The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 208


Within Russia’s player waiting room, Vladimir’s teammates began complaining as soon as he emerged from the connector.

"Vladimir, you should have told us you were going to do that. Haven't you gone too far?"

"Why would you suddenly kill us…?!"

"Shut up," he said. Such a strong killing intent poured off of him that the others dared not make another sound. They were also strong Diamond players, but Vladimir, no, Longinus’s anger was enough to pressure them.

"Sung JiHan…!" The blood vessels in Longinus’s eyes burst. ‘That power he used is what the Wandering Martial God took from me…’ Until then, he’d believed only the spear part of the technique to be stolen from him, but it looked like his Blood Cross was simply worse.

Though he’d still had room to absorb more power, his body hadn’t been compatible with the ‘Iron Blood’ and exploded.

'My master is the only one who I’ll allow to disgrace me.' The Wandering Martial God was an absolute being, but being overpowered by a human, even if that human had Martial Soul, was something he couldn’t accept.

"Vladimir, I will modify your body," Longinus stated.

[W-wait a moment…] Vladimir protested, still conscious somewhere inside. [What do you mean?]

"It will be good for you."

[No, wait. How do you plan on modifying me…?!]

Longinus didn’t even bother answering Vladimir’s questions and used a fingernail to tear a line across his face.

[Wh-what are you doing…?!]

"A little scratch is fine, right?" 

'That doesn't seem like just a scar…' one of the players thought. ‘Shouldn't Vladimir go to a psychiatrist?' The other Russian players were horrified when they saw Vladimir rip a vertical line across his face from forehead to chin. He looked like a madman from the way he was talking to himself and self-injuring.

Red smoke sizzled from the vertical cut, and a chilling smile crept onto Vladimir’s face. "Now, you’ll be even stronger."


* * * 


= We did win the first round, but…

= Vladimir showed a side of himself we’ve never seen before. I almost thought we were going to lose!

Vladimir's performance was so shocking that people kept talking about it.

- Why was Vladimir so strong? Those movements were scary.

- I thought it was over when he bulked up at the end.

- Even the Russians seemed confused.

South Korea thought it would be an easy win, but Vladimir’s new strength was an unexpected variable. Though they’d won the first game, they were even more anxious than before.

JiHan couldn’t relax, either. 'We won the first game, but I can't guarantee the next one.' Vladimir had never done something like that before his regression. Of course, since JiHan had Martial Soul, the Wandering Martial God was probably behind it.

He wasn’t sure if the constellation had ordered it directly or if another variable was at play, but Vladimir’s new abilities were certainly out of the ordinary.

'The Iron Blood Cross seemed to be his Achilles heel… I'll have to use it next time as well.'

= Russia has used its ban card on Sung JiHan!

= Was the defeat in the first game too painful? Russia chooses to face the Sword King!

'I thought, since the opponent is related to the Wandering Martial God, that they'd choose me as their opponent in the second round as well… How unexpected. Well, the Russian coach is the one in charge of the ban and priority cards, so all I can do is watch.

"Looks like it’s time to shine. I'll be right back, brother-in-law." Sae-jin got up. He was still blind and hadn’t seen the previous match, so he had a question. "I heard Vladimir got stronger. How strong is he?"

"He's very strong,” JiHan said. “His regenerative capability is higher than the elves’, and he can even continue attacking with his blood after you destroy his body.”

"Hmm… He sounds like a tricky opponent."

"Yes. On top of that, he tried hard to scratch me. Being hit even once could be the end."

"I'll be careful," Sae-jin said.

Coach No YeongJun chose that moment to approach and said, "Is there a need to be careful?"


He looked between JiHan and the Sword King like they’d forgotten something. "We can also ban Vladimir."

"Ah…" JiHan exclaimed.

"That's right," Sae-Jin said.

It wasn’t like Russia was the only team with ban cards. They’d used their card to ban multiple random people in the first game since they hadn’t known how strong Vladimir was, but focusing their ban on him would work as well.

"Even if you want to face him again, hold off this time. We need to win," the coach said. 

“There's no need to take the long way when there's a shortcut," JiHan agreed.

Sae-jin nodded. "I'll follow the coach's decision."

Thus, JiHan and Vladimir were banned in the second game.

= Aah. The Sword King summoned his Hundred Swords, and they’re pouring toward the Russian team!

= Seeing Sae-jin use his swords to slaughter his enemies is truly moving!

= It's as if it’s raining swords! The enemy can't even properly block a single one!

The Sword King completely dominated the battlefield.

- Idiots, we also have bans, hahaha.

- Having these cards are great.

- I heard that a particular player can only be definitively banned twice in a match. Is it really like that?

- Well, the same player can be targeted for a ban after that, but there’s only a chance for it to work.

- Right. The third ban for a particular player only has a 50% chance of working. The same goes for any following rounds.

- Then we should just ban Vladimir until the next game.

- Yes. Since he already played once and the target ban works twice, we can finish the match in three games.

