The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 203


'Yggdrasil?' JiHan gave the system message an intrigued look. Wasn't that the name of the World Tree in Norse mythology? It was said to be big enough to span the universe, earning the nickname ‘Cosmic Tree’, and it was probably the most famous tree of the type that humanity knew of.

'It came up just when I discovered the great spirit’s weakness… Could it be related to the World Tree Alliance?' The name had never appeared in his pre-regression life. Maybe it was due to how he exceeded their expectations, but the World Tree Alliance’s constellation had stepped in.

[Your sponsor constellation, 'Thunder God', warns you against getting involved with Yggdrasil.]

[He insists that you must at least give him the red lightning first if you ignore his warning.]

[Your sponsor constellation, 'Dead Star', has sent an urgent message.]

[You previously blocked this constellation. Do you wish to unblock him?]

He hadn’t seen an unblock request before, which probably meant it was a particularly important message.

'I should listen to him.'

[Your sponsor constellation, 'Dead Star' emphasizes that you must not listen to or see any offers from the World Tree Alliance.]

[He warns not to be deceived by the sweet words of that old hag. He says many have fallen for her lies and become trees.]

‘Old hag’? Was he talking about Yggdrasil?

'I already rejected the information release, so how could she make an offer?’

['Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil' extends an offer to the player in ‘Hideout’ mode.]

[You've shown great potential, so I want to sponsor you. Please, reveal information about yourself. I will give you 100 trillion GP just for revealing yourself.]

100 trillion GP? The elves had offered a quadrillion GP to stop themselves from being executed. Did they print GP or something? They seemed to have no sense of money.

[Ah, I missed a zero. It's a quadrillion GP.]

She'd increased the offer by ten times the amount in an instant, which was enough for JiHan to understand why the others had warned him. Even he was momentarily taken aback by the offer—it was just on a completely different scale.

'The ‘Hideout’ option only lasts for five more months anyway…’ They’d probably offered such a high amount because they didn’t know it was limited. Any normal player would have taken the offer, but JiHan thought differently.

"Refuse." He had more than enough money already. Even if it was for just six months, it was better to avoid falling prey to the World Tree Alliance.

[To think you'd refuse such an offer… I'll have to pay more attention to you. I'll be waiting for your information to become public.]

He’d drawn a troublesome being’s attention, though it was inevitable since he’d chosen to oppose the World Tree Alliance.

'I need to grow as much as possible before I lose ‘Hideout’.' To do that, he’d have to start with an overwhelming victory in the current game. He dismissed the messages and looked toward the eastern portal the elves had run to.

'I'll just have to wipe both species out.'

He dashed toward the eastern portal.


* * *


= The game is going in a weird direction…!

= Wasn't this supposed to be a defense map? JiHan's controlling the monsters, and the elves are massacring the urks to avoid him!

= The urks… It seems that they're all Warriors. They're extremely vulnerable to long-range attacks!

Thanks to JiHan’s antics, the League Competition was being played more like an ‘invade’ map. Humanity’s Channel 0 showed more battles between the alien species than it did the humans.

= The elves are strong. Really strong! The urks' rankings have fallen below the elves’!

= It hasn't even been 10 minutes since they began fighting, but only about 30 urk survivors are left! They've been brutally trampled by the elves, who are fewer in number! 

The elves bombarded the urks with spirit magic from the sky. Though the urks tried to throw their axes or fly to counter them, the difference in species specs was just too severe.

- The elves are an overpowered species. Isn't their spirit magic insane?

- Woah, did you see that? An axe got stuck in an elf's forehead, but the elf regenerated immediately. What kind of monsters are they?

- Then what does that make JiHan? He destroyed the elves.

- JiHan is the definition of being overpowered, hahaha.

While a fierce battle was taking place between two species, the other humans just sat around.

"Ah, I'm bored…"

"The monsters are on our side, so there's nothing left for us to do."

"I was nervous about the Diamond promotion match, but it looks like it was for nothing."

= Humanity looks peaceful!

= The camera on the human side doesn’t have anything interesting to focus on, so it might as well just lock onto JiHan!

= Aren't we relying too much on just one player? 

= Having a player we can rely on is great! Otherwise, wouldn't we be in the same situation as the urks?

JiHan was the only human worth watching.

= JiHan… He entered the eastern portal and emerged from the underground cavern!

= The undead legion from the fourth pyramid is going with him. Urks, you're in for a disaster! 

As the commentator said, the map assigned to the urks was in complete chaos, with elves, undead, and even a human battling it out. Magic exploded in every direction as fights broke out everywhere. As expected, the urks were suffering the most.

"Krr… What's going on?!"

"Why are other species here?!"

They were only prepared to fight the undead and had lost most of their fighting strength in the elves’ bombardments. Why was there such a big difference when they were all trying to climb to Diamond? The elves were like messengers of death from the sky, and the urks trembled in fear.

"We're going to finish last!"

"How could we have believed the point-eared bastards were going to finish last…?!”


Magic continued to pour from the sky.

"So is this the end…?" The urks were prepared for annihilation when they noticed JiHan standing in the air above them.

