The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 192


'Too bad.' JiHan looked up into the sky with disappointment. The game had stopped since the map was collapsing, but he still saw the sapling in the air.

'Perhaps the sapling feared for its survival and collapsed the map…' JiHan’s technique had engulfed everything in sight, and the darkness only seemed to grow stronger as time went on.

Fearing for its safety, the sapling had probably caused an emergency game ending by collapsing the map. It was only possible because Elgacian Paradise was like a floating island in the sky, supported entirely by the sapling.

[So that’s the Dark Shadow Sword…]


[Master… Were you always this strong? The shadows flowing from your body seemed to be infinite, and I was even afraid of losing myself.]

"No,” JiHan said. “Such a thing would've been impossible with my power alone. You experienced it with your body, so can’t you see what I did?”


"How I made the Life Energy interact with the shadows."

The World Tree’s Life Energy was so complex and multifaceted that not even JiHan and his Martial Soul could fully comprehend it. Among those many facets, its compatibility with his shadow energy was what he was most confused about.

The two powers should’ve normally repelled each other, but they ended up amplifying each other in a show of unimaginable synergy after they reached a certain level.

His Dark Shadow Sword was able to engulf the world thanks to the sapling’s Life Energy, after all.

[I felt it with my body but still can't understand it. The World Tree is the enemy of the shadow elves, and its power completely stands against ours…]

"I also don't understand… but I had a feeling that they would endlessly amplify each other if they were combined.”

[You have quite good intuition… How did you even come up with that idea? Impressive.]

"Who knows? Maybe it's thanks to Fourth-rate Warrior?" He theorized that he’d received a bout of inspiration from the class’s effects and came up with the idea of using so much Life Energy on Eclipse thanks to that.

It was something that would’ve normally been unthinkable, after all.

[Master… can I report this to the Shadow Queen?]

JiHan nodded. 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.'

The World Tree Alliance had trampled on humanity, so he was more than willing to help the Shadow Queen so she could keep them in check.

"Even so, nothing’s free. Ask her for appropriate compensation."

[Understood. Now that the Tutorial Season is over, the Queen will show more active interest.]

"Okay." JiHan ended his conversation with her.

[The fifth game has ended.]

['Humanity' has won.]

[‘Sung JiHan’ has been selected as the MVP of the fifth game.]

[You've cleared the special achievement 'Space League MVP'.]

[You've earned 1,000,000 achievement points.]

[‘Sung JiHan’ has been selected as the overall MVP.]

[You've cleared the special achievement 'Space League Series MVP'.]

[You've earned 2,000,000 achievement points.]

[You've cleared the special achievement 'Map Collapse'.]

[You've earned 3,000,000 achievement points.]

A system message popped out amid the darkness and informed him he’d earned six million achievement points from the single game. It looked like the overall MVP was already decided as well.

'Of course, it had to be me.' The elves had put all of their effort into the fifth game, but he’d completely foiled their plans, so who else could be named MVP?

He smiled. 'Now, it's time for the execution.' He recalled the opening game before his regression and how the promising young Platinum Support woman from Italy that humanity sent trembled in fear in front of the elf Support before being completely obliterated.

- You have 99 tries left.

Things didn’t end with that one death, and the elf even got bored as he continuously killed her until…

- How could you join Battle Net and be this weak? I need to dissect you.

The elf conducted human experimentation on the young woman while all of humanity watched. Although Battle Net was full of gruesome sights, it was the first time anyone ever saw something like that.

It was so bad that many viewers experienced trauma, and the poor Support who was the victim of it all retired from the industry due to mental shock. Some even said that she later committed suicide.

'Many rankers died there as well.' Many top-rankers, including Oliver—the top-ranked player from the United States—were executed in the 20% lottery after the game ended.

Of course, humanity struggled in the Space League after that and was ultimately unable to escape the demotion zone. The newcomers who emerged after the Tutorial Season ended were the only reason they lasted as long as they did.

Even so, humanity was faced with huge penalties at the end of each season and was ultimately pushed to the brink until they lost against the urks and perished.

"I won’t let that happen this time," JiHan resolved as he logged out.

If he wanted to save humanity, he’d have to be a little cruel.


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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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"…" The elf high priestess blankly watched Elgacian Paradise collapse. The map had been created by one of the World Tree Alliance’s higher beings as an elf trump card, but everything seemed to have gone wrong. It was so particular that they even needed four priority cards to select it.

'Even high-ranking species fell against us in that map…' She’d never seen a species escape from the trap before—the World Tree sapling’s buffs were just that effective.

All that, and someone from a lowest-ranked species had done the seemingly impossible? ‘That person even controlled Mother’s power…’

The World Tree's Life Energy was something only a chosen few could yield, so how had that human used it? The Support the elves trained for the map even ended up calling the human ‘Mother’, which showed how perfect his control over the power was.

Just what were humans?

"I can't wait to see the penalty." Coach Davis smirked at her from the other end of the coach’s table. He'd been close to becoming known as the coach that drove 20% of humanity’s top 2,000 players to their deaths, but JiHan’s reversal of the situation made him feel great.

The high priestess looked at the excited coach with subdued eyes and slowly opened her mouth. "Let's negotiate."

"Negotiate? You have to take responsibility for the penalty you set. Just quietly accept your deaths." Coach Davis had no intention of listening to the elf coach. Since he knew how monstrous the elves were, he couldn’t miss the once-in-a-lifetime chance to reduce their top rankers’ strength by 20%.

