The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 201


"Uncle, why the hill…?" Sae-ah asked.

"This is related to what I mentioned earlier," JiHan said.

"Ah, the prophetic dream?"

"Yes, come on, everyone, follow me."

"Yes, understood!" Convinced by him saying it was a prophetic dream, they all readily followed and watched the undead dig up the ground.

Thud! Thud—!

In a stunning display of strength, the undead legion used their swords and spears to destroy the hill. Everyone who saw it realized just how difficult the Space League was.

"So you can dig with a sword…"

"They use dark-attribute sword energy, too. Death knights seem to be strong."

"It doesn’t look like stopping the opening wave would’ve been easy.”

JiHan, on the other hand, was a bit confused. 'The first wave shouldn't have been this tough.' It might’ve been the Space League, but the first monsters to appear in promotion matches should’ve been weaker. There was no point in Battle Net making it so people couldn’t mount a proper defense, after all.

‘Is it due to my deathly authority?’ It was hard to believe that it both enhanced all of the undead to such a degree and allowed him to control them.

The Dead Star’s power was, admittedly, incredible. If he were a necromancer, he’d want it by any means necessary.

'It's useful, but it’s not my sort of thing.' JiHan felt indifferent about it—he preferred direct combat over controlling minions, albeit enhanced ones. In the end, it just wasn’t satisfying.


A dark crimson light spread all over his body, partially obscuring his form, and he felt extremely light—like he’d received a powerful blessing.

He was a bit surprised that the buff worked. ‘Buffs have been useless on me since I gained Martial Soul, but this one seems different.’ He definitely felt the extra effect of the deathly authority—the death knights suddenly became two or three times stronger. 

'Hmm, at least it's something.' Meanwhile, he only received around 20% extra strength, comparatively. His indifferent look completely changed—he needed more of that 20% enhancement, but when he tried to take in more deathly authority…

[You're a living being.]

[It's impossible to fully fuse with deathly authority.]

A warning message popped up.

'Would I have to become an undead to gain more from it?’ Though he was a Reaper at the moment, it seemed there was still a limit if you were a living being. While he was studying it…

"Uncle! Over there! Something came out!" Sae-ah urgently called him and pointed to the hill the undead were digging up.


White smoke rose from between two of the undeads’ swords.

"Huh…!" someone exclaimed. "The death knights disappeared?!"

The undead were buried by the very hill they were digging when a white mist engulfed the area, and something began to emerge.


"What are those? Skulls…?" the players wondered. They saw the skulls of many beings emerging from the fog, including the skulls of the death knights and one that looked to be from a giant monster. 

A piercing blue light poured from the skulls’ eye sockets as they focused on JiHan and his group, and their voices echoed in unison.

[How dare you disturb our resting place…?]

[Stop… Let us rest…]

[Will you join us…?]

It was intense enough to fluster players who were about to be promoted to Diamond.

"Uh…" someone murmured.

"M-my body isn't moving. Use protective magic…!"

"Divine Shield!"

"Haa, haa…"

The players were barely able to hold out after the Supports used their Divine Power.

[Hehehehe…] The skulls laughed, and even the Divine Shield began to crack. Though the players were Platinum and all achieved great things on Earth, they found the laughter difficult to endure.

= Ah… It feels like they suddenly encountered the final boss!

= JiHan! Was digging the ground the right decision…? Even his undead legion was devoured!

= Can't you trust Mr. Sung? He’s never been wrong! Doesn't he have the power of prophecy?

= If he manages to find some way out of this, I’ll 100% start believing it!

= I wonder what he saw in his dream.

They believed he probably had a reason for bringing the large monster out.

Tap, tap—

JiHan approached the cluster of skulls, having halfway immersed himself in deathly authority, extended his hand, and channeled the Reaper’s power.

The thousands of skulls simultaneously turned toward him.

[Is this… the Reaper's energy?]

[How could a living being…?!]

The skulls hesitated.

= Oh… Does the same power that dominated the death knights also work against the skulls?

= As expected, he had a plan all along!

The commentators spoke as if the situation were already resolved.

[How dare you try to control us…!]

[Become one of us…!] Instead of succumbing to the Reaper’s power, they showed intense hostility toward him.

[Khaaaaa…] The skulls opened their mouths in unison, and more white fog emerged, concentrated on JiHan. Instead of intimidating them, his deathly authority had only antagonized them further.

