I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor

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Chapter 228: The Council of the Seven Stars (4)


Whisper~ whisper~

The banquet hall fell into chaos in an instant as people looked at Ohjin and laughed. Of course, some people frowned and thought the open ridicule was distasteful, but most just gave him mocking looks and believed him to be an outlier.

Namgung Hui savored the crowd’s reaction and slightly smiled before lifting the mic closer to his face. "Hahaha! I'm just kidding, everyone! Please, calm down." He looked back over at Ohjin. "So what if he's not a high-ranking Awakener? I think he's fully qualified to join the Seven Stars."

Despite having explicitly singled Ohjin out, he proceeded to casually praise him. “Haven’t you all heard about the many feats he’s accomplished over the past year?” Hui clenched his fist and continued to look toward him. "He's already proven himself to be good enough, even though he isn’t a 9-Star. Don't you think so?"

The banquet hall’s joyful atmosphere suddenly turned dismal—the lack of applause was enough to reveal what everyone thought of Ohjin.

"Wait a minute. Isn't this a little too rude?" General Manager Han jumped up from his seat and gave Hui a fierce look. 

Of course, they’d predicted that something of the sort would happen the moment Ohjin was sent as a candidate. If you compared it to a game, it was like a rookie with a year of experience being sent to participate in a competition featuring the world’s best players.

The atmosphere might’ve been less hostile if Ohjin’s feat of defeating Deneb’s apostles four times in a row was publicly known, but most of the spectators back then had been celestials, so the word hadn’t spread to ordinary Awakeners.

"Oh, I'm sorry if you feel that way." Namgung Hui bowed his head and looked apologetic. "I was going to say we shouldn’t look down on him, but… it seems my previous joke went too far.”

"Ha!” General Manager Han exclaimed. “That’s your excuse? You were kidding?" 

"Yes, but at the end of the day, I can only apologize if someone found it offensive. I am sincerely sorry.”

“…” Han could only sit down with a frustrated heart after Hui’s display of apology.

Afterward, even more of the Awakeners in attendance began to gossip.

"Tut, tut."

"Look at him, getting angry just because the truth was mentioned."

“Are there no talented people in Korea? Don’t they have Lee Woohyuk, the Black Lion? Why choose to send someone who’s not even a high-ranking Awakener?”

"I guess he wants to be famous like the apostles of Deneb because he is also a North Star’s apostle."

A negative mood settled in the banquet hall, and in the middle of that cold atmosphere…

“Wow, this steak is really good.” Ohjin cut the delicious steak on the table before him with a knife and ate as if he didn’t care. The medium-rare steak melted in his mouth like butter.

"Haha. Fortunately, Ohjin doesn't seem to care that much." Namgung Hui naturally smiled and changed the subject. "This time, our candidates will go beyond filling the vacancies of the Star of Celestial Rotating Jade and Celestial Pivot and swear to be heroes who can save the people…"  A small speech followed. Just like in the opening ceremony, more and more people began feeling bored as the speech continued. 

Namgung Hui waited for the right time and glanced at the cameras. "I can see that everyone is bored at this point. Oh, of course, I also hate these boring speeches." He gently beckoned toward Mr. Wei from the side. "I'd like to offer you some light entertainment."

Hui put down his microphone, stood in the center of the wide stage, and pulled a fan from his sleeve. “I’m not very good, but I hope you enjoy the show.”



A huge stream of water shot from the left side of the stage, and hot flames shot out from Namgung Hui’s right as he spread his fan open and moved in a sort of dance.

A gentle, warm breeze blew through the banquet hall, and the water and flames began to move with it, intertwining end over end to form an image of the Korean flag.


The beautiful sight of the water and fire moving in a lifelike manner with the wind left people awestruck. More surprisingly, the fire and water intermingled without clashing with each other.

Hui wielded the fan as if he were painting in the air and used the two elements to create Sanggil’s face out of water and Damien’s face from the fire.

"May the two heroes rest in peace." He said before folding his fan, causing the faces to transform into a shining constellation before the elements gradually dispersed.


"H-how the hell could a human…? "

"I heard he recently reached 10-Star. I think he must have mastered the stigma of Leo!" The people in the banquet hall cheered and applauded the incredible show.

"Haha. Thank you for enjoying my little show." Hui put his fan away and bowed with perfect posture. Then, he handed the mic back to Mr. Wei, who was standing next to him, and descended from the stage.

