The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 207


= Everyone was wondering who Russia would ban…

= It looks like they decided on the Sword King!

= And the map… Huh? It's 'One Bridge'!

Banning the Sword King was a difficult choice, but Russia’s map pick surprised everyone.

= Didn’t we select this map as well?

= Yes. It's a simple map where both sides clash over a bridge. There are no variables. It's just a head-on battle of strength!

= It’s most advantageous for us because we still have JiHan to carry our Warriors… I don't understand Russia's decision!

= Do they trust their Warriors? JiHan already soloed them all before he was even in Diamond!

One Bridge, also known as 'The Battle of Changban,' was a defense map used during the Tutorial Season that involved stopping waves of enemies. In the Regional Leagues, though, the teams advanced from either end of the bridge to fight it out.

The Warrior lineup was particularly crucial, so why had Russia chosen it? 

- One Bridge? The Battle of Changban?

- Has Russia given up? Hahaha.

- Are they throwing? Lol.

- This will probably end in a clean 3:0, hahaha.

- Did the coach mistake the priority card for a ban?

- That's possible.

The Korean fans were in a festive mood while the Russian coach, who’d made the decision, frowned and profusely sweated. 'Damn you, Vladimir!' 

- Set the starting game's map as One Bridge. Otherwise, I won't play.

Vladimir was called a ‘Berserker’ due to his Gift, but he was usually known for his good nature. Things were different, though—he’d disrespectfully ordered the coach to pick a certain map.

'I had no choice…' The pressure coming from the man had been so intense that the coach couldn’t argue. It seemed that Vladimir was threatening to do more than just boycott the match if the coach didn’t pick what he wanted.

'Since you were so confident… Let's see what you can do, Vladimir.' The Russian coach clenched his jaw and watched the game. 100 Russian players were taking their positions at their end of the bridge and, as usual, formed a triangle.

“Vladimir, aren't you going to come to the tip of the triangle?”

“Come to the front!”

Vladimir looked at them and said, “Is there a need for you guys to be here?”



He waved his hand, and all 99 other Russian players exploded.

"Wh-what? This crazy bastard…!" The Russian coach jumped from his seat.

Vladimir looked to where the others had stood and spoke. “Transfusion.”


Their bodies vanished into pools of blood, which swirled toward Vladimir and entered his skin as he grew in size.

= Wh-what's going on?!

= R-Russia… Is this a trump card?

= I can’t believe they did something like that…

- ?? What are they doing?

- Wow. Was Vladimir that strong? I didn’t think he could make them all explode with a single gesture.

- Did they plan this?

- That doesn't seem to be the case…

The commentators and viewers were confused.

“Cross Sword Cranion, answer my summon,” Vladimir said. The blood swirling around him scattered to form a huge cross behind him. When he grabbed it, it stood over three meters tall, surpassing his own height.

“Sung JiHan… I'm going to teach you a lesson.” His lips curled into a chilling smile.


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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'How weird… Vladimir wasn't this strong.' JiHan frowned as he watched the situation unfold across the bridge. Even before his regression, Vladimir was consistently ranked higher among the Warriors, but the nature of his Gift had stopped him from growing past a certain point.

How had he blown 99 people up with a single gesture, and what was going on with the giant, bloody sword in the shape of a cross?

'He's changed.' He decided not to underestimate his opponent and prepared the Phoenix Flag and Eclipse.


A bloody cloud enveloped Vladimir, and he appeared in front of JiHan a moment later.

'Fast…!' Such incredible physical ability surpassed even the Sword King, who many believed to be humanity’s strongest Warrior. Vladimir’s bloody sword drove toward him in a thrusting motion, and droplets of blood scattered from it to surround JiHan.

Clang! Clang—!

JiHan moved his weapons to defend himself, but the droplets of blood in the air continued to circle him—it was an attack he couldn’t physically defend against.

'In that case, I'll counterattack.' He pointed the Phoenix Flag at Vladimir.

Nameless Divine Arts Heavenly Lightning Phoenix Flames Technique: Red Lightning Cannon.


Red lightning shot forward through Vladimir’s sword and his body; the droplets of blood around them evaporated, and the Russian player burst into flames.

It should’ve been over, but more droplets of blood swirled through the air and slowly healed the man’s injuries. Instead of being shocked, Vladimir smiled at him. "Fufu… Yes, you should be at least this strong." 

'He’s testing me.' JiHan’s eyes went cold. He wasn’t sure how Vladimir had gotten so strong, but he didn’t like being underestimated. 'I have to give my all.'

JiHan surged the power of his Void stat through his body and glowed with purple light as he prepared to use the deathly authority the stat had previously absorbed. His already formidable abilities were then enhanced.

