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Mightiest Melee Magician



Mightiest Melee Magician

[ Translator - Jreaming ]

[ Proofreader - Artethrax ]


Chapter 95


However, looking at both of their reactions, it seemed like they were expecting me to refuse them.

“Ehem...... I did expect this, but hearing it directly hurts me quite a bit.”

“I understand your feelings. It’s normal for a truly precious treasure to know its worth. Isn’t it known that even the legendary tactician Jagis declined the Founding Emperor’s proposal more than three times?”


Was it because they were already expecting it?

They didn’t give up easily.

“You will know as well, Sir Magician. Even Jagis accepted the Emperor’s proposal in the end, and those two combined their strengths to make what is now known as the Raynac Empire.”

To pull out the story of the Empire’s Founding Emperor, Raynac, and the legendary tactician Jagis here…

There was no way he was comparing himself to the Founding Emperor, right?

“I want to think of our meeting today like the first meeting between the Founding Emperor and Jagis. Could it be a sort of second coming…? Haha!”


......He was.

But, your royal highness, don’t you know that the Raynac was a 9th-rank knight?

“Don’t refuse me so hastily. On top of that, you haven’t even heard my offer yet.”

“I don’t want to agree with you, older brother, but you are right. Please listen to our offers before making your decision again. When I become king in the future, I could hand you the entire magic society of the Radian Kingdom…”

“Oh ho! Who are you saying will become king? And while our father is alive and well? How preposterous to say such a thing!”

“Yes. After father, I am next. Who would be king if not I? You, brother? Hah. The power has already shifted towards my New Party. You should know this too......”


I could feel a headache coming.

To continue giving offers even though I made my refusal so clear…

Wouldn’t our talk just go in circles at this point?

“I’m sorry, but I don’t need more offers. My decision is firm.”

“It’s already your second refusal. Then does that mean there’s only one left? Looks like I’ll need to think deeper on my last offer.”

“No. Even if you offer a third, fourth, or fifth time, the answer will be the same. I am not the tactician Jagis, and I also have work left to do as Ruin Ardell.”

“…You have work left to do?”


“Could I inquire about what that may be?”

However, I couldn’t simply just become enemies with them.

After all, I also was a citizen of this kingdom, and Ardell was also a part of the Radian Kingdom.

In the end, one of these two would end up as king, and there might come a day when I would need their help.

What could I do?

What was the method to not become their servant while maintaining their favor, not turning them into my enemies?

Of course, I was the one who held all the cards in this negotiation.

“I was thinking of returning to my home town.”

“Home town? By home...... you mean the Ardell territory?”


After hearing the word ‘home’, a weird, positive light returned to the princes’ faces.

“Could I hear that to mean...... that after you graduate, you won’t be leaving the kingdom?”

“Of course.”

This at least meant that I wouldn’t leave the Kingdom, and neither would I go work under the Empire’s Crown Prince.

On top of that…

“I cannot become the servant of the princes. However, as a citizen of the Kingdom, if you require my help against a threat to the country, I am willing to become a power for the kingdom.”

“Oh ho… This is the first welcoming thing I’ve heard!”

A neutral tone that, depending on what one listened for, could be heard as positive.

What I said created an option for myself, and I was thinking of actively using it.

“The state of Ardell isn’t that good. I hope that you understand that, as I am a member of that family, I wish to share the burden of my territory in more ways than just my success.”

A neutral stance.

A tone that hints at a possibility.

And also, subtly leaking I had something I required.

This method was my best choice.

“......Your territory isn’t doing well? Did something happen in Ardell?”

“I can’t allow the future of the Kingdom to be stressed over a small issue. Say what it is. I, the First Prince Croster Radian, will help you out to the best of my ability.”

“No. Rather than my brother, tell me. Do you require money? Or do you require supplies? If you secretly tell me, I can help you greatly…”

“ Oh ho! You dare interfere in my conversation with him?”

“You are the one interfering, brother. Didn’t I ask him first?”


One thing was clear.

If given the choice between the two, I would never in my life choose either of them.


Because keeping them competing with each other would bring me the greatest profit.

At least until one of them became king.


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Jreaming

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


The princes failed to achieve their original goal in meeting me at the academy, but they could leave the meeting room with smiles on their faces.

After all, they were at least able to gain one thing.

That I, Ruin Ardell, wouldn’t side with either of them.

If I didn’t side with one of them, wouldn’t it be a doable fight if I didn’t side with the other one either?

On top of that, they were able to verify my loyalty to the Kingdom, as I gave them my word that I would help when the Kingdom needed it.

