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I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor

[Translator – Maccas ]

[Proofreader – ilafy ]


Chapter 156: Adam's Apple (3)



He called out her name with a shaking voice.

[M-My child!]

Vega looked at how Ohjin was staggering like he was going to pass out and quickly held him.

The thick. dark circles around his eyes, his haggard cheeks as if he had starved for days… The way his appearance had turned so pitiful stung Vega's heart.

[Just… what happened?]

Vega held Ohjin’s body and looked around.

She rummaged through her drawers of memories with her mind in chaos.

The memories of Ha-eun getting kidnapped, Ohjin being at death's door due to the King of Owls…

Even the memories of herself materializing in an attempt to kill the King of Owls but failing and getting forcefully summoned back to the sanctum because of the Commandment’s Restriction.

[What about him?! What happened to you with that evil old man?!]

Vega asked with a pale face.

What kind of horrendous things would've happened to Ohjin in that situation of despair? Just imagining it made her heart feel like it was being squeezed.

"Cheon Doyoon died."

[H-He died?]

Vega's eyes widened into circles.

However you considered the situation, the state of Ohjin's body back then wouldn't allow him to defeat Cheon Doyoon.

[Just how did you defeat him?]

"Vega, it's thanks to you."

[Thanks to me?]

What did that mean?

Even if she’d succeeded in eliminating Noctua, she couldn't end the life of the one who was more important, Cheon Doyoon.

"An opening was made when Noctua was forcefully summoned back, and Ha-eun became a 9-Star in that moment."

[Ha-eun became a 9-Star Awakener?] Vega asked as her eyes opened like a rabbit's.

[B-But even if she became a 9-Star, it shouldn’t have been possible to defeat—]

"I think he was too distracted by you. He wasn't able to avoid Ha-eun's attack and got hit dead-on."


Vega also knew well of the incredible destructive force behind the 'Dragon Bead' created by Ha-eun.

'If he got hit dead-on by that…'

Even if he didn't die instantly, he would've gotten an injury that was close to fatal.

"And I also happened to become a 7-Star at that moment."

Ohjin slightly lowered the shirt he was wearing and showed the stigma engraved on the left side of his left chest to Vega.

There were seven distinct flicks engraved next to the stigma of Lyra.

An exclamation left Vega's mouth.

[Then are you saying that you and Ha-eun both got promoted at the same time?]

"It does sound like the development of an action comic… but it's not uncommon for people to promote in dangerous situations."

[I guess that's true, but…]

Vega looked at the stigma engraved on Ohjin’s chest with disbelief.

[One year? No, it hasn't even been that long.]

Only approximately a year had passed since Ohjin had awakened.

To be precise, it hadn't even been a year.

Becoming a 7-Star Awakener in under a year with not just any constellation, but with the stigma of the Weaver Girl, who was one of the North Stars?

[Your… existence is truly hard to believe.]

After the gate leading to the Demon Realm was opened, Vega had wandered for several years in search of a human who could receive the stigma of Lyra.

However, no matter how hard she’d searched, she’d been unable to find a capable human.

Not only was Ohjin able to receive the stigma of Lyra, but he was growing at a speed so fast that it left her astonished.

'As if…'

That's right. As if he was born with the destiny to receive her stigma.


After shutting her lips tightly, Vega looked at Ohjin with a blank look.

When she thought about it, there was something that the celestial of Virgo, Spica, had told her before.

According to Spica, there were extremely rare Awakeners that developed their stigmas quickly as if they were destined for them.

She had also said that there were celestials who believed they were connected to those Awakeners by destiny and took them in as their companion.

'I scolded her for talking about nonsense when I first heard that story, but…'

A celestial taking their own apostle in as their companion? She’d believed that it was something unfathomable.

'Then, was I in that kind of relationship with this child in my past life…?'


With her cheeks dyed pink, she stared at Ohjin’s face.


[I-It's nothing!]

Vega vigorously shook her head with a surprised expression.

* * *

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Translator - Maccas

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

"Hm… anyways. Ha-eun and I took down Cheon Doyoon."

[Then did you come to find me right after defeating Cheon Doyoon?]


Ohjin smiled bitterly and explained the things that happened during that duration of time.

—About how Vega was chained by the Commandment’s Restriction, up to how he eliminated a faction of the Black Star Organization that took control over Japan and searched for the Divine Tree to obtain 'Adam's Apple'.

Vega's pupils trembled as she heard Ohjin’s story.

[No wonder… I was curious what happened, as I couldn't feel the Commandment’s Restriction. So you saved me.]

"Well, I didn't exactly save you. The restriction would've been undone on its own after only fifty years."

Fifty years was a long period of time for humans, but the same couldn't be said for celestials.

[That's not true.]

Vega gently shook her head and smiled faintly.

[A celestial's soul will continue to perish while being under the influence of the Commandment’s Restriction.]

'So that kind of penalty also existed.'

[If it was fifty years from now… it's likely that I wouldn't have been able to be called a 'North Star' any longer.]

"Then I guess getting the chains off quickly was the best move."

[Fufu. Besides, according to the prophecy, the Black Heaven would've devoured the world by then. If it wasn't for you, I would've died without even knowing. You have definitely saved me.]

"Well… in that case, I guess so."

But prophecy…

Just who had said that prophecy for a top-ranking celestial like Vega to firmly believe without any doubt in mind?

"By the way, who made that prophecy?"

[Are you referring to the prophecy regarding the Black Heaven’s resurrection?]


Vega slowly nodded her head and answered.



