The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 191


A few moments prior…

‘It’s time.’ JiHan, who’d been watching the situation from a corner of the waiting room, stood up. "Brother-in-law, I'll be back."

"Did you know something…?" Sae-jin asked. It wasn’t long ago that he’d died from the high elf’s kick and been returned to the waiting room.

A moment later…

He gave JiHan a surprised look after he heard about the fifth game’s participation conditions. ‘Huh… I was wondering why he insisted on participating in the Space League so much and even asked for my support…’

Of course, it was strange at the time. Why had JiHan insisted on being on the primary roster if only Diamonds could participate? He wasn’t the type of person to be greedy for fame, and he had to have known the looks he would get from others.

"I’ve been having what must be prophetic dreams," JiHan lightly replied before walking forward.

Every other player in the waiting room looked at him as they broke out into a discussion over the new map’s settings.

"Can JiHan participate…?"

"Of course! He can play all classes, even Support!"

"How come things worked out so well…?!"

"Ah, please…!"

Their previously negative looks turned into looks of desperation.

"Sung JiHan… In the fifth game… ruin their plans and shatter their expectations." Coach Davis, who'd returned to the waiting room, began to deeply bow his head as JiHan approached. He wasn’t sure if JiHan had somehow known before or not, but that didn’t matter when Earth’s strongest players were facing execution.

JiHan was their only hope.

"Of course, but I have a request," JiHan said as he stopped the coach from bowing.

"A request…?"

"Please apply the penalty to the enemy if I win."

"You mean the execution?" the coach asked.

"Yes. No matter what they say, ignore them and go through with the execution."

"Understood…" Coach Davis nodded and clenched his jaw. Giving those elf bastards a taste of their own medicine was also his wish.

“I’ll see you after I finish the fifth game,” JiHan said just before he was summoned from the waiting room.


The other players sighed in relief.

"JiHan has been summoned…!"

"Phew. This is proof that he meets the participation conditions."

"We're saved…"

He was the scariest enemy to face on the battlefield, but he was also the most reliable ally one could ask for. They had no doubt he’d bring home a victory in the fifth game.


* * *


[The fifth game is starting.]

[Players meeting the 'Elgacian Paradise' map conditions will be summoned.]

[The mission is ‘survival’.]

The survival of 20% of humanity’s top 2,000 players was at stake.

- Wow… So the elves were toying with us this entire time…

- They could've easily won the first two games, but they deliberately dragged it to the fifth game to permanently kill our strongest players, right?

- If they had four cards, then why didn’t they use them during the fourth game?

- You can change more in the fifth game, especially penalties…

- Wow, this is crazy. This is the Space League…?

- Ah, I'm scared of who might get executed…

- I hope my country's players survive at least… ㅠㅠ

The viewers were unaware of the participation conditions and had already given up and fallen into despair. It was chilling to think of how the elves carefully orchestrated the whole thing to wipe out as many humans as they could.

= The fifth game is starting…!

= JiHan is participating as our representative!!

= That's right, JiHan is an all-class player! He meets the Platinum Support condition!

= The player would’ve been selected at random if not for his being on the starting roster. Thank God!

= Ah… so that's what happened!

The atmosphere changed completely after they learned that JiHan was playing.

- JiHan's playing…!

- Where's that bastard from before who complained about him taking up a spot when he wasn't even qualified?!

- Can JiHan see the future? It's as if he knew this was going to happen.

- Haa. I can finally sigh in relief…

- Kill the elf!!

Everyone knew how strong JiHan was. Even viewers from China and Japan, who’d tasted defeat at his hands many times, unanimously supported him.

- So this is what it feels like to have Mr. Sung on your side…

- We can't be the only ones suffering against JiHan! 

- JiHan… As expected of Wudang's follower… I'll support you today.

- Wudang? Hahaha. Stop trying to link him to you.

- Those guys were spamming complaints about him being on the list before, hahaha.

JiHan took a look around as soon as he entered Elgacian Paradise. True to its name, it was green and peaceful, and a giant tree floated above the center of the map.

'So that's the World Tree's sapling.' It was known to greatly amplify spirits, but JiHan also felt a different power coming from it.

'There's a lot of Life Energy…' The same energy he’d used to snap the Sword King back to his senses was pouring from the tree; there was far too much to call it a mere ‘sapling’.

'Should I absorb some of it?'

Just then…


The elves’ Platinum Support was summoned. Though he was called a ‘Support’, a bow was slung over his back, and he held daggers in both hands.

"Newbie…" The elf smirked at JiHan. “I’ll give you 100 chances, so struggle as much as you can.


The elf vanished in a blur of movement. He was incredibly agile for a Support. In fact, he’d been specifically trained as a Warrior despite being classified as a Support for the Elgacian Paradise map. Since spiritual power was enhanced on top of that, he moved even faster than a Diamond Warrior.

= The enemy's fast…!

= Is it because this was all set up for the elves?!

= JiHan…! I hope he can overcome the situation…!

Thanks to humanity’s defeat in the third and fourth games, even the commentators were worried that JiHan would have a difficult time, but…


JiHan extended his arm and snatched the elf out of seemingly thin air.

"What…?!" the elf exclaimed.

"Elf…" JiHan clenched his hand and caused the elf to explode while making sure none of the blood touched him. "Revive quickly."

Just one blow without a weapon was enough for JiHan to annihilate the elf.

The commentators were relieved.

= Ah…!

= As expected of JiHan! He's reliable!

= How refreshing!


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


The elf soon resurrected and appeared in his original place, but JiHan just kept making him explode.





Not a single viewer felt sorry for the elf, despite the one-sided slaughter.

- Kill him more!!

- When will he stop resurrecting?

