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I'm Not a Regressor



I’m Not a Regressor

[Translator – Maccas ]

[Proofreader – ilafy ]


Chapter 180: Living Armor (5)




[You have successfully absorbed the ‘Stigma of Bufo’!]


Ohjin got rid of the blue message that appeared in front of his eyes and riled up the power of the new constellation that rooted itself within his heart.

His skin turned lumpy like a toad and the muscles in his legs bloated grotesquely as they tore the pants he was wearing.

‘I should change this with Transformation.’

Ohjin’s disgusting skin returned to its original appearance and his bloated leg muscles shrunk back.

With the stigma of Bufo in use, he could feel power increasing in his body that already possessed supernatural strength.

‘It’s nice.’

It only had the simple effect of enhancing his body, but it was also the reason why it could be utilized in various situations. He couldn’t really use stigmas such as Noctua and Hippocampus as he desired in front of others.


Ohjin lowered his head and looked down at the demon beast clad in black armor.

‘No, that expression isn’t really correct in this case.’

The black armor itself was the demon beast with nothing but dark blue flames on the inside.

‘It massacred the Toads way easier than I thought it would, but still…’

The power of the flames leaking out of the gaps in the armor had decreased significantly.

Ohjin surged mana into the communication marble and sent a signal to Isabella and Lee Woohyuk.

He took in a short breath and grasped his spear.

He had succeeded in draining the stamina of his prey.

‘Now then…’

“It’s time for round two.”


He used the stigma of Bufo to strengthen his legs and jumped high.

Ohjin extended his hand at the Living Armor and activated the stigma of Noctua.


Feathers of lightning poured down like rain.


Dark-blue flames destroyed the feathers as the Living Armor lightly swung its spear at them.

“G-Give it.”

Its eyes glimmered with killing intent.

A creepy voice could be heard coming from the Living Armor’s helmet.

“G-Give… heart.”

“I don’t think I can give you mine since it’s owned by Ha-eun. How about this instead?”

Ohjin raised his middle finger at the Living Armor, though there was no way it could understand what it meant.


It at least understood that he had no intentions of handing over his heart without a fight.

The Living Armor let out a creepy sound as it grasped its spear, and the weakened dark-blue flames blazed fiercely again.




It stomped the ground and jumped high.

Positioned dozens of meters above the ground in an instant, it thrusted its spear.



Ohjin fired a wire while using Lightning Step to change his direction in the air. The six wires wrapped around the Living Armor.

"Lightning Charge."


The current of blue lightning flowed through the wires and stunned the Living Armor.


A loud noise rang out along with its armor becoming slightly deformed, but that was all.

It acted like it wasn't even attacked as it grabbed the wires wrapped around its body.


It used its formidable strength to pull the wires.

Ohjin sent mana into his wire shooters and disconnected the wires before he was pulled away by the Living Armor's strength.


The Living Armor violently swung down its raised spear in Ohjin’s direction as he was in the middle of escaping.


With the sound of thunder, dozens of containers that were stacked on top of the cargo ship were sent flying in every direction.

"Holy shit."

'This is with it being in a tired state?'

"No wonder that Toad bastard died so helplessly."

To be frank, Huan wasn't that highly skilled. Even if he put it nicely, he was only similar to the King of Owls. However, he had to admit that the Living Armor's strength was truly astonishing considering the fact that it easily killed an Executor of the Black Star Organization as if it was the main character of a Hollywood film.

'Plans have gone a bit awry.'

Though he didn't expect them to kill each other, he at least hoped that it wouldn’t have that much strength remaining.

'No, maybe that isn't the case…'

"Hiss, hiss, hiss."

The Living Armor was breathing heavily and was unable to continue attacks properly after using its big attack once.

It was without a doubt a golden opportunity to eliminate the monster.



Ohjin avoided the terrifying attacks that the Living Armor rained down and traversed through the sky.

* * *

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Translator - Maccas

Proofreader - ilafy

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* * *

When he was buying time and draining as much of the Living Armor's stamina as possible—


"We're here!"

—Isabella and Lee Woohyuk arrived at the cargo ship together.

The two of them looked at the Living Armor that was running wild and took out their weapons.

"What happened to the Black Star Organization?"

"That thing killed them all."

"…That monster alone?"

Lee Woohyuk widened his eyes in shock.

Ohjin nodded and stood next to him.

"It'll become even harder to take it down if it recovers its stamina."

"So we'll have to attack it as much as we can right now."

Lee Woohyuk nodded and raised his sword.

