The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 211


Longinus gave Dongfang an incredulous look. “Of the same species…? Are you saying JiHan is a member of a divine species and not a human?”

"A divine species…" Dongfang stroked his beard. “The concept itself is ambiguous. Many different species are considered transcendent and, thus, ‘divine’. Some of those species are humanoid, while others are far from it.”

"That's true, but… all divine species have something in common…" Longinus argued.

"What would that be?" Dongfang asked.

"Battle Net recognizes them as being divine species." Of the many species in the universe participating in Battle Net, only those who were recognized for their divinity by Battle Net itself were classified as such. If Battle Net didn’t recognize it, then they couldn’t be classified as ‘divine’, no matter how powerful they were.

"Battle Net’s recognition… Right. Before that, a species could just be semi-divine, and the Wandering Martial God was recognized as being divine.”

"So you’re saying JiHan belongs to a divine species as well…" Longinus concluded.

"No.” Dongfang disagreed. “Not necessarily."

"Didn't you say he's of the same species as the Wandering Martial God…?"


Dongfang plucked a strand of his beard. “He wouldn’t be able to participate in the Bronze Space League or represent humanity if he belonged to a divine species.”

"That makes sense, but… why did you say he was of the same species?" Longinus gave him a confused look.


Smoke rose from Dongfang’s plucked beard hairs and formed characters in the air. “I mentioned it because he saw the God-killing Spear’s characters.”

“What?” Longinus asked. “He saw it?”

"Yes. You didn’t see it because the human you were inhabiting was absorbed by the spear, but he stared at something in the spear’s smoke, just like the Wandering Martial God did.”

Longinus’s expression fell. Of course, he knew that purple characters appeared whenever he used the God-killing Spear—whenever the Wandering Martial God allowed him to. He’d memorized their shape and searched for anything related to them but came up empty-handed.

In the end, not even Battle Net’s translation system had been able to translate it, so he’d given up. Only his master could understand what it meant.

"Huh. How can he see something only our master can see? Still, isn’t it too hasty to believe he’s of the same species just because of that?”

"Don’t the same characters sometimes appear when I use the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Diagram?” Dongfang asked.

Longinus nodded. It was what Dongfang used before their master improved it into the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal. Just like with his God-killing Spear, the same weird characters appeared whenever it was used.

"I heard our master say the characters are related to his family."

"Family… Is that why you think JiHan is of the same species?"

"Yes. There isn’t much evidence, so it’s just a guess. Seeing that he has Martial Soul, though… he has a close connection to our master.” Dongfang explained.

"Hmm… That makes sense, but…" Longinus fell into thought.

Dongfang returned to old habits and stroked his own beard as he said, “We have to make good use of JiHan. Maybe we can find out what the characters mean through him and figure out how our duties were taken from us.”


"That’s why I suggest we don’t descend to Earth and kill him just because he blocked your spear.”

"What do you think of me…?!” Longinus exclaimed. “I wouldn’t seek vengeance for something like that!”

"Really? That's good to hear." Dongfang looked up at the ceiling, where the enlarged bottle’s cork was shaking. “We can’t remain hidden much longer. Let’s go.”



The bottle opened, and the two flew out.

'I still can’t believe JiHan was able to understand the characters…’ Longinus had a troubled expression on his face.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


As soon as JiHan arrived home, he entered his Void training ground. He could have entered from within the Battle Net Center, but he wasn’t sure how many days the training would last, so it was best to do it from home.

Even though the training ground offered a 5.5 times time dilation effect, he wasn’t sure when he’d be done.

‘I have to recreate the sensation I felt when the God-killing Spear pierced me before I forget it.’ The Martial Soul and Void stat energies within his body had moved so strangely that he hadn’t cared about the damage being done to his body.

'Did he do it like this at first…?' He tried to recreate the flow from back then.

[Recent battle records are available.]

[Would you like to use the replay feature?]

His eyes sparkled upon seeing the system message. ‘I didn’t know there was a feature like this.’ The feature hadn’t been available right after obtaining the training ground from the promotion match; it looked like he had to play a game for it to activate.

The best method of study, of course, was reviewing. When he tried to use the feature, though…

[The replay feature cannot save this data.]

[Would you like to upgrade the replay save slot?]

