The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 213


A light flashed over the throne.

"This… is amazing. It's the most refreshing massage I've ever received," Sae-jin said. 

"That's an EX-rank skill," JiHan explained.

"You're joking, right…? How can a massage chair be EX-rank?"


"Does it do anything other than relax you?" Sae-jin asked in disbelief.


As if on cue, a white light surged over his body and focused around his eyes, bringing a cooling sensation with it. "Huh…" he blinked a few times in surprise and felt something filling what he’d previously destroyed.

"What the…"? A few seconds later, he was able to see the world again with crystal-clear vision.

"D-Dad… Your eyes?” Sae-ah asked. “Don't tell me… Can you see?!"

"Ah, yes… Sae-ah, I see you."

"Dad!" she ran toward him, but the miniature Divine Throne shone and stopped her from getting closer. “Wh-what’s going on?”

"Maybe it's because only one person can approach the throne at a time."

"Ah…" Sae-ah scratched her cheek.

"Sae-ah, you're quite muscular now," Sae-jin observed.

"That’s the first thing you have to say to me after regaining your vision? How touching…"

"You're still the prettiest in the world."

"Ugh… Don’t be so cheesy. Just say that I have a lot of muscles." Sae-ah hugged herself and felt goosebumps, then she looked over at JiHan. "Uncle, what happened? Even the Supports said they couldn't treat Dad's eyes yet."

"That massage chair functions to restore a player’s body to its optimal state. Since it’s EX-rank, I was hoping it could also heal any injuries, such as your dad’s sight.”

"Woah, so you weren't joking about it being EX-rank?" Sae-jin asked.

"Do you think I'd joke about something like that? Did you see any system messages?”

Sae-jin looked at something in the air that only he could see. "It says that my level limit increased by 30 and my body was restored to its optimal state because I sat on a Divine Throne.”

"Is there anything about Void resistance increasing?"

"No, there isn't anything like that."

"I see."

‘Does the Void stat effect only apply to those with the stat?’ JiHan nodded in thought and said, "Tell the media you were healed after consuming a recovery item."

"Yeah… We can't reveal the existence of this chair," Sae-jin agreed.

"Sae-ah, you sit in it next," JiHan said. 

“Huh? I feel fine, though. Ask Dad to sit in it again.”

"It can’t be stacked, and there’s something I want to test."

Sae-jin left the throne so Sae-ah could take his place.

Flash! Flash—!

Light burst from her body.

"Woah… This is great." She’d declined the massage at first, but her face instantly relaxed. Of course, since the chair could do something like restore one’s eyesight, getting rid of all of her tenseness and fatigue was trivial.

"Oh… I got a message too! My level limit increased by 30, and it says something about the limit of my Void stat being raised as well.”

"Really? You don't have the Void stat yet, do you?" JiHan asked.

"Yes… The limit increased even though I don't have it." Her ‘Void Analyst’ class was related to the void, which seemed to be enough to get the void-related increase from the throne.

"How much of an increase did you get?" JiHan asked.

"It went up by 10 and says I’ll be bound to the Will of the Void from 110.”

"Really? Mine only went up by five. It seems like the effect worked better on you."

"Is it because I'm a Void Analyst? I wonder when I’ll get the Void stat…" What was the point of having her resistance increase if she didn’t even have Void?

[The 'Witch of the Void' is greatly surprised to see you sitting on a Divine Throne.]

[She contemplates for a moment and says that, even though it's fake, it’s incredible to see.]


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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"Oh… Mom sent a message!" Sae-ah exclaimed.

"Huh?” JiHan asked. “What did she say?"

"Ah… First…" Sae-ah glanced at her dad and said, “She wants Dad to leave.”

"Okay…” Sae-jin mumbled. “Understood." He made a sad smile and left the room.

"What about me?" JiHan asked.

"She asked you to stay, no matter what."

"She said that? Does she have something to say to me?"

"Yes… She wants to know how high your Void stat is."

"Tell her it's at 55."

"She wants to know if you intend to die soon and says you shouldn’t raise it any further.”

"It's okay. I’ll be able to at least live until 70, right?" The Void stat had been of great help to him. Other than what it directly offered, he’d also received related benefits, such as the Secret Shop and the training ground.

"I'm going to continue using it." He didn’t know when he’d have to face the Wandering Martial God, which meant he had to use everything he could.

After he expressed his refusal, more messages appeared in front of Sae-ah.

[The Witch of the Void cries that her little brother never listens to her.]

[She asks why he doesn't want to live long.]

[She complains that, even if this is fake, it’s too realistic.]