The stigma of Leo gave off light as the wind that was as sharp as a beast's claws surrounded his body.

"Arietis, the celestial of Aries, please shine down your light of recovery for this young lamb."

The golden light flowing out of Isabella's staff permeated into the bodies of Ohjin and Lee Woohyuk.

"I'll be the vanguard!"

Lee Woohyuk went in first and swung his sword.

"Oh, wind!"


Sharp gusts of wind stormed with the sword at its center.

He took a big step forward and swung his sword from top to bottom with all of his strength.

"Blow it away!"

The stigma’s light wrapped around the sword and formed nine shapes.

—The Ninth Wind, Strong Gale.

The raging wind shot at the Living Armor from all directions.


Clang! Kang! Cla-Clang!—

The Living Armor took a step back and swung its spear.

With the sound of a hammer striking a sturdy metal sheet, a large crack appeared in its armor.

'Damn, is Lee Woohyuk really an 8-Star Awakener?' Ohjin exclaimed as he saw Lee Woohyuk overpower the Living Armor.

Though it could only happen since most of its stamina was depleted from fighting the Bufo faction, even if you put that into consideration, you had to admit that Lee Woohyuk's skill already transcended the ranks of an 8-Star Awakener.

'He'll become a 9-Star soon.'

It was good news.

His hound becoming stronger would only help him tear off the necks of the Black Star Organization.


Ohjin supported Lee Woohyuk and poured down attacks on the Living Armor.

The Living Armor which had become noticeably weaker than when it massacred the Bufo faction was pushed back by the combined attacks of Lee Woohyuk and Ohjin.

Bang! Crunch! Cling!—

Its armor only became more crumpled as time passed, and its fierce, dark-blue flames started to lose their strength.

"Huff! Huff!"

"Just a little more!"

Even though they were out of breath, Lee Woohyuk and Ohjin didn’t stop attacking the Living Armor.



A short groan left his mouth.

Intense pain that started from the left side of his chest started to spread like poison.


His internal injuries that had yet to completely heal after the fight with Deneb's apostles held him back.

Ohjin was somehow able to move his body thanks to Isabella’s buffs, but the negative effects of his internal injuries gradually worsened with time.

"Huff, huff."

He was out of breath.

He could feel himself losing control of the mana flowing throughout his entire body with the pain of his mana circuits twisting.

Even if he could endure the pain, he couldn’t do anything about his mana that started to run wild.

'Do I need to use an elixir?'

The moment he moved his hand to take the elixir out of his pocket—

"Watch out!"


—a dark-blue spear swung at Ohjin.

Lee Woohyuk quickly got in the way and received the attack.



Lee Woohyuk was sent flying back and rolled on the ground after blocking the spear.

A handful of blood gushed out of his mouth.

The Living Armor that was fended off by Lee Woohyuk extended its hand out to Ohjin.

"Get away from him!"

Isabella thrusted her staff in the direction of the Living Armor, and then golden light shot from the tip of the staff.


The Living Armor groaned in pain after getting hit by the light containing destructive mana.

However, even that could only stop it for a short moment.

It got right next to Ohjin and swung its spear wide over its shoulders.

He quickly raised his spear and blocked the dark-blue spear.



Ohjin’s spear bent, and immense shock was transmitted to his body.

He was sent flying and roughly rolled on the floor.

"Cough! Cough!"

He spat out blood and drenched his chest.


Isabella ran to Ohjin with a frightened expression.

She dropped to the ground and hugged Ohjin, who was groaning and having trouble catching his breath.


—Dark-red blood dripped from his chin and drenched his chest.

Isabella’s eyes turned cold as she looked at his pale face.

The light in her blue eyes that shone like sapphires disappeared like night had come.


"That fucking pile of scrap metal dares…"


Her lightless eyes locked onto the Living Armor.

She started to emit the pungent smell of blood.

Isabella cleaned the blood dripping from his mouth and secretly licked the blood that was left on her hand.

When dark red energy was about to bloom from her body—




—a loud exhaust sound rang out from the dock.

Ohjin, who was catching his breath in Isabella’s arms, looked to the dock.

A large motorcycle was gunning it through the gaps in the containers.


Ohjin narrowed his eyes and looked at the bike that was quickly approaching.


The motorcycle stopped as it left a large scratch on the ground, and the woman with the body of a model took off her helmet and threw it away.

Her long maroon hair wavered like fire.

"Bastard, where do you keep going around without me?"

Ha-eun clicked her tongue while looking at Ohjin in Isabella's arms.



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