The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 205


'I was planning to upgrade the Achievement Shop, but there’s also a Secret Shop?’ He’d used the Achievement Shop quite often in the past, but his achievement points were piling up because he’d bought all he could at the moment.

Since he’d ascended to Diamond and met the donation requirement, though, he’d be able to upgrade it and spend achievement points again at the end of January.

'I'll take a look at what they sell in this Secret Shop.'

[Secret Shop - Void LV.1]

Secret Shop Upgrade - 5,000,000P

Status Window Enhancement LV.1 - 1,000,000P

Class Enhancement LV.1 - 1,000,000P

Title Fusion - 1,000,000P

Parallel World Space - 1,000,000P to open. Consumes 10,000P per day when activated. 

[All items in the Secret Shop are of limited use, and duration is proportional to the Void stat.]

'Everything costs a huge amount of points.' Though it was only at level 1, the prices were exorbitant, and the duration of each item was limited as well. Though he would have hesitated to spend points there before…

‘I have over 10 million points saved up, so I can afford to spend a bit.’ He’d earned a huge amount of achievement points after his amazing performances in the Space League, so he thought it wouldn’t hurt to experiment.

'I’d regret spending a million in one go, so maybe I’ll raise the Void stat to 50 first.’ The Dead Star had warned him against investing in it, but he’d be okay as long as he didn’t reach 100, right? He only had 5 Void stat to begin with, which wasn’t enough to see any significant change other than the Secret Shop.

'I need to figure out how this works.' He invested all of the stat points he’d saved up. The stat rose sharply at first, but it later asked for two points for each increase, which eventually rose to three. 'So it gradually asks me for more points.'

He only reached 42 in Void after exhausting all the points he’d saved and shook his head. 'There's a long way to 100.' It didn’t look like he’d have to worry about being bound to the Will of the Void for quite some time.

He tried to see if there were any visible effects on his body when deathly authority began to show a bigger presence, just like it had inside the game.

'My shadow-related abilities are stronger as well…' Looking at the bigger picture, void, death, and shadow were all dark-attribute abilities. Had the Void stat enhanced all of them?

[You can absorb the 'Shadow Sword' and 'Death' stats into the Void stat.]

[Will you proceed?]

[If you accept, the Void stat will increase, and you’ll be able to use both abilities in an enhanced form under the Void stat’s influence.]

Was the Void stat a higher concept that encompassed all darkness-related stats?

'The Death stat is going to vanish in a week anyway, so it should make a good test.'


He selected the stat for absorption, and a dark-red energy flashed through his body before vanishing.

[The 'Death' stat and the 'Death Sentence' skill have been absorbed by Void.]

[Void has increased by 5.]

'Only five?' The authority of death had been quite useful. Even if it had an expiration date, only gaining five points in Void seemed like too little. He was a bit disappointed at first.

'No, with this… I can still use the death-related abilities. Moreover, the authority’s power is even stronger now.' His eyes shone after he performed a few tests. Integrating with deathly authority had given him a 20% buff effect in the game, but it seemed like it’d give him 40% as part of Void.

Of course, since he was already incredibly strong, such a buff was amazing.

Next, he naturally turned his attention to the Shadow Sword stat. "Ariel, come out." He’d temporarily sealed her to complete the constellation quest with purely the Death stat’s power.

She emerged from his arm and revealed herself in shadow elf form. [Ah, you finally released the seal, Master?]

"Yes. Ariel, you aren't completely intertwined with the Shadow Sword stat, right?"

[With your Shadow Sword stat, Master? The energy from the stat strengthens me, but I'm not tied to it—I'm a completely different entity.]

"Then there shouldn’t be a problem with having my Void stat absorb it."

[Huh? The Void stat? Why did you bring that up all of a sudden?] She’d been sealed, so she wasn’t aware of recent events.

"Just wait and see."

['Shadow Sword' has been absorbed by Void.]

[Void has increased by 8.]


[H-huh? What's going on?] Ariel rapidly grew until her head touched the ceiling, and her body shimmered with purple light. [H-hold it back for a moment, please!]

"Ah, okay." Void’s amplifying power increased when it reached 55, which made Shadow Sword that much stronger. Ariel was only able to return to her original size after he held the energy back a bit.

[M-Master… This power…! It feels similar to when the Queen personally infused me with her energy.]

"It's comparable to the constellation’s power?" JiHan asked.

