The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 199


JiHan frowned when he saw the mention of the ‘Dead Star’. He was in ‘Hideout’ mode, so how had Kallein found him?

'Wasn't he banned from approaching Earth?' It’s true that they’d met in the Space League promotion match, but JiHan was currently on Earth. How had the constellation bypassed Battle Net’s restriction? His dedication was certainly admirable.

'He’s troublesome to deal with, but he might know something about the void.' He didn’t have enough information on the void, so it seemed that he had no choice but to get more involved with the ‘Dead Star’ if he wanted to find out more. 

When he thought about how Kallein constantly called him the ‘Head’ and bothered him, though… 

'I guess not.' He couldn’t get himself to accept the sponsorship. 'Let's investigate the void through other means.’ He had two empty constellation slots, but he still firmly declined the Dead Star’s offer.

[The constellation ‘Dead Star' asks you to accept the sponsorship.]

[He says you can withdraw at any time without penalty.]

The sponsorship conditions suddenly improved. Usually, terminating a constellation’s sponsorship was almost impossible after a player accepted it, but the Dead Star was willing to give up on that binding contract to become JiHan’s constellation by any means possible.

'Huh, then I'll get the necessary information from him and cancel the sponsorship.' The story was different since he could get rid of the sponsorship at any time.

As soon as JiHan accepted…

[The constellation ‘Dead Star’ has become your sponsor.]

[As a result, dark-attribute stats and skills have become far more efficient.]


Black smoke rose in the air, quickly forming the shape of a skull. "Head!! Have you finally decided to accept me?!" The black skull fussed.

Click. Click–

Sae-ah, who’d been watching TV from the sofa, was startled by its sudden appearance. "Wh-what's that, Uncle…? Something weird popped up!"

"Oh,” the skull said, “she also has quite some talent! Although not as much as our Head! Ah… but the headquarters already picked her. Ugh, go away!" Kallein moved its jaw, gesturing for her to go away.

Sae-ah gave the skull an incredulous look. "Why are you acting like that?"

'The headquarters picked her…?” JiHan asked. “What do you mean?'

"Ah~ I sense the scent of the witch on her. The witch belongs to headquarters."

"By ‘witch’… Are you talking about the Witch of the Void?"

"Huh, you already know? As expected of you, Head!" The black skull nodded, seeming to know something about the void.

"What do you know about the void?" JiHan asked.

"The void? Hmm… To put it simply, it's similar to something that oversees Battle Net’s cleaning!"

"By ‘cleaning’… Do you mean the dungeon portals?"

"Yes. Species disqualified from Battle Net can’t be left around, right?” The bones at the corners of the skull’s mouth shifted into a grotesque smile. "The void is in charge of cleaning things up."

"Hmm… What about you?” JiHan asked. “You said the void is your headquarters, so what are you?"

"Me? I just cooperate with them. In your terms… Yes, I'm a subcontractor."

It was hard to believe the Dead Star would call himself a subcontractor. “The void must be immensely powerful.”

"Obviously! It's in charge of cleaning, after all! Head, if you and I merge… We might be able to take that position!"

"Is 'Kill the King' the void?"

"No, but you’ll know more if we merge!"

"No thanks." JiHan declined without hesitation. 

"Uncle? Why does that skull keep talking about ‘merging’? It's creepy." Sae-ah gave the black skull a wary look.

"What's wrong with me?!” the skull retorted. “What?"

"You're a skull."

"Hey! You'd also look like this if you didn't have skin!"

"Your skin isn’t entirely gone, though…"

It was odd to see a constellation arguing with his niece. JiHan gave the two of them a cold look and thought, 'I need to cancel the sponsorship right away.' He hadn’t learned much yet, but he felt that he couldn’t ask too much since the Dead Star was a subcontractor.

It didn’t seem like the Dead Star got along with the void, but information could always flow the other way if there was a link.

"Okay, that's enough,” JiHan said. “Let's end the contract here."

"Wh-what? Head! Isn't this too soon?!"

"No. This is perfect."

"W-wait a minute…! Weren't you curious about the void? That's right! I'll give you the ‘Void’ stat!" Kallein hurriedly said, fearing an early termination of the sponsorship.

That piqued JiHan’s interest, and he paused. "The Void stat…?" The void was unique to void-related classes like the one Sae-ah had, so being able to get around that requirement would be a great benefit.

"Really?” JiHan asked. “Then give it to me.”

"If we merge just once…"

"If you're going to talk about merging, then just go."

"Tsk… Fine. I'll give you a quest."

[The constellation ‘Dead Star’ has given you a constellation quest.]

[Constellation Quest]

- Use the power of the ‘Reaper’ to rank 1st in the League promotion match.

[Reward: 'Void' stat]

The quest seemed simple enough. January was ending soon, which meant they didn’t have to wait long for the promotion match, and JiHan was planning to finish 1st anyway.

The clear condition was a bit unusual, though. "The power of the ‘Reaper’?"