"We will pay a quadrillion GP," the elf said.

"What…? A quadrillion?!" Davis was speechless.

- A quadrillion GP…?

- It used to be one GP to one dollar, right? Would that be a quadrillion dollars?

- Now it's two dollars, lol. It even increased to two-and-a-half when it seemed like we would lose.

- Wow. Won't the value drop even more if they pay so much at once?

- Yes. The market started crashing as soon as she said that.

“In addition, we'll ensure the stability of the GP market's value,” the elf added.

- Wow, they're going to match the exchange rate?

- That's crazy. So it's going to become just like during the Tutorial Season?

- They really don't want to be executed, huh? Hahaha.

- Those bastards. Why did they impose such a penalty if they weren’t willing to accept it? 

- They probably didn't expect to be the ones affected, hahaha. 

Since the Tutorial Season was over, GP was even more valuable than before, and their offer of stabilizing the fluctuating market was tempting.

"Hmm…" Davis considered it.

"GP is the basic resource for surviving in the Space League. Receiving our support will be far more valuable than executing our players, who you’ll rarely encounter this season," the elf said.

= Coach Davis is thinking…!

= He probably wants to give them a taste of their own medicine, but the compensation is tempting!

= You only play twice against each species in the Space League. Even if we execute them, we'll only meet them one more time this season.

= Receiving GP might be the better option…

= Ah, the coach requested a timeout for consultation with the Association.

= He made the right choice. This isn't something he should decide by himself!

Although he wanted to get back at them for their manipulation and cruel tactics, their offer was simply too good to outright refuse.

The offer was also tempting for Battle Net Association officials, who were ready to give in as they discussed it.


"Shouldn't we accept their proposal?"

"Even if we executed them, we wouldn’t encounter them very often."

"Wouldn't it be better to receive a stable supply of GP now that the exchange rate is jumping wildly?"

After he left the game and logged out, JiHan approached Coach Davis and said, "Coach, you remember what I asked of you, right?"

"Yes… You said to make sure the execution happened."

"You seem hesitant."

"I intended to do that, but their proposal is too good.”

JiHan chuckled. “I definitely said to carry out the execution regardless of what they propose.”

"That’s true… but I can't decide this on my own. I merely work for the Association, after all."

"Is that so?" JiHan recalled a certain saying that people react differently before and after getting what they want, regardless of whatever the elves tried to negotiate with. He looked at the Association officials.

"W-we'd like to execute them, but…"

"The GP offer is too much. The Association has to stabilize the GP market…"

"The Association will separately reward your contribution generously, Sung JiHan."

They hurriedly spoke and tried to make excuses.

"Haa." A cold smile formed on his lips as he turned away from them. “Understood.” After that, he left without leaving a trace of regret behind.

Coach Davis felt a bit guilty as he watched JiHan leave. 'I want to kill them as well, but there's nothing I can do. This is for the sake of humanity!'

He couldn’t overturn the Association’s decision and returned to the high priestess at the coach’s table. “We’ll accept two quadrillion GP.”

"Okay, let's do that," the elf readily agreed, even though Davis requested double the original amount. It was a small price to pay to avoid execution.

"I'll ask for an immediate change of the penalty," the elf said.

A system message appeared before the coach.

[Do you wish to change the penalty?]

['Humanity' will cancel the original.]

['World Tree Elves - 71' will pay 2 quadrillion GP to humanity and plant a golden tree on Earth.]

"A golden tree…?" Davis asked. 

"The tree is necessary for maintaining the GP market's price."

"How is a tree supposed to help?" he asked.

"That's a bit hard to explain… It must be hard to believe us since you see us as the enemy, right? Rather than asking us, I suggest you check it through the system," the elf said in a gentle voice.

Coach Davis, who was standing next to the golden tree, noticed a question mark floating above and pressed it.

[The golden tree supplies GP.]

It didn't explicitly say how it maintained the market price, but it seemed to play a related role.

"It's true…" he mumbled.

"Shall we conclude the negotiation?" the elf asked.

He felt a bit uneasy, but his finger moved toward the ‘Yes’ option when…

'Huh?' He blinked in surprise when his finger stopped moving of its own volition. 'Wh-what's wrong with my body?' It was as if he were paralyzed.



His finger slowly moved toward the ‘No’ option.

"Coach…?" the elf high priestess asked in confusion.

Regardless of her question and Davis’s unwillingness, his finger pressed ‘No’.

[The penalty change has been canceled.]

[Do you wish to execute the original penalty?]

"You…! What are you doing?!" the elf exclaimed as she lost her composure and rose from her seat.

Again, Coach Davis’s finger pressed ‘Yes’.

[Executing penalty.]

[A 1/10 death penalty will be executed.]

[Due to the fifth game’s setting, the penalty has been doubled.]

[20% of players on the ‘World Tree's Elves - 71’ starting roster will be executed.]

"Y-you lowly creature…! How dare you mock me…?!" The elf high priestess gave Davis a rage-filled glare.

The commentators were also puzzled by what was happening.

= Wh-what's going on…?!

= Has the coach lost his mind…?

= He's going to execute the death penalty after almost accepting the offer for double compensation?!

Meanwhile, JiHan watched from the waiting room and smiled.

'You won't get away.'

Shadow energy coursed through his left hand.


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