruction before his regression and was the Wandering Martial God’s enemy, so becoming as strong as he could took priority over a distant future.

On top of that…

'I must rescue my sister.' He had to save his sister, who'd become the Witch of the Void. Of course, he still needed to understand more about it before investing stat points in it.

He suddenly remembered something he wanted to ask the constellation. "Can I take my niece's Void abilities?"

"Your niece? Ah, that girl? It won't be easy. She seems to be strongly related to the void… You might need to invest a lot."

"Ah, I see. Looks like I have no other choice.”

"Hey! What are you talking about? Doing something like that would guarantee you a lifespan of a mere 70 years at most."

"That's more than enough for me."

"No, it isn't! Following your logic, shouldn't 70 years be enough for your niece as well?"

"I made the choice of my own will, but she wasn’t aware of the consequences. She should have that choice as well.”

Kallein gave him an incredulous look. Why was he so desperate to live a short life? "Hey. Think carefully before you invest in Void. Once you hit 100, you can't go back."

"Alright. I understood. Can you send me back now?"

"Ah, wait. Let's talk for a bit longer. The Death stat was quite useful, right? If you become my head, you can enjoy a thousand, tens of thousands more power than that!"

JiHan frowned before remembering that the Void stat’s transmission was being conducted under Battle Net’s supervision. "System, send me back."

[Void stat transfer to player 'Sung JiHan' has finished.]

[Returning to the original location.]

"Why are you leaving already?! Hey…! Don't hit 100, no matter what!"

After he returned from the Void Swamp… 'I should hear Sae-ah's opinion at least once. I wouldn’t feel good about taking her power right away, after all.'

[You've obtained the ‘Void’ stat.]

[You've already unlocked the Achievement Shop.]

[Hidden conditions have been met. The Achievement Shop is being revamped.]

[You've unlocked the Secret Shop.]

JiHan gave the message a wide-eyed look. 

'The Secret Shop…?'


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