The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 331


[Oh, Head! To think you'd reach out first. What happened?] Of course, JiHan had contacted the Dead Star Constellation. Normally, sponsored players couldn’t reach out to their constellations, so he did so through his channel.

[Pain vs Joy. What's the best way to extract more deathly authority?]

[Effective Torture Methods for Species - Dragonkin Edition]

[Kidnapping a Divine-species Player to Create the Strongest Undead.]

Kallein's channel was filled with grotesque videos.

"Ugh… If this weren't Battle Tube, we would have needed to pixelate everything," Sae-ah said in disgust.

"Mr. Sung,” HaYeon said, “I think I'll go to sleep…"

"Yes, go and take some rest," JiHan replied.  Sae-ah and HaYeon developed resistance to cruel scenes from all their time watching Battle Net, but not even they could watch the Dead Star Constellation’s videos to the end. The scenes were not only brutal, but Kallein also engaged in pretty cruel experimentation.

Their human nature made them feel a sense of rejection. Despite that, Kallein seemed to offer a lot of useful information for necromancers. Maybe that’s why Kallein had over a million subscribers. While JiHan was browsing Kallein's channel, the constellation sent another message.

[I saw that you started streaming on Battle Tube…]

"Yes. I contacted you because of that. Could you write a post on the official forums? It's about VIP membership verification."

[Are you going to be satisfied with just that? If you become my head, we can even do collabs. I'll boost you!]

"If I become your head, wouldn't we merge into one being? Then my channel and everything would disappear."

[No! That might not happen~ Who knows, what if you become the dominant one? The Dead Star Constellation might disappear and merge into a powerful JiHan! Let's do it!]

"Forget about that."

[U-understood. Then, how about a temporary merge just for 10 days? After 10 days, I'll definitely let you go.]

"I told you to forget about it." There's no way he would trust him and do something like that.

[Tsk… How mean. What level are you?]


[What? My sub-character isn't even level 300… How did you level up so fast? At this pace, you're going to become a constellation soon.]

"It seems that you aren't taking your sub-character seriously."

[What are you talking about? I'm the top player in most games! The level 300 area is considered a hellish leveling-up zone, yet you're having an easy time… Hey, if you become a constellation, we won't be able to merge!]

"Really? That's great news."

[Ugh… If you become a constellation and the chances of you becoming my head disappear, there's no point in helping, you know?]

That was true. The constellation was only favorable toward him because he was the best candidate for becoming the ‘head’. If JiHan refused and became a constellation, there would be no reason for Kallein to support him.

[I think I need to get paid for the post. Hand me over one of the glass bottles you took from the Constellation Research Institute… Not the regenerative agent, but the other one!]

"How do you know about that?"

[Fufu, as a constellation, I can watch what our head is doing.]

‘Are you a stalker?’ While contemplating whether to cut him off, JiHan took out the glass bottles he'd gotten. 'Except for the regenerative agents, I still haven't figured out what the others do.' 

The glass bottles had many energies swirling together within, including Life Energy. JiHan had tried drinking a few of them before closely examining the energy inside the ones he hadn't drunk yet. Even after consuming one, though, he only felt a slight increase in his Eternal stat.

'I should give away the one with the least amount of Life Energy among these.' Thus, JiHan chose the lowest-quality glass bottle. "How do I send it?"

[Oh. Are you really going to give me one? Wait a moment…!]

After a brief moment of silence, a new message window appeared before JiHan.

[Your sponsoring constellation, the 'Dead Star Constellation', demands an offering.]

[Please, offer an item.]

After the message, a black mist appeared before him. JiHan placed a glass bottle inside it, and the black mist disappeared. A moment later, he received another message.

[Oh…! Hey, this is quite useful. You gave me a good one!]

"Really? I didn't know which one was useful, so I just handed one over, but what are they used for?" Casually lying, JiHan asked Kallein what the bottles were for.

[Hehe… This is probably refined energy of the World Tree. It serves to increase the maximum capacity of Life Energy.]

"It increases your Life Energy? I think the World Tree's fruits had a similar effect."

[That's an effect that regular players can feel. This one is refined well enough so that even players who are at the level of a constellation can feel its effects.]

"The stuff in the bottles has a higher purity?"

[Yes. Since I haven't seen the other bottles, I'm not sure if they all serve that purpose.]

Refined energy from the World Tree? Was that why his Eternal stat increased after drinking it? 'I should set a day to drink all these later.' Maybe he would be able to increase his Eternal stat to three.

[Just a post seems too little compared to what you've given me. I'll also upload a related video for you!]

"Oh, really? Thanks."

[That's why you should participate in the arena quickly. I'll use that for the video.]

"Okay." Regardless of the subscriber count, JiHan was planning to participate in the arena to level up either way and decided to enter immediately.

[Would you like to participate in the Space Arena?]

[You're a ‘Space Arena Rookie’. You will receive rookie benefits.]

[You're a VIP member. Your arena participation fee has been waived.]

The rookie benefits lowered the cost by 30% to 70 billion GP, but the VIP benefits made it free.

[You are in the Master League.]

[You will be placed in the 'Master - 1' area.]

[You will be matched with players from the Master League…]

[The match has been arranged.]

[You will be summoned to the arena in 24 hours.]

'That was quick.' As soon as he applied for the arena, the matchmaking swiftly finished. "I did it. It's in 24 hours."

[Oh, really? Where were you matched?]

"Master - 1."

[Master - 1? That place is full of sub-characters… Too bad you weren't placed in Master -  2. Okay. Then, here goes the 10 trillion GP all-in video.] He kept his promise. 


