The Martial God who Regressed Back to Level 2



The Martial God Who Regressed to Level 2

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Chapter 312


A few moments before the third game started…

"So… I think that it might be better to lose the third game." Coach Davis had gathered the players and brought up the topic.


"They promised us that they were going to execute JiHan. I'm sure the map they’ll choose for the fifth game has a trick to it. With a 50% chance, any map can be picked. We can't leave humanity's fate to a toss of a coin."

"But we're going to end up losing…"

"Yes, but people won't die if we lose. Especially JiHan." JiHan accounted for more than 50% of their power. Not only was he their most important card in the Space League, but he also earned a significant amount of points for humanity.

"A 50% chance is unsettling."

"I think JiHan should be able to overcome the elves' trick, but…"

"That's right. Didn't he even solve the Primordial King's brainwashing?" Even if they were unlucky enough to go to the fifth game, the players believed that JiHan could figure things out.

"Do we really need to take the risk?"

"If JiHan gets executed, a terrible end awaits humanity."

"I agree with the coach. Remember the match against the birdmen? Without JiHan, we lost to the species ranked 20th. It's better to take a loss."

Still, to avoid even the slightest possibility, the players agreed with the coach's opinion.

"JiHan… Are you okay with this?" Coach Davis asked for JiHan's opinion. Although it was a strategy made to save him, if he wanted to participate, there was no way they could stop him.

JiHan was listening quietly and then asked, "How are you planning to lose?"

"The second-division players practiced already. They'll commit suicide with poisoned daggers."

"Ah…" The players were surprised. As expected, not just anyone could become humanity's Space League coach. When did he prepare for such a strategy?

"Suicide, huh…?" JiHan mumbled.

"Is there something bothering you?" Coach Davis anxiously asked.

"No, let's do that.' JiHan nodded in agreement. In reality, he wasn't sure whether the World Tree elves would let them commit suicide. 'The way I see it, this plain failing could be better. If we lose here, it might be hard to get enough points to move up from the Bronze League.'

JiHan thought it was okay if the plan failed. No matter what schemes they devised for the fifth game, he was confident that he could break through.

"Yes, understood!" Coach Davis's expression brightened. It seemed that he had made the final decision after receiving permission, but that much was normal by then. 

'Whether it's the South Korean or humanity teams, JiHan's role is absolutely pivotal.'

'He's a player who's above the coach, after all.'

That's how the third game started. At first, it seemed that the game was flowing as Coach Davis expected.

Flash! Flash—!

Among the 50 players participating, most started being logged out.


- What's going on?

- Why are they committing suicide, and where's JiHan?

- Did the coach give up?

- Ah! It seems that they don't want to go to the fifth game. After all, if we get unlucky there, JiHan might get executed.

- Aha… It's better to lose than to have JiHan die.

- If we keep losing to the World Tree elves every time, it won't be good.

- We have to strengthen ourselves and be able to win.


At first, the viewers were surprised to see humanity's players committing suicide, but they quickly understood why and supported it.

"Oh… You're going to commit suicide?" An elf flew to the human side and rushed to a Warrior who hadn't died yet. "I won't let you." The elf opened her inventory and took out a leaf, which she immediately fed to the surviving human Warrior.

"Uh…" The Warrior began to quickly heal from the poison.

The Elf returned to her side with a smile on her face. "We will be the ones who commit suicide." She stabbed herself in the neck with her wooden sword.


Her body split apart, turned into dust, and then disappeared.


- Wow. What's up with that speed?

- The map was too small… We got caught too quickly.

- It's creepy how quickly they realized our plan and started committing suicide as well.

- Look at how they're dying.

An elf suicide parade started.

Thud! Thud—!

Some elves, who were rushing toward the human side, stopped their advance upon seeing their leader kill herself. Following her example, they pulled out their wooden swords and stabbed themselves.

= Ah… What kind of spectacle is this…?!

= Has there been a game stranger than this one? In the third game, players from both sides committed suicide…!

= O-only Nguyen survived! 

= Humanity won the third game!

= This automatically makes him the MVP of the third game… However, the player is lowering his head in shame.

= There was nothing he could have done! The elves died too quickly!

Thanks to the elves committing suicide all at once, the humans won the third game in the blink of an eye.

Coach Davis frowned. "Those crazy bastards…!" Just what had they prepared to commit suicide in such an orderly manner? On top of that…


* * *

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Translator - SCM

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *


"The crazy regenerative ability of the elves… Why didn't it work this time?!"

"From what I saw, they were committing suicide with wooden swords. Maybe that's somehow related?"

"That seems to be the case. Even the Mages were taking out small wooden swords and stabbing themselves…"

"Ugh, how annoying!" Coach Davis sighed. Even if it meant losing, they tried to preserve humanity's greatest player, JiHan. However, looking at how the third game went, it seemed that they would most likely win the fourth game too.

