The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 200


= It’s starting!

At first, Channel 0 broadcasted humanity's waiting room, primarily focusing on JiHan until he and the others moved to the battlefield and things kicked off.

= This game is fundamentally defense-oriented.

= The ‘Top 100’ players participating in the Diamond promotion match must cooperate to fend off the incoming monster waves on each battlefield.

= Each species’s score is determined by who finished the waves first and how many survivors they have.

= If our team quickly suppresses the monster wave, we can send additional monsters to one of the opposing teams.

It was humanity’s first experience with a League Competition, but the rules were simple:

The ‘Top 100’ players had to suppress the monster wave, survive as long as possible, and, if they had the power, eliminate the wave as quickly as they could to summon more monsters against their enemies.

'It sounds simple, but… each map can be cleared in many ways.' JiHan recalled his past. While humanity had played the game according to the conditions, the elves had quickly taken control of the map and hindered the opposing teams.

= The 20 species participating in the League Competition are divided into five groups. Humanity has been assigned to group three.

= As for the map, it looks like group three will be using the ‘Giant Graveyard’ until stage five.

Giant Graveyard was an undead-infested map with moderate difficulty, but it was manageable.

'However… If you target the secrets, you can bring hell down on your opponents.' He couldn't remember all the maps, but he had a thorough knowledge of the Giant Graveyard and its strategies. The elves had always used it to bring hell down on the opposing teams, after all.

Of course, humanity copied their strategy and first used it during one of JiHan’s ‘Top 100’ games as a Martial Saint. 

‘The biggest problem is that it only has undead monsters.’ The constellation quest required him to reach 1st in the promotion match with the power of the Reaper, but would deathly authority be effective against the undead?

‘The Death stat could either dominate the undead or not work at all since they’re already dead. I’ll have to wait and see.’


He continued trying to use the stat as he waited for the game to properly start.


Soon enough, all 100 of them appeared in the ‘Giant Graveyard’.

"So this is it…" someone said.

"It's packed with tombstones."

"That hill over there could be a good choke point,” someone else observed. Tombstones crowded the map’s desolate terrain, but the hills to the east and north seemed suitable for defense.

Instead, JiHan looked around for a moment and pointed in the opposite direction. "No. Let's go south."

"South? We’ll be downhill, which will make it hard to defend…" someone argued.

"There are no tombstones over there," JiHan pointed out.

"Ah…! You're right!"

"Oh, Uncle,” Sae-ah said, having managed to join at the last minute. “You noticed right away. Did you have another prophetic dream?"

JiHan pointed to his eyes. "It's just keen eyesight. I did have a prophetic dream, but it was about something else."

"Oh, really?!"

"Mr. Sung had another prophetic dream?!"

"Yes. I'll tell you as we play the game."

Of course, JiHan’s prophetic dreams were a hot topic in the Battle Net industry, especially after his dramatic win in the Space League’s opening match. Many thought it was a joke at first, but when they looked back at his achievements since becoming a player, they saw he always made the correct choice.

Many people truly believed he could see the future.

"Well, JiHan can’t be wrong, so I’ll lead the way." Baron, who'd grown a lot thanks to his 'Two Status Windows' Gift, was the first to follow JiHan’s advice. He used to dislike JiHan, but after being allowed to participate in the Battlefield of Chaos, he trusted his judgment. 

"Good, let's all go south!" The others followed.

= Oh. It seems that JiHan had a prophetic dream for this game, too!

= Haha. What a reliable player! I'm glad he's on our side.

= Christoph, why do you keep commenting even though you have an S-rank Gift now? I heard you even got a huge offer from America First!

= I explored dungeons with Mr. Sung, but I’d rather be a commentator if I don’t have Warriors like him or the Sword King around to protect me! Dungeons are quite scary!

= Ah, is that so? You’ll have to tell me more during the break!

= It wasn’t that exciting. I just hid behind Mr. Sung, after all! Oh… group three’s opponent list has been revealed!

= There are three other species, and it looks like the first are the ‘urks’.

= We saw them on the Battlefield of Chaos. Player Sung wiped them out, so we couldn't measure their strength. They didn’t seem to be particularly strong, and they’re currently ranked 20th!

= The second species… Ah, machines…? They're robots!

= The second species are called ‘mechans’! We didn’t see them on the Battlefield of Chaos, but they’re ranked 15th, which puts them below humanity!

The muscular, pig-headed creatures and bipedal robots looked strong at first glance, but their ranking was below humanity’s, so it seemed like a decent matchup of species.

