I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor

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Chapter 212: Snake's Head (5)


Bang! Boom!—

Demonic beasts with large builds dropped down into the open space.


"Wh-Why the fuck do they look like that?"

Looking at the hundreds of demonic beasts landing around them, Isabella covered her mouth in disgust, and Ha-eun’s mouth fell open in shock.

"Kerrr, kerr."

The monsters had moist skin that looked to be made out of yellow pus, no eyes, two huge nostrils, and mouths that ran all the way up to their foreheads.

There were several tentacles wriggling behind their disgusting backs, and their long arms and legs had fur reminiscent of a cockroach's.

“What the hell?” Ohjin also swore once he saw the demonic beasts.

‘Why do those even exist?’

He had fought many kinds of demonic beasts to date, but it was his first time coming across ones with such an unpleasant appearance.

“I… I didn’t know that such a species existed.”

[It is also my first time seeing a monster this disgusting.]

Even Isabella and Vega, who normally weren’t shaken, frowned. The ugliness was just too hard to endure.

“Kerrrrrrr!” The ugly demonic beasts flared their nostrils, lowered their bodies, and started to move the hideous tentacles behind their backs.

“Fuck, I think I’m going to throw up.” Ha-eun looked away as if she couldn’t stand it anymore. It was her first time coming across a demonic beast that caused so much disgust with its ‘appearance’ alone.

“Do all the demonic beasts in the Demon Realm look like this?”

“I don’t know.”

No one there had been to the Demon Realm before.

[Stay on guard.]

With Vega’s warning—

Rumble, rumble!—

—the ground started to tremble as the demonic beasts surrounding Ohjin’s party began to charge at them.

* * *

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Translator - Maccas

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* * *

“Kerr! Kerrrr!” They widened their torn mouths with a bizarre cry, and their long tongues swung like whips.

[What unpleasant monsters.] Vega flew up into the air and spread her arms out.


Blue sparks appeared and crackled around her body.

[Go.] Her low voice rang out as the sparks spread outward according to her command.

“Kerr! Ker!” A demonic beast hit by the blue sparks wriggled its body.


A bump on the affected beast’s back exploded, and yellow pus with a disgusting smell spilled out.

“I seriously can’t!” Ha-eun frowned and took a cigarette from her pack.


The tip of the cigarette lit up as huge fireballs started to form.

“Die, you disgusting freaks!”


A huge wave of flames swept over the demonic beasts.

“Kerr!” The demonic beasts hit by the flames rolled on the ground and wailed.

Smoke rose up along with the sound of burning flesh.

“Yes!” Ha-eun’s victoriously clenched fists and happiness only lasted for a moment.

The demonic beasts positioned behind the frontline jumped over the burning beasts and charged at them.

“Kerererr!” Their cry sounded like someone spitting phlegm out of their throat.

Crawling toward them with their long, cockroach-like legs, they attacked Ohjin’s party with the tentacles growing from their backs.


Ha-eun barely managed to stop herself from throwing up when she witnessed the pus-covered tentacles. She covered her mouth with one hand and quickly backed away.


One of the tentacles grazed a stalagmite, which started to melt as if the pus was acidic.

“Fucking hell…!” Ha-eun extended her arms and bared her teeth.

Six fiery dragons wrapped around her body.

“Oh, flames…!” She stomped and extended her arms forward.


“Burn them all away!”


The six dragons of fire started to dance.

Floating through the air like living organisms, the dragons swallowed up the demonic beasts approaching them, and the hideous stench from the burning pus made her face pale.

“W-Wait… Blergh.”

“Ha-eun!” Isabella obstructed the monsters’ paths to Ha-eun as she started to stumble. Her eyes turned cold, and a red energy surrounded her as a dark-red scythe formed.


Every time the scythe swung, a demonic monster’s body was split in two and sent tumbling along the ground.

“Damn, just how many are there?” Ohjin furrowed his brow as he confronted the demonic beasts on the opposite side of Ha-eun and Isabella.

He was sure there were around two to three hundred demonic beasts that jumped from the stalagmites at first, but they wouldn't stop coming.

If one were to only look at the situation, it was rather similar to San Fruttuoso, with one exception…

‘These fuckers are strong.’

Ohjin sliced a lethal tentacle and stomped on the head of a demonic beast that appeared from the ground.

The endless waves were somewhat manageable back in San Fruttuoso because the monsters were merely 1-Star Ant-horns, but each and every disgusting demonic beast that appeared in the open space was fast and strong enough to be at least a 6-Star monster.

That wasn’t all…

‘It’s difficult to deal with them since each individual demonic beast has slightly different attack patterns.’

Some demonic beasts swung their crab-like claws and rushed in, while others shot sharp thorns in all directions.

Ohjin barely managed to fend off the attacks coming in from every direction and frowned.

“I’ll take care of the ones on this side myself. Please defend the other side with Ha-eun,” Isabella said as she took a big step toward the highest concentration of demonic beasts.