“There is plenty of food and alcohol, so please enjoy the rest of the night!” Mr. Wei exclaimed.

With that, the party began.


* * *

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* * *


People were more focused on the other famous Awakeners sitting around them than they were on the delicacies set up on the table. Two of the 28 would join the Seven Stars, so they wanted to build friendships in advance.

Of course…


No one approached Ohjin.

"…I'm sorry, Awakener Ohjin," General Manager Han said.

"What? Why?" He tilted his head.

Han clenched his pot-lid-sized hands as his face reddened. "If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't have brought you to the opening ceremony…"

"No, I'm happy to eat something this delicious for free."


"If you’re worried about earlier, then don’t sweat it." Ohjin smirked and shrugged his shoulders. Their loud barking bothered him a little, but it wasn’t enough for him to make a fuss.

"Oh, you were here." Namgung Hui, who’d been talking to various other celebrities, approached their table. "I’m so sorry about earlier." He reached out to shake Ohjin’s hand and smiled.

“I don’t care, so you can go now.” Ohjin waved his hand in annoyance and continued to enjoy a dessert on top of sliced tomatoes.

Namgung Hui slightly grimaced as he was left with his hand awkwardly in the air. After gathering himself for a moment, he smiled again and spoke. “Considering the venue, please don’t mind it too much if others are disrespectful and don’t recognize your qualifications.”

He bowed politely and smirked. "Isn't there a saying that writing the word patience (忍) three times will save a country?"

TN: It’s an actual saying in Korea, and I couldn’t think of an equivalent one in English…

It wasn’t difficult to figure out why he had changed the character from ‘person’ to ‘country’.

‘Is he saying I shouldn’t act out here in China or something?’ Ohjin burst into laughter without realizing it. The blatant warning was kind of funny to him.

"…Did I say something funny?” Namgung Hui frowned as he watched Ohjin cry out in laughter.

Just when the atmosphere was starting to worsen…

"Hey, isn't there a damned smoking room in this fucking huge tower?" The banquet hall’s doors opened roughly, and Ha-eun entered. It seemed that she’d paid attention to her outfit, judging by the stylish black party dress she wore, and she approached Ohjin with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Oh, Ohjin, you little bitch. You didn't eat everything already, did you?"

"The steak here is delicious."

"Mine! Where's mine?"

"It was twice as delicious since I ate two."

"You little punk."

While Ha-eun was insisting that Ohjin give her a share of the food…

“Ah…" Namgung Hui stared at Ha-eun as if he’d been struck by lightning. His mocking smile fell from his lips, and his mouth dropped while his eyes scoured Ha-eun’s form. "How could such…?" He slurred his words and gulped.

Her beautiful body had unconventional and elegant curves, and her skin was like the finest porcelain. Even the black eye patch over her left eye couldn't hide her beauty. He had met many women so far, but he’d never seen such a stunningly beautiful woman.

"Huh? What is he doing?" Ha-eun tilted her head and looked back at Namgung Hui.

The man in question coughed. "Nice to meet you. My name is Namgung Hui."

"Namgung Hui…? I think I heard that name somewhere."

"Haha. It’s embarrassing, but I’m called the ‘Wind God’."

"Oh, I remember." Ha-eun flicked her finger and nodded. She’d heard that he was a pretty famous Awakener from China.

"If you don't mind,” Namgung Hui said, “may I ask your name?"

"It's Song Ha-eun."

"Ha-eun…" Hui repeated the name a few times under his breath and smiled. Ohjin’s presence had long since disappeared from his mind. "It seems that there isn’t enough food for you at this table… How about you come to my table?" He was certain his offer wouldn’t be rejected—his natural good looks and outstanding skill made him confident.

Born as the eldest son of China's best family, the Namgung family, he reigned in China like a king even before he became an Awakener. Though Ohjin was the only apostle of the Star of the Weaver Girl, he could not compare. 

'I think they’re a little close, though.' Still, if she knew he was the ‘Wind God’, she must’ve been well aware that he was the most likely Awakener to join the Seven Stars. There was no reason to turn down his offer

"I don't wanna," she said.

"What…?" he asked with a bewildered look, as if he didn't think he would be rejected so coldly. “Th-there’s no food for you here…”

“Why wouldn't there be?” Ha-eun sat on Ohjin’s lap and put her arms around his neck. "I can eat my Ohjin."

“…” Namgung Hui dropped the facade and gave her an angry look.


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