The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 202


The elf saw the portal appear and the other inverted pyramid beyond it. At first, everything looked as she expected, but she was startled to see JiHan after she turned her head.


"Wh-what?! Why did you come out of the portal…?!"


JiHan closed the distance between them without saying a word.

"Great Spirit…!" The elf tried to confront him, but…

"I, Sung JiHan, shall preside over death, everyone’s equal, in the name of the Reaper.” JiHan used his ‘Death Sentence’ skill.

"What…?" the elf exclaimed before evaporating in an instant as her regenerative power failed.


Other than the length of the incantation, it was quite a decent skill.

[This species is not governed by death and cannot become undead.]

[The target will be annihilated.]

'Elves can’t become undead?' JiHan frowned. Even dragonkin could become bone dragons later, so why couldn’t elves be undead?

'As I expected, I’ll just have to destroy them.’ He looked back at the west-facing portal on the elves’ map, which led to where the humans were playing. If the west portal there also led to humans, then…

'Do the portals lead to the same places in each region?'

He pointed the skull under the inverted pyramid to the north and went back through the western portal, which led him to the undead legion he’d put on standby.

'It seems like the portals’ locations are fixed, regardless of which area they’re in.’ Since it wasn’t random, it’d be much easier for him to concentrate all of the undead in one place. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he sequentially entered the other two portals.

'This one's still buried inside the hill.' Unlike the humans or elves, who'd targeted the secret location, it seemed the other species hadn't managed to unearth the inverted pyramid.

'Let's just turn the heads and go.' He made sure all of the skulls faced north before re-entering the elves’ portal.

= JiHan…

= It seems that he knows everything. Look at how purposeful his movements are!

= He’s an elf’s natural enemy! He defeated the elf in one blow!

= Look… It seems that he's focusing everything on the north, right?

= Yes. That’s where the elves are, after all!

When they saw JiHan turn every skull controlling the undead to the north, they realized just how zealous he was about defeating the elves.

The viewers watched everything unfold in a relaxed manner.

- Are JiHan and the elves natural enemies? Hahaha.

- He's sending all the undead to them, hahaha.

- Isn't it obvious? They should be pulled down first since they hold the highest rank.

- We need to be wary of them. There are already two teams of elves in the same League as us.

- Yeah… Don't tell me there's more.

- There's no way…

Flash. Flash—

Undead legions poured from the portal like a flood.

'It looks like all of the waves are here.' Death knights filled the area around the inverted pyramid. Maybe it was because he’d assimilated more deathly authority, but they seemed stronger than when he’d first seen them as well.

If he sent them through the north portal again, they’d be treated as a monster wave and attack the elves.

‘Shall I get started?’ Just when he was about to lead them through the last portal…

“Emergency! We need to quickly suppress the enemy!” It looked like the elves hadn’t just been standing idly by—they quickly formed an encirclement around the inverted pyramid before he could send the undead through their portal.

"The enemy isn't an ordinary one… 30 of us will sacrifice ourselves. Prepare for the Great Spiritization!"


The elves decided on a course of action when they saw JiHan’s strengthened undead swarm. They seemed more like a well-trained army than a gathering of strong players.

 'Great Spiritization…’ JiHan thought. ‘That's going to be tricky.' He originally wanted to attack before they could finish preparing, but he changed his mind when he heard what they were going to do.

‘I need to show everyone what the elves are truly like again.’ He still had some leeway, so he only extended his finger and sent the undead legion forward into a frenzied charge.

Boom. Boom—

"Defend until the Great Spiritization is complete!"

"They're enhanced undead… Don't let your guard down!"

They fought their hardest against the undead legion. Despite their numbers and buffs, the elves weren’t easy opponents.

- The elves are certainly good at fighting, damn. They’re keeping up with the insanely strong death knights.

- Have about five elves died until now? Their regeneration is insane, lol.

- Wow, did you see that? A leg got cut off, and a new one popped out instantly, lol. As expected of the League leaders, hahaha.

- Are they players? Why are they so strong? Even now, about 30 are just sitting back.

- Why is JiHan waiting with his arms crossed? The elves are strong, but I think it will be game over once he steps in.

- He probably has a reason! 

"It's done…!" Summoning the Great Spirit!" The 30 elves finished chanting and thrust their hands into their chests as they pulled out their own hearts.


'So it started.' JiHan, who'd been watching quietly, unfolded his arms slowly and walked forward.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *



The 30 hearts burst at the same time, and the elves exploded in mid-air as their blood and flesh scattered in every direction. The gore all gathered in one place and slowly formed a massive entity.


