The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 197


"Your power isn’t working?" Dongfang's eyebrows twitched in surprise.

Pythia’s prophecies dated back to ancient times, and in her role as the fourth priestess of the Delphi Temple in Greece, she'd demonstrated chillingly predictive oracles.

Leaders from all sorts of countries had wanted her for themselves, and after her safety came into question, the Wandering Martial God appeared out of the blue and took her as a servant.

'Back then, the Wandering Martial God took her ability to see the ‘last’ prophecy.' She appeared throughout history under different names, sometimes as a man and sometimes as a woman, after gaining eternal life as the Wandering Martial God’s servant.

Despite all her power, though, the Wandering Martial God deprived her of the right to see humanity’s ‘end’.

"This guy… might be related to the 'end’," she said.

"Really? Hmm… He seems to be preventing humanity's end, though. He helped humanity keep their Battle Net ranking."

"You’re speaking of the end of the world, which is different from the end of humanity. We already know the Witch of the Void is responsible for ending the world, as per Battle Net’s punishment system. When it comes to the end of humanity, there are all sorts of possibilities.”

"Like what?" Dongfang asked.

"I don't know. I can't see it, after all. Ask the one who took my power, our master," she said.

Longinus frowned. There was no way Dongfang could ask their master for something like that. "Maybe she can't see it because he has Martial Soul, a star stat."

"He also has Martial Soul?” Pythia asked with great interest as she took a closer look at JiHan’s picture. “That can't be true. Hmm… If that’s the case, my abilities might work if I see him in person.

"That won’t be possible,” Longinus said. “Even though the Tutorial Season is over, it's impossible for us to directly intervene on Earth."

"Is that so? Is there no way? That's a shame…" She wanted to test her theory and couldn’t help but show her dissatisfaction.

Seeing her like that, Dongfang said, "There's a way."

"What is it?"

"Since we’re constellations, we just need to find someone willing to fuse with us."

"Oh…? Is something like that possible?" Pythia asked.

"If there's someone with a Gift that goes well with us, then it should be doable. I found someone in Taiwan, and Longinus found someone in Russia."

"Berserker Vladimir, right?” Longinus asked. “I want to quickly fuse with that guy and teach JiHan a lesson." He cracked his knuckles and let off a chilling smile.

That was enough for Pythia to understand what was happening. "Aha, so you want to attack through the Battle Net International Competition? Hmm… I feel like a prophecy should be doable if I meet him in a Battle Net game. I’ll also look for a candidate to fuse with.” 

She closed her eyes, and a light resembling a third eye twinkled from her forehead.


The white light swept over the Earth, and then Pythia opened her eyes. "I need to find someone in the East Asian League that resonates with me if I want to meet him, right?"


"I found a match with someone on an eastern island."


"Of course. I used ‘Divine Eye’." Pythia slowly smiled. “Should we bet on who strikes first?”

"Are you planning to fight him as well…?" Dongfang asked.

"Yes. I want to teach him a lesson, too. It’s extremely rude that my prophecies don’t work on him."

Dongfang stroked his beard. Could a prophetess fight? 'Well, she does have experience from her time as Jeanne d'Arc…'

Longinus said, "What about the Witch of the Void?"

"I already sent a message and told the others to keep a close eye on her," Pythia said.

"Is that all…?"

"Yes. The Witch of the Void should be even easier to handle than me at the moment."

"Well, that's true." That made sense. Pythia would be much harder to face since she’d gone through many battles and hardships over the years.

"Let's leave that to the others and teach JiHan a lesson."


Thus, the three servants of the Wandering Martial God began to directly intervene in the East Asian League.


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Within the fourth giant North Korean dungeon…

"Finally, the last one…" Christoph found the last dungeon core. "In the second one, we saw an illusion related to Sae-ah, and in the third one, it was related to the Sword King… I wonder who we’ll see this time."

"Maybe JiHan? We’ve only seen bad endings so far, though, so maybe not seeing him would be better…"

"Hmm, let’s see,” JiHan said. “Sae-ah…"

"Okay.” She nervously summoned a Void Arrow.

What would they see? Just as before, a purple haze appeared as they all witnessed the last vision.

'This is…'

They saw a desolate wasteland, consumed by darkness. It was a scene JiHan would never be able to forget.

[There are no lower Leagues remaining.]

[Humanity has been kicked out of the Space League.]

[NO. 4212: ‘Humanity’ has been deemed useless. Beginning deletion.]

Humanity faced deletion after the demotion match.

"S-save me…"

The darkness swallowed his colleagues in America First in an instant.

[All of ‘Humanity’ has been erased.]

[You're the last survivor.]

They saw the final moment of JiHan lying on the ground while darkness consumed his limbs.

[So it's over.]


A radiant entity of colorful lights appeared before him. Despite the figure’s unrecognizable form, JiHan instinctively realized who it was.

'Is that the Wandering Martial God…?' Hostility boiled up deep within his chest, and he felt a murderous intent toward the being of light—much more intense than when he’d faced Shizuru in his post-regression life. The reaction was so intense that it surprised even him.

[So this is as far as you could make it.] The being of light looked down at JiHan and extended his hand. [Servant, enter my body.]


Light enveloped JiHan and swiftly whisked him into the Wandering Martial God’s hand. As the being clenched and relaxed its hand of light, he drew a line into the air. A moment later, the Earth’s dark sky split open, and brilliant sunlight illuminated the world—all it took him was a single motion.