* * *

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Translator - SCM

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The Space Arena was known as one of the places where the most GP was traded. Those who lost everything in betting wandered like ghosts, searching for the opportunity for a jackpot.


- Is there no great opportunity?

- I gathered all of the GP possible by putting my planet as collateral… Where should I place a bet? Please, save me… If I fail this time, 100 million of my species will die!

└ But you're the reason why they're going to die, lol.

└ To think someone like him is also a constellation with the Reign trait…


Whenever the arena opened, betting-related posts were often posted on the official members' board. Most of those people talked about a certain post from the Dead Star Constellation. Specifically, there was confirmation of a lowest-ranked species player with a VIP card.

According to the Dead Star Constellation, the player had amazing talent and would most likely have a winning streak, so he suggested placing bets on him and even attached a video of him betting 10 trillion on JiHan. The official members began responding immediately to the thread.

[Did you see the player the Dead Star suggested?]

- He recommended a player from a lowest-ranked species and even bet 10 trillion GP in a video.

- This player, since he has a VIP membership card, seems to be doing something right.]

- But still, he belongs to a lowest-ranked species…]

- What do you think? Do you think it's worth betting on him? 

└ Since it’s the Dead Star, I subscribed to him and took a quick look. He's just good among low ranks.

└ If you bet on a lowest-rank player, you're most likely going to lose money. Overcoming the difference in species spec is hard. I'm a bit disappointed in the Dead Star for making such a suggestion.

└ Honestly, I thought the player was okay. He seems to be talented. However, he's been assigned to Master - 1… That category is full of the sub characters from high-ranking constellations. 

└ That's right. Whenever things go wrong for them, they suddenly bring out the power from their main body.

└ I'm just going to invest 100,000 GP for fun. Now that I think about it, I've never bet on a lowest-ranked before, lol.


Despite JiHan having a VIP card, the general consensus wasn't favorable due to the limits of being part of a lowest-ranked species. Even those who rated him somewhat highly predicted he wouldn't perform well because he had been assigned to Master - 1.

"Aren't they being too mean?" JiHan asked while chucking. 

The Shadow Queen replied, "Well, there has been no case of someone belonging to a lowest-ranking species surviving in the Space League."

"Really? Not even one?"

"Yes. After all, the longer one survives in the Space League, the more one's species evolves. The survivors, even if they want to stay as a lowest-ranked species, evolve and end up moving to low or middle-rank."


"Special evolution bonuses are often given in the arena, so you should aim for those. The constellations’ sub-characters participate because of that."

JiHan's eyes sparkled. Were there such bonuses in the arena? 'Well, let's try to become a low-rank species, at least.' The human species evolving would also benefit him in the end, after all, and he wanted to take advantage of every benefit the arena offered.

"Mr. Sung,” HaYeon said, “you've surpassed 3,000 alien subscribers! The views on the videos where you fought the World Tree elves are exploding. Is it because they're strong opponents…? I'll keep editing and uploading those kinds of videos!" Although most of JiHan's videos were ignored by the aliens, the ones where he faced World Tree elves gathered quite a lot of attention.


- He isn't that weak for someone who belongs to a lowest-ranked species.

- He even subdued an ancient elf? Maybe I should place a small bet.


A few comments from alien viewers started appearing.

"Yes. Please, focus on the recent ones," JiHan said.

[You are being summoned to the arena.]

[Would you like to livestream to alien species as well?]

As soon as he turned on the Battle Tube, a new message appeared. When he confirmed, the chat divided in two.


- Oh, the arena…? It seems this is different from a regular game.

- Hopefully, it won't end in 10 minutes.

- You never know. If it's a one-on-one fight, it might end even quicker.


While earthlings were worried that the game might end too quickly and assumed JiHan's overwhelming victory, most of the aliens were skeptical.


- The lives of 100 million of my species are on you. Just one win, please! If you win, I'll sponsor you generously!

- The 100-million villain ended up betting on the lowest-ranked, lol.

- To think a Reign constellation would go all-in on a lowest-ranked species… I'm sorry for those who live on your star.

- If that gambling addict loses his star, maybe the inhabitants will encounter a better master, hahaha.

- The human species doesn't seem very impressive… He won't win even a single game.


'Oh, but still, there are quite a lot of alien viewers.' Although he only had three thousand alien subscribers, it seemed that quite a lot had bet on JiHan's game. The number of viewers kept increasing steadily until it reached 5,000.

'Hmm… even though it passed 5,000, the ‘Star’ buff hasn't activated.' It was supposed to activate after a certain threshold, but it still looked inactive.

[Matching you with an opponent…]

[You've been matched against 'Asura's Prince'.]


A huge being appeared on the opposite side of the arena, a giant with three heads and six arms, who was wearing full-body armor, looked down at JiHan.


- Is Asura's Prince still here?

- The constellation sub-characters are annoying.

- Aahh, why that guy?! My planet ㅠㅠ


As soon as he appeared, most aliens reacted as if JiHan had already lost.

"Lowest-ranked…" The giant took off his armor and dropped his weapon. "Wearing equipment against an opponent like you is a waste." The three-headed giant stripped down to his underwear and raised his six arms as he slowly approached.

It seemed that he was trying to slam down on JiHan as if he were a fly. The giant was certainly formidable, but…

"Not wearing armor was a good choice." Eclipse appeared in JiHan's hands. "Now you'll have an excuse after you lose."


The three-headed giant was sent flying, and a brief message appeared as the match ended in the blink of an eye.

[Winner: JiHan]


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