The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 216


JiHan spent seven more days in the miniboss room. During that time, he constantly fought invaders and hadn’t logged out even once.

- Wow… is he still playing the game?

- Seven days in a row? There’s no way.

- His rank went up while I was sleeping, lol.

- Won't he collapse if this keeps going on? ㅠㅠ

- Look at him. He still seems too fresh for that.

- LOL. He wiped them all out in a single strike again.

His viewers couldn’t watch continuously for seven days, so they intermittently logged out for sleep before rejoining his channel.

- This player… is too strong.

- Not a single species has been able to withstand his attacks!

- We’ll go to the next miniboss room and give up on this one, even though it gives 20 diamonds now.

JiHan had increased the potential loot to 20 diamonds, but the other species gave up because he destroyed every single being who approached with a single swing of his spear or sword.

“It's impossible to block!”

“I can’t believe he cut through my guard…!”

No matter what they tried or what species it was, regardless of whether they tried to tank or dodge, no one could withstand even a single strike.

Finally, they began to try collaborating after they realized they couldn’t do it by themselves, saying, “Things can't continue like this. Let's cooperate.” and, “There’s no way he can stop us all if we swarm at the same time.”

JiHan smirked as he saw them approach. “You look better prepared this time.”


He aimed his Phoenix Flag at them instead of wielding Eclipse and used Red Lightning Cannon.


Unable to block the attack, they were all vaporized.

- This guy… seems to be the strongest miniboss so far.

- Yeah, he and the artmu seem unbeatable.

- We’re going to give up as well. Whether it’s 20 diamonds or 100, it’s simply not attainable.

- Humanity's ‘Hideout’ player… I'll remember you.

After the aliens saw their combined effort get completely wiped out, they gave up on the will to fight and left the chat room.

- Ah… the guests left…

- Where are you going? You should keep feeding JiHan points ㅠㅠ.

- They seemed to have prepared for it, but they were still killed in one go.

- JiHan might not reach 1st if the others give up.

The viewers felt disappointed when a large portion of the aliens left, but the universe was vast.

- I thought the 20-diamond room was just a name, but I can’t believe it’s real…!

- +100 stats… We have to conquer it at all costs.

- He's alone? What a reckless player!

- Is he trying to commit suicide?

Alien reconnaissance teams continued to join, attracted by the room’s name.

- 2nd place with no defenses at all… He won’t be easy.

- His score has grown at an incredible rate. 

- Still, we have to get the 20 diamonds.

They were more cautious than the first aliens to join, but they still decided to try their luck when they saw the 20 diamonds.

- Oh, another guest has arrived. Another one-shot? Hahaha.

- Stop sending messages like that, hahaha. The customers will get scared and run away. 

- Be careful about what you say. Our space guests shouldn't leave ㅠㅠ.

The human viewers did their best to restrain their excitement as the miniboss room opened to let the newest wave of invaders in.


“Those are real diamonds!” Unaware of how strong JiHan was, they charged forward without proper preparation. 

Though most of them were bigger than JiHan… “Nice to meet you.” He cut them in half with a light swing of his sword.

[Your level has increased.]

He looked at the system message. ‘So I reached 241…’ When he started seven days prior, he’d been at level 215. Normally, experience points were only awarded after a game ended, but maybe the special dungeon map had different rules.

‘I’m much closer to 1st place now.’

1st | Artmu Legion (artmu) | 322,140 [Public]

2nd | There are 20 diamonds(Sung JiHan) | 287,220 [Public]

When he started, there’d been a difference of 190,000 points, but that had fallen to around a mere 35,000. If he continued at the same pace, reaching 1st place seemed inevitable.

"The other species are weaker than I thought," he said as he looked at the corpses of the species who hadn’t even been able to withstand a single use of his Thousand-soldier Sweep.

[Those are all species that are above mid-high species… You’re the unbelievable one here,] Ariel said in a surprised tone from Eclipse. [What did you do to get so strong? It’s truly incredible.]

"Gaining the Void stat played a huge role."

[The Void… Although it's powerful, it's also dangerous. I think it would be better if you avoided it in the future.]

"Well, I'm not thinking about the distant future right now." He needed the stat if he wanted to survive against the Wandering Martial God—he could think about his lifespan again afterward.


His boss room doors swung open again.

[How annoying. They keep coming,] Ariel said as if she were fed up. The bait of 20 diamonds was so good that they just kept walking into the grinder.

"There are only a few days left, so we should welcome our guests." He’d started playing in mid-February, and the map would only be active until the 24th. He was right behind first place after using the diamonds as bait, but he still couldn’t relax.

"Welcome~" JiHan smiled and greeted the next enemies to approach him.

A variety of different species poured in, from walking trees, to a being made of fire, and even some that looked like dwarves; they all seemed to be cooperating.  