"D-Divine Shield!" The players watching from behind hurriedly tried to protect him.

Meanwhile, JiHan calmly observed the situation. 'So it doesn't work in this case.' Even if he could control all of the undead in the initial wave, taking control of a hidden boss seemed impossible. In that case, there was no need to force it.

'The constellation quest… I just need to make use of deathly authority, right?'


A dark, crimson light swirled around his wrist. "Wait a moment,” he said. “I'll be back."


He vanished into the fog.

[Haha, to think he'd willingly come to become one with us…!]

[I'll take the flesh…!]

The skulls mocked him at first, but then they began to panic.


[Why isn't he being assimilated?]


Skulls burst in all directions. Only a few shattered at first, but as JiHan began to take things more seriously, they began to explode by the dozens.

"Well, you guys are nothing much."


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


= Ah…!

= Is this what he planned?!

= As expected, a Warrior speaks with his fists!

Despite being in Platinum, many acknowledged JiHan as humanity’s strongest Warrior after the Battlefield of Chaos. Just as before, he solved the problem with a particularly Warrior-like method. 

To put it simply, he was immune to the skulls’ attacks after half-assimilating with deathly authority, which gave him free reign to waltz in and annihilate them.

[This can't be…!]

[Control him. Quickly! Swallow him!]

[No, wait… Where is he…?]

[He's too fast!]

He took advantage of their confusion and started shattering skulls even faster. After some time passed, the fog over the hill thinned, and JiHan leaped out and extended his hand, using deathly authority again.

"How about now?" he asked as he tried to dominate them again.

[How dare you… Try to subjugate us…!]

[We are undead. We don't fear annihilation!]

The enemy was still stubborn.

"Weren't you afraid of me?" he asked. “You were desperately trying to survive.”

[Do not insult us!]

"Really? Fine, here I go again…” Giving up on his attempt, he leaped forward and crushed more skulls until the fog was reduced to about a quarter of its original strength.


He emerged again and asked, "How about now?" Dark, red light shone from his hand.

[We can’t… resist this.]

[We surrender to the Reaper.]

[Please, give us your command.] 

Their rebellious attitude was completely gone, and they all swore allegiance to JiHan.

[You've subdued the 'Fallen King's Resentful Soul.' ]

[Deathly authority has been greatly enhanced.]

JiHan was interested in the name that appeared. 'Fallen King, huh…?' It looked like a single will controlled the horde of skulls—the will of a fallen king with only his skull left. For some reason, it reminded him of the Dead Star.

He decided to tackle the secret area directly and said, "Lead me to where your remains are stored."

[It's here.] The spirits faded, and the hill vanished in the next instant, revealing a huge, inverted triangular building being supported by a giant skull. As if that wasn’t enough, the inverted pyramid was made of blood and flesh and emitted thick fog regularly.

[Grrr…] With each pulse of fog, more undead appeared in abundance—death knights similar to the ones JiHan had taken control of. 

‘It creates the undead… It’s been a while since I saw it.’ Due to the initial wave being devoured by the Fallen King's Resentful Soul, undead production was in full swing.

After a decent enough amount of death knights stood at the ready, portals appeared in each cardinal direction of the inverted pyramid.

Flash! Flash—! 

The skull supporting the entire, grotesque structure looked to the west and said, [Advance!]


Red light poured from its eyes, and the undead legion followed its orders and headed into the western portal.

'So the western portal is ours.' The pyramid created and dispatched the monster waves, which the skull on the bottom sent through a designated portal to the participants on its map.

‘Originally, the elves took control of it and turned the skull.’ Before his regression, the broadcast had shown humanity what the elves were doing, which allowed them to copy the strategy. 

Back then, the elves used earth spirits to dig up the hill and threw a special item imbued with Divine Power at the skulls, exposing the inverted pyramid. After that, the elves approached the skull at the bottom and turned it toward a different portal.

'It's impossible to know where each species is… but the elves are the biggest threat.'

The urks were a weak species that competed with humanity over last place during his previous life, and the mechans always maintained a middle ranking but were less prominent than the elves.

Of course, that meant the elves were the obvious target.

"Wait a moment," he said to the others. Having taken control of the undead legion, he entered the northern portal first in search of the elves.

"Wh-what?! Why did you come out of the portal…?!"

Fortunately, he found them on the first try. 


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