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Mightiest Melee Magician



Mightiest Melee Magician

[ Translator - Jreaming ]

[ Proofreader - Artethrax ]


Chapter 109



Ogre Sovereign

As a passive effect of the title, all the ogres of the land will follow you as family.

As an active effect of the title, you can open a ‘dimensional door’. You may freely summon ogres that are part of your family through the dimensional door. It will stay open for 10 minutes, and after the duration, the summoned ogres will go back to where they came from.

Using the active effect, you may instead summon ‘Ogre Magician’ Kingram. The summon duration is 10 minutes, and after the duration, Kingram will return to his statue. You may only do this once.

You have learned the skill ‘Summon Dimensional Door’.

You have learned the skill ‘Summon Kingram’.


Ogre Sovereign.

The unique authority to be able to freely summon all the ogres on this land and even command them.

Something like this existed in the world…?

“......What is this?”

“This is the ogre’s respect not even Draka was able to attain. As you inherit the authority of the Chieftain, it is a special right for you to command all the ogres on this land.”

“N-no. My question isn’t that...... Why was this given to me…?”

“You are my savior, the second coming of Destroyer of Worlds Draka, and the chosen one who received the will of the first chieftain Kunkhan. On top of that, you are the sole human the ogres of Sky Mountain trust. You are more than qualified. No, if it’s not you, I can’t imagine anyone else ever garnering our respect like this and becoming the Sovereign.”


Yeah, let’s leave it at that for now.

The problem was that that wasn’t the end.


As a passive effect of ‘Ogre Sovereign’, your strength increases by 1000.


Since my original strength was 6490, with the passive effect of an additional 1000, my strength had surpassed 7000.


/The Incarnation of Strength, Straang, is promoted to Rank 5. 

With the effect of the unique skill ‘Accompaniment’, your strength has permanently increased by 500.

Anthromorphosis is now possible./


And so, Straang finally reached Rank 5.

With the additional 500 strength from this, my strength had increased by 1500 just today.

I hurriedly checked my status window.


Ruin Ardell

Incarnation of the Destroyer of Worlds, Draka

Strength: 7990



My goodness.


Then wouldn’t I reach 8000 by tomorrow?

What Straang said about my growth rate constantly accelerating was true.

I truly became so much stronger while I wasn’t paying attention.

“Burp—! Thanks for the food.”


Straang smacked her full belly and lightly burped after having a feast for the first time in a while.

And while scratching her belly, she talked as if nothing happened.

“There’s no point in getting surprised at me being Rank 5. Compared to when I was Rank 31 before, this is still nothing.”

“But you still feel good, right?”

“......Well, I guess. I got here much faster than I expected. Hap!”

Straang jumped up from her spot, and as she put her hands together, she started to put strength into them, enough to make her cheeks go red.

“Do you know how bored I got of this teddy bear form? I was like this for too long…”

What Straang was doing now was the human transformation that she wanted for so long.


Red smoke started to seep out of her two hands, and soon, it surrounded her.

The smoke continued to grow and grow, and soon after…


A surprisingly perfect ‘human’ form appeared.


As I took a few steps back in surprise, Straang put her hand on her hip and made a suggestive face.

“How’s this? Pretty good, right?”

I rubbed my eyes and questioned if I was seeing something wrong.

I asked her with a surprised expression,

“Uh? N-no, before that...... you really are a girl?”

“......What did you think I was this whole time?”

“A guy, obviously?”

“How many times did I tell you I was a girl?!”

“…I thought you were lying.”

Pitch-black hair contrasted by pale white skin. A small frame, only barely coming up to my shoulders. A face so pretty that I couldn’t believe this was the same teddy bear Straang I knew.

Yeah, she was a girl.

No, rather than a girl, was it better to say she was a female?

In any case, I narrowed my eyes and repeated,

“I really can’t believe it. Prove to me that you’re the Straang I know.”

“There's a dot on your left butt cheek, and 3cm below that in your—”

“Stop. I get it, so stop.”

“Don’t mess with me.”


It was confirmed.

Hearing that perverted talk, it truly was Straang.

However, I couldn’t help it being a bit awkward.

The Straang I knew was just a small teddy bear that slept on my shoulders when it wasn’t eating.

As I looked at her with an awkward expression, the edge of Straang’s lips wiggled, finding it amusing.

“You… Did you fall for me?”

“Shut up.”


* * *

Reaper Scans

Translator - Jreaming

Proofreader - Artethrax

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* * *


In my reunion with Kingram, I received an unbelievable gift.

‘I can summon ogres?’

Inheriting the authority of the Chieftain, becoming the Sovereign, I could command the ogres.

I could also summon Kingram, who hadn’t even once been able to step outside the Academy in this life.

Even me forcibly summoning him to where I am was a privilege for him.

When I left Kingram, he said this to me.