"So it's here," he said.


A crimson light emerged from his hands, which he spread over the area as if to protect himself and the urks.

Bang! Bang—!


* * *

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* * *


The elves’ magic exploded in the air as their finishing bombardment was blocked.

"It's him!" the elves shouted in recognition. "He followed us here? How annoying…!"

"Orders came from above… We have to get some of his flesh or blood!"

"Prepare to summon the Great Spirit again!"


All of them, other than the elf leader, devoted themselves to the task and ripped out their hearts.

"Kurr… What are those guys doing?" the urks wondered. "Now’s our chance! We have to throw our axes!"

"Sylph, make them fall," the elf leader said, completely blocking their attacks.

The urks naturally turned their gaze toward JiHan.

"What are you doing…?"

"Why are you waiting for them?"

"Is he a ‘human’…? They seem strong but not very bright."

JiHan thought their remarks about human intelligence were ridiculous. 'I should test out the weakness I discovered earlier.' He naturally wanted to test out his new knowledge of the great spirit, so he crossed his arms and watched the summoning.

Soon enough, the great spirit was ready.

"Human! You fool!” an urk shouted. “A monster appeared because you did nothing!"

"Th-that monster's incredibly strong… We're done for."

Why would someone wait for something like that to appear?

Meanwhile, the elf leader gave the giant her instructions. "Great spirit, just scratch him! I'll take care of the rest. Be it blood or flesh… I’ll steal it and escape!"

Flash! Flash—! 

A massive beam of light intense enough to cause some of the urks to unwillingly close their eyes poured down toward JiHan.


JiHan's deathly authority easily deflected the great spirit’s attack.

"Did he stop that attack…?" the urks wondered. They’d thought it was over, but JiHan had somehow completely neutralized the fearsome beam. They looked at him in surprise, curious as to how he blocked such an overwhelming attack.

"Humanity… Just how strong are they?" the urks muttered in surprise.

JiHan turned around to them and asked, "Hey, do you guys have a Support?" His words were automatically translated through Battle Net. Contrary to his overwhelming power, his voice wasn’t as intense as theirs. 

Were humans an example of ‘you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover’? The urk leader spoke up. “A Support? Yes, we have a Shaman."

"Bring him out. Ah, do any of you have the ability to attack with Divine Power from a distance?"

"Yes, we have—"

"Okay, get the attack ready."

"U-understood. Uson, go." The urks followed his orders as if they were Enchanted.

"Shoot toward the lower part of the great spirits's stomach," JiHan ordered.

"Over there…?"


The urk Support did as he said and prepared a ranged attack infused with Divine Power.

Flash! Flash—!

Meanwhile, the great spirit used all its strength to attempt to break through JiHan’s defenses, but nothing had any effect.

"What kind of power is this…?!" the elf leader exclaimed as she glanced back and forth between JiHan and the great spirit.

"We’re using light on a light-attribute being?" the urk asked.


"That's going to be useless. Human, are you stupid?"

"Just do as I say."

"U-understood. Ashphalaka!"


The Shaman, Uson, waved his staff, and a pure-white wolf’s head burst toward the great spirit. The wolf was tiny in comparison, and its light seemed weaker, almost as if it would vanish mid-flight.

"Huh…" As the wolf head flew forward to where JiHan had indicated and hit the great spirit…


Cracks appeared over the great spirit’s body.

"Wh-what?! The great spirit is…!" the elf exclaimed in a panic.

"Huh? I… I did that?" Support Uson murmured, unable to believe his success.

The giant’s body flickered a few times before it recovered, but it was weaker than before.

That was enough to confirm JiHan’s suspicion. 'That's the weak spot. It's weak to Divine Power.' The area the elf corpses were contained in could be targeted with Divine Power to deal significant damage to the giant.

The Urk Support couldn't finish it off, but a player of Diamond rank or higher would probably be able to.

Since he’d confirmed his suspicion… "Let's end this." JiHan quickly approached the great spirit and broke through its weak spot.


The light scattered, and the giant vanished.

Meanwhile, the elf leader watched with a dazed look from the sky. "Th-this can't be happening…"

"You’re the last elf,” JiHan said, “so go back and enjoy taking last place as well.”


The elf exploded.

"The elf died!" the urks exclaimed.

"He can't regenerate!"

"Humanity's strong! They saved us! Friends!" The urks on the ground cheered out, calling JiHan a friend since he’d appeared out of the blue and swept the formidable elves away.

"Why are you guys so happy?" JiHan asked.


"You're next." Of course, he had no intention of being their friend.

Tap, tap—

The undead legion advanced toward the urks from all sides.

"D-damn…!" the urks paled in fear just before the death knights slaughtered them like the pigs they were.


* * *


= J-JiHan… He led the undead and swept away the mechans!

= All the opponents are defeated!

= I wonder what will happen now…

= Ah, the game ended!

There were no more competitors, so the game ended with humanity in 1st place. JiHan received a massive amount of reward notifications due to how he ended the game, but he focused on one in particular…

[You've cleared the constellation quest.]

'I'm finally going to get the Void stat.'


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