One of the North Stars like Vega and Deneb.

No, you couldn't say that they were completely the same.

Polaris's alias was 'The Brightest Star'.

Amongst the North Stars… no, amongst every one of the hundreds of celestials, that celestial stood on the very top.

'But even I've only heard about Polaris. They say that there isn't a single person who even knows the stigma’s shape.'

Different from Vega, who's stigma had been known, nearly everything about Polaris was hidden behind a veil.

There was no way there would be information about Polaris when they didn't even try to make 'Awakeners' in the first place.

'That's also different from Vega.'

If Vega wasn't able to find a person who could handle her stigma, Polaris didn't even think of finding someone.

There was an incredibly significant difference between 'could not' and 'did not'.

[Polaris has the power to look into the future.]

"Did they prophesize the Black Heaven’s resurrection with that?"

Vega nodded her head.

[However, there is one thing not even Polaris could not prophesize.]

"What's that?"

A faint smile was put on Vega’s face.

She slowly extended her hand and gently stroked Ohjin’s hair.



[According to Polaris, the Heaven-defying Star was said to have been unable to rise, but haven't you appeared?]


'About that… the prophecy isn't entirely wrong.'

[Your existence itself is proof that a predetermined destiny can be changed.]

Vega smiled brightly as she spoke in a voice filled with conviction.


Ohjin smiled along with Vega while pretending to be fine on the outside and roughly clenched his fist.

The prophecy of the brightest star, Polaris.

Everything was flowing according to their prophecy.

'The bastard known as the Heaven-defying Star died as soon as he returned.'

In that case, did that mean he would destroy the world in the future like in Polaris's prophecy?

'No way.'

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn’t find a reason to end the world. Though he naturally had no confidence in staying sane if he wasn't able to protect Ha-eun and all the ones precious to him died…

'It's no problem if I protect them.'

Ohjin organized his complicated thoughts and nodded his head.

"Yeah. Vega, it's as you said."

[Fufu. If it's you, changing a predetermined destiny should be possible.]

Vega smiled kindly and slowly pulled in Ohjin’s head.

[By the way, you look very tired.]

"I am a bit exhausted."

Not only had he not been able to get proper sleep for the past two weeks, he had even used Heaven Unfolding.

He tried to act as normal as he could in front of Vega, but he was, in fact, so tired that it wouldn't be abnormal if he collapsed.

[Then hurry up and get some rest.]

"What about you, Vega?"

[I am also tired, as the restriction has just been released. I'll get some rest and come to find you tomorrow.]

"Is that so?"

It would be okay to get some rest, as his goal had been accomplished.

"Then I'll be returning first."

[Rest well.]

Vega touched Ohjin’s chin with both of her hands and lightly kissed his forehead.

Ohjin smiled awkwardly and rubbed his forehead with his hand.

"See you tomorrow."

Ohjin headed outside.


After being left alone, Vega calmed down her shaking chest and took in deep breaths.

'A relationship between a celestial and human, huh.'

The words spoken by Spica kept repeating in her head.

[Ugh! This isn't the time to be thinking of something like this!]

Even then, Ohjin was going through intense training everyday in order to stop the Heavenly Demon.

She couldn’t let herself be distracted by feelings when she couldn't provide enough assistance.

"L-Lady Vega!"

Soon after Ohjin left, Riak sprinted into the room without delay.

"T-The Commandment’s Restriction has really been undone!"

[Fufu. Were you worried?]

Vega smiled faintly and gently stroked Riak's fur.

"Khm! I was worried that the ritual had gone wrong…"

[Ritual? What ritual?]

"Ohjin told me to stay outside, as there was a special ritual needed to use Adam's Apple."

'What ritual is he talking about?'

There was nothing that seemed like a ritual had taken place when she’d opened her eyes.

She hadn’t caught even  a glimpse of a ritual magic circle or other tools…


At that moment, something crossed her mind.

'D-Didn't Ohjin say that he used something called ‘Adam's Apple’ to release the restriction on me?'


Vega carefully spoke to Riak.

[Riak. That thing called Adam's Apple… what does it look like?]

"It was a radiant golden apple."


Vega's eyes opened wide.

If ‘Adam's Apple’ was really in the form of an 'Apple'…

'C-Could that ritual possibly be…'

Wouldn't he have put the apple within her sealed lips? And since she wouldn't have been able to chew the apple, it would have to have been prepared for her by…

[M-Mouth… Ahhhhh!!]

Vega covered her cheeks with her hands and floundered her legs.

[S-Such indecent thoughts!!]

"Lady Vega?"

[Ah. A-Ahem!]

Vega, who was twisting her body as if it had been bitten by bugs, cleared her throat awkwardly and straightened her back.

[I-I'm very tired. This lady shall get some rest, so remain outside.]


Riak quickly opened the door and went outside.


After being left alone, Vega crossed her legs and thought about what the 'ritual' Riak mentioned could possibly be.

[This isn’t the time to have these indecent th… hm?]

When she was rolling around on the bed, something touched her side.

'This is?'

It was a fragment of light that was miserably torn.

And on the edge of that fragment was…

An endlessly black…

Boundlessly dark…

Cloudy energy.

[Just why is this here…?]

It felt distinctively different compared to the energy felt from the celestials of the Black Stars.

Those two energies couldn't even be compared with each other, as one of them could even frighten a North Star.

That's right…

There was no doubt about it…

[The energy of the Black Heaven… h-how is it here?]

It was a fragment of the calamity that Polaris had prophesied would devour the world.



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