The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 186


[Dongfang Shuo, did you see that?] the Wandering Martial God asked.

Dongfang knelt and answered, "Yes, I did…" In contrast to his usual, relaxed demeanor, he seemed quite stiff and shocked at the way JiHan changed the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.

[He shows potential. Therefore, I will allow him to grow further.]

"He wasn't able to wake up the third servant. Are you not going to deal with him as you said?" Longinus, who was standing beside Dongfang, asked in a skewed tone. He was trying to remind the Wandering Martial God of his past words.

[No. What he showed us is more important than waking up the third.] The Wandering Martial God had no problem with going back on his words. 

The transformation of the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal was a far more critical issue for him than using the third God-Killing Technique.

[Longinus, didn't you say you wanted to teach him a lesson last time?]

"Ah… Yes… A lesson…" By ‘lesson’, he’d meant beating him up severely. He reluctantly nodded.

[Do it.]


[An enemy is needed for Martial Soul to grow, and you two should be good for that purpose.]


An image of Earth appeared in front of them.

[Earth's Tutorial Season is about to end, so you two should be able to intervene freely.]


[However, I’m restricting your intervention to Battle Net.]

"Hmm. So we can't beat… I mean, educate him in real life?" Longinus asked.

"Longinus,” Dongfang interjected, “if we go that far, we will be subject to the system's limitations."

"That's a shame." Longinus smacked his lips in disappointment. What was the point of defeating someone in a game? He needed to make him taste bitterness in real life.

[If either of you defeats him, I will grant a wish of yours.]

"A wish…?" Longinus asked.

[Yes. Longinus, I shall award you with a final death.]


[Dongfang Shuo, I will hand you the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.]

Their eyes lit up at their master’s words. No matter how much they might have disliked JiHan, they’d only been thinking of teaching him a bit of a lesson, but everything changed after their master promised to fulfill a wish if they succeeded.

"Dongfang, I will go first."

"Fufu, where do you think you're going? You and I will stay here together for eternity. I will take this opportunity to learn a martial art."

"Forever? You're saying some horrifying things…!"

The two servants earnestly hoped for the Tutorial Season to end soon.


* * *  


[Sung JiHan conquers the rehearsal alone!]

[Christmas Eve Gift! What's the growth bonus for all of humanity?]

[World Battle Net Association congratulates JiHan's clear, but they're secretly boiling with frustration.]

[The People's Association, outraged, issues a statement calling for JiHan's player status to be revoked but fails to gain traction.]

JiHan’s method for clearing the game drew a lot of attention when the public fell into heated discussion afterward.

- Wow… was it that easy to clear?

- He trapped the team and cleared it by himself, hahaha.

- The People's Association talked a lot about their flight equipment, but JiHan showed them that such things aren't necessary.

Of course, they were extremely surprised at JiHan’s method of using the Ten Thousand Ghost Seal.

- Doesn't it feel like JiHan got stronger? The other species were fleeing in panic, LOL.

- Seriously, he's on another level… Why's he so strong?

- He must have leveled up at some point. He was just over level 100 when it started, right?

- He still has room for growth… Scary.

JiHan had already overpowered the players of Korea’s team while in Gold and didn’t seem to have anyone on Earth who could rival him. His status also grew a notch higher after the rehearsal game, and even the World Battle Net Association had to be careful when dealing with him.

"Are we just going to leave JiHan alone? He's blatantly defied the Association!" The People’s Association was intent on getting his player status revoked, and they called in their allies to lobby as well.

"Shouldn’t we revoke his status? It’s hard to believe he directly went against the Association’s decision…”

Luckily for JiHan, not everyone was against him. "What are you talking about? It's our fault for urging on a settlement without establishing a proper punishment for the People's Association."

"Punishment? We punished the culprits! The People's Association sent the players who committed suicide to the 2nd division!"

"What kind of punishment is that? Are you seriously suggesting not allowing player JiHan to participate in the upcoming Space League opening? The Association's biased operation in favor of one guild was the problem in the first place. We should celebrate the clear and not make an issue of this again."

"How about only revoking his team player status…?"

"Didn’t you see he already threatened to not participate in the Space League if that happened?!" The Space League is what matters right now!"

One of the other representatives spoke up. “Everything would’ve gone smoothly if the People’s Association had just gone along with the game. You even disregarded the seven free stats. The rights to the map belonged to JiHan in the first place, so what's wrong with him clearing it by himself?"

'There might be more bonuses that only he can get… There's no need to be enemies with JiHan. It's better to be friends.'

While the Association was arguing…

'This…' JiHan was checking his rehearsal MVP reward. 


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


[You’ve earned the MVP reward, 'Space League Premium Membership'.]

[Space League Premium Membership]

Rank: SSS

- A 6-month Space League premium membership.

- 100% increase in earned experience and GP during the membership.

- Choose between 'Spotlight' and 'Hideout' for 6 months.

- 30% chance to be excluded from the opposing team's ban list while holding the membership.


- Advertises the player as a premium member across Battle Net, thereby attracting more attention from constellations and receiving donations from all over the universe.


- You can hide your information. It will be hard for the opposing team to investigate you, thereby attracting less attention from constellations and delaying reputation buildup across Battle Net.

