The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 194


20 planets were participating in Earth’s division of the Space League. Since each species participated in their first match at the same time, 10 were tied for first and 10 were in last. Even so, the effect was significant.

[GP exchange rate is more favorable for those in the upper rankings of the League.]

The price of GP dropped thanks to that.

[Many dungeon portals will vanish, and dungeons will only be generated in the bottom 5% of countries.]

Also, dungeons only began appearing in the bottom 5% instead of the bottom 10%, which meant that roughly 10 countries of the 200 or so on Earth would have to deal with dungeons. 

Life ended up being safer than it was during the Tutorial Season.

- Wow, so this is the effect of being in 1st place?

- Crazy.

- JiHan saved a ton of people.

There was still some time before the next Space League match, so they’d be able to enjoy their 1st-place benefits for a while.

A day passed before another change happened in Battle Net.

[Space League points will be distributed daily.]

[Points can be earned through Battle Net games and official League matches.]

[The Battle Net Leagues are being expanded. Master and Grandmaster Leagues have been added above the Diamond League.]

[You will be matched with other species from the Space League in Master games and above.]

It turned out that players could earn points for their species’s ranking through regular Battle Net games and not just official matches. Unfortunately, humanity’s ranking changed almost immediately due to this change, and it was all over the news.

[Breaking News! ‘Humanity’ has fallen from 1st to 8th place. ‘World Tree Elves - 71’ has jumped to 11th place.]

["The elf execution was the correct decision!" Coach Davis, who was rumored to be fired, argues that he was right after seeing the change.]

[Dungeon portals will appear in the bottom 10% of countries again, but the portals that previously vanished didn’t suddenly return.]

- So the elves were really strong. They earned more points than any other species that lost their opening match?

- Yes. They're earning about 202 points a day. Comparatively, we're earning a hundred.

- Thankfully, an official match gives 10K points, so there's still a big gap…

- Daily points will eventually add up, right?

- Was Coach Davis right?

"If the elves hadn't been executed yesterday, they would've earned even more points," Sae-ah muttered from the penthouse’s living room as she looked at the Space League rankings.

"Yes. It’s good that they were killed."

500 league points could be earned every day, and only six planets had earned more than 200 points.

The planets ranked 1st to 5th appeared as ‘??’, and the ‘World Tree Elves - 71’ were ranked 11th. The elves’ strength was evident since other species couldn't even earn 150 points a day.

Meanwhile, JiHan looked at the totals in thought. 'The species in 1st ~ 5th should be planets of the World Tree's Alliance and the dragons… They’re earning league points slower than before.'

Before he regressed, the elves had earned at least 240 points per day, and after players advanced to the Master and Grandmaster Leagues, that went up to almost 500.

Even in its last moments, humanity had struggled to reach 200 points a day, and it was a common point of complaint that they’d never been able to earn what the elves did, even after the opening match.

Since their earning rate had dropped…

'Is it because of how many elves were executed?’ Were they so weakened that they had to assign elves from other planets? He wasn’t sure, but he felt that it would have a big impact on the future.

Differences in point acquisition weren’t that big yet, but they would be noticeable by the end.

"Uncle, what are constellations? Have you seen anything about them in your prophetic dreams?" Sae-ah tilted her head in curiosity at the constellation slot she’d been given after the Tutorial Season ended.

Ariel, who was watching TV on one side of the sofa, answered instead. [A constellation is a Battle Net-recognized ruler of a planet. Specifically, they're players who have reached level 777.]

"They're like veterans, right?"

[Veterans? Well, you could see it that way… Anyway, each constellation, depending on its purpose, can sponsor players. They usually sponsor those who can also somehow benefit them.]

"Really? Hmm… I have potential, so why don't they sponsor me?" JiHan's growth was so outstanding that most media outlets focused on him, but Sae-ah’s growth wasn’t anything to scoff at—she could confidently say she had potential.

[Isn't your Gift rank still low?]

"Yes, it's C-rank, but it’ll go to B-rank once I meet an 'appropriate' constellation." She’d only seen the upgrade condition after the Tutorial Season ended.

[Constellations don't know everything. They probably judge based on the Gift rank of the player they consider for sponsorship. If it's C-rank, there's a chance most wouldn't be interested.]

"Ah… Really? That's too bad." Sae-ah looked troubled. Constellations decided who to sponsor based on a Gift's rank, so her Gift being C-rank immediately made most constellations disinterested.

[I'll speak to the Shadow Queen about you if no others show interest.]

"Wow, really? So this is what it feels like to get a job through connections!"

[Hmm. Don't get your hopes up too much. All I can do is make a suggestion.]

"Still, being able to submit my resume without getting it immediately trashed is better than nothing. Uncle, do you have a constellation?"

"Me?” JiHan asked. “Yes. I have the Thunder God."

"Woah… The Divine Throne's Thunder God? He must’ve been a player at some point as well, right?"

[Ah, not all constellations were players before. Reaching level 777 is just one method.]