[The upgrade will require 1 million achievement points.]

JiHan was astonished. ‘What? A million achievement points? That’s what I had to pay to even open the Parallel World Space’s training ground. Why does it cost so much? Well, I still have a ton left, so let’s consider it an investment…’

After he confirmed the upgrade…

[Today's battle record has been saved in the replay slot.]

[Players can replay such records from their first-person perspective and the third-person perspective shown by the Battle Net camera.]

‘The interface is similar to Battle Tube’s editing screen.’ He knew how to edit Battle Tube content to some extent thanks to his pre-regression experience and skillfully edited the videos to contain only the important bits.

The only moment he cared about was when the God-killing Spear pierced his body, and he deleted the first game’s record completely while focusing on the end of the fourth game.

‘The characters don’t appear in the third-person perspective… I guess the viewers didn’t see it.’ When he tried to slow the playback speed, he always saw the spear pierce him instantly and didn’t witness anything that happened during the stopped time.

'This mode isn't very helpful.' Next, he entered the first-person mode and replayed the moment the spear pierced his technique and the smoke rose.


[Target condition: partially matched.]

[Extinction Code has manifested.]

He saw the characters again. Though he was uncertain what language they were supposed to be in, he could still understand them.

'It looks like I can play, pause, and control the playback speed in this mode.’ He paused the video and looked at the characters for a moment before slowing the playback and reviewing how the spear affected his body.

'It was worth spending a million achievement points for this…'

The more he rewatched it in slow motion, the more he understood how the God-killing Spear worked. At first, he’d wondered if there was even a point to spending a million achievement points for the video slot, but it was starting to look like a bargain.

'Replaying it makes the pain last longer, which is bothersome.' Unfortunately, he experienced everything, including sensations and pain, when watching in first-person mode, and slowing it down only made the pain last longer.

Still, it wasn’t enough to stop him from experiencing it over and over again in his search for answers.

'Extinction Code manifestation… How strange.' Whatever the ‘Extinction Code’ was, it synergized with Void and suppressed Martial Soul. He found that, before he could feel the Void stat’s energy moving strangely within his body, the spear somehow instantly obliterated the solid Iron Blood Cross.

If it hadn’t used his Void stat, then how had the spear erased his technique in such a way?

'Let's play it even slower.' He rewatched the spear’s forward movement. ‘It’s still not enough.’ He slowed it down more, physically experiencing and observing the moment he’d been stabbed hundreds of times.

Without the replay feature, he might’ve missed all sorts of details. ‘A strange flow of energy started in the cross the moment the spear technique started, and the flow responded when Extinction Code manifested. Iron Blood Cross is built upon Martial Soul, and the Extinction Code specifically extinguished anything related to the star stat.’

From what he’d seen, energy related to Martial Soul vanished when the Extinction Code activated, though the reaction started the moment the spear technique started.

After he slowed things down as much as possible, he also detected a flicker of void flame right when the Extinction Code activated—it flared up briefly and annihilated his Iron Blood Cross before the spear pierced his body. 

The flare of void flame vanished so quickly that he hadn’t even noticed it until then. ‘Can I use this?’ JiHan’s eyes shone in anticipation. If he could make use of it, then it could become his strongest weapon. 

‘Should I try copying the technique from the start…? No, I should start with the ‘target condition’ being met and rewatch the Extinction Code.

It looked like he had a lot more work ahead of him if he wanted to make use of what he termed the ‘Void Flame’.

Then, on February 11th, after 50 days had passed in the training ground…

"Hmm… This wasn't the original goal, but it’s not bad." Red lightning shone at the end of his Phoenix Flag. His initial goal had been the Void Flame, but…

‘Did I manage to finish manifesting red lightning?’ The result came about after he tried fusing the incomplete red lightning with his Void stat’s energy. 'No. The Thunder God might think differently.'

It seemed complete from his point of view, but who knew what shortcomings the Thunder God might be able to find with it? JiHan left the training ground and entered the Divine Throne map for confirmation.

"Thunder God, here’s the red lightning you asked for."

[Oh…! To think it would have such a level of completion…]

"Is it enough?" JiHan asked.

[Yes! It's enough!]

The Thunder God immediately gave him full passing marks.


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