I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor

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Chapter 173: Gathering (2)


After arriving at Paradi… no, The Ganghwa Island Special Autonomous Zone, Ohjin headed to Cheon Sanggil’s residence right away.

In the comforting scenery akin to the countryside, a certain old man in a neatly-ironed Taoist robe walked out of the traditional Korean-style house to greet Ohjin.

His clear eyes and his wrinkles that emitted a profound aura were directed at Ohjin.

“So you’ve come.”

The First Star, the Star of Celestial Pivot.

One of the seven strongest Awakeners in the world smiled at Ohjin.

“Have you been doing well in the meantime?”

“Haha. Every day that goes by feels the same to an old man like me. Ah, but still, helping out that child train has made it feel like time passes quickly as of late.”

There was no need to ask who the ‘child’ mentioned by Cheon Sanggil was.

Ohjin’s eyes shone as he took a step in his direction.

“How is Ha-eun doing?”

“She’s doing so well that I wonder if she could be doing any better. On that matter… she has made a great accomplishment.”


It was impressive for the words of ‘great accomplishment’ to leave Cheon Sanggil’s mouth in just a little over a month.

‘As expected of Ha-eun.’

Ha-eun’s talent was exceptional to the point that it could be expressed as astonishing compared to other Awakeners.

“Is she inside?”

“Hmm. Ha-eun’s body is currently in such a state that it is unable to move.”


‘Unable to move?’

Cold killing intent started to gather in Ohjin’s eyes.

If the target wasn’t an Awakener… no, even if they were an Awakener, his frightening killing intent was enough to knock out low-ranked Awakeners with a glance.

His low voice rang out.

“Did… something happen to her?”

“Haha. It’s nothing of the sort, so calm down. Didn’t I just say that she’s doing well?”


“Ha-eun is currently ‘molting’.”

“What? It’s not like she’s a reptile.”

“Doesn’t she have that eye?”

“Are you talking about the Dragon Eye?”

“That’s right. The Dragon Eye has awakened a new power.”

“…Is that what you meant by ‘molting’?”

Cheon Sanggil nodded his head.

“It’s uncertain whether it’s because of the Dragon Eye awakening a new power or if it’s a characteristic of Awakeners with the stigma of Draco, but this old man can wager on his name that it isn’t harmful to her body.”

Ohjin narrowed his eyes.


He had never heard of such an occurrence happening to Awakeners before.

It could naturally be because the number of Awakeners with the stigma of Draco were similar to that of the apostles of a North Star, but he couldn’t help but worry because the case was directly connected to Ha-eun.

“Why don’t you take a look if you’re worried?”

“I’d be thankful if you let me.”

Ohjin followed Cheon Sanggil to a house that was located close to his residence.

No, to be accurate, it was a place that was suspected to have been a house ‘previously’.




He could feel the powerful flames from a distance.

Ashes were the only thing left in the open area that was suspected to have once been a traditional Korean-style house.

Through the gaps in the ashes that were scattering like snow, Ohjin could see Ha-eun encompassed by membrane-like flames with her eyes closed.

“This is…”

“It has been around four days since it started.”

“Are you telling me that she’s continuously been in that state for four days?”

Cheon Sanggil nodded his head.

Ohjin approached Ha-eun, who was surrounded by flames.

Even though she was covered in ferocious flames that seemed to want to melt the entire world, Ha-eun’s expression couldn’t look any more peaceful.

‘Is this why he said that there’s no way it would harm her?’

Ohjin activated the stigma of the Hunting Dogs and examined Ha-eun’s state.

As Cheon Sanggil mentioned, the flames covering her body looked like they were ‘molting’. The old and withered flames were getting pushed away, and they were getting replaced by the new, powerful flames.

“What do you think?”

“It certainly does look like there's nothing that would harm her.”

“Haha. Didn’t this old man say so?”

Ohjin smiled awkwardly while Cheon Sanggil was chuckling softly.

“It wasn’t that I was doubting your words.”

“I know. It’s only natural that you would want to confirm your lover’s safety with your own eyes.”

Cheon Sanggil nodded.

“How long will she be in this state?”

“Not even this old man knows the answer to that question.”

Ohjin sighed as he looked at Ha-eun, who had her eyes closed with a peaceful expression. It was unfortunate she was in that state when he was excited about meeting her after being apart for a long time.

“In any case, why don’t we return to my house if you’re done confirming her safety? There are some people waiting inside.”

“Ah, yes. Of course.”

“Haha. There are some people I’d like to introduce to you.”

“Are they the members of ‘Guardian’?

“That’s right. There'll be a couple of new faces around.”

Cheon Sanggil turned with a confident expression.

Talented individuals selected personally by the Star of Celestial Pivot… 

Ohjin followed him while his eyes shone with expectation.


Naturally, he kept looking back at Ha-eun as they left.


* * *


“Here, come inside.”

He entered the house following Cheon Sanggil’s guidance.

The first thing that stood out in his eyes was a young man with a handsome appearance.

The young man with eyes sharp as a beast’s that gave off the impression of a lone wolf noticed Ohjin and approached him.

The Black Lion, Lee Woohyuk.

He was Lee Shinhyuk’s younger brother and an Awakener of Leo who was the leader of one of the top 10 guilds, Valhalla.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Ohjin.”

Lee Woohyuk slightly bowed his head as he approached Ohjin.

“Yes, it has.”

“I have heard the news about your feats in Japan.”

“The Awakeners over there did much more than I did.”

“Ah, was it Mr. Sakaki? The Awakener that recently took down one of the Black Star Organization’s Executors?”