Because they were able to achieve this, they could consider their visit a success.

It wasn’t too strange for the princes’ steps to become lighter as they walked with smiles on their faces.


“I am planning to send you a great gift at your graduation, so I hope you don’t reject that as well.”

“But of course, my present will be greater than my brother’s.”

“You don’t need to send me presents. Just, I hope you will take care of the things I requested.”

“Requested? Don’t say it like that. The growth of Ardell is the growth of the kingdom. Rather, I am apologetic that I wasn’t able to pay attention to it sooner.”

“Do not worry about it. Just focus on graduating.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

My request.

The approval of my plans for the many things that would soon be put into work in Ardell.

I had also requested military reinforcements at the time of the subjugation.

This was naturally approved.

Since they both stepped up to help, it was approved easily.

I was a little surprised.

Was it really this easy?

Even though all those requests that Ardell sent with care were ignored…

Now, just a word was enough.

This was probably what the power of authority was like.

“You can put your hands down now.”


As I walked out to the garden with the princes, the knight was still there kneeling with his hands in the air.

“Put your hands down.”

“Ah, yes!”

At the command of the First Prince, the knight stood up, looking exhausted, and he sent a slight glare of resentment towards me.

However, that was it.

He stood there, unable to say anything.

“Sir Ruin Ardell here is the future of our Kingdom and our treasure. It is a bit unofficial, but I will be appointing him as the guardian of the royal family, so you knights must watch your tone.”


Being appointed the guardian…

The guardian would become a close aide to the royal family, and thus would receive special treatment, regardless of their status.

Even if it was just within the Kingdom’s borders, no one would be able to disrespect me.

Also, excluding the royal family, no one would be able to order me around either.

Of course, it was unofficial, but since the princes’ accepted me, it wasn’t that far from an official appointment.

Well, then again, I didn’t really care that much.

“......P-please forgive the insolence I’ve shown you previously.”

As the knight who berated me before apologized, I smiled brightly.

“That’s fine. Rather than that, since it’s become like this, could I ask you something?”



“Please ask me. I will answer to the best of my ability.”

The thing I was curious about,

“I know that Sir is the one leading the entirety of the Silver Light Knight Order… but what is your rank?”

The Silver Light Knight Order.

As the knight order that protected the royal bloodline, they represented the second strongest knight order in the kingdom.

Then, how strong would the knight captain of such a knight order be? Or so I asked.

After hearing my question, it looked as if his confidence returned a little. He widened his shoulders and stood tall, speaking in a confident voice.

“If I was to say so myself...... I am one of the top three knights in the kingdom. I am a great 6th-rank knight.”


“Yes. The knight captain of the Golden Light Knight Order is the sole 7th-rank in the Kingdom, and under him is me and the knight captain of Poldren, Coulter Pirante.”

“......Is that so.”

Looks like those positions needed to be decreased by one.

After all, back in my hometown was the ‘Tiger of Ardell’, Sir Bolvar Patten, who was approaching 8th-rank already.

“Well, isn’t the Radian Kingdom traditionally a kingdom of knights? As long as I am here, the royal family will be safe. Hahaha!”


The knight laughed loudly as his confidence returned, but I bitterly shook my head.

He was more disappointing than I initially thought.

Well, I had always said that there was a reason we were a weak nation.

For the knights that protect the royal family to only be at 6th-rank…

A weak nation like this was a ‘kingdom of knights’?

Just how could one even say that out loud?

“It’s important to protect the royal family, but I hope you also look after the virtuous citizens of our kingdom.”


“During my break, I had met quite the evil thugs in the eastern territories. They killed the good people, and even sold them. Although, this shouldn’t happen in a kingdom of knights, right?”


It was difficult to refute a smiling face.

As I said all this with a smile, the knight’s expression scrunched up, and the princes came to my aid.

“Oh no. Did something like that happen? As the First Prince that drives this Kingdom forward, I cannot just stand still. Sir Montero, go look into this right now.”

“......Eh? Yes?”

“I command you as the Second Prince of the Kingdom. Sir Montero, take the entire Silver Light Knight Order down there and do a patrol across the entire nation. And just as Sir Ruin here said, go and capture every single evil doer you find.”


Sir Montero’s got filled with befuddlement after suddenly being ordered to take a route around the entire nation with the Silver Light.

But what could he do?

If the prince ordered it, he must follow.

“How’s that? Is this enough?”

“Sir Ruin, please remember that it was I who gave the order, not my brother.”


The two princes were so absorbed in getting ‘good points’ from me, and for those princes, I smiled.

Yes yes…

You princes are the best.

So simple.



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