"Yes, Head. I think I understand why you're hesitating to merge with me. It's because you're a living creature, and my attribute is death, right?"

"No. I just don't want to do it."

"Exactly. Who would want to merge with a skeleton?" the Dead Star asked. "Anyway! Try to use deathly authority! Once you use it, you'll realize how great it is!"

[You've temporarily awakened ‘deathly authority’ through the ‘Dead Star’.]

[The 'Reaper' class has been given to you for 1 week.]

[The ‘Death’ stat has been given to you for 1 week.]

[The ‘Death Sentence’ skill has been given to you for 1 week.]

Had the Dead Star given him the quest so he could try out his abilities? His obsession was truly amazing.

'Well, this might help me with Martial Soul.' Martial Soul had grown in the Battlefield of Chaos thanks to him absorbing the memories of different species, so dealing with a different kind of power than usual could help broaden his perspective similarly.

"Wait… Why a week?” JiHan asked. “It felt like you used enough power for a year.”

Kallein clicked his teeth in panic.

[An anomaly has been detected.]

[Battle Net won't allow any further intervention.]

[Initiating expulsion procedure.]

"Wh-what? Humanity is in the main game now, so couldn’t you look the other way?” The Dead Star protested. “Hey!" His protest was in vain.


The black skull turned into smoke and vanished, and JiHan received a flood of the same message more than 50 times.

[The constellation ‘Dead Star’ has sent you a message. The message is from a banned being. Would you like to read it?]

JiHan gave the messages a disgusted look and said, "System, can you block him?"

[Messages from the constellation ‘Dead Star’ have been blocked.]

"Thanks." Freed from the noise pollution, JiHan looked at the constellation quest again. Though Battle Net had expelled Kallein, the quest remained intact.

"Uncle… was that really a constellation?" Sae-ah asked.

"Yes, and a strong one."

"Ugh, but aren't constellations supposed to be masters of their stars? Maybe being the master of a star isn't a big deal."

"Well, my sister’s now a constellation as well, right?"

"Ah, right… If someone like him can be a constellation, then I should aim to be one!" Sae-ah exclaimed as her eyes burned with ambition. Was it because she’d only met two constellations so far—her mother and a crazy guy?

"Stop daydreaming,” JiHan said. “Focus on reaching Diamond first."

"Just wait and see. I'm going to reach level 200 and participate! Ah, Uncle, did you see the notice?"


"The upcoming promotion match is linked to the Space League rankings."

"Ah, that." JiHan nodded. He hadn't seen the notice, but he had a rough idea of what she was talking about. 'So this is around when the League Competition was.'

Combined promotion matches happened two or three times a year. Back before his regression, humanity always lost a lot of points during those times.

It looked like the ‘League Competition’ would take place during his Diamond promotion match.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


January 25th…

It was normally when promotion matches were broadcast on Channel 0, but it was a bit different that year.

= Hello, everyone!

= As usual, everyone's waiting for the ‘Top 100’ promotion match, right?

= In 2021, Battle Net decided to open the year a bit differently. The ‘Top 100’ promotion match will be held on the 26th… and today, there's a special Diamond promotion match that's linked to the Space League!

= The broadcast is scheduled to last all day long. I wonder what kind of game they're planning. 

Even the commentators weren't sure about the new type of promotion match, but it seemed much more important than usual.

= This promotion match is about more than just moving up a League. 

= Yes. This isn't just a match against another species. There are league points at stake!

= Humanity is currently ranked 9th due to the lack of daily point earnings. We are at the bottom among the species that won their opening match. Hopefully, we will rise in the rankings after a victory!

Depending on the ending rank, up to 10,000 points were available, which wasn't a figure that could be ignored. People gathered in front of their screens for the promotion match, just like they did for the opening one.

What caught their attention most was…

- There are a lot of points at stake… Is JiHan participating?

- Yes. He's going for Diamond.

- Phew, I'm relieved. It's game over, haha.

JiHan was included in the list of participants. Having led them to victory in the opening match against the Elves, he was their biggest hope, and everyone had high expectations of him.

After they were all summoned into the game, the other participating players thought the same way. 

"Sung JiHan?"

"I never thought I'd be so happy to participate in the same promotion match!"

"I'm glad this isn't a survival game. If it were, we would have been wiped out in no time!"

Everyone gathered around JiHan, genuinely happy to have him there. They would’ve tried to avoid matching with him at any other time, but since it was a species-based competitive game, having such a skilled player nearby was an advantage.

Though everyone was cheering for him, JiHan had a troubled look on his face.

'Hmm…' He extended his hand, and a dark-red light shimmered and faded away—it was the ‘Death’ stat that Kallein had given to him. 

He’d tried to use the ability over the past few days, but he was still clueless. 'I can't get the hang of it… If it doesn't work in actual combat, then I might have to give up on the quest.' 

It would have been one thing if it were a solo promotion match, but his species’s league points were at stake. He continued to give the deathly authority a skeptical look until the game started.

[The 'League Competition' special promotion match is starting.]


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