Ohjin smiled brightly and nodded.

Though Sakaki wasn’t the one who’d actually taken down an Executor of the Black Star Organization, they’d publicly announced that it was Sakaki’s feat in order for Ohjin to avoid getting targeted by them.

“You are still incredible. To think that you’d even go to foreign lands to fight the Black Star Organization…”

Lee Woohyuk sighed deeply with a smile mixed with self-deprecation.

“I feel like I only go on about avenging my brother with words compared to you.”

“Aren’t you a busy person? It can’t be helped.”

Lee Woohyuk was the leader of a guild.

He didn’t have the leisure to go to other countries to fight the Black Star Organization the moment he heard rumors like Ohjin could.

“…Thank you.”

It appeared that Ohjin’s comment touched his heart, Lee Woohyuk smiled faintly.

‘He really was blessed with a handsome face.’

With the exception of one of Deneb’s apostles, Allen Oscal, he had never seen a man with such a handsome appearance.

Ohjin himself had never heard anyone say that he wasn’t born with looks, but he felt like an ugly squid when he stood next to Lee Woohyuk.

“Hoho. I see that there’s no need to introduce Lee Woohyuk to you.”

Cheon Sanggil lightly chuckled while looking at Ohjin and Lee Woohyuk before they moved.

* * *

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* * *

They followed Cheon Sanggil deeper into the humble house.

“Wow, the Lightning Wolf really came.”

“Hmpf, what’s this? Unlike the rumors, he looks so damn weak.”

“Uhm… Is-isn’t saying that a bit inappropriate for our first meeting?”

What he could see once the sliding door opened were two women and one young boy.

“I’ll introduce them.”

Cheon Sanggil started to introduce them one by one as if he was introducing guests as the host of a program.

“First off, the beautiful lady we have here is Jegal Soyoung. She’s an Awakener of Sagittarius that’s famous for her title of ‘Black Rose’. Have you heard of her before?”

“Yes. Of course.”

The Black Rose, Jegal Soyoung.

She was half-Korean and half-Chinese and was a skilled Awakener who did work in both Korea and China.

“Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot of stories about you.”

With delicate black hair that was like silk, Jegal Soyoung smiled with her eyes and waved her hand.

She examined Ohjin from head to toe with an interested expression, and then soon smiled lustfully.

“I’ve always wanted to meet you ever since I saw that broadcast. I’m glad this opportunity allowed us to meet like this.”

Jegal Soyoung got up from her seat and held out her hand to Ohjin.

The nails on her pretty hand were painted a pink color.

Ohjin shook her extended hand.

“Pleased to meet you. My name is Gwon Ohjin.”

“You can speak more casually, you know?”

“Let’s do so after we get more acquainted with each other.”

He appropriately drew the line because she was trying to stick close to him with her seductive eyes.

“Is that so? Then how about we get more acquainted right away?”

As if she did not give a care in the world for the line he drew, Jegal Soyoung slightly tickled the palm of Ohjin’s hand with her fingers.

It was obvious that she was trying to seduce him, but Ohjin let go of her hand so firmly that it felt cold.

“Why don’t we think of another date since we have business to take care of right now?”

“Hmm. Is that so?”

Jegal Soyoung’s eyes narrowed.

She examined Ohjin up and down like a predator hunting its prey and soon shrugged while returning to her seat.

“Next up is an Awakener of Phoenix, Choi Yuumi.”

Choi Yuumi was a woman with short, orange hair that was cut at ear length. She rested her chin on the table and looked up at Ohjin.

Rather different from Jegal Soyoung, who responded kindly, Choi Yuumi’s eyes were full of frustration and distrust as she looked at him.

“He really does look weak. I don’t feel anything special from him, either. Is this fucker really an apostle of a North Star?

She examined Ohjin as if she really couldn’t trust him and then suddenly got up from her seat.

“Yeah, I think that I’ll have to test him after all.”

“P-Please stop… Ms. Yuumi.”

At that moment, a young boy with brown hair stopped Choi Yuumi by grabbing her sleeve.

He looked to be around the age of Kim Sihoo.

The opposite of Deneb, the boy gave off a weak and delicate impression.

“Lastly, we have Awakener Oh Hyunbin, an Awakener of Aquarius.”

“H-Hello. My name is Oh Hyunbin! Uhm… I… I apologize for the previous act of disrespect from one of our guild’s members!”

Oh Hyunbin bowed down at a nearly 90-degree angle.

He was most likely referring to the incident with Choi Jongchul.

“Is it just the five of us?”

Ha-eun was originally supposed to be with them, but she couldn’t attend because she was in the process of ‘molting’.

“No, there’s still one person left.”

Cheon Sanggil shook his head and confirmed the time by looking at the clock on the wall.

“I think it’s about time for her to arrive…”

Knock, knock—

Speaking of the devil, a low sound rang from the sliding door.

“Ah, it seems that she’s arrived. Come inside.”


Blond hair that seemed to be made out of gold swayed softly as the door opened.


Ohjin’s eyes widened after seeing the woman who walked into the room.

The woman smiled brightly towards Ohjin and respectfully bowed down to the people inside the room.


“I’m pleased to make your acquaintance. I’m Isabella Colagrande, who recently joined Guardian.”


—She had perfect etiquette that was right out of a manual.


The owner of the Black Heaven and the 3rd ranking Executor of the Black Star Organization was affiliated with Guardian…

‘What an insane lineup.’

Ohjin clutched his head as he felt a headache coming on.



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