Although it was an item that didn't increase stats and was only valid for six months, it was pretty significant. Rather than the Spotlight or Hideout options, JiHan’s attention was drawn to the chance of being removed from the ban list.

'A 30% chance to avoid getting banned… That's a huge effect.' Once the Space League started, a ban list was one of the options a species received, which let them block a certain opposing team’s player or a specific map. 

There were many restrictions around it, such as only being able to ban a specific target two times in a best-of-five series, but it was excellent against people who were clearly above the others, like JiHan. A species could even accept a strong penalty to ban him more.

'A 30% chance to avoid the ban is amazing.' He was often banned back when he was a Martial Saint, and since he was even stronger, his opponents would focus their bans on him. Something that gave him a chance to avoid those bans should have been higher than SSS-rank, but the six-month duration probably limited its rank.

'Between Spotlight and Hideout, I should choose Hideout.' Receiving attention from constellations or donations from across the universe held little value in comparison to being able to surprise other species in the Space League.

[Will you activate the Hideout function?]

[Once activated, it cannot be reversed.]


[Hideout has been applied.]

[Your information won't be revealed to external planets and will be excluded from a constellation's support list.]

Knock, knock—

"Uncle~!” Sae-ah yelled, “Dad is here! He's on the 1st floor now."

"Really?” JiHan asked. “He arrived quickly."

The Sword King had been doing dungeon demolition work with the World Battle Net Association, but he and his team took Christmas leave until the new year.

"Yes. He has to participate in the Space League opening match, after all."

There was no public information on the upcoming opening match, so they had no way to effectively practice. Instead, the World Battle Net Association asked the likely participants to be on standby a week in advance.

"Did you reserve the 7th floor?" JiHan asked.

"Yes,” Sae-ah confirmed. “You told me to ask HaYeon to come too, right? I reserved just a room instead of the whole restaurant."

The Sword Palace’s 7th-floor restaurant was Sae-jins’ favorite, and he took his family there every Christmas. Usually, though, he reserved the entire thing to avoid being disturbed.

"Why didn't you reserve the whole thing?"

"We need to have some photos taken, hehe. There are a lot of people wondering if you and HaYeon are really dating."

"Who cares about their gossip?" JiHan asked.

"People from Twin Star keep asking her to go back. She even looked frustrated the other day and said that they're bothering her too much."

JiHan chuckled. Did the Twin Star Guild still have some lingering feelings? “I should contact them after the photos are taken.”

"Yes. We must protect HaYeon. The growth buff is crazy."

"What level are you?" he asked her.

"177. I think I'll reach Diamond next month!"

"What unbelievable growth." JiHan couldn't help but be surprised. He'd been fighting different species on the Battlefield of Chaos but reached level 190 only after clearing it that day.

'Playing two games a day is a huge advantage.'

He prepared to go down to the restaurant while thinking she might seriously overtake him at that rate.


* * *


The Sword Palace’s 7th-floor restaurant, ‘Pierre’, was usually entirely reserved by the Sword King on Christmas Eve, which made it impossible for others to enter.

That year, however, reservations were still open.

A group of middle-aged women lingered near the restaurant’s restroom, stealing glances toward the entryway.

"It looks like he isn't coming this year," one of them said. 

"No,” another argued. “My relative is the manager here and gave me a tip! He said that he reserved!"

"If the Sword King made a reservation, he would have booked the whole place, not just a room."

They’d remained loyal to him throughout his entire journey to Japan and booked a spot to see him after hearing he’d reserved a place there.

"Customers… you need to enter now," their waiter said.

"Just wait a moment!"

All the tables were inside private rooms, so they were waiting in front of the restroom, hoping to see him enter the restaurant.

"S-Sung JiHan!" one of them exclaimed.

"Lee HaYeon is here too…!"

"Ah… and behind them… It's the Sword King!"

They rushed toward JiHan’s group with excitement in their eyes.

"Sword King!!"

"Mr. Sung! I'm a fan! Could you give me an autograph?!" They approached them both and immediately asked for autographs. It was hard to believe they’d even treated JiHan like an enemy at some point. Thankfully, most of the Sword King Fan Club began supporting JiHan after he brought the Sword King back to Korea.

JiHan slightly smirked at the sight of middle-aged women asking for his autograph. Thinking about his past life made his jaw clench, but he needed to be willing to accept that things were different.

"Here you go," he said. Though he could accept them, he still didn’t want to be too nice. After that, his group entered their private room.

"I'm sorry. It's because of me," Sae-jin said.

"Don't worry, brother-in-law,” JiHan said. “We didn't rent the whole place, so we knew we’d have to be ready to endure at least that much."

"Right… did you get the photo you wanted taken?" Sae-jin asked his daughter.

"Yes, Dad. The employees also took photos. HaYeon was stuck to Uncle’s side."

"Good." The Sword King had heard the rough situation in the elevator and nodded as he took his seat.

"Did things go well?" Sae-ah asked him.

"Are you talking about dungeon exploration? A lot of surprising things happened in the four dungeons we cleared,” before the appetizers arrived, the Sword King took a sip of water and pulled a ring out of his pocket, "but nothing surprised me more than this ring’s reaction."

"The ring… reacted?" JiHan asked.

If the ring reacted, that meant…

"Yes… There's a strong chance that Ji-ah is alive in North Korea."


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