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Mightiest Melee Magician



Mightiest Melee Magician

[ Translator - Jreaming ]

[ Proofreader - Artethrax ]


Chapter 104


The joint lessons at the Academy this year received attention not just from within the Academy, but from the entire kingdom.

The reason for this was inevitable.

“Sir Bengrass!”

“Oh, Sir Josh, what brings you all the way to the palace?”

“What brings me? I’m here to ask you about some complicated problems I’m having because of my children.”

“The greatest sage of the kingdom is here to ask a moron like me who only knows how to wield a sword? That won’t do. Huhu. Let’s go inside first.”

It was because the children of the highest ranking member of the Radian Kingdom’s Magic Tower, the guardian of the kingdom and head of the Galehill House, Josh Galehill, and the child of Bengrass Kegen, the Captain of the Golden Light Knight Order, were all at the academy.

Jakil and Michael Galehill, and Maltive Kegen.

“I’ve heard about Jakil’s story. So he’s holding a special lecture as the representative among the graduates at the Academy?”

“Yes. I suspected that the Galehills would be completely barred from this year’s seminars, but Director Tirion Ignit unexpectedly invited us directly.”

“It’s a natural thing that shouldn’t have been worried about. If not the Galehills, where would the Academy find a magician that is suited to take the special lecture? It’s something even that strict director must accept. From what I see, as the guardian of the kingdom that has full control of the magic world of this nation, you are sometimes too humble.”

“You overpraise me. Is Maltive doing well?”

“Yes. But it’s a bit of a problem, since he makes so much trouble. I even ended up sending him to Sir Coulter in Poldren to fix up his character. Hmm...... He may be at the Academy at this point.”

“Actually, I came to you because of that.”

“By ‘that’ you mean… the Academy?”



The capital of the Radian Kingdom.

There, the two gathered at the most hidden garden, built deep within the palace.

On one side, the sword.

On the other, magic.

It was a private meeting between the two absolutes that each held their share of the kingdom.

It was also unusual for them to meet inside the palace and have a one-on-one talk.

What was happening?

Just how important was this matter that they needed to meet by themselves?

However, if one saw what they were talking about, they’d find reason to be laughably insignificant.

Still, the two were unnecessarily serious about this.

“If it’s about the Academy… Yes, I think I can roughly guess what it is. It’s about that magician that is receiving the favor of both the princes, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct. Looks like I don’t need to explain too much.”

“They talk so much about him, I can even remember his name. Ruin Ardell. That country bumpkin that was victorious in the Grand Festival and received the attention of the Empire.”


As Bengrass referred to Ruin Ardell as a ‘country bumpkin’, Josh smiled a little, liking the description.

He felt that the talk would go smoothly.

It just as he expected.

“It’s natural that, once someone who never had anything obtains something, they would act more arrogant and impudent. I heard he was in the same graduating class as Michael...... You must be quite worried.”

“If my children displayed more outstanding talent, it wouldn’t have been a problem...... But it’s true that I’m in a complicated position.”

“This isn’t just Galehill’s problem, but the entire kingdom’s. A random country bumpkin appeared and is trekking mud like a pig.”

“Thank you for saying it like that.”

The two wanted to enforce each other’s positions and maintain their own, and they didn’t like the idea of a third force appearing.

This was why Bengrass was replying like he was speaking for Josh.

“Even the princes ended up falling for his schemes… Just what will become of this kingdom…? Tsk.”

“Indeed. I have been worrying about the state of the country as well recently, and it has made me restless. That’s why I sought you out like this, Sir Bengrass.”

“Oh, do you perhaps have a good idea?”

“We need to stop him. Shouldn’t we stop him from continuing to act up and deceiving the princes? I am saying this only as a loyal vassal of this country.”

“Yes. What you say is correct. I even heard that Ruin was selected to be the next guardian of the kingdom… If one was a true patriot of the country, they wouldn’t accept such a sack as the guardian.”

“So, I do have a good idea.”

“......A good idea?”

“During the joint lessons with knights, isn’t there a group battle subject?”

“There is.”

“I heard that, fortunately, my children and Maltive became a group and are battling Ruin Ardell.”

“Hooh, is that so? But how did you get the news so quickly?”

“I’ve sent someone through the mana train and am receiving news through a crystal ball that is connected to the Academy. However, I have also heard some quite unusual news that you might be interested in.”

“......Unusual news?”

“Yes. But I don’t know where to start this story......”

“What type of story is it......?”

Josh changed his indifferent expression, and Bengrass hasilty insisted,

“I am too curious about this. Please, tell me.”


* * *

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Translator - Jreaming

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


“Bolvar Patten. You know that name well, right?”


Hearing that unexpected name, Bengrass’ face froze like a statue.

“…Wh-why do you bring out that name so suddenly?”