“Will you be alright?”

“Fufu. Are you worried about me?” Isabella spun around to face Ohjin with a seductive smile on her face.

The moment she turned around, dozens of demonic beasts jumped on her.

Faced away from them, Isabella swung her scythe with a flick of her wrist.


A dark red line was drawn in the air that split the demonic beasts in half. Isabella smiled at him as the monsters fell dead behind her.

“There’s no need for that.”

“…That seems to be the case.” Ohjin held in his chuckle and turned to face the demonic beasts.

There were other things to be worried about.

He stood in the passage opposite the one Isabella was defending. It wasn’t as bad as the passage at the front, but there were still hundreds of demonic beasts charging in.


Gathering up his mana with Exceed, he strengthened his grip on his spear.

“Ha-eun, support me from behind.”

“Alright! Leave it to me!”

[I shall also assist!]

Ohjin nodded and dashed at the group of demonic beasts.


He shot his wire shooter at a tall stalagmite and flew up into the air as the demonic beasts chased after him and quickly scaled the stalagmites.


Extending the wires, he ran through thin air with Lightning Step as he took a lap around the stalagmite and wrapped the climbing demonic beasts up in his wire.

“Kerrrr! Kerr!” They struggled and flailed their cockroach-like legs as they were tied up in his wire.

Ohjin frowned at the disgusting sight and riled up his mana.

‘Thunder Charge.’


Blue lightning flowed through the wire and triggered an ensuing explosion. The 30-meter-tall or so stalagmite couldn’t endure the impact and crumbled, causing dust to rise up.

Once the dust settled, the shredded corpses of the demonic beasts lay still.


An awful stench rose from the yellow pus leaking from the shredded corpses.

Ohjin groaned. He was so disgusted that he felt nauseous.

‘Disgust of this level is no different from a weapon.’

He wondered if there was anything else that could inflict such pain using only the senses of sight and smell.

As someone who lived in the lowest social class for nearly his whole life, he was quite confident in his ability to remain indifferent. Even so, the demonic beasts were so disgusting that they exceeded that threshold.


[My child!]

A demonic beast that had jumped off a fragment of the collapsed stalagmite fell to the ground after it was hit by Vega’s bolt of lightning.

Huff, huff.

One hour? No, two hours?

He exhaled a deep breath after swinging his spear like crazy for so long that he lost his sense of time.

The demonic beasts’ disgusting corpses covered the place so much that he couldn’t even see a trace of Heaven’s Grace anymore.

Ohjin took a deep breath and shoved his spear into a demonic beast’s chin.

‘Still, we’re nearing the end.’

There were around thirty demonic beasts remaining.

It seemed like there were a bit more left on Isabella’s side, but they would be able to take care of things within ten minutes at their pace.

Ohjin didn’t take the first strike against the remaining demonic beasts and instead maintained formation, staying by Ha-eun’s side and protecting her.

Ha-eun, Ohjin, and Vega were all exhausted from the hours-long battle, so he couldn’t charge recklessly at them like he had done in the beginning.

“…Ohjin, do you see those two?” Ha-eun pointed to two demonic beasts that were silently looking down at them from the top of the collapsed stalagmite.

Unlike the demonic beasts with huge noses and torn mouths, they had ‘eyes’ that shone with a yellow light.

“Fuu. What about them?”

“They haven’t moved for a while and have only been watching us.”

After hearing what Ha-eun said, he noticed that the two demonic beasts with ‘eyes’ were just observing them like onlookers.

“Are they their leaders or something?”

“I think so.”

When Ohjin furrowed his brow and was about to shoot his wire shooter at them—


“Ahhh! What the fuck are those crazy bastards doing?”!

—Ha-eun and Ohjin couldn’t help but simultaneously exclaim as one of the beasts mounted the other and started violently swinging its hips.

“Fuck!” Ohjin spat out swears and quickly turned his eyes away from the two demonic beasts.

They were hard enough to look at already, and it became near impossible to look with a sound mind once they started copulating out of the blue.

“Oh-Ohjin! What do we do?!?!”

“I don’t fucking know!”

“D-Do something about those fuckers!” Ha-eun shrieked from behind.

Unlike Ohjin, who was unable to bear it and looked away, Ha-eun was the rear support and couldn’t help but look at them with first-class seats. She had to keep attacking the remaining demonic beasts, after all.

“Ohjin! Ohjinnnnnn!” Ha-eun’s cry echoed out in the open space. “Th-Their tentacles a-are twisting together!”

“Don’t describe it!”

“Ahhhh! Th-They’ve started to suck on each other and everything!”

“I told you not to describe it!” Ohjin held in his rising nausea and kept averting his eyes.

“Ohjinnnn!!! It’s laying eggs! It’s fucking laying eggs!”

“Wh-Why do you keep describing it?!”

“Don’t take the red pill!”



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