- All the stress from the third and fourth games is getting blown away, hahaha.

- Does this mean they're going to be sentenced to death?

- Yes. This is how they handle newcomers?? Have a taste of your own medicine, damn elves.

A few moments prior, the humans were worried about being executed, but the sight of the elf getting annihilated repeatedly was cathartic.

Meanwhile, the elf high priestess lost her composure for the first time since the match started. "That individual…"

The elves’ Platinum Support shouldn’t have been so helpless. According to the World Tree Alliance’s data, he should’ve been more than capable of defeating Supports from even the top species, and he’d been thoroughly trained for that singular purpose.

As if that wasn’t enough…

'Even with the World Tree's buff…!' Though it was a sapling, the buff it provided greatly boosted an elf’s strength. It should’ve been more than enough to subdue a Diamond Warrior, but the elf just kept dying without being able to do anything!

'We’ll lose at this rate. What a disaster!' The penalty of 20% of the roster being sentenced to death was far more serious for the near-immortal elves than it was for an inferior species like humans.

Of course, she’d never imagined the punishment would come back to bite them, but she realized they were in trouble when she saw how strong JiHan was.

Elves from the World Tree were overwhelmingly less populous than humans to begin with, and raising new players was difficult for them, so losing 20% of their starting roster would be disastrous.

"This is an emergency…!" She clenched her jaw and reported the emergency to her superiors.


A moment later, her appearance started to change.

'That appearance…' Coach Davis, who’d watched the high priestess's anxiety and unease with pleasure, was shocked as the priestess changed to look almost identical to the high elf he’d seen earlier. The only difference was her completely golden hair.

'The one who appeared on JiHan's channel also looked like that. What's going on?' he wondered.

They should’ve just accepted their defeat, so what was she trying to do? Despite the advantageous situation humanity was in, Coach Davis felt uneasy.


Leaves from the World Tree’s sapling in the sky began to fall along with piles of dirt.

"Haa, Haa…" The elf JiHan had been mercilessly slaughtering started to change and shine green, and then…


He managed to block one of JiHan’s attacks for the first time.


* * *



"The World Tree… Has blessed me…!" The elf was completely transformed; just like the high elf from earlier, his previously golden hair was shining green.

Greatly strengthened, the elf rushed forward faster than the eye could see.

Clang! Clang—!

He exchanged dozens of blows with JiHan on equal footing for a moment. Considering JiHan’s almost transcendent power, it was an unbelievable sight.

That showed just how strong the World Tree’s power was.

[That’s just a sapling? What an incredible power… As expected of the World Tree, one of the seven entities that rule the universe,] Ariel muttered.

"You think the shadow elves can stand against such a being?" JiHan asked.

[We have to try… That's our reason for existence, after all.] Even she was surprised by how powerful the World Tree’s buff was.

JiHan looked at the Life Energy flowing from the sapling above down to the elf. It would be much easier to absorb since it was coming down to the elf, who wasn’t far away.

'I should take some.'


Instead of fighting, JiHan intercepted the Life Energy. Maybe it was because he’d already absorbed it before, but it effortlessly flowed into him. In fact, he ended up absorbing it more efficiently than the elf.

[Master, aren't you absorbing too much? You'll become a slave to the World Tree at this rate!] Ariel was astonished.

"I'm okay."

[Try insulting the World Tree.]

"The World Tree is space junk."

[How are you okay…?] She couldn’t understand what was happening.

"You… How could you control… No… Maybe? Mother…?" The elf, initially angry at JiHan for stealing so much Life Energy, seemed confused and called him ‘Mother’ when the energy exceeded a certain threshold. "Is this… part of Mother's bigger picture…?"


The elf, unable to hide his confusion, kneeled in front of JiHan.

"Yes, my child,” JiHan said. “Now die."


He kicked the elf hard enough to make him explode and looked into the sky at the sapling emitting all of the Life Energy.


It didn’t seem to care that JiHan was taking its energy and continued to pour strength into him, as if challenging him to see who would give out first.

Instead of reviving and enhancing the dead and gone elf again, it was trying to take control of JiHan.

'Why doesn't it affect me?' Was it because of Martial Soul? JiHan was full of Life Energy at that point, but he felt completely free and continued to collect the energy until he couldn’t hold it anymore.

'Hmm…' He fell into thought and looked at Eclipse, which was in his left hand. In his previous life, he’d only been able to use the ultimate Shadow Secret Technique, Dark Shadow Sword, when Earth was on the verge of destruction. 

Though he was stronger than before, he hadn’t been able to use the technique thus far because he had no clue how to manifest it.

'It seems possible now…' Ironically, he believed the Life Energy would help him use the Dark Shadow Sword, which was a technique used to suppress life.



"Didn't I say I'd show you the Dark Shadow Sword when I became stronger?"

[The ultimate Shadow Secret Technique? Yes, you did.]

"Hold on, I’m going to try it."

[I appreciate the demonstration, but why do I need to hold on?]



He poured Life Energy into Eclipse.

[AGH… Wh-what?!]

"This is the only way to use it." He ignored Ariel’s screams and extended the sword toward the sky. The blade vanished, and darkness flowed upward like a pillar of the blackest night.

Nameless Divine Arts Shadow Secret Technique: Dark Shadow Sword.

Elgacia, a paradise shimmering with brilliant greenery, was completely engulfed in shadows, and even the sunlight above the sapling in the sky found itself consumed in inky blackness.

= I can't see anything…!

= The entire map went dark!

The commentators were clueless.

"Wh-what's going on…?” The elf high priestess asked herself as her bloodshot eyes remained locked onto the dark screen.

[Elgacian Paradise is collapsing.]

[The fifth game has ended.]


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