“I hear he’s still alive. And in Ardell at that.”



How could he not know that name?

Bolvar Patten.

He was a peer in the Royal Training Center, and also worked in the Golden Light Knight Order.

However, even if they were in the same grade, they weren’t of the same ‘grade’.

Bolvar Patten was always a few levels above him.

His marks at the training center were perfect, and he even accomplished his achievements faster.

No matter how hard Bengrass tried to stand out, Bolvar Patten was always in front of him, standing tall.

Bengrass could only stand in Bolvar’s shadow until Bolvar retired and became lost in legend.

Right now, after Bolvar Patten had disappeared, he was wielding and garnering all of Bolvar’s former glory and honor.

But if Bengrass was to pick out the worst period of his life, he would definitely pick the time he spent with Bolvar.

It was like a nightmare to him.

“Since you said he was dead, I too thought he was dead.”

“I-I truly thought that he was dead......”

Bengrass asked in a trembling tone as if he had seen a ghost,

“Wh-why is that guy in Ardell?”

“He’s acting as the knight captain there. I don’t know why such a promising gentleman like him is rotting away in the countryside, but do you know what the more pressing matter about this is?”


“Looks like Ruin Ardell has learned swordsmanship from Bolvar Patten. From what I hear, he is very talented, being able to receive and dodge strikes from Coulter Pirante......”

“Coulter’s sword?”

He handled the attacks of a 6th-rank knight?

This problem was on a different dimension.

And he also received training from Bolvar Patten?

At first, he was only planning on matching Josh’s rhythm, but as the situation progressed like this, he couldn’t just ‘match’ it anymore.

He must stop Ruin.

Getting impatient, Bengrass pressed,

“Just how are you planning to stop that guy? What’s the good idea you were talking about?”

“From what I heard, you have an incredible artifact…”

“…You mean my Amulet of Strength?”



The Amulet of Strength, battlegear in the shape of a neckless that increased the sharpness and solidity of a weapon.

While carrying this amulet, it changed the internal structure of the wielder’s sword.

Wood or bronze turned to steel.

And steel was perfected, becoming more sturdy so that it could absorb aura better.


“Give it to Maltive.”

Even if Maltive was to fight with a wooden sword, it would have the strength of a steel bat that could break bones from even a graze.

“......Are you telling me to cheat?”

“Is that important right now? We need to catch that muddy pig. If we waste anymore time, there might come a day where the entire kingdom falls over to that brat’s scheme. Before we need to deal with it ourselves, we need to stop him. It’s also a good chance for the children to take the favor of the princes away from him.”


“I know that you are a noble with more integrity than any other, but please think about the future of the kingdom. I have also already sent artifacts to Jakil and Michael.”


Begrass handed the necklace around his neck to Josh.

“For our kingdom.”

The thoughts were short, and the choice was fast.


* * *


My ears were itchy.

Was someone talking about me behind my back?

Well, even just the guys in front of me probably cursed me a ton last night.

But what was this uncomfortable feeling?


“Ruin. Have you prepared a lot?”


Our graduated senior who pretended to be calm just yesterday…

Why did he come up to ask about me so unexpectedly?

And with an expression that wasn’t a false calm, but actual calmness.

“What is this? Are you worrying about me?”

“Yeah. I feel like my junior is too full of worry… I was going to go easy on you till yesterday, but my thoughts changed.”

“Ah, so are you saying you will display your real skills today?”

“Yes. That’s right. So do be nervous. If you don’t want to be humiliated like the frog in the well you are, that is.”

“Hey, Ruin. So you dared to insult both me and my father? Prepare yourself properly. This won’t end at just the spar.”



I knew.

If someone with the Galehill name was acting confident, that it meant that they were hiding something dirty.

I could already smell the disgusting stench.

“Is everyone ready?”


And the reason that Jakil was being that calm, and the reason that Maltive Kegen was being so outspoken about his thoughts to such an absurd degree…


I could understand as soon as the spar started.


Swish! Swish!



Seeing that Maltive charged in with a sword that sounded too heavy for a simple wooden sword, and Jakil behind him was casting Binding at an impossible speed in attempts to catch me…


Jakil Galehill

5th-class Magician

Potential: High

Special Condition: In possession of 6 hidden artifacts.


“......It was artifacts?”

The artifacts that were revealed through the Player’s Eye changed the guesses to reality, and my thoughts on going easy on them also changed.

“Having 6 of them… Just how much did he want to win…?”

It was utterly dumbfounding.

Having 6 artifacts......

He probably pulled together all the artifacts he could use right now.

So that’s why he was carrying so many things… Tch.

Even if he did that, they were all artifact replicas that were only at the level of magic tools.

The real artifact was here.

I lifted both my fists and took a guard.

Then, I threw my body toward the charging Maltive.



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