"Can we commit suicide faster than the elves in the fourth game?" someone wondered.

"We're going to try our best…" They had to try dying as quickly as possible.

Coach Davis sent the players who had the lowest Vitality among the teams, mostly Mages, to the fourth game. 

= The fourth game has started!

= This is a dungeon map! 'Seven Caves'. This map… 

Before the fourth game started, the commentators were trying to describe the map.

[The 'World Tree Elves - 200' have been annihilated.]

['Humanity' wins.]

[The fourth game has ended.]

Upon seeing how quickly the game ended, they became speechless.

= The fourth game… It ended in less than a minute!

= Out of all the matches I've commented on, I've never seen one end as quickly as this.

= I thought the third game was legendary, but the fourth game surpassed it.

The third and fourth games combined took less than 10 minutes.


- Crazy, lol. To think we'd see a race over who could commit suicide faster.

- Ah, I had ordered chicken. It seems the game's going to end before it arrives.

- There's still the fifth game left. That's the main dish.

- Ugh… The fifth game… Nothing much will happen, right?

- Although the elves have probably set a trap, I'm sure JiHan will overcome it.


The fifth game, which humanity wanted to avoid at all costs, was getting closer. 


* * *


Inside the Space League's coach's room, the coaches of both teams picked their ban cards for the final game.

"Fufu, coach, you've really thought this through. We almost won." The elf looked at Davis with a smile on her lips. "Other species have used such strategies before. Many ended up giving up the games because they didn't want to get executed by us."

"So it isn't just us?" Davis asked.

"That's right. As the League progresses, everyone realizes their place. They'd rather lose quickly than have their players executed in the fifth game. We tend to show mercy to the species that know their place… and we usually end the match in the third game."

The elf smiled. "Humans… You guys are different. You've executed elves and even murdered the great ancient elf… The entire World Tree Alliance will do their best to wipe humanity out."

"Ha! The reality is that you guys tried to execute us first, but it didn't work as you guys planned! As for the ancient elf? He started to invade us first!" Coach Davis raised his voice in rebuttal.

The elf's smile deepened. "Fufu… The biggest sin of the weak is not knowing their place. Today, we're going to start by killing your top-ranked player." The elf took out all her priority cards.

[Both species have gathered all their priority cards.]

[The right to choose the map will be randomly assigned to one of the two species.]


A giant silver coin appeared in the air and fell to the table.

Thud. Thud—

As it hit the table, it bounced a few times and then started spinning. On one side of the coin, a human was depicted, and on the other, a tree was shown.


- Is it going to be decided by a coin toss?

- So, the tree represents the elves…

- To think it would start with a suicide show and end with a coin coss…

- Please, let it be the human side!


All the viewers were hoping for the coin to drop on the human side.


Unfortunately, it dropped tree-side up.

"Fufu, as expected," the elf laughed.


The priority cards in front of Coach Davis vanished, and the elves’ card remained.

"Ugh…!" Coach Davis slumped down with a devastated look on his face. 

"Say your goodbyes to your top-ranked player. The rest of humanity will soon follow him." There was a stark contrast between the two coaches.

The commentators sighed at the sight.

= Ah… The Goddess of luck turned her back on Coach Davis this time…!

= The World Tree elves seemed to have a sense of kinship with other World Tree species. Are they really all on the same side?

= Based on what the elf said, it doesn't seem like this is their first time participating in the Space League.

= Why is such a species in the Bronze League?!

= I'm worried about what map they will choose.

"I will use the priority cards to pick the 'Constellation Research Institute' map," the elf said.

[The 'Constellation Research Institute' map has special settings.]

[Would you like to load all the settings?]

[Four priority cards are needed.]

"Yes," the elf said.

[Conditions for entry into the ‘Constellation Research Institute’.]

[Only the 1st-ranked member of a species can participate.]

Coach Davis gulped. "Only the 1st-ranked…"

"Consider it an honor,” the elf said. “This map isn't usually a place for a species such as you. Your top-ranked player is someone who transcends your species, so we've prepared an appropriate stage for him." Since humanity’s top-ranked player was to be summoned to their map of choice, the elf believed it was the end for him.

"The Constellation Research Institute…" JiHan, who was still in the waiting room, smiled when he saw the map’s name.

"Uncle…!” Sae-ah exclaimed. “What should we do? It seems that they prepared thoroughly!"

"I think this is good,” JiHan replied. “Based on the map's name, there seem to be a lot of things to loot."


"Yes, I'll be going now. See you later." Jihan waved his hand at the players who were looking at him in worry and went to participate in the only game of that Space League match he was able to participate in.


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