“Summon me when your life is in danger. You’ll gain a reliable shield that will save your life.”

This wasn’t all I had gained.

Multiple sources had unnaturally increased my strength, and Straang had reached Rank 5.

After becoming Rank 5, Straang was able to transform into a human…

“Mr. Ruin.”

“Yes, Director?”

“Who is that young lady next to you?”

“......You can see her?”

Nod nod.



I forgot that, as soon as Straang went through anthromorphosis, other people were able to see her.

As I tried to hurriedly hide her behind my back, Straang opened her mouth in protest.

“You may not know me, but I’ve seen you a lot, Academy Director Tirion Ignit. I am Straang. It’s refreshing being able to talk to you like this face to— Uep! Uep!”

This punk.

Just what the hell were you saying?

As I blocked Straang’s mouth, the Director understandably looked surprised and asked me,

“......I definitely saw only one person go underground, but for two people to emerge…? I’ll need an explanation for this, Ruin.”


I nodded my head powerlessly.


I’m doomed.


* * *


As we walked toward the Director’s office, Straang’s footsteps were completely different to mine.

“Yeah! This is why you transform into a human! So worth it.”


Being able to walk with one’s own two feet.

Unlike Straang, who was walking around while moving in a weird way and bouncing about happily through the corridors, my footsteps were heavy, as if I was being sent to my execution.

Just how could I explain this?

The Director was definitely a trustworthy person.

Even then, I couldn’t just reveal to him all the secrets of my ability.

But contrary to the worries I had, the talk moved in a totally different direction.

“With my limited knowledge… I could only guess that you are an elemental. Am I correct?”

“It’s similar. To be correct, I’m an Incarnation.”

“......Is that so.”

Rather than question it, the Director chose to first accept it.

“So, Miss Straang can’t ever leave Ruin?”

“That’s correct. We are in a symbiotic relationship. Ruin is my cook that prepares my food, and I am a supporter that helps him out in everything.”

“Hey, you’ve been talking down on the Director for a—”

“I have lived for a long time, half an eternity, far longer than your director. Who needs to respect who?”


So this happened.

After turning into a human, Straang refused to go back to her teddy bear form and insisted that she would remain by my side in her human form.

From the point of view of the Director, she would’ve been just a young girl that appeared out of nowhere and insisted that she had lived for thousands of years, talked down to him, and demanded that she remained in the Academy…

It was understandably a crazy and inconceivable situation.

However, unlike my predictions, the Director wasn’t someone who had a normal view of the world.

“Then, I just need to facilitate for you to stay at the academy?”

“Finally, someone gets it. That’s right. That’s what I want.”

“......Pardon? P-please wait.”

The one who asked again in surprise was me.

“Just how are you going to let Straang stay at the Academy…? No, before that, how do you believe this story?”

“Of course, it’s true that this is a baffling and unbelievable story… But it’s not like you would have hidden your girlfriend in the underground, right, Ruin?”

“......I-I guess?”

“Then, there’s only one option. That she is a precious individual you received through Kingram. On top of that, since she’s a transcendental existence, I can only just accept it and help her.”


His years of experience weren’t for nothing.

Right now, he had understood this unbelievable situation and accepted it in an instant.

The Director stood up from his seat and wrote a few documents.

“I’ll make it so that you are a transfer student to the Academy. However, since we can’t say that you transferred from the underground artifact room, we’ll need to adjust it a bit… It’ll be better the further away you come from. I’ll say you came from across the Majeross Ocean. Will you use your real name?”

“There’s no reason to hide my name. I am honorable.”

“Understood. The name will be Straang, and the family name will be ‘Ardell’. How’s being Ruin’s cousin as a backstory?”

“Incredible. You’re a smart human.”


What just happened?

Why did Straang suddenly become my cousin?

Am I the only one not adjusting to this situation?

The Director finished making the document with a serious expression on his face, and Straang stood next to him and checked it over.

“Straang Ardell… It’s a decent name. Can you make me younger than him by a year? I want to call him ‘big bro’ since it’s like this anyway.”


“Fufu. I’m looking forward to it.”


Straang was snickering as if she found something funny.

However, I could only watch in a daze after suddenly getting a younger cousin added to my family tree.

A 10-year-old-looking girl commanded a grandpa that was over 60 years old.

This… Is this a dream?

This is a dream, right?

Why is Straang attending the Academy?!

I pinched my cheek, confirming that this was indeed reality.

Let’s forget the Director for now…

How do I explain this to my friends?

What do I tell them?

In front of this unsolvable question, I couldn’t end up figuring out the answer.




“Who’s that… next to you?”


And I could only face reality head on.

“My name is Straang Ardell. A beautiful, young 15-year-old gir— Uep! Uep!”

Straang tried to introduce herself near instinctively, and I had to block her mouth.

“Ah...... Ehem. So, the thing is......”



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