= Lastly… Ah, elves again! Huh, but their name is 'World Tree Elves - 200'!

= There are different types of elves? Ah, look! They’re in 1st place!

Both commentators and viewers alike were shocked by the reveal.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


- What? 1st place?

- World Tree elves are in 1st place? How?

- Well, I was wondering what the number after their name meant.

- Does that mean the World Tree has at least 200 entries of elves?  

- Are the elves like cockroaches?

- How is this possible? What's up with Battle Net's management?

Although JiHan had managed to turn the tables in the fifth game and execute them, objectively, humanity was at a clear disadvantage against the elves. As if that wasn’t enough, there was more than one listing of them?

Viewers couldn’t help but complain about the balance.

['Downglass' has donated 100,000 GP.]

[We're in the same bracket as the elves again. ㅠㅠㅠㅠ]

"Is that so?” JiHan replied to the donation message. “We're going to have to thoroughly prepare." Contrary to everyone else’s surprise, it seemed like he expected something like that to happen.

'Five of the 20 teams in this League are elves, so we were bound to get placed against one of them. Given the situation, we need to go for the secrets right away.’ The elves knew the map as well as he did, so he was determined to occupy the map’s secret points before going on to stage three.

If they waited longer than that, then the elves would get to the secret points first.

'I’ll have to give up on using the ‘Death’ stat’s power if I can’t figure it out during stage one.’ They couldn’t afford to waste time against the elves.

[Stage 1 is starting.]


The ground in front of each of the tombstones crumbled, and undead monsters emerged one by one. Unlike the typical skeletons and zombies you’d expect, each was a death knight in dark armor that exuded an intimidating aura.

It was an unusually strong initial wave—probably due to it being a promotion match.

"That looks strong…"

"We can't think of them as weak undead. Buffs, please!"

"I'll use my magic first!"

The other ‘Top 100’ players all prepared to fight. Meanwhile…

"I, Sung JiHan, shall preside over death, everyone’s equal, in the name of the Reaper.” JiHan calmly used 'Death Sentence', which required the user to fully recite a set verse to harness its power.

Sae-ah gave him a dumbfounded look. "Uncle, what are you doing…? Are you having middle school syndrome at a time like this?"

"I'm trying out a new skill."

"Ah~ The one that skull gave you? Why do you have to recite stuff like that? It's kind of embarrassing."

"As long as the skill itself performs well, then I don’t care about a few lines…" JiHan watched the crimson light rise from his right hand without much in the way of expectation.

"Huh…?" Then, instead of fading, it grew brighter. 'Why so suddenly?' The light hadn’t done much in real life, but it showed a tremendous reaction within the game.


Click. Clack—

"Huh…?" someone mumbled.

"They're kneeling, aren't they?"

The legion of death knights stopped its terrifying charge and kneeled.


* * *


= Huh… What's going on? The undead are all kneeling in front of JiHan!

= Ah, are his prophetic dreams at play again? Wait, that doesn't seem to be the case! JiHan also seems surprised!

= Does this mean we've cleared the wave…?

Even JiHan was surprised by the reaction. 'Why did it work?' He couldn't understand why they’d reacted to the deathly authority in such a way.

"Fire Wave!" Meanwhile, Baron used the skill he’d been preparing.

[We surrender to the Reaper. Give us your command.] The death knights, seemingly undisturbed by their burning bodies, unanimously asked JiHan for orders.

"Stay like that," he commanded, wondering why the power only properly manifested within the game.

[You've brought death to many targets within Battle Net.]

[Your deathly authority has been strengthened.]

[You've brought death to over ten thousand targets within Battle Net.]

[Your deathly authority has recognized you as a Reaper.]

'Ah, it’s true that I’ve killed more than ten thousand in Battle Net. Is this the difference?’ He roughly understood how it worked. The deathly authority hadn’t recognized him in real life because he’d hardly killed anyone outside of the games. It was an entirely different story in Battle Net, though, so he was instantly recognized as a Reaper.

'It's only usable in Battle Net… that’s not very useful.' He gave the deathly authority a cold smile. 'I can't leave it like this.'

Whether it was reality or in a game, he needed to be able to dominate the power and decided to fully analyze the deathly authority while he could.

"Everyone, get up…" he commanded the legion. "Tear down that hill." He pointed to the hill the ‘Top 100’ players initially wanted to prepare their defense on.

[We will… Obey your command.] Sure enough, the legion of undead stood and began trudging toward the hill.

The game only just started, but it’d already changed genres.


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