The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 78


'One Bridge' was a map that appeared in Gold to Diamond. To make matters worse, it was infamous for its extreme difficulty, especially for those who had just reached Gold. 

Instead of stopping the enemy, most new Gold players just focused on trying to survive for even a few minutes longer than the other players to ensure they finished among the top 50%.

'It's been a while since I've played this map…' JiHan thought. Rather than feeling intimidated, he was feeling sentimental.

It was one of his most played maps in his previous life, so he knew the strategies for it better than anyone.

'The objective here is simple. I just have to keep the enemies from crossing the bridge.'

After his summoning ended, JiHan looked around and saw the other 49 players huddled together at the bridge’s starting point.

Everyone was looking at him, confused.

"What…? Why's JiHan here?" one asked.

"When did JiHan reach Gold?"

"I didn't hear that news."

"Is it a bug?"

It was the first time anyone from Silver had participated in a Gold game, so their reactions were understandable.

The other players were able to interact with their Battle Tube viewers, and it didn’t take long for them to understand what was happening.

"It seems like he was matched in a higher League because there weren’t any worthy opponents left…" one of the players said.

"Woah, that's ridiculous! All of our guild's party members are level 60… Does that mean Battle Net rates Mr. Sung that highly?"

"Still, there's a difference in quality between Gold and Silver…"

A few Gold players seemed dissatisfied.

Although Gold and Silver looked like a one-step difference, that difference separated the pros from the casuals.

'Even if he’s strong, how could a Silver participate in a Gold game…?'

'I hope he doesn't become a hindrance.'

Even if they thought that, JiHan had a ton of fans, and the game was being live-streamed, so they couldn’t outright say it. 

"Where is he going to be positioned?" one of them asked.

"It's random, but since he's a Silver, won't he be put in the back?"

"That would be unfair. I think he'll be considered the same as a Gold and be placed accordingly."

While they were debating where JiHan would be placed…

"Shut up!" A loud roar echoed from beyond the bridge.


Everyone covered their ears and frowned at the ground-shaking roar as the massive bridge vibrated.

"Ah, it hasn't even started yet. We can still talk."

"What a temper."


A person walked toward them through the center of the cloud bridge that connected the two huge cliffs. Rather than a person, it would be more accurate to call him a giant. Even the combined height of several people wouldn’t be able to match its size.

The giant, wearing armor stained with blood, emitted a menacing aura and said, "How dare the soldiers chat in the back while the Gatekeeper is fighting alone at the front!"

The Imperial Gatekeeper swiftly approached the players and leaned down. He was about four meters tall in body alone, so his face was huge.

- Eek!

- It doesn't matter how many times I look at him. He's too ugly.

- I'm scared he’ll appear in my dreams, hahaha.

- Please, don't stick your face so close while looking like that…

He was the worst-looking humanoid NPC there was. He had heavily wrinkled skin, a sporadic beard with black spots all around his face, twisted facial features, and was nearly bald to the point that people wondered why he didn’t just shave it.

"You weaklings! You aren't qualified to fight with me!" he roared before stomping his foot on the cloud bridge.

All of the players floated into the air and flew toward a nearby cliff.

- As expected, he kicked everyone out.

- The Gatekeeper doesn't care for Gold players~ Does he only allow people to fight with him from Diamond?

- I think that level 150 Platinum players could also do it.

Contrary to the map's name, only players who had reached a level of being able to pass the giant Gatekeeper’s test could stand on the bridge, which was out of the question for Gold players.

In the end, Gold players had to maintain defensive positions with the soldiers and shoot down the monsters flying at them on the cliff.

'Please, give me a good spot! Please, give me a good spot…!'

'Ah… Could I be placed in a bad spot because JiHan is here?'

'Let's just finish among the 50%!'

The flying players all prayed to be placed in good spots. Not a single one of them managed to resist the Gatekeeper. There was no way for a Gold to do that to begin with, after all.

"You… what are you doing?" the Gatekeeper asked.

Actually, a player had managed to resist.

JiHan stood in his place and made a relaxed smile as if it were nothing.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


- ?? What's he doing?

- Ah, Mr. Sung. You shouldn't have resisted.

- Last place is a given if you’re on the bridge.

Viewers started commenting when they saw JiHan was still on the bridge, and most were confused about why he had decided to resist the Gatekeeper.

- This time, it's really over.