- It will become a fight of probabilities if it goes past that, which isn't good.

- Winning the first game was crucial, hahaha.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


In the end, it looked like not banning Vladimir in the first game would work to their advantage and allow them to secure a three-to-zero victory.

"That was easy," Sae-jin said after winning MVP in the second game. "I wanted to face Vladimir, but it seems like I won't have the chance."

"We'll meet him again in the East Asian League, anyway," JiHan said.

"That's true. We've faced Russia a lot through the years, so I’ll get my chance."

They were already certain of their victory. If Vladimir was banned in the third game, then there’d be no other variables that could pose a danger to them.

= South Korea has banned Vladimir! Russia banned JiHan again!

= Haha. Isn’t this just going to be a repeat of the second game? If anything, the map is going to be most crucial here…

= That's right. You can choose class-exclusive maps from the third game. Coach YeongJun chose Valhalla, a map designed for Warriors!

= It's a map that fully utilizes our strengths!

= Russia's choice is… Oh, 'Golem Duel'!

Unfortunately, there were still some variables left.

"Isn't Golem Duel… a Support map?" Sae-jin asked.

"Yes. It's a map that often appears in promotion matches for Supports."

"It seems the win will be decided by the map this time…"

"Russia has stronger Supports than us, right?"


Most agreed that Korea had stronger Warriors and Archers while Russia had stronger Mages and Supports. Of course, JiHan could participate as any class and overturn that, but even he was useless in ‘Golem Duel’, which focused on a Support’s ability to take care of their team.

That’s why, when Supports joined promotion matches, they either did them as part of a team or played on exclusive maps, such as ‘Golem Duel’. All a Support could do was buff their assigned golems and watch them fight the other team’s golems; every class other than Support was useless.

'Ah, this map could be my bane,' JiHan thought. It would be easy if he could fight alongside the golems, but that wasn’t the case. The map was a natural counter to him.

'I have a feeling we’ll be seeing this map a lot in the future.' Other countries would probably use the map to neutralize him as well.

= Ah…! The 'Golem Duel' map has been drawn!

= It seems that the Russian coach got lucky this time!

= This means that everything hinges on the Supports.

= Russia’s Supports are generally considered to be better than South Korea’s…

= The difference isn't that big! The South Korean Supports still have a chance!

Though they were disappointed that the ‘Golem Duel’ map was chosen, the commentators tried to encourage the Korean Supports.

Meanwhile, the viewers believed it to be completely hopeless.

- The Russian Supports are two steps ahead of us. There's no way we can win, hahaha.

- Support buffs are all that matter on this map, so it’s almost impossible for South Korea to win.

- Looks like we’ll be going to the fourth game, hahaha.

- What's JiHan doing? He has to hurry up and start dating Sofia so she goes to Korea!

- JiHan already has a partner;;

- If it’s for the country, he should be allowed to date more than one woman.

- Country-encouraged polygamy? Hahaha.

The game went exactly as the viewers expected.

= Ah… Our golems exploded…!

= Russian Supports are strong.

= I guess we’re headed to the fourth game…

= If that's the case, then Vladimir will be free of the ban…!

South Korea was still leading two-to-one, but Vladimir being free from the ban caused some tension in the team, and they discussed the possibilities amongst themselves.

"It’ll be a struggle to the end, huh?"

"That seems to be the case."

"If they chose the same map again, then I think it would be better to ban the enemy's support instead of Vladimir since it’s not a guarantee it’ll work on him."

"The player ban is first, so we can't be sure of what map they’ll pick."

"Won't Russia try to pick a Support map again?" Russia had secured a critical victory thanks to their map choice, so they’d stick to the same formula, right?

"If the enemy chooses a Mage map, JiHan will just go and smash everything," Sae-Jin said.

JiHan nodded. "I can also do well on Support maps as long as it isn't Golem Duel. Just being able to step onto the battlefield is enough."

"Haha,” Sae-jin laughed. “That's true. The Russians are probably begging for the Golem Duel map."

Everyone was expecting Russia to pick Golem Duel again, and Vladimir and Sae-jin were the targets of the bans. When they all saw what Russia picked for the map, though…


"Valhalla?!" a Korean player exclaimed.

"Have they lost their minds?" someone else yelled.

"Is it because of Vladimir…?"

Russia had chosen the map that usually favored South Korea.

= Russia…

= I can't understand this decision…!

= Are they trying to give Vladimir another chance?

Even the commentators were unsure, and the camera focused on the sad-looking Russian coach’s face.

JiHan understood what had happened. 'It seems like he had no other choice.'

Vladimir, no, the Wandering Martial God's servant in Vladimir’s body had probably forced the decision. He wasn't sure why they’d take such a risk with a 50% chance of him being banned

'Well, Russia's victory probably doesn't matter to the Wandering Martial God’s Servants. I bet he just wants to take revenge for the first game.'

JiHan smirked and stood up from his seat, ready to fight.

"I'll be back soon."


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