JiHan thought of a certain technique when he saw the sky split open. ‘Is it the Thousand-Soldier Sweep?’ It was one of the Nameless Divine Arts’s basic techniques, but it was hard to believe the Wandering Martial God could use it with a mere flick of the finger and open up the sky.

'Am I really… supposed to defeat such a being?' Of course, JiHan believed he was much stronger than before, but there was still a huge gap between them. The power he sensed thrilled him.

[It isn't enough…] The Wandering Martial God said in a dissatisfied tone as he looked at the brightly lit sky. [Well… the end is in sight.]


The being vanished, and the vision ended.

'No wonder my sister called him a monster…'

The Wandering Martial God’s power was undoubtedly more overwhelming than anything he’d faced before.

Fighting a being like that for Martial Soul felt suicidal.

'Strange… my killing intent hasn't subsided.' Again, he was surprised by his feelings. The overwhelming power he’d seen should’ve discouraged him, but he only felt more heated.

'Yes, let's win.' Then, JiHan thought about the difference between the vision and his pre-regression life.

'There was no voting that time.' He’d been given the chance to regress after a vote of three in favor and one against, but he saw no such thing in the vision. Why? As he was thinking…

The others began to talk about the vision.

"Uh… So it was humanity's extinction that time."

"If JiHan was the last survivor, then I guess I died as well."

"No… Seriously, will humanity be deleted if we’re expelled from the Space League?"

"Uncle, is Battle Net that dangerous…?"

"I hope it was just a vision and stays that way…"

Of course, they discussed it in a very serious tone since it was related to the fate of their species, but then…

"The last thing I saw was a flash of light and then it ended… What happened?"

"Uncle, did you see more?"

It seemed like no one beside him had seen the Wandering Martial God’s actions.

"I don't know."

"Every vision seemed to show a bad ending,” she said. “Damn… Is Mom trapped and seeing such visions constantly? That’s enough to drive someone mad."

"We didn’t find anything to help in the search for Ji-ah… but now that we've eliminated all the giant dungeons, we can enter the abyss."

"Mom must be there, right? Let's rescue her quickly."

"Wait a moment. Ariel, tell me about the abyss."

Eclipse vanished, and the shadow elf appeared in its place. [I don't know much about the abyss either. It's a realm belonging to the void, so it constantly changes.]

"Hmm, really?” he asked. “So there’s nothing we can do to prepare?"

[Well, we should be able to at least enter since the dungeons around it have been cleared. How about scouting it first? You and the Sword King should be able to deal with anything that comes up.]

"Yeah, we aren’t sure what we’ll find, so let’s go assess the situation first.”

Just like when they first explored a giant dungeon, the exploration team decided to let JiHan and the Sword King take the lead.

"I—" Sae-ah started to speak up. 

"Wait for us here," JiHan interrupted.

"Tsk. I need to reach Diamond quickly," she pouted.

JiHan and the Sword King went ahead to scout out the abyss while Sae-ah watched from a safe distance. Unlike the dungeon portals, the Abyss was located in a large, blood-red fissure in the earth that powerful monsters constantly emerged from.

"How annoying."

Nameless Divine Arts Three Talents Technique: Thousand-Soldier Sweep.

He tried to replicate the technique he’d seen in the vision and cut down the monsters like they were falling leaves.

'As expected… I'm not quite there yet.'

The Wandering Martial God could split the sky with a flick of the finger, but JiHan could only cut through a thousand or so monsters if he gave it his all. Other people already believed he was incredible, but he felt that his techniques were more lacking than ever compared to the Wandering Martial God.

'I need to go over the basics again.' Eventually, he swept through the monsters and reached the abyss’s entrance. Below him, the fissure overflowed with dark-red energy.

"Brother-in-law, let's enter," he said.



The two of them leaped into the fissure.

[The master of the abyss has changed the entry conditions.]

[Only players in the Grandmaster League can enter.]

[You're currently in Platinum.]

[You cannot enter the abyss.]


Both bounced off of a red barrier.

"What…? Grandmaster League?" It was one of the Leagues that’d recently been added after the Tutorial Season. "Bastards… Is this some sort of joke?!" The infuriated Sword King assaulted the fissure with his one hundred swords, but the barrier repelled all of them.

Clang! Clang—!

[Activity range in the abyss will significantly decrease due to the sudden change in conditions.]

[Monsters appearing from the abyss will be significantly weakened.]

Of course, South Korea believed that fewer and weaker monsters was good news, but it was a bewildering change for JiHan’s party since they were there to rescue Ji-ah.

"Brother-in-law… Shall we try to break through it together?" JiHan asked.

"Sure, let's do it."

The two remained determined and used all they had against the barrier, but nothing they did put a dent in it.

After three hours of continuous attempts…

"Wh-what? You can't enter it?" Sae-ah asked in disbelief after JiHan’s party returned.

Entry was restricted to Grandmasters? What kind of condition was that?

"Mom…! Come on! It's me! Open the door! Void Arrow!" Sae-ah tried to contribute by shooting a Void Arrow. Though it was weaker than JiHan or the Sword King’s attacks, it didn’t bounce off like theirs did. Was it because it had the ‘void’ attribute?

"Oh… It worked?" Sae-ah kept firing Void Arrows. "I guess not…" They weren’t deflected, but the barrier simply absorbed the arrows.

After several days of investigation, they still hadn’t made any progress.

"It's no use… Let's go back for now."


In the end, they were forced to leave due to the blockage.

"We need to level up," JiHan said.

"Haa… Grandmaster League, huh…?"

They were all depressed as they thought about the entry conditions when…

"Ah… W-wait. My constellation…" Sae-ah’s eyes suddenly widened in disbelief.


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