- Will we finally see his status window?

- I thought he was going to reach a million subscribers first.

- Even if it's JiHan, this will be impossible.

- Well, that makes sense. There's no way a Silver could have imagined participating in a Gold map.

They thought JiHan had resisted the Gatekeeper because he didn’t know the map’s characteristics, but he probably knew the map better than anyone. He had a very good reason for staying on the bridge.

[Epic Quest]

- Get recognized by the Imperial Gatekeeper and stop him from dying.

[Reward: 50,000 achievement points / Cloud Thunderbolt Spear]

An epic quest with a huge reward appeared.

'The achievement points are great, but to think the Cloud Thunderbolt Spear would be the reward…' he thought.

The huge spear that could sweep away an incoming army was the Gatekeeper's exclusive weapon and should be at least SS-rank.

Battle Net was just going to give it away so casually?

'Eclipse is a good weapon, but it doesn't complement the Heavenly Lightning Technique well. I'm sure the Cloud Thunderbolt Spear will be a better match, so I have to get my hands on it.'

He needed to stay on the bridge if he wanted to complete the quest.

"Gatekeeper, don't you need someone to assist you?" JiHan asked the glaring Gatekeeper.

"Ha! Someone like you?” The Gatekeeper asked back, scrunching his eyebrows as if JiHan was talking nonsense.

The Gatekeeper made a sly smile and said, "Then let's see how you can handle this!"


The Gatekeeper’s large, utility pole-sized spear flew at JiHan. If things went as everyone expected, the spear would annihilate him.

- Is he going to die already?!

- No! JiHan!

- I heard you have to be at least level 150 to pass the Gatekeeper's test, hahaha.

- Let's go~ Let's see that status window~!

Even though JiHan had shown incredible prowess, they were all sure he would fail the absurd test, but…


He easily caught the spear and said, "Is this enough?"


It wasn't that he just caught it. He’d done it with one hand.

- What the…?

- Don’t you need at least 100 Strength to lift that spear?

- Just what is his Gift?! Please, let's see that status window!

JiHan's display of strength made his Battle Net fans more excited than ever. Only Warriors who invested heavily in Strength could usually pass the test.

- If you're watching without subscribing, please do it!

- It's only a million…

"Oh." The Gatekeeper's eyes also widened in surprise. "Hmph…! You're strong, but do you think the Cloud Thunderbolt Spear will recognize you?"

The Gatekeeper still couldn't hide his displeased expression.

[The Gatekeeper doesn't like player ‘Sung JiHan’.]

[As per its owner's will, the Cloud Thunderbolt Spear will further test the player.]


An intense current surged from the spear and tried to devour JiHan.

- Eh? Another test?

- Why? Is it because he passed it too easily?

- If he passed easily, why not take him in already? Why's he tormenting him even more?

'Here we go again,' JiHan thought.

Despite the Gatekeeper's capricious additional test, he easily absorbed the energy with the Heavenly Lightning Technique. He’d already experienced it many times in his past life.

[Player ‘Sung JiHan’ has passed the test.]

The Gatekeeper was still unable to hide his displeasure.

"Hmph…! It seems you aren't worthless despite looking so weak and feminine!"

- Feminine?

- Sung JiHan??

- He's handsome, but he doesn’t fit the pretty-boy style…

- Yeah, he has strong facial features. To say that he looks weak is a bit…

- The Gatekeeper always picks fights with players he thinks are handsome. Hahaha.

- Ah, so he's jealous?

- Hahahaha.

The Imperial Gatekeeper was ranked among the five ugliest humanoid NPCs in Battle Net, and he always picked fights with good-looking players.

'That's why he was eventually nicknamed ‘The Handsomeness Detector’.

Not many people knew of it during the Tutorial Season, but those who weren’t picked on by the Gatekeeper eventually started to feel left out.

"Hmph! Pick up your spear and follow me!" the Gatekeeper said. He spat on the ground and turned to walk away.

JiHan frowned. 'In my previous life, it wouldn't have mattered if the Gatekeeper disliked me… but I need his approval now, so it’s a bit of a problem.’

The Gatekeeper’s antics used to make him feel proud rather than upset, but the situation was different. He needed the Gatekeeper’s approval to complete the epic quest.

'Let’s just proceed with the game for now.'

JiHan picked up the Cloud Thunderbolt Spear and followed the Gatekeeper.


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