"Oh… This power. Don't tell me." Vladimir's eyes widened with interest. It seemed like he knew something.

JiHan felt an odd sense of unease. Not many people knew about the void…

"You've meddled with something dangerous. Is it a final act of defiance against the master?" the Russian asked.

"You… aren't Vladimir," JiHan replied.

"Fufu… Try to hold on for as long as you can. It’s more enjoyable that way." The thing wearing Vladimir’s body didn’t look even a bit afraid, despite JiHan’s buffs. "Come out, Cranion." He summoned his bloody sword again and charged forward.

Clang! Clang—!

More droplets of blood splashed out with each collision of their weapons, and they attacked JiHan in the form of high-velocity spikes from every direction. He had to watch every angle at once.

'How annoying.'

Nameless Divine Arts Shadow Secret Technique: Shadow Soul Vortex.

Eclipse transformed into a vortex and swallowed the bloody spikes.

"Good, good." The Vladimir-thing laughed like he was having the time of his life.


Red lightning erupted from the tip of JiHan’s spear several times, and Eclipse made a perfect defense. To the untrained eye, it looked like JiHan had the advantage in both attack and defense.

= Ah… The opponent resurrected again!

= That red lightning burned Vladimir's entire body… but he keeps resurrecting out of thin air!

= I never thought I'd see a human with a stronger regenerative capability than the elves!

It didn't matter how many times JiHan killed him—the Vladimir-thing didn’t die. Though he’d burned both the body and all the blood in the area, more of it just kept appearing out of thin air and reforming Vladimir-thing’s body.

'Where did he come from?' JiHan wondered. Just when he thought his method wasn’t having any effect…

"To think I wouldn't be able to scratch you…" The Vladimir-thing, who’d resurrected dozens of times already, seemed more serious than before when he saw how none of his attacks could even scratch JiHan.

‘As expected of someone chosen by Martial Soul!’ Longinus mentally exclaimed from Vladimir’s body. While the blood Ki he’d obtained from sacrificing the 99 other members of the team wasn’t enough for him to use his full power, it should’ve been enough to crush JiHan, but it seemed he’d underestimated his abilities.

"I need to draw out more power." After resurrecting for the 17th time, Vladimir-Longinus bent his knees and placed his palms on his legs. "Bloody Cross."

His legs turned bright red, and a cross began to form. Meanwhile, a killing intent pressured the area from the wavering droplets of blood in the air around them. Vladimir-Longinus’s skill affected both JiHan and the entire Korean team in the distance.

"U-ugh…” One of the players gasped. “B-blood is coming out of my body…"

"Get away from the bridge!” someone yelled.

"Even when we leave its range, it keeps going! Someone, Heal me!” another player screamed in agony.

Blood dripped from them like sweat, and they all rapidly weakened.

= Huh…?

= What's going on?! Vladimir…!

= He's destroying the game by himself…! 

= The players are sweating blood… Isn't it similar to what JiHan did before?!

= That's right! He did it against Russia! Of course, back then, the horizontal part of the cross was made of steel…

Vladimir-Longinus was using a skill similar to what JiHan had used. Though there were all sorts of speculations, JiHan was certain about one thing…

'He's related to the Wandering Martial God.' The technique was similar to the Iron Blood Cross. Though it couldn’t absorb steel like his technique could, its blood absorption was much stronger.

'But that power…' With regenerative capability above an elf’s and the power to freely manipulate his blood, Longinus was one of the trickiest opponents he’d ever faced, and the Blood Cross was the most powerful technique he’d personally faced.

'Regardless… I have an easy counter.' JiHan crossed his weapons.

Nameless Divine Arts God-Killing Technique: Iron Blood Cross.

His Iron Blood Cross faced off against Longinus’s widely-spread Blood Cross. It seemed like a significantly weaker technique at first glance since the metal over the horizontal line was too thin and its blood-absorbing power couldn’t even compete.


As time passed, though, JiHan’s Iron Blood Cross became significantly clearer, and the vertical strip of blood deepened in color.

'As expected.' JiHan was sure of it. “Your technique is inferior,” he said.

"You…" Vladimir-Longinus’s expression stiffened. "I was just planning to teach you a lesson… but that won't do."

"Teach me? I think you should be the one learning from me."

"You insolent…!" Cracks appeared on Vladimir-Longinus’s face; it seemed JiHan’s words had hit a weak spot. “Fuck it, I’m going to tear you apart with my full strength!” Vladimir-Longinus reached out and attempted to absorb JiHan’s Iron Blood Cross, but…


"What…?" Unable to contain the power, Vladimir-Longinus’s body inflated like a balloon and exploded.

['Vladimir' has failed to absorb the power of the Iron Blood Cross and has exploded.]

[The first game is ending.]


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