‘It didn’t take them long to ally this time.’ Most of the other times, the aliens had been too blinded by their greed to cooperate properly, but the aliens in front of him moved as if they were part of a team.

'They aren't talking this time.' Usually, the aliens shouted something when they saw the diamonds were real. Instead, the newcomers silently approached and, instead of even glancing at the diamonds, bore intense hostility toward him in particular.

‘Something’s fishy about this…’ JiHan decided to quickly eliminate them.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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Red lightning rose from the end of the Phoenix Flag.

Nameless Divine Arts Heavenly Lightning Phoenix Flames Technique: Red Lightning Cannon.

The lightning instantly pierced through the enemies in front of him, vaporizing them instantly, but they still never let out so much as a peep.


‘I might as well be fighting undead…’ When he saw how they all reacted similarly, he cautiously expanded his senses and felt a subtle movement along the room’s ceiling.

Whatever it was, it was quickly approaching the diamonds. 'I almost missed it.' He wouldn’t have even noticed anything if it weren’t for the strange way the enemies were behaving.


He quickly launched himself into the air and thrust his sword toward the crawling presence he felt.

“Ugh…!” The being stopped moving and screamed as red smoke poured from where he’d impaled it. “You're quite a sensitive one…” A woman soon appeared in front of him with giant wings and horns. Strangely enough, she looked familiar…

- Huh…

- That woman. Could she be…?

- Ito Shizuru?

- She was alive??

His viewers recognized her as well. The winged creature that emerged from the smoke looked just like the woman who’d shaken the world with her unparalleled beauty. 

"Are you the ‘Succubus Queen’…?" JiHan asked.

"Oh, how did you know that? Ah, you…" Surprised that JiHan had recognized him, she gave him a close look and seemed startled. “You’re the one who subdued my contractor!”

* * *


- The Succubus Queen…?

- Why does she have the same face as Ito Shizuru?

- Ah, I remember just how pretty Shizuru was now…

- She's barely wearing anything, lol.

- That makes this even better.

The chatroom fell into chaos, amazed at the creature’s resemblance to Shizuru and praising her beauty. It was the same Succubus Queen who’d been foiled by the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal while trying to collect Shizuru’s soul.

'So that wasn't her real body.' It made sense. Though the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal was powerful, it shouldn’t have been able to subdue someone known as one of the Apostles of the Apocalypse so easily.

"What brings you here?" he asked.

"Fufu. I was curious about the player who put diamonds up as a lure.”

"Weren't you trying to steal the diamonds as well?"

"Of course I was…" The creature gave JiHan a seductive look. “Even back then, I thought you were promising, but I never imagined you’d grow strong enough to be assigned to ‘Space - 4’. You might be worthy…”


Her eyes turned pink. She’d been attractive before, but what she did next intensified that tenfold.

'Oh, damn. She's going to use Enchantment!' JiHan quickly used his mental technique.

Nameless Divine Arts Mind Method: Everything’s Created by the Mind.

That same technique was one of the only reasons he’d been able to defeat her in his previous life, and it worked like a charm again as he broke through her Enchantment attempt and struck her with his sword.


She was split in half but simply transformed into smoke before reforming again. “Fufu… Good, good. I didn’t think you’d be able to resist. That only makes me want you more.” Her pink eyes flashed at JiHan again. "Pleasure, bloom forth."


A pink smoke known as the Mist of Pleasure rose from the ground and buffed the effect of Enchantment.

JiHan frowned as he continued to use his mental technique. ‘This is much stronger than anything she ever used before I regressed!’ Had the Succubus Queen he faced back then on Earth not been in her complete form?

Though he’d already surpassed his pre-regression power, he felt Enchantment closing in on him. 'I cannot let this continue…' He did his best to resist and stuck his sword into the ground.


Nameless Divine Arts God-killing Technique: Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.

The pattern instantly spread across the ground.

"Don't tell me…” the Succubus Queen murmured. “Is this the same technique…?"

"Hurry up and get inside," JiHan said.

"W-wait! Why is it so big now?!”


Her feet turned to smoke, and the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal started to suck her in. "Ugh… Something like this!" She managed to resist a bit, but her lower half was eventually pulled in until only her upper body continued to struggle. "This is ridiculous…! Isn't this cheating?!"


The Ten Thousand Ghost Seal was extremely effective against ghosts, which also made it that much more effective against the Succubus Queen—she looked like she’d fully neutralized at any moment.

"Ugh. I'm really going to get sucked in…!" she yelled.

"Hmm, since it's your main body this time, will I level up?" JiHan wondered.

"What? L-level up?" the Succubus Queen asked in shock before her face twisted into anger.

[Wait…! Stop. JiHan.] A familiar voice suddenly spoke to him—one he was all too familiar with.

He’d longed to hear that voice for quite some time…



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