Sae-ah scratched her cheek. 'I guess I don't need to pass this on.'

After she criticized JiHan, the Witch of the Void sent another message: [The Witch of the Void wants to know if you truly want power over the void.] Since the question was directed at her, it implied that the constellation was willing to give her the Void stat.

"Uncle, is the Void stat that good?" she asked her uncle.

"Why do you ask?"

"Mom seems willing to give it to me."

"Don't do it."

"Why? I want to be strong as well!"

"You should have a long life."

"What about you, uncle?"

"Me? I'm fine. There’s always another way, after all."

Sae-ah narrowed her eyes at his vague answer. In other words, he was saying he’d worry about it later.

[The Witch of the Void says she can temporarily grant you the Void stat if you promise not to raise it above 10.]

"10? Is there a problem if it’s higher than that?"

[The Witch of the Void emphasizes that there must be a difference of at least 100 points between the value and the maximum limit you can reach before succumbing to the Will of the Void.]

"Aah…" Her limit had increased by 10 after she sat on the Divine Throne, which was probably why she could safely have 10 points. “Uncle, Mom says it’s fine as long as I stay 100 points below succumbing to the Will of the Void.”


"I'm going to accept…" It looked like she’d already made up her mind; trying to persuade her otherwise would be impossible at that point.

'I guess my sister wouldn't let her go astray…' JiHan nodded and had no other complaints.

"I promise, Mom," Sae-ah said toward the message window.

[The Witch of the Void has temporarily granted the Void stat to player 'Yoon Sae-ah.']


A purple mist rose from Sae-ah's body before flowing back into her, and the Void stat appeared in her status window a moment later.

Her mother sent one more message before leaving again. [The Witch of the Void once again urges you not to raise your Void stat above 10 until the limit increases.]

"So Mom left…" Her happiness at having obtained the stat was short-lived, and she looked at the system window with a hint of regret.

[The Divine Throne has been removed.]

[You can summon it again in 1 month.]

Having served its purpose, the Divine Throne vanished.

'I guess it wasn’t completely useless, after all.' It’d restored Sae-Jin’s eyesight and also increased his resistance to the Void stat. Though he still didn’t think it deserved a ranking of ‘EX’, he couldn’t deny the benefits he’d received.

'What my sister said… is a bit different from what the Dead Star said.’ Kallein had told him not to let the stat exceed 100, but his sister said to keep a 100-point gap between the current value and the limit.

Between the two, he guessed that his sister was probably right. She was the ‘Witch of the Void’, after all. ‘If I do as my sister suggests, then, even with the Divine Throne’s help, I won’t be able to raise the stat again for at least 10 months. I don’t have the luxury of waiting that long.’

He decided to ignore his sister’s warning, just as he’d done when she was still around. Of course, he was just the exception. “Sae-ah, don’t go above 10.”

"Got it. What about you? Are you going to wait before increasing it again so you can keep a difference of 100 points?"

"No, I'm fine."

"Ugh, seriously…! Mom complained that you never listened to her."

JiHan smirked and said, “That’s just the kind of relationship I have with her.”

"Ugh, really…" Sae-ah glared at him for a moment before remembering something and clapping her hands together. "Ah, Uncle! I have something to brag to you about!"

"What happened?"

"I reached level 213." Her Late Bloomer Gift proved to be extremely effective, and her growth rate after reaching Diamond was still dazzling. "Uncle… What level are you?"

"Me?" He checked his status window. "I'm at 215."

"Ah, too bad. I thought I’d passed you! How is your level so high if you never even play?”

"The promotion match and the regional games gave me lots of rewards.” Despite his casual response, he was surprised there was only a two-level difference between them. 

‘Late Bloomer is truly unbelievable.’ While he’d been hunting Shizuru and preparing to fight the elves, his niece had been playing as many games as she could to catch up to him. Of course, even though they were close in level, there was still a huge gap in their abilities.

"I'll have to log in to Battle Net."

"You’re finally going to start playing games again, Uncle?"

"Yes. I can’t let you pass me that easily." ‘I can also continue increasing the Void stat’.

As soon as he tried to play a game for the first time since reaching Diamond…

[You are among the ‘Top 0.001%’ of players.]

[You've been assigned to the Diamond League, Space - 4.]

'Space - 4?' It was a change that happened to Earth after the Tutorial Season ended. ‘Humans only ever reached ‘Space - 12’ before my regression, but I’ve already been assigned to ‘Space - 4’ immediately after reaching Diamond.

[You've been given the special dungeon map 'Boss Selection'.]

[Will you participate in the 'Boss Selection'?]


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