"Really? The universe is vast…"

While Sae-ah and Ariel were talking about constellations…

Beep, Beep, beep—

The door opened, and Sae-jin entered. Since the opening match was done, he planned to explore dungeons again and had just finished meeting with the Association’s exploration team.

He approached JiHan with a solemn look on his face. "Brother-in-law… Could you lend me a hand?"

"What's the matter?"

"Many of the dungeon portals in North Korea vanished after our victory in the opening match. The abyss has considerably weakened thanks to that.”

The abyss was a higher-level dungeon formed by the convergence of dungeon portals. Sae-jin originally planned to reduce its power by clearing the portals around it, but the timeline for that moved up thanks to humanity’s victory.

"You want me to help you explore the abyss directly?" JiHan asked.

"No, it's too early for that. We need to eliminate four massive dungeon portals surrounding the abyss first. Unfortunately, the exploration team is reluctant and says we need more power.”

"Shouldn’t your power be enough?" JiHan asked.

"They're cautious because it's our first time entering such big dungeons…" 

There was one massive dungeon in each cardinal direction of the abyss—North, East, South, and West. Despite the victory in the opening match, the dungeons were still as big as ever.

Though the exploration team hadn’t experienced difficulties so far, the abyss’s four cardinal dungeons were on a different level, and the Association wanted to take a more conservative approach.

"Understood. I'll go with you," JiHan said.

"Oh… A-are you sure?"

"Yes. It's related to my sister, after all. Besides, I've reached max level in Platinum." He’d hit level 200 after the opening match, so he had to wait until January’s promotion match before he could level more.

Since he had some time to spare, he decided to look for his sister with the Sword King. "I'll join immediately."

"Dad…” Sae-ah said, expressing interest since it was related to her mother, “I'm a Platinum player. Could I also join?"

"We don't know what might happen, so I'd like you to wait at home."

"Right,” JiHan confirmed. “You must be at least Diamond to help, so just wait here and level up. We’ll be back soon.”

Sae-ah was talented, but they had to minimize risks where they could. "Ugh… Okay…" She seemed disappointed, but she wasn’t childish enough to throw a tantrum.

"Then, I'll be going." JiHan expressed his farewell to her. 

"Okay, take care~"

Three days later, the world news network was abuzz with excitement since JiHan’s group would be the first to challenge such massive dungeons.

[Sung JiHan joins the dungeon investigation! He said he'd commit to it until the promotion match.]

[With their reinforcements, the exploration team will challenge the giant dungeon portals for the first time. Will North Korean land be liberated?]


* * *

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The dungeon exploration itself proceeded smoothly.

“It sure doesn’t take long now that JiHan is here as well.”

"It feels like we’re on a picnic, not clearing dungeons, hahaha."

The team encountered stronger monsters than the ones they faced in previous dungeons, but…


Nameless Divine Arts God-Killing Technique: Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.

JiHan’s technique sucked in most of the enemies since they were ghost-type monsters.

"Wow…! The ghosts are disappearing!"

"Seeing JiHan’s power so close is something else… I'm glad I joined the exploration team!"

JiHan was already a globally recognized player, but his prestige rose to new heights after his victory against the elves. He’d saved 20% of humanity’s top players from execution, after all. He had more fans than ever among the public, players, and the industry itself.

"His red lightning is also appearing…!"

"I have to take a photo of this!"

Click. Click—

JiHan frowned. "When will you start searching for the dungeon's core?"

"Ah, about that… We haven't detected it yet."

"What's the rank of your Gift?” JiHan asked.

"It's B." A B-rank Exploration Gift should have been effective in a normal dungeon, but it looked like it wasn’t enough for the bigger dungeons.

'I guess it’s not enough. I need Christoph to join us soon.'

Christoph, Channel 0’s commentator, was on a plane back to Korea after a long vacation. Apparently, the man wanted to repay JiHan’s favor of helping him win the jackpot in the opening match.

'Well, I guess he’s bringing a lot of luggage… but this place isn't as dangerous as I thought it’d be, so it’ll be fine.'

Whoosh. Whoosh—

The Sword King’s swords flew through the dungeon, tore the ghosts apart, and vaporized them in moments. Honestly, the Sword King himself seemed to be more than powerful enough to clear the dungeon by himself.

"Since we already know the B-rank Gift won’t help us, let’s just go," JiHan said.


Three days passed, and the giant dungeon portals remained open since they were unable to find the cores.

On the evening of the fourth day…

"Mr. Sung! I'm here! I'm sorry, but…”

"JiHan! I'm here too~!"

"Sofia insisted on coming, so I had no choice… Is it safe here?"

"It's safe,” JiHan said. “Don't worry."

Things completely changed after Christoph joined them. "I feel it here." His Gift was even effective inside the giant dungeon, and he located the dungeon core the others had spent three days looking for in an instant.

After they shattered the core…


"The ring…!" Sae-jin's ring began vibrating, and void energy completely engulfed it before the familiar voice of JiHan’s sister leaked through and sent shivers down their spines.

= Yoon Sae-jin… I'll… Curse you…!


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