Certain parts stayed behind and quickly regenerated back into the elves’ original forms.

"Great Spirit summon…!"

Again, the elves tore out their hearts and made them explode, and the massive body continued to take shape from their remains. The elves remained expressionless throughout it all, and the great spirit slowly formed.

- Woah, they're insane.

- How disgusting…

- I just tore down every elf photo I had on my walls.

- I'm scared that thing will appear in my dreams.

Due to their transcendent beauty, the elves still had some human fans, but their actions were enough to make those last fans turn their backs.


It took about 10 revivals, but the elves eventually stopped regenerating when the great spirit was ready—a giant of light that shone as brilliantly as the sun with Divine Power.

- It sparkles a lot. It’s hard to believe that it was made in such a gory ritual, hahaha.

- Was waiting for them the right choice…?

- It’s like those villains you see on TV who always wait for the hero to finish their transformation.

- Isn't respecting a transformation an unwritten rule? Hahaha.

The great spirit shone brightly, and the undead army completely evaporated in the face of its light.


Not even the death knights strengthened by deathly authority were able to withstand so much as a single blow—the great spirit’s power was on an entirely different level.

- Waiting was the right choice, right…?

- Woah… but it's really strong…

- The elves are crazy. How can a species like that be in Bronze? ㅠㅠ

Weren’t the elves just too strong?

- I'm sure JiHan foresaw this as well…

- Yes, don't you know about his prophetic dreams?

- He knew this would happen!

People would’ve criticized JiHan for waiting if they didn’t believe he was a prophet of some sort.

‘It’s just as strong as I remember.’ He recalled the memories he had of the great spirit. It took 30 elves sacrificing themselves to create it, but it could only be summoned for five minutes. 

Whenever one appeared in his pre-regression life, humanity always took the tactic of buying time until its duration ran out with hit-and-run defensive tactics, and he’d also followed that protocol back then. 

‘I need to find a way to deal with it now.’ He couldn’t keep running from it forever.

"It's that guy! That guy’s the one who messed things up…! Hurry up and annihilate him! After that, we will cross the portal and kill the remaining players!" The elf leader ground her teeth and gave an order to the great spirit.

Shortly afterward, a beam of intense Divine Power shot from the giant’s chest and focused on JiHan with what should’ve been enough energy to completely evaporate him.

"Huh…?" The elf exclaimed. JiHan’s deathly authority didn’t even waver under the divine beam. "What? How come it can't even penetrate this? H-his deathly authority withstood the great spirit’s light…?!”

"Hmm." Even JiHan was surprised—the divine light had no effect on deathly authority. What was going on? He tilted his head and approached the great spirit.

Flash! Flash—!

The giant tried to beam him with Divine Power a few more times to prevent him from getting closer, but JiHan easily blocked each attack, only getting injured when the light struck parts of him that weren’t surrounded by deathly authority.

'I should distribute it more widely throughout my body.' 

"Attack! Stop him!" The elves, startled by his power, tried to intercept him and stop his approach.

"I, Sung JiHan, shall preside over death, everyone’s equal, in the name of the Reaper.” He quickly finished his incantation as if he were rapping, and the elves collapsed in place as about 30 of them died instantly.

"R-retreat…!" The elf leader quickly turned around. "We can't finish last… We're going to the east portal!" Following their leader’s orders, the elves invaded the eastern portal in the hopes of taking another species down so they didn’t finish last.

'What quick judgment,” JiHan thought.’ I should analyze the great spirit and then follow them.' He could’ve caught them immediately, but figuring out the great spirit was more important. Humans weren’t to the east, so he could take his time anyway.

He approached the giant as it continued to emit beams of light. 'A great spirit… is made on the foundation of Life Energy, which is the opposite of deathly authority. I can’t understand why it isn’t able to affect deathly authority.’ 

The two powers were opposites, after all, so there should’ve been a reaction. He approached and peered into the giant’s interior until he saw something that made his eyes shine.

"Oh…" Within the Life-Energy infused giant was a power that shouldn’t have been there. He might not have even noticed it if he didn’t have deathly authority and hadn’t used Life Energy in the past.

It was in the lower part of the giant’s torso. "Come out." He forced deathly authority into it, and fragments of the sacrificed elves began to pour out until they formed a structure similar to the inverted pyramid.

JiHan's eyes shone. 'So this is its weak point.'


He punched the grotesque shape, and the great spirit began to crumble.

['Cosmic Tree Yggdrasil' requests disclosure of the player's information.]

[The player's sponsoring constellations, the 'Thunder God' and the 'Dead Star', oppose and exercise their veto rights.]

[The information disclosure request has been rejected.]


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