[Of course, the Queen has more, but the precision of yours… Feels closer to the void. Merging it with Void can produce this kind of power?] Ariel touched her body, still in disbelief. 

'Shadow Sword and Death’s effects are stronger than before, but I still don’t understand the Void stat itself.’ All he understood was that the stat swallowed other dark-attribute skills and stats and made them its own.

'I’ll figure out more about the Void stat later and make use of the Secret Shop first. Let's start with enhancement.' He used two million achievement points to enhance his status window and class.

[Status window is being enhanced.]

[All stats in the status window have been enhanced by 20%. Experience and stat gain will be increased by 50%.]

[The effect will last for 55 weeks.]

['Martial Soul' and 'Void' stats aren't included in the enhancement.]

[Your class has been enhanced. The Master of One effect has been amplified by 100%.]

[The Fourth-rate Warrior’s inspiration will activate more frequently, which will be especially enhanced in the Parallel World.]

[The effect will last for 55 weeks.]


* * *

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* * *

Each of the purchases made the cost more than worth it. Unfortunately, the status window enhancement in particular was almost worthless because Martial Soul and Void weren’t included.

'At least the growth increase is great.' He’d firmly taken a seat as one of Earth’s strongest Warriors already, but he was still far from comparable to the Wandering Martial God; every enhancement he could get his hands on was valuable.

'They both last for 55 weeks… The duration is directly linked to the Void stat, with one week per point. Training inside the Parallel World also seems like it would be best with the enhancements to Fourth-rate Warrior.'

He’d wondered what the ‘Parallel World Space’ at the bottom of the Secret Shop was for. Based on the explanations he’d received, it was related to training.

'I should open it at least once.' It cost a million achievement points to open and another 10,000 a day to maintain, but it said it would help him with training, so he didn’t hesitate.

[A Parallel World Space only the player can enter has opened.]

[The player can use it as a 'Hideout' or a 'Training Ground.']

[How would you like to use the Parallel World Space?]

When he thought of the Curtain of Void he’d given to Sae-ah, he believed using it as a hideout would have a powerful effect, but…

'A training ground is better than a hideout.' He still had a long way to go, so the training ground sounded more appealing.

[The Parallel World will be used as a ‘Training Ground’.]

[You can shape the interior of the space as you wish.]

[The flow of time within the ‘Training Ground’ will be 5.5 times slower than reality.]

Was that also related to the Void stat? It was by far one of the most useful things he’d purchased. “I should use it right away.’

[Activating the Parallel World Space.]

As soon as he finished the promotion match, he started training. Thanks to all of his enhancements, he understood how to complete his Red Lightning Technique.

'This… is revolutionary.'


* * *


In a hotel suite in Vladivostok, Russia, Russia's greatest Warrior, Vladimir, knelt on the floor and devoutly prayed. "O, constellation… The time has come." Unlike when he was using Berserk in the games, he spoke in a polite and respectful tone.

Of course, it was only to be expected since he was praying to a constellation that had promised to strengthen him. The constellation known as the ‘Godslayer’ had offered to sponsor him one day and given him a command.

[Pray to me when you find yourself against JiHan, and I will descend upon you.]

- Sung JiHan, you mean…?

[Yes. After that, I will upgrade your Gift to SSS.]

- B-but he’s our hero… It’d be wrong to harm him…

JiHan had done a lot for humanity. Though Vladimir had suffered defeat at his hands, JiHan was necessary in the Space League. When the constellation saw his reluctance, it made a promise. [I will only educate him briefly inside Battle Net. I won't harm him directly.]

- But…

[Are you saying it’s okay if Russia loses to him since he’s humanity’s hero? If that's the case, then just wave the white flag of surrender every time you go against Korea. Why even compete?]

- U-understood…

Vladimir eventually agreed, and February 1st arrived. It was the opening match of the new East Asian League season, and Russia would be facing Korea.

Vladimir hesitated for a moment. "Right… the regional matches are different. No matter how much humanity might owe JiHan, I must do everything possible to ensure Russia’s victory. My Gift's rank will also increase to SSS…!"


A bright, white light twinkled over his head. "U-ugh…!" He clutched his head as a severe headache struck him until…


"Good…" The ‘Godslayer’ constellation, Longinus, descended upon him. "Sung JiHan… It’s time for you to learn your place." 

He made